Naughty Neighbor Booty Call

Naughty Neighbor Bootycall

She was not expecting a knock at the door. It was just before six in the evening that summer day and her husband had already returned to work after dinner. It could not be her mother in law bringing her daughter home because she knew that her husband was getting her after work. She wondered who could be at the door so she went and peaked out the hole to check. It was the next door neighbor and friend. She opened the door and welcomed him in as she returned to the couch and sat down. He made his way to the other couch yet still kept within close proximity of her.

They sat chatting for awhile talking bout what was going on around the neighborhood. After a bit he inquired where her husband was and she said that he had to work till nine that evening. His interest became piqued by that and the fact that her little girl was no where around. After finding out that her daughter was at grandma’s house he moved to the couch that she was sitting on yet still not getting to close. He turned to talk to her taking a quick glance to check out her large breasts rise and fall as she breathed. She knew what was on his mind as she coyly watched him check out her body. She withdrew a cigarette from the box sitting on her lap and went to reach for her lighter. He quickly moved in offering her a light enjoying her thick lips as she puffed slowly on the end of the smoke.

As she drew on the cigarette he took the chance to move a little closer and placed his hand on her lower thigh exposed from under her shorts and lightly rubbed his hand along her leg. She looked up flirtively from her cigarette at him her long hair somewhat covering her eyes.

“What are you doing,” she asked as she ran her tongue over her lips.

“Just thinking of couple weeks ago,” He replied firmly squeezing her thick thigh

She laughed softly and threw her head back uncovering her exotic blue eyes. “That was a good time,” she said thinking of their meeting a few weeks back at the local Super 8. Her loins began to stir as she thought of how her husband had dropped her off to meet the man sitting next to her in the hotel room. It had been one of the best experiences she had also the being the first time meeting him. She was surprised by the amount of attention she received from him. She was not complaining but normally the men she met got there rocks off and that was about it. The fuck usually was alright but she longed for a little attention herself and not since her husbands friend had anyone other then her husband gotten her off really good. She enjoyed the open sex though and loved seeing how horny her husband got when she hooked up with another man.

The sensual black man had given her an extreme amount of attention the night they met at the super 8 having given her several orgasms. His long black cock felt very good inside her as it filled her better then even then what her own husband could. She longed to have him buried deep inside her again but her husband was at work and he did not know that James was over there. His soft caress of her thigh though was quickly turning her on. Usually she let her husband know before she met someone but he always asked her to be open and let him know. Since he usually did not take personnel calls at work she thought it would not hurt to have some fun and let him know when he got home from work.
Waking up from her quick day dream she realized that he had his hand quite a ways up her shorts rubbing along her blue lace panties and caressing her plump stomach.

“You know we have two or three hours before my husband gets home from work,” she said softly as she snuffed out the cigarette. “We have an empty house and do not have to worry bout hotel staff or k**s and I am pretty horny now.”

“Well this could be interesting,” He replied as he watched her run her fingers across her large breasts contained by her small tank top. He leaned over her drew close to her face. She understood what was wanted and grabbed him gently by the neck and slowly ran her tongue over his lips before fully moving in and passionately thrusting her tongue into his mouth and kissing him. She reached down and felt in the crotch of his jeans and knew that it would not take much to the bulge to full attention.

“What about telling your husband,” panted the neighbor when he finally was able to get a breath from her furious kissing.

“He will be fine he let me come see you at the Super 8 didn’t he.” She removed his hand from her thigh and stood up. He took in the full view of her voluptuous body her long reddish blonde hair flowing down to her mid back. Her wonderfully round ass was nicely accentuated by the tight shorts encasing them as well as her beautiful stomach he enjoyed watching jiggle the last time he pleasured her. Finally the straps of the white lace bra came out from under her red tank top cupping her nice 42DD breasts.

