My Wife's Female Nordic Lover

My wife Jean is a sweet petite 5’ 2” brunette doll that looks like a movie star. Although she is small, her body is perfectly proportioned with her firm ass, perky tits, and thin waist. I met her at work and knew she had several lesbian affairs in college, but I thought that phase of her life was over. I did notice that she had several friends and they all seem to fit a pattern, very sexy, tall, large, Scandinavian blonds, with large boobs and Nordic looking features. It was odd that here was this small women accompanied with these large Scandinavian women. Well, one day I learned the truth about my little minx.

I was working in the attic on some ventilation ducts and had removed the vent covers in the bedroom. I heard voices down the hall and Jean and her friend Gerta walked in the bedroom. With the heating vent cover off and me in the attic I could see everything going on in the room. Then I got the surprise I had not expected, Gerta and Jean embraced and exchanged a passionate French kiss, as my wife fondled Gerta’s ample breasts as she unbuttoned her blouse. The blouse fell to the floor and shortly afterwards Gerta’s bra came off and so did her blue jean mini-skirt. She was wearing no panties and her well shaven pussy was fully exposed.

Then Gerta said “how about a dance” and with that my wife began a sensuous striptease, first her T-shirt came off and the she unhooked her bra. She approached Gerta who reached out to fondle Jean’s breasts as she undid her skirt and it fell to the ground revealing her bald pussy. Gerta’s hand went right to Jean’s pussy as her finger entered my wife and manipulated her outer labial lips. Then Gerta and Jean both fell back onto the bed as they both passionately kissed as they stroked each other’s pussy. Both women moaned in pleasure at the others skillful manipulation of their vaginas. I guess I was dead wrong, my wife was still a lesbian and apparently those Nordic blonds were her favorite type of women.

I was shocked and excited at the same time as Gerta guided my wife’s head down to her pussy. Jean’s tongue started at her knees and worked her way up Gerta’s thigh kissing and licking her inner thigh until she reached Gerta’s pussy. Then as she approached Gerta’s love nest she extended her tongue to lick and engorge herself on her lover’s pussy. I could not see much except my wife’s head bobbing up and down on Gerta’s pussy. Gerta was obviously enjoying herself as she squirmed and rotated her hips with each series of erotic oral sex my wife was giving to her lover. Then Gerta let out a loud scream as he back arched upward as she had her first orgasm. My wife stayed right with her and kept sucking her lover’s pussy until Gerta fell back exhausted.

The larger amazon then held my wife closely as they again engaged in a series of passionate kisses. Gerta’s hand wandered down to my wife’s cunt and her hand massaged her small pussy. Then my wife said “how about I fist fuck you baby, I’ll know you’ll enjoy it” Gerta responded “get the lube honey and go to work”. With that my wife got the lube out of our nightstand, made a fist and liberally applied a large amount of lube to her tiny hand. Her hand was not much bigger than a large cock. Now I knew why we were running out of lube!!! Apparently, my wife’s specialty was using her small hand like a cock to please her amazon lovers. No wonder she had such a parade of large girlfriends?

I watched from above as my wife made a ball with her fist and went down between Greta’s legs which she had spread open in anticipation of the “fist fucking” she was about to receive. My wife first inserted only three fingers, twisting them to open up her lover’s pussy; this was followed by a fourth finger which further manipulated Gerta’s large pussy. Gerta had no problem accommodating my wife’s small hand. Then my wife said “are you ready for all of it?” Gerta said “yes baby, fuck me right now and don’t stop” until I tell you to. With that my wife made a small fist and inserted the entire hand slowly into her lover’s pussy as she rotated her hand inside her lover’s cunt. Men can only go in and out but a skilled lesbian can go in and out and also add a twisting motion to their hand which will drive a woman crazy. Gerta moaned loudly as my wife manipulated the insides of her vagina. Then she placed her tongue on Greta’s clitoris and began slowly sucking her lover’s. Greta screamed as she had her second orgasm of the afternoon. My wife carefully withdrew her hand from her lovers well soaked pussy and continued to lick the lube and love juices from her lover’s pussy.

Then something unbelievable happened, Gerta sat up and my wife put her legs on Greta shoulders so she was in a sitting position on her shoulders with her pussy just inches away from Gerta’s face. Gerta lifted her up like a goblet and began to drink and suck from my wife’s pussy. Jean was so small Gerta could just hold her in position as she ate her lover’s cunt. After a few minutes my wife had an unbelievable orgasm which could not match anything I had done to her. When they were done Gerta said “next time, we will use the strap on for you, OK honey” my wife said “yeh, bring it along Saturday, my husband is golfing all afternoon”. My lesbian wife and her lover held each other for several minutes then got dressed and left the room.

I did not know whether to be angry, or install a video camera? What should I do?

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7 months ago
Keep the bedroom vent uncovered,watch the live shows, better than a video.
7 months ago
Dump the her, I was married to a lesbian they secretly dislike men.
7 months ago
You have to ask? get the cameras in!!!
7 months ago
I'm sat here with a hard on from this story