Dixie - First Lesbian Analingus

Dixie woke up in her hotel room wondering what had happened the night before. Did she really spend the night with Yvonne the black, amazon women from the Doctor’s office. She had been dominated by Yvonne’s six foot four frame, large arms and fabulously muscular legs. Had Yvonne enjoyed her long tongue that so many other women had the pleasure of experiencing?
The night before Dixie’s tongue had explored every inch of Yvonne’s powerful pussy. She had devoured Yvonne’s athletic body and enjoyed every second of it. Her four inch tongue had worked overtime last night and her mouth was stiff from the hour she had spent between Yvonne’s muscular legs.

Dixie went to work wondering what Yvonne and her friend’s reaction to her would be. She soon found out, Yvonne smiled and said, Hi Dixie and she licked her lips. Candy decided to make a smart remark. How is your four inch tongue this morning, I heard it got quite a work out last night? Everyone, including, Yvonne laughed, as did Dixie.
Dixie spent the rest of the day doing her job as a government Inspector at the clinic, and again Yvonne had trouble with her paperwork. Dixie commented at the end of the day, “Yvonne you owe me”, she responded I know, that’s why you and I are going to dinner tonight.
Dixie and Yvonne decided to eat at a local up-scale restaurant the kind of place Yvonne could usually not afford to go to. Dixie wore a light blue silk blouse and a black bra underneath which left nothing to the imagination. This was followed by a black leather mini-skirt and black nylons. No panties were going to be in the way tonight, and Dixie’s pussy was exposed to the cool air. Yvonne wore loose fitting slacks and a jersey top which was kind of unusual, Dixie would find out later how unusual this would be.

Dixie and Yvonne finished dinner and went over to Yvonne’s place. Yvonne commanded Dixie “you sit on the couch bitch while I get ready.” Yvonne stood up and pulled her loose fitting pants down revealing her long muscular legs and the hint of something black around her pussy. Then to Dixie’s surprise she took of her top to reveal a black leather corset, with a push up bra feature that attenuated her large breasts. Yvonne’s cleavage was remarkable, eight inches of a beautiful tits with a six inch line of cleavage from her shoulders to her mid chest.
Dixie was stunned at her beauty, Yvonne sat down and Dixie immediately fell to the floor on her knees and began grasping Yvonne’s large breasts as she worked her large tongue from Yvonne’s knees to her inner thigh up to her shaved pussy. After a few minutes Dixie’s long tongue found its way to Yvonne’s dripping pussy. She inserted her tongue deep into the moist cunt and licked away. As she went from the bottom of her pussy to her clitoris Yvonne moaned shouting “ yeh baby work on that, work on it good, lover!! Yvonne soon had her first orgasm of the night. Dixie’s tongue and fingers made sure that two more followed.

Dixie was exhausted and fell back and sat on the couch, Yvonne said “Honey I got something for my little white dyke tonight” With that she left the room and came back sporting a moderately sized six inch dildo around her waist. Without hesitation, Dixie flipped over on all fours on the couch offering her cunt to her lover. This was not the first time Dixie pussy was fucked by a women and she could not wait to feel the dildo fill her cunt as a soft women make love to her. Yvonne obliged and slipped the dildo into Dixie’s moist pussy and began fucking her. First slowly, and then with the steady rhythm of a bodybuilder with stamina and f***e. Dixie was in ecstasy; the powerful amazon flipped her over on her back and fucked her for another half an hour as Dixie had orgasm after orgasm.

Finally, Yvonne got a funny look on her face, and lightly smacked Dixie across the face. It hurt a little as Dixie looked up with a puppy dog look. Yvonne said “time to suck my ass white girl” as she got on her knees on top of the couch exposing her muscular ass to Dixie who was kneeling on the floor. Yvonne shouted “you heard me, eat that ass”. With that Dixie who had never performed annalingus, began licking Yvonne’s round well-muscled ass. She worked her tongue up and down the crack, going deeper with every lick. Then Dixie decided to please her lover, she placed her tongue on her girlfriends clitoris and sucked it gently and then worked her tongue down her cunt lips dipping her tongue into the pink recesses of her pussy.

Yvonne moaned loudly when Dixie’s tongue went into her ass crack and she separated Yvonne’s ass cheeks with her hands to reveal Yvonne’s rosebud. Dixie curled her tongue and inserted it into Yvonne’s ass, sucking it lightly. Yvonne screamed, “Oh my god Baby” as a hugh orgasm shook her large body. Dixie’s kept tongue fucking her black lover until she came again. Then Yvonne fell like a heap of laundry into a pile on the couch. Dixie went to the guest bathroom found a tooth brush to clean her teeth and returned to her lover’s couch. Dixie began French kissing her, their tongues entwined. Dixie had done what she does best, used her tonque to please one of her lovers once again. Friday, after work she would be pleasing her current lover, a thin small breasted young French exchange student. Dixie sucked Yvonne’s tongue into her mouth for the last time. The night was over.

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