Supervisor Seduction

Supervisor Seduction

When he walked into the room that first day to meet with his cooperating supervisor he was pleasantly surprised at the sight he got. His supervisor for this internship was a fairly attractive woman having to be somewhere around forty years old. Being twenty-eight himself he did not feel that it was too much older. Besides his wife had several adventures with men around fifty years old. He gave her a quick up and down checking out her full figure. She was not his full cup of tea considering he really enjoyed the sensual gratification of big beautiful women. She was a little chunky however with a fairly plump ass that he quickly thought he could have fun with if the opportunity arose.

Over the next few months many different thoughts ran through his head on how he would like experience her body. He talked with his wife at night as they made love of some of his fantasies with her and what he would like to do. She was receptive to his ideas and really enjoyed hearing what some of his thoughts were. They really enjoyed having the open relationship they had with each other. Their love was their own but other experiences, and fantasies kept a fresh spark with each other that added to their passion for each other. His excitement for her as she fucked other man was great. Likewise his experiences excited her as well.

He went in one morning to work his usual time always looking forward to the opportunity to see his supervisor’s plump ass and thick thighs and perky tits. It was Friday today his longer day. He was not disappointed when he walked into her room and she had on her skirt and a blouse that cupped beautifully around her medium sized breasts.

He made no bones about giving her body the once over as he approached her desk to find out the days agenda moving in close to look at the paper as she explain what they were going to accomplish just before the remainder of the people entered for the days proceedings. He felt the slight stir in his crotch as he lightly brushed against her back trying to view the day’s schedule. She looked up at him innocently not knowing the thoughts that ran through his mind. Her blouse sat ever so perfectly giving him the littlest glimpse down to her satin encased titties.

“Hhmmm,” he moaned lightly at the brief glimpse thinking although they were not as big as his wife’s rack he could still have a lot of fun playing with them.

“What?” she asked looking at him gaze down at he looking at something down below.

“Oh nothing,” he said surprisingly as he realized she was watching his interested face.

“Well let’s get on with the day,” she said pointing behind him. He turned around and realized that everyone had filtered in and were sitting contently chatting softly awaiting instruction. He quickly moved into action doing what he needed for the day.
After a few hours it was time to go to lunch. They walked down the hall to the lounge discussing how the morning’s activities had progressed and discussing his plans for his upcoming solo project with the team. They got into the lounge and sat down to each lunch. As they did that they discussed the plans for the afternoon. She had to go to a different area to work for a little while that did not encompass his area of interest. She designated some materials she wanted to get copied off and sorted as well as a few other tasks that should keep him busy while she was busy in the other department.

Taking only about an hour to get the project files together that his supervisor had requested he gathered them up and headed back toward her office. Getting there he quickly stopped dead in his tracks. He could hear the low moans coming through the door. Peaking through the window he felt an instant bulge in his khaki’s. The visual he saw was that of his supervisor in her chair with legs spread wide. Her skirt had been removed and she was intently rubbing her fingers along her blonde pussy. As she continued to work her twat she rubbed other hand squeezed her plump breasts. Her breasts softly jiggled in rhythm with her flicks of her fingers over her pussy causing pleasurable ripples through her body.

Slowly he moved to open the door to get a better view of her slightly plump body jiggling with the motions of her masturbation. She was so intently absorbed in her business she did not hear him slip in. His cock was beginning to bulge even more from his pants. He wanted to know what it felt like to be inside her so he figured he would take the shot. Hey what could it hurt he thought. Slowly he took out his cell phone and quickly snapped a few pictures of his raunchy supervisor. Not only could he get off on them later, he could show his wife the goods he got to see. Closing his phone he thought it now was his time to move.

“Wouldn’t you think a good hard cock would be better,” he said

Snapping up startled his supervisor was shocked to see him standing there in her awkward moment. Knowing she was caught she figured she might as well get the best out of it. Besides she always knew that he had the hots for her since almost day one. She could always see him checking her out and honestly she kind of wanted him as well.

“Well yeah it would, but what about your wife,” she said coyly.

“Well the funny thing is babe we are swingers, she already knows I have thought about you and all I would have to do is tell her about it,” he responded.

“Oh yeah prove it,” she said smartly now lightly rubbing her tits again seeing how much it was turning him on.

