Lesbian with a Four Inch Tongue

I woke up Sunday morning and remembered the cute little feminine French girl that I had last night. Like the hundreds of other women I had met she was just another who had experienced my four-inch tongue. She had left my house with a well satisfied smile on her face. You see, since high school. I first noticed that my tongue was growing longer and longer. I was a soccer jock in high school and college so I had plenty of opportunities to date lesbian women. By the time I was nineteen, I was a committed lesbian. My tongue grew to a full four inches so this endowment of nature made me very desirable to my lesbian friends. I learned to really enjoy the dozens of lovers I had over the years.

Last night was no different. Over the years I have taken on the persona of a male, with my short hair, short athletic body and small perky tits. I was in my forties now, but still cruised the local gay bars every Friday and Saturday night with my friends looking for woman. Nowadays, I liked them young and beautiful. Last night it was no different, that’s when I found Simone, a French businesswoman visiting Traverse City. You could tell by the way she carried herself that she was a very classy women she was obviously interested in sex but probably not with someone as old as me. She sat next to me at the bar and that's when she noticed. I was having a gin and tonic. She looked over as I drank and noticed my four inch tongue going three quarters of the way down the glass. I could tell she was astounded by what she saw!!! I had seen that look dozens of time before. I sort of began to show off and gave her a glimpse of what would be in store for her if she decided to let me go down on her.

We began talking and sure enough Simone and I hit it off. We danced a few times holding each other closely, finally I put my hand behind her neck and drew her mouth to mine as we embraced and French kissed on the dance floor. I unbuttoned the top buttons on her white silk blouse revealing her bra and cleavage to everyone in the bar. Simone looked just gorgeous. The way Simone carried herself, and the black dress she wore that was slit halfway up her thigh, black nylons and black shoes highlighted her small petite French body. One of my friends said aloud “another one bites the dust”.

Sure enough after a few dances, we found a corner booth and began French kissing. I knew that whenever I wrapped my tongue inside a woman's mouth that I was going to have her and tonight would be no different. I gave Simone my address and cell phone number and she followed me to my house, tucked away in the backwoods of Traverse City.

Apparently, Simone did not want to waste any time and the minute we entered the door, she began passionately kissing me all over my neck, face and lips while her hand found their way down my jeans to my older pussy. The pussy that would be in her mouth before the night was over. I was not in the mood to waste any time so I took off Simone’s silk blouse, unhooked her bra. Her voluptuous tits stood firm as I began to wrap my tongue around her nipples. At the same time I unzipped the back of her dress and pulled down her dress, panties and pantyhose all in one swift motion. I pushed her back on the couch revealing her well shaven pussy that I was soon to explore with my four inch long sloping tongue. Off came my jeans and blouse revealing my boyish muscular body to her.

Now, I have eaten over 100 women, but Simone was special. She was a classic French beauty, her body was perfect, her face was perfect, and her long, full reddish brown hair framed her beautiful face. She looked like a French fashion model. I grasped her face in my hand and inserted my loving tongue deep into her mouth; I knew I had reached the back of her throat as she moaned in pleasure as my tongue swirled around inside her mouth. After a few minutes I worked my way down to her nipples wrapping my tongue around each nipple until it was rock hard from my machinations. The whole time Simone's hand was down between her legs massaging her sopping wet pussy. I could smell her feminine juices emanating from her crotch. The smell of a woman always excited me as I worked my way down her stomach towards her love nest. She was totally shaven except for a small V that pointed downwards to her clitoris.

Now I know Simone thought she was going to be loved that night but she was totally surprised when I extended my tongue fully into her soaking wet pussy and began swirling it around, I alternated between this and licking sucking on her rather large clitoris. Simone writhed in pleasure as I ate her pussy like no one had ever done before. She screamed. Gretchen!!! Gretchen!! Don't stop I’m cumming, I’m cumming, and with that her hips pivoted upwards as she squirted a small amount of her juices all over my face. I was used to this, but still I found it unpleasant and was kind of disappointed that Simone could not control herself. I softly said to her "no more squirting", I don't like it, let me know when that's going to happen again. With that I laid her sideways on the couch sat on her face planting my pussy right in her mouth. I stuck out my tongue and said roughly “if you want more of this I expect you go to work hard on my snatch right now”. With that, Simone's tongue began lapping my pussy like most of the woman who appreciated me. I came almost instantly, and rubbed my pussy back and forth over her tongue and lips. She sucked hungrily on my clitoris and labial lips like the experienced lesbian she was. When I was done, I had her sit up and spread her legs so that I could make love to her one more time.

Before Simone knew it, my tongue was again inside of her and this time I decided to begin suck her entire pussy into my mouth, as my tongue explored the deep crevices of her pussy. Simone screamed as my tongue worked its way around her insides, she began a bucking motion as she came again, but this time she held back her feminine juices. Simone fell back exhausted on the couch and as usual I got up and went to brush my teeth to get all the pussy hairs out of my mouth. By the time I came back, Simone was getting dressed and said, I have to catch a redeye flight to Chicago and then to Paris so I hate to say goodbye so soon. I'll be back in Traverse City in two weeks and I've got your number. I hope I will continue to get your fabulous tongue in my pussy. I kissed her goodbye and thought “another satisfied woman” but after all, all of them are satisfied by the time I've gotten done with them.

I called Norma the cute little school teacher next door and asked” you alone tonight? Want some company? Norma replied, “I’ll be right over”, I always liked a night with Norma but that is for next time.

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