“Move to the middle of the couch,” she instructed as she unsnapped her shorts and drew the zipper down revealing the blue lace panties with the sheer butt he had been caressing. She had such a beautiful stomach which the panties made all the prettier. After he moved to the center of the couch she came back over to him and proceeded to straddle his crotch. As she moved into position she could feel his ebony cock was already at attention. She figured she would tease him a little before she released his meat but it felt wonderful feeling the bulge press against her swelling pussy.

She ran her hands over his bald black head kissing him passionately. Although he was twice her age she still felt he knew how to make her feel sexually and physically. She knew in his head that he was enjoying all parts of her body as he ran his hands down the back of her shorts gripping her large ass cheeks in his strong hands and moved her shorts down to expose more of her ass as her buried his face into her large chest. She continue grind on his lap daydreaming of the evening at the hotel getting her self worked up to take his thick cock a second time.

“How bout you get out those clothes babe,” He said wanting to see her BBW body in its naked glory.

“Sure why not,” She cooed as she kissed him one more time and nibbled on his lower lip before rising of his lap. She noticed as she got up that his cock was definitely erect now and waiting to burst out of his jeans. He began to reach for his zipper to relieve some of the pressure with in.

“I didn’t say you could get undressed did I,” she snapped as she slapped his hand away from his crotch. He grinned slyly leaning back and wrapping his hands around his head. She leaned forward one more time letting her breasts hang barely covered by the red tank top and slowly working her shorts down bouncing her ass back and forth. After that she turned around and backed up for him to get a nice view of her ass rolling her blue panties down over her voluptuous hips. She reached back taking one of his hands and placed it on her meaty ass cheek and running it around her hip and letting him take a hold of her beautiful hanging belly. Then she leaned forward again rocking again grabs her ass cheeks spreading them apart to give her seducer a view of her lightly glistened pussy.

“Do you want this pussy?” she asked. “Would you like to stick you long black cock into this plump white pussy?”

“You bet I would,” he replied. “Your cunt feels very good and is one of best I have ever had.”

“Well naturally it is the best, you’ll get it in a little bit,” She said as she again sat on his lap but facing away from him. Her legs spread wide to get over his legs and he reached around her placing his hands on her bare thighs again caressing them. She arched back enjoying the feel of his hands on her body. After feeling up her thigh he lightly squeezed and juggled her belly. She enjoyed knowing that someone was attracted to her body even though she was a larger woman. She had become accustomed the worship of the big beautiful women as her husband introduced her to the open relationship lifestyle.

“Take my shirt off me and play with my tits too,” she whispered continuing to grind his crotch enjoying the torment she was giving him. He reached up under her tank top running his hands over the ruebenesque rolls of her body lifting the tank top over her head. Her reddish blonde hair falling gently back over his head as he leaned forward kissing her in the small of her back right below the line of her bra.

Her breasts were tight in the bra as he ran his hands over them firmly squeezing them. He grabbed the underwires of the bra cups and lifting them up freeing her massive tits. As they came free of there cups they flopped heavily against her body resting on her middle roll. Her neighbor let go of the bra and cupped her large mammary glands and f***efully slapped them together and lightly pinching the nipples of the exotic plumper straddling his throbbing black dick.

She gasped at his surprising move and moaned as he flicked her hardening nipples and bounced her tits with authority. She spread her legs even more resting her heels on the edge of the seat revealing her swollen plump pussy lips. Cupping her jiggling belly with her left hand she reached down with her right hand and rubbed her moist lips slowly. It wasn’t hard for her to insert into the fold of her pussy for it was already extremely wet from the attention she was receiving from her ebony suitor.

“Oh my god that feels wonderful,” she groaned as she ran her fingers gently over her throbbing clitoris and down to the entrance of her vaginal canal and back again.