Flipping out his phone again he pulled up his wife’s number and entered a text. Showing his supervisor the message it said if the opportunity presented itself to fuck my supervisor should I take it. Shortly after sending the text a response came from his wife. Smiling wryly he showed her the response. It read hell yeah that’s what you have been fantasizing about, just tell me about it when your fucking me tonight.
When his supervisor saw the message she quickly moved into action. Moving toward him with eagerness she grabbed him belt and unfastened it and then unzipped his khaki’s pulling them down ready to get at his stiff cock.

“Well let’s get this going and get your dick in me.” She said as his pants fell to his ankles.

“Sure thing,” he sighed feeling his stiff tool spring free as she pulled down his boxer shorts to get his cock out.

She eyed his rigid dick with anticipation read y to have him fuck her face and cunt. She drew up close to him so she would be able to suck him off. Without hesitation she plunged his meaty cock deep into her mouth. She drew him all the way into her mouth until she felt the head of his cock ram into the back of her throat.

He moaned deeply as she sucked his cock perfectly. Her wet mouth slid up and down his rigid dick in a rhythm that made his loins tingle. She loved the feeling of his cock deep in her mouth continuously banging against the back of her mouth. His rod pulse every time she moved to suck him in again. She looked up at him as he continued to fuck her face. She could see that he enjoyed her cock sucking. He had unbuttoned his shirt to provide her easier access to his cock. His face was contorted in pleasure of her every stroke of his cock with her mouth.

Eventually he looked down and saw her looking up at him not missing a beat with each stroke of his cock. He liked the look that she gave him and decided to make it a little better. Grabbing a fist full of her blonde hair he began to fuck her mouth with more fury. Each stroke slammed into the back of her mouth harder and hard as he pushed her head deeper onto his cock. With each thrust she let out a moan of intense pleasure.

“You like that cock in your throat,” He grunted as he continued to thrust his dick into her waiting mouth.

“MMMhhhmmm,” she managed as her mouth swelled with her interns throbbing dick.

Eventually after her furious cock sucking session she pulled up off his cock with one more long drawn out suck on his dick. Reaching down she undid his shoes and motioned for him to step out of his pants and boxers. As he did so she stood up and removed her shirt and bra to fully expose her small yet plump B cup tits.

He looked at her as she finished removing her clothes. She was not the full BBW he normally preferred like his wife but she still had a little meat on her. A few pudgy spots turned him on more and her plump ass looked inviting. He looked forward to bending his supervisor over her desk and working her pussy as he gripped her thick ass. However at the moment his supervisor had other ideas.

“Lay down on the floor,” She said motioning him to get down on the floor.

“Why’s that?” he asked wondering if she was going to ride his dick.
“Don’t ask questions just do what I say damn it,” motioning for him to get down on the floor again.

Willingly he obliged stretching out on the floor. It wasn’t quite the ride he was expecting as she quickly stood over him with her glistening pussy above his face. She began to get down on the floor herself with the intent of sitting on his face. Eager to taste her cunt he stuck out his tongue anticipating her sweet taste. His wait wasn’t long as she positioned her wet pussy over his mouth. He reached up grasping each of her thick ass cheeks in his hand and happily inserted his tongue into her pussy.

With and loud moan his supervisor arched excitedly feeling his tongue flick around in her swollen cunt. His face was immediately drenched from the wetness of her pussy. Her sweet juices tasted good on his tongue as he gently ran it along the insides of her pussy. She ground intently continuing to savor the oral work of her intern knowing he had a tremendous knowledge of sex.

She decided orally please his cock some more as well. Leaning forward she gripped his hard dick and began to stroke it. Inserting his head in her mouth she sucked intently on his bulging rod as he continued lapping around her cunt and squeezing her ass cheeks. She got his rod nice and wet and happily stroked his slobbery rod while teasingly flicking his oozing head with tongue.

Surprisingly though she didn’t expect his next move when inserted his tongue as far as he could into her vaginal canal swirling it around for good measure. Jumping with excitement from his movement she bore down more on his face grinding in and taking him as deep as his tongue could go. Meanwhile she leaned over and shoved his dick deep down her throat again all the way to his balls which she juggled in her fingers.

After pleasuring her intern orally while he licked her wet cunt for a bit she could feel the buildup of an orgasm coming. As she felt the excitement grow she ground even more on his face savoring every flick of his tongue along her clit and in every fold of her pussy.

“Oh fuck that feels good,” she moaned bearing her hips down. Her tits bounced provocatively as she arched her back loosing herself among the ripples of her orgasm. He continued to swirl his tongue deep inside her cunt escalating each surge until she finally couldn’t handle anymore.

