Pegged By My Mother's Girlfriend Again

My friend Don and I were headed home from school in his Dad’s new BMW. Don has taken me twice and I have sucked his wonderful nine inch cock about four times. Every gay and Bi guy in school was after Don’s nine inches including me. I turned to Don and said “hey no one’s home at my house, not even my Mom’s cop girlfriend” how about watching a porn movie. Don knew it was an invitation to fuck me and he agreed. We got home, popped in a porn movie and I assumed my feminine role. I began by French kissing Don on the couch as my hand wandered down his jeans. Soon, I felt a semi soft cock in his pants.

I undid Don’s belt and unzipped his fly to reach in and pull out his semi erect penis. Then I got off the couch and on my knees just inches away from his flaccid cock. Then Don “said I just can’t go again today, I fucked Sam during lunch, and I am beat baby, you will have to settle for nothing today but a porn movie”. With that, I said “Oh No” give me a chance. He said OK, and I began slowing licking his soft dick hoping to spring it to life so I could get the anal drilling that I had been promised. Then I remembered an old trick to stimulate a soft prick that I read about in a porn magazine. I went to the bathroom and got a tube of tooth paste; I came back to the living room and got back on my knees. I applied some toothpaste to the head of his cock right where it met his shaft. I then began to suck his cock, the mint taste felt good and mixed with my saliva it made a creamy brew. Before I knew it Don’s cock was now semi hard just enough to insert it into my awaiting anxious man pussy. I stripped and got on all fours on the couch so he could fuck me “doggy style”.

Then Don got up applied some lube to my ass and began rubbing his semi hard cock into my ass crack until it got stiff enough to insert into me. I felt the head of Don’s cock press against my anal opening, it was just hard enough to slide in but not hard enough to fuck me. I began rocking my ass up and down his slick cock as it grew harder and harder inside me. Finally, Don was able to begin fucking me, but I really had to work hard to keep his cock in me as he entered my ass.

I decided to switch to a technique that would let me do all the work since Don was obviously spent for the day. I asked him to sit back and relax on the couch, and then I placed myself with my back towards Don so I could assume the “reverse cowgirl” position. This way I could control the movement up and down his luscious organ. I reached back and stroked his now hard nine inch organ and guided the monster cock back into my ass; it slid in easily, now I was going to be fucked by the biggest stud in school.

Don moaned loudly as his cock reentered my ass, it felt so good I let out a long sigh as his cock slid deep into me. Then I began the rocking motion back and forth as Don’s cock sprung to life inside me. Don’s cock was soon fully erect again as I rode up and down his manly shaft. Don reached behind me to play with my sensitive nipples. Don knew this kind of “nipple play” would make me cum in seconds and it sure did. This time I get so excited my cock got rock hard as I stroked it violently. Here I was with one cock in my ass and another in my hand as I stroked my cock, I was sure to explode and I did; ounces of cum emerged from me. Don continued to stroke my nipples as I fell back exhausted, his hard cock slipping out of my anus. Don was spent and came, but deposited little sperm in my ass.

Well just then I heard the front door slam and there was Karen my mom’s lesbian girlfriend in her police uniform standing there with her hands on her hips. She yelled at Don “hey stud get your clothes on and get