Bus Load of Grannies and Matures Part III

Bus Load of Grannies & Matures, Part Three
As I said earlier I work as a government inspector and stopped for a boring night in Oklahoma City, later I found it was to be one of the most exciting nights of my life. Well, I was invited to dinner by a women I met in the lobby and danced with about six of her friends that night. As I was going to my room, I felt a jingle in my pocket and discovered there were three hotel room keys in my pocket. I checked at the front desk and learned that Alice the petite little blond minx that I had met when I first got there was in room 435. As I related in my previous story. Alice and I screwed our brains out that night. Then it was time for the second key which led me to Jean in Room 456, who turned out to be the best cocksucker on this planet. My balls were emptied but I still had one more key in my pocket “Room 576”. I doubted I could fuck this older babe, but I was in for trying.

I knocked on the door and Kathy a slim short haired redhead whom I had danced with earlier answered the door. Kathy commented “come on in, I thought I had been stood up, after all it is not every day that I slip my hotel room key in some guys pocket?” I lied when I said “my boss called and gave me a ton of extra work for tomorrow, I just finished, and now here I am. Well Kathy was still dressed in the flowing blue ankle length dress and red low cut top that she was wearing earlier. This slim naked baby doll was absolutely gorgeous. Kathy fixed me a drink and soon enough her red top and skirt were in a pile on the floor as were my pants, shirt and underwear. Her perky tits were just beginning to sag a little from old age and her pussy had a red tuft of hair above her vaginal opening. Above it was a heart shaped tattoo that had the words “Sandy” written underneath.

Then it hit me like a lightning bolt this little redhead had a lesbian lover. Kathy said to me “I’m bisexual, and frankly lately I only enjoy oral sex weather it is from a man or a women, but you can fuck me if you want to? I knew I was lucky because I doubted I could fuck another women that night and I do enjoy eating some nice pussy, if the women is responsive to it, being a lesbian I knew this would be no problem.

Soon Kathy spread her legs as I dropped down on my knees by the couch so I could get full access to her pussy. I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to the edge of the couch so I could get the best position to eat this little granny’s pussy. Kathy’s pussy was very small and my mouth and tongue began working its magic. Kathy began to moan softly as my tongue explored her labial lips, clitoris and inner pussy. Soon Kathy was dripping wet and a liquid like sheen from Kathy’s vaginal juices spread all over my face. Then I took Kathy’s entire pussy in my mouth and began sucking it like a cock!!! Kathy had the first of what would be several unbelievable orgasms. Her whole body shook as her hips thrust forward as I kept Kathy’s pussy in my mouth. I just kept on sucking it until she had a second orgasm, screaming “suck it, suck it, I’m cumming”. I could not believe what was happening three women in one night, but what came next was just plain crazy!!!

Out of the bathroom came Sandy her lesbian lover who immediately pulled down her jeans. She was wearing a six inch rubber cock attached to a panty like pair of elastic panties that held her dildo in place. Kathy went to her suitcase and got some lube and gave it first to Sandy for her cock and got it back and spread it all over her pussy. Kathy was so hot from my eating her pussy that she immediately got on all fours on the couch and presented her pussy for fucking. Sandy soon obliged her; she grabbed the cock and inserted it into Kathy’s small swollen pussy as she began slow fucking her right in front of me. What an incredible show!!!

Sandy worked on Kathy for about five minutes; I could tell she was in ecstasy her face contorted as she had several small orgasms. She then said “fuck me Sandy, fuck me good and hard” as Sandy thrust in and out of her. Then Sandy said “lay back on the couch” as she removed her dildo from Kathy’s pussy. Then she took her dildo off and straddled Kathy lowering her pussy on Kathy’s face. She said “Kathy lick it; suck it hard, right now”. Kathy obliged her and began to eat every crevice of her lover’s pussy. Sandy began rubbing her pussy back and forth over Kathy’s eager mouth. The she exploded, I never saw what happens when a lesbian squirts, but now I did. Jets of clear liquid erupted from Sandy’s pussy as it sprayed all over Kathy’s face. Sandy’s hand went to her lover’s pussy to get more juices to feed her thirst. Kathy licked her lover’s juices from her body until none were left. They both fell back exhausted. I just stood there dumbfounded at the hot lesbian sex session I had just witnessed. Both women lay in bed kissing and fondling each other’s aging bodies. I got dressed and said “thanks you two, I hope you will invite me back?”

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7 months ago
Had a similar experience with two grannies at an art show. Love those grannies.