Totally exhausted she briefly collapsed on him twitching from the minor orgasms that still pulsed through her loins. Eventually though she got up off the floor and leaned on the desk. He too got up but instead sat in the chair he had busted her playing with herself in earlier. He looked over her slightly pudgy body and plump little tits savoring each curve of her. He was still eager to get inside her soaking wet pussy with his throbbing cock.

“Come here and sit on my lap,” he said motioning for her.

“Facing you or away from you?” she asked sauntering over to him in the chair.
“How about facing me so I can play with those plump little titties as well,” He said.

He slid himself down slightly to make it easier for her to mount his lap. She climbed onto his lap resting her knees in the sides of the chair. Her breasts dangled deliciously in front of his mouth. She immediately reached down and grasped his cock guiding it to her waiting cunt.
It seemed an eternity but eventually his cock met her lips and with little effort his throbbing head slid between the fold of her cunt and deep into her vaginal canal. Both of them moaned a guttural moan as they inserted into each other. Her wet pussy gripped around his pulsing dick tightly but easily slid in and out from the wetness.

“OH fuck your cunt feels great,” he groaned as she began working his cock.

“Your dick feels fucking awesome as well,” she panted as she began picking up the pace.

She quickly began riding his cock. His member slid with ease as she furiously crashed back down on to his lap trying to take him deeper into her pussy. As she continued fucking his cock he cupped her plump titties bouncing wildly frantic thrusts. Squeezing and caressing them he decided to suck them a bit. Drawing her nipple of one of her breasts into his mouth he gently flicked his tongue over them much the way he did to her cunt. He reached back and held on to her ass cheeks helping her to get some extra bounce on his cock. She arched her back as she lost herself in the carnal pleasure.

He continued to watch her riding his dick loosing himself to her pleasurable moans and the juicy sounds of his cock sliding in and out of her cunt. Suddenly grasping her ass he lifted her up and stood up. She grabbed him around the neck as he carried her to his desk. Laying her down on it he let go of her ass and grabbed her legs. Crossing them and leaning in he began to frantically pound her pussy.

She reached back and grabbed the edge of her desk to brace herself as her body jolted violently with each thrust of his cock in her aching pussy. She could feel the slap of his balls banging loudly against her ass as he continued drilling her cunt. He watched as her tits and small rolls of flesh jiggled rhythmically to his beat of fucking her.

Coming close to blowing his load he pulled out of her to stave off his shot. Panting to regain his breath he motioned for her to roll over. She obliged happily spreading her legs wide and setting her elbows on the desk allowing her tits to dangle freely.

Glancing back she could see him trying to maintain himself. It didn’t take long for him though as he moved in behind her and again thrust his dick deep into her snatch. Gripping her thick hips he continued to slide his cock in and out of her as she moaned with each pleasurable bump into her plump rump. He especially loved watching her dangling tits jerk back and forth with each insertion into her.

“Grip me tight, I am about to hit another one,” she cried as her cunt began to tense up. He obliged leaning forward grasping her tits in his hands allowing himself at least the feeling of a little deeper penetration into her cunt.

Very quickly another orgasm began ripping through her body. Her pussy tightened around his dick as her whole body quivered from the f***e tearing through her. She was no long able to contain herself as she screamed pleasurably, certainly alerting any workers in the neighboring offices. Every convulsion of her cunt squeezed harder on his swollen cock.

“Quickly turn over again,” he demanded pulling out of her.

Barely in the nick of time did she flip over when he began to cum. Hard shots launched onto her body hitting her tits and stomach. She instantly began rubbing his load into her body. With his face screwed up in pleasure he pumped his dick shooting several final shots of cum hard enough to nail his supervisor in the face.

Collapsing back into the chair he panted from his exhaustion. She got of the desk and knelt in front of him getting a few final sucks on his cock before it lost its hardness. She eagerly lapped his mess off his cock and on her face as he watch, his cock twitching every so often.

After their fuck fest the two proceed to get dressed. Their plans to hash out the plans for the group project had fallen to the wayside. Most of the papers had been crumpled under her as he had fucked her.

“Well we’ll have to handle this Monday,” she said to him eyeing him mockingly.

“Not if we have another one of these sessions,” he said smiling.

“Yeah we will have to see,” she responded smiling back, “By the way give your wife my thanks. I need a fuck like that.”

“Will do,” he grinned, “Maybe you might like to join us sometime. I am sure she would like that.”

“That might be interesting,” she said her interest piqued, “Be sure to fuck her as good as you did me.”

“I will do that,” he said smiling as he walked out the door.

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I wish my internship was like that!! Fucking hot!!
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very good & hot