“You’re going to enjoy how wet my cunt is once I let you in me,” moaning even more as she began to quicken the pace of working her pussy with her fingers. Meanwhile he continued to bounce and squeeze her plump tits; he could feel drops of her pussy juices falling from her sopping cunt against his jeans. He moved his left hand up to her mouth feeling her contorted facials as she pleasured herself. She began licking his fingers and plunging them down into her throat imagining she was deep throat his massive cock. Then she decided she needed to know what her wet pussy tasted like lifting her sopping fingers to her mouth rubbing some of the glistening juices over her deep red lips before inserting the two finger into her mouth and sucking her love juices off.

Finally she decided she needed to release his bulging cock. She had tormented him enough grinding on his crotch dripping her juices on his jeans. She knew he was aching to get inside her as she could feel when he flexed causing his dick to rise helplessly against his pants begging t o get out. Before rising though she wanted to feel his strong hands over her body again. She grabbed his hands and led them to the inside of her thighs having him massage her body. Brushing slightly against her swollen cunt she shuddered in pleasure. He then began to play with her plump stomach getting deep within the folds of her rolls worshiping her tender flesh. Finally she cupped her wobbly tits in the crooks of her arms and lifted them up licking them delicately while the black man she was tormenting pressed his cock against her bountiful ass and wet cunt savoring her final sensuous grind.

She rose of his lap eager to release the black cock from its denim restraints. Reaching up behind her she unhooked her white lace bra and removed her last garment of clothing as she turned to face her sex toy. Locking eyes with him she could see that he was savoring every inch and fold of her cherubic body.

Moving towards the couch she knelt down on her knees if front of him. She ran her hands up his leg where his large bulge was still protruding wet from her juices dripping on him. She cupped his cock trembling eagerly to taste his delectable chocolate shaft that rocked her world a few weeks before. She grabbed the snap of his jeans and undid them and pulled the zipper down. A slight rise sprang up yet was still restricted by the fabric of his boxer shorts. As she continued release him he enjoyed the gelatinous jiggle of her beautifully broad ass primed and ready to take any cock that was willing to enter. The excited man hoisted his ass so she could pull his jeans down. As she did so his cock rose more exciting her even greater, hardly able to contain her desire for the giant black cock waiting for attention she quickly pulled his jeans down. Yanking his shoes off she quickly pulled the pants off. Now she turned her attention to her prize. She peeled back his boxers and rolled them down his legs. Once she did so the large black snake sprang up at full attention.

“Ahhhh finally,” he groaned rolling his head back enjoying the release of ten inch fairly thick cock. He jumped though when unexpectedly but pleasingly she gripped his long shaft. Gently she ran her hand up and down the length of the cock causing him to shudder lightly in pleasure.

“I love how long and thick your cock is,” moaned the fleshy beauty. She moved forward and stuck her tongue out starting at the base of his shaft ran it the full length of his member covering the head ever so slightly with her mouth. She flicked her tongue quickly over the tip of his penis looking rolling her eyes up to look at him as he moaned pleasurably. As she licked a few more times she got her first taste of his cum as he oozed slightly from his erotic feeling. She grinned coyly enjoying the salty taste in her mouth and the pleasure she was receiving watching him enjoy her oral skills. She ran her tongue back down his shaft again moving down to the base of his cock and deftly slurped one of his balls into her mouth.

“Good God,” yelped the horny ebony stud as she sucked his nut firmly rolling it back and forth in her mouth. While she pleasured his nuts, she manually manipulated his dick working her hand up and down. She loved watching the reactions of men as she jerked or sucked them off whether it is her own husband or another of her pleasure partners. His face contorted in pleasure as she continued to work his cock and suck his nuts. He looked down to watch her work and almost load seeing her red nails around shaft her dark licks sucking his nuts and her exotic eyes looking up him.

“Does that feel good Hon,” she said as she withdrew from his nuts yet continued to work his cock with her hand. She smiled as he nodded his head yes currently unable to speak.

She moved in closer so she could wrap her large ivory tits around his thick cock squeezing them together while bouncing them up and down. She could see beads of ooze coming out of the tip of his cock so she thrust her mouth on the top of his dick. Licking his cum off his penis it was time for her to feel is ebony meat deeper in her mouth. Inserting his dick several more inches into mouth she felt his tip thrust against the back of her throat. His meat filled her mouth nicely as she bobbed her head up and down while continuously rubbing her tits against the rest of his shaft.

“Oh baby that feels wonderful,” he exclaimed as he began running his fingers through her reddish blonde hair trying nudge her down a little more with each thrust. A guttural moan gave him the answer to his exclamation of his pleasure and made him feel better as the vibrations of her moans pulsed through his throbbing rod. She was rather enjoying the throb of his cock in her mouth. She wanted to feel him deeper in her throat so she released tits and focused on opening her throat pushing him deeper into her mouth. She successfully sucked down most of his thick rod into her throat enjoying the pressure it made in her mouth. She sucked furiously giving long sensuous strokes with her mouth while fondling his balls with her hand.

After slobbering his knob for awhile and enjoying being face fucked by the huge dark meat she decided she wanted to feel him inside her pussy. She pulled back off of his cock with one final drawn out suck giving one quick lick of his dick.

“I want to ride your cock now,” she panted as she rose up her naturally plump breasts swaying back and forth slapping against her body. Also her ass jiggled provocatively as well really making it hard for him to contain himself.

“I have no problem with that,” replied her anxious black fuck buddy as he scooted himself down responding to her motion to move down. She again went to straddle his lap this time with the intention of feeling his thick black dick inside her dripping wet pussy. She placed her right knee on the edge of the couch while he removed his shirt getting fully nude with the lovely plump sex kitten. She swung her other leg over his lap as he reached up grabbing her sex sweaty face and kissing her passionately. As she lowered down she grabbed his cock and began guiding it to the entrance of her eager canal. His thick head pressed against her bulging vaginal lips her body trembling with excitement waiting for the penetration to happen at any moment. Finally the moment came after what felt like an eternity. His head already lubricated from her dripping wetness split the lips of her cunt. Both of them shuddered in ecstasy savoring the feeling of his thick meat sliding into her tight pussy.

She moaned uncontrollably arching her head back rubbing her tits. The long fat dick filled her more then she could almost handle and it made her body quiver with erotic happiness. His dick finally inserted fully she bore down taking the full thrust of his dick and holding there for awhile. Even though she loved her husband tremendously he never could fill her cunt as well as this black cock was at that moment. She rocked forward crying out in pleasure smothering face with her hanging mammaries.

“Thank You Thank You Thank You!” She exclaimed insinuating the well endowed black man who currently had his cock buried inside her and to her husband for introducing her to the open lifestyle and helping her to bring her fantasy to experience a black man to fruition. Not since one of her first black men in the back seat of the car at the park had someone been so deep inside her. He was absolutely tremendous in filling her hot pussy and hoped he would soon be comfortable enough to let her husband watch or even join in.

“God your cock feels so good inside me,” she moaned erotically as she began to slowly ride up and down on his cock her thick and curvy body jiggling in unison to her sexual rhythms.

“Your pussy feels absolutely fabulous as well,” replied her delighted partner reaching around and grabbing her hot large ass and fondling each of her succulent cheeks as she began to really get into her lustful experience. She leaned forward again moving a little bit faster on the black cock moaning and whimpering as she went along. She lifted one of her bountiful breasts and began rubbing her taut nipple against his lips. It did not take him leg to suck her tit into his mouth lusciously sucking and licking her wonderful flesh much the same way she had teased the head of his cock.

Her body became fully enveloped in her sensual world completely losing any sense of what was going on around her. She began riding harder on the thick cock moaning loudly as each thrust plunged into her soaked trembling pussy. Her ample ass bounced violently as well jiggling again as she rose for her next amazing ride down his thick black cock.

“Pull my ass cheeks apart,” she whispered in his ear as she leaned in closer to him smashing her ample belly against his chest. She began to furiously suck his neck and play with his bald head as she continued to fuck. She imagined her husband sitting back watching her be pleasured as her fuck friend reached back spreading her bouncing ass cheeks as far as he could. She envisioned him stroking his dick as he watched the thick black rod slide in and out of her white cunt glistening from the juices running out of her. She knew that he would be enjoying the view he was getting, part of her was wishing he was there watching, but part of her was enjoying sensual fun she was having. Eventually she felt the build-up began to go out of control. She began bucking wildly gripping his shoulders. It felt so good she could hardly contain her ecstasy anymore. Bouncing as hard as she could she extend herself up on his cock, his long length let her not worry about slipping out. She began to feel herself contract around the thickness and the pulsing from him and she finally went over the edge.

“Oh I am going to cum,” she cried as her orgasm ripped through her entire body. Her pussy gripped the fat cock tighter as her body convulsed from the sexual pleasure rippling through her. He grabbed her fleshy hips holding her steady as her ass quivered and she screamed more hitting the height of her orgasm. She knew that her neighbors in the apartment complex would be talking about the events of the evening but she did not care. She was enjoying the sensations her body was having and still loved the feeling of his giant black dick stuffed in her pussy.

Finally, she collapsed over his body breathing heavily as she felt the last of her orgasmic twitches flitter thru her pussy. His cock still deep inside throbbed intensely as she kissed him and sucked his lip.

“That was amazing,” she murmured as she teasingly ground on his cock getting a few minor quakes in her body from his pulsing member. She glanced up at the clock noticing it was roughly seven thirty. It would be about an hour and a half before her husband got off work and she wanted her cum shot yet.

“I am not done with you yet but let’s go get comfortable in the bed,” she said eager to get more of his magnificent cock.

“Sure thing sexy,” he replied as she proceeded to rise up off his dick with a wet slurp. She quivered again gently as his cock exited her soaked pussy. Her entire body glistened softly from sex sweat. She reached over and grabbed her cigarettes and ashtray, then grabbed his hand as he rose off the couch. She drew him in close behind her feeling his slick dick press against her shapely ass wrapping his hand around her body resting it on her stomach and flesh body rolls.

As they entered the bedroom she had a feeling go through her body. This was the first time she had ever had extracurricular sex partner in her bedroom in absence of her husband. She thought it weird at first but hoped he would be cool with it when he got home. She turned to partner and gave him another passionate kiss before lying on her stomach across the bed.

“I need to have a quick smoke if you don’t mind,” she said as he sat next to her.

“Not at all,” he said as gently caressed her sexy ass while she drew a long puff on her cigarette. She rolled to her side as she finished up her smoke enjoying the attention he was giving her. Only her husband gave her as much and he did it with a lot more affection. She did however love the carnal touch of other men all over her deliciously plump body. Her head tilted back as she got lost in the moment again he sucked lightly on her neck below her ear.

“I want to lick you, I haven’t tasted your delectable pussy yet today,” he whispered in her ear. She smiled a broad smile longing for some oral attention to her already soaked cunt. He rolled her over on her back savoring the jiggle of her body as he did so. Before moving in to eat her out he got above her as he was going to enter her missionary. He did not enter though she could feel the pressing of his cock against her thick thigh. He kissed her full lips again as he moved down her body trying to savor every inch of her. He mashed her breasts together flicking his tongue over her nipples giving them a few sucks and nibbles. Next he moved down to her wonderfully robust and sexy stomach. He gave long licks over her stomach as he played with her belly like play dough getting lost as he ran her fingers through her folds. He envied her husband for being so lucky to sl**p with her every night. He would never know what it was like to have her naked body next to him. She had made it quite clear to him that she would fuck him but could never sl**p with him after he invited her to stay the night at the Super 8.

Eventually he made his way to her swollen groin. It was obvious she had been enjoying herself the last hour as juices glistened off her thick pussy lips and meaty thighs. He nudged his tongue slowly into the folds of her body realizing she was wetter then he could have imagined. Quickly the taste of her love potions sprinkled over his tongue bursting in womanly flavor as he began to slowly run his tongue up and down the length of her pussy. She quickly began moaning loudly as she again became entrenched in the pleasures of the flesh. Her pleasure giver definitely knew how to use his tongue. He had proved that well the first time and was off to another excellent start already writhing from the pleasure of him slowly flicking his tongue up and down.

She began to play with her jiggling breasts massaging them together and rubbing her nipples again bringing them to erectness. He became fully engrossed in licking and sucking the pussy of the heaven sent fleshy beauty he was currently buried in. He lapped eagerly as her vaginal sweat continued to flow out. She began rocking her body in unison to his rhythmic licks of her clit. Her ample belly rocking beautifully in time as well smacked against his bald head. She pulled her breasts up and licked her nipples as best she could as she continued moaning gently to his voracious licks.

The black man decided it was now time for him to work her pussy with his large cock for a bit. He withdrew his face covered with her cum juices. He grabbed her legs pushing them up exposing her aching hole. He quickly guided his long thick missile into her garnering another loud groan of pleasure from her. He wasted no time in finding a pleasurable pace in stroking in and out. He moved quickly but was sure to make the strokes long allowing her to enjoy the full length of his rock hard dick. She reached up grabbing her legs behind her knees pulling them back as far as she could in hopes that he could get deeper inside her body. With each thrust of his cock his balls smacked hard against the shaking ass of his partner. She let out whimpers of pleasure every time he thrust in as well savoring each and everyone. Again she envisioned her husband watching enjoying his view knowing he enjoyed watching cocks slide deep inside her, and boy was this one getting deep.

“Oh God fuck me harder,” she cried as he continued to chisel deeper insider her tightening pussy. Her entire body shook erotically as she screamed pleasurably

“Come on baby give it to me, come on I want it more,” she grunted gritting her teeth as he leaned forward putting his weight against her legs putting all his f***e into plowing the sex crazed sluts cunt. She reached up and clutched his shoulders digging deep into his skin with her long nails trembling violently as she climaxed with another mini orgasm his massive member throbbing as it continuously rammed into her.

Eventually he had to slow down for a minute collapsing over onto the bed next to her breathing heavily. He ran his hands over her body again taking in the voluptuous curves of her body lightly sucking on her left breast again. She played with his bald head as he attended her tit smiling gently but still hungry for sex.

“Will you fuck me from behind,” she asked meekly? He looked up at her square in the eye the look in his eye indicating she never even needed to ask the question. He rose from the bed as she rolled over to get into position. Rising on her knees she stuck her bewitchingly well-rounded ass into the air separating her legs enough for him to just get inside her. She propped herself up on her elbows and looked back to see as much as she could of him entering.

As he moved up to her they heard the noise of the neighbor coming out onto her balcony talking with another tenant of the complex. It happened to be the woman with which her sex partner lived but claimed he was not involved with. She did not know how to react to her being within earshot of them having sex. Did she know he was there currently? If it seemed to faze him at all he did not show it. He quickly grabbed her hips and guided his cock into her waiting pussy.

“Oh Wow!” she moaned as his dick filled her in a whole different matter. She was no longer concerned about the voices outside her window but rather on how the curve of his rod slid into her taking her pleasure to an entirely different level. The way the head of his meat rubbed along her vaginal canal sent chills up her spine making her shiver in delight. Instantly she got back into the grove of his thrust pushing back every time he began to pull back wanting to keep him buried deep inside her. Her heavy breasts swung provocatively as she rocked back and forth. He continued to play with her ample ass cheeks squeezing them and spreading them enjoying the jiggle of her rolls with firm thrust.

“Make them nice and long strokes,” She cried as she began to feel the build up inside her cunt.

“No problem,” he replied as he drew his black cock to the edge of her lips then quickly sliding it back in burying deep inside her till his dangling balls smacked against her butt. With each thrust her drooping breasts violently shook. She arched her head back moaning loudly her face screwed up with erotic pleasure. Finally she reached back with her right arm and began to furiously rub her clit with fingers.

“I am bout to cum again,” she said rocking back against his cock as he thrust in. “Don’t stop please it feels so good.”
Her black fuck accommodated her request by livening the pace. He knew she was close to climax again for her pussy tightened around with his meat with each drive. He knew himself he was getting close to cumming himself but was determined to hold it in until she was completely pleasured for she did not take any man’s climax inside her except for her husband. He just continued to fuck the beautiful women in front of him savoring every jiggle and wiggle of her sexy plump body.

“OH FUCKING GOD YES!!” she screamed as her second full orgasm tore through her body sending convulsions all over. Her tits and stomach violently shook and her rolls quaked with each tremor that was epicentered at her pussy. He arched back as he enjoyed her cunt squeezed his thick meat throbbing for the chance to emit his shower of cum. She continued to cry loudly forgetting that people barely thirty feet away could here every utterance coming from her room. Fuck them she thought this was to good to pass up. Her face continued to contort in sex crazed eroticism.

As she descended from her high she could sense that the man buried deep in her cunt was ready to blow himself. She reluctantly pulled off her pussy off his cock and rolled herself over to face her ebony fuck fiend. She quickly moved to the edge of the bed and gripped the base of his rod firmly stroking up and down.

“I want you to cum all over my mouth and face,” she ordered as she shoved his cock deep in her mouth savoring her sweet taste of her pussy. She looked up seductively as he began to pant heavily his cock pulsing hard in her mouth. The first wave of his salty fluid erupted violently into her mouth with extreme pressure.

She pulled back wanting to take some of his cream all over his body. With her mouth wide open and her free arm cupping her sweaty tits she took each wave of his load. His long cock shot stream after stream of cum onto his buxom partner. He looked down seeing the first wad rolling in her mouth and subsequent shots dangling from her chin, on her beautiful face, and a large pool on her big tits. One final eruption of cum shot right into her long curly reddish blonde hair.

“Thank you so much,” she said after she swallowed the load in her mouth. She smiled as she began to play with the cum on her face and tits watching him adore his work.

“That was fucking fabulous and your cum on me topped it off perfectly,” she cooed as she now glistened from rubbing his cum all over her tits and even her fleshy stomach.

“Well it was a pleasure myself,” said her black friend as he helped her up off the bed. He moved to get dressed. She looked at the clock it was about eight thirty now. She would have enough time to clean up before her husband got off work. After he was dressed she e****ted him to the door. Still naked she opened the door and turned to him again giving him a final erotic kiss. Her chocolate addiction had satisfied for another night.

“Thank you again for the fun,” she said as he left and she closed the door. She jumped in the shower cleaning herself of sweat and love juice. After that she redressed and reapplied some smudged lipstick. Finally she straightened up the bed from the mess made during the fuck session.
About nine thirty her husband finally walked in carrying their little girl. She gave him a kiss and asked how his day was. He responded the usual day. Their daughter was dead asl**p so he went to put her in her bed.

“How was your day?” He asked as he came back down the hall.

“Not to bad,” she replied smiling coyly

“Anything interesting,” her husband inquired as he stretched out on the couch.

“Oh our neighbor stopped by for a bit tonight,” she continued still smiling.

“Probably for a booty call,” he joked flipping through tv stations.

She moved over so he could see her smiling face.

“Yeah,” she smiled. He stopped what he was doing looking kind of surprised at her answer.

“Seriously,” he said with a puzzled look on his face.

“Yes I am,” she said, “He came over to visit and realized we were alone and well we fucked, a lot.” She stopped looking for some sort of reaction.

“Are you mad?” She asked as he stared blankly.

“No no,” he stammered, “I am just surprised you finally took the opportunity, glad but surprised. So how did you do him, did you suck his cock?”

She walked over to him on the couch grabbed his hand and pulled him up.

“Here let me tell you the details,” she said coyly as she led him to the bedroom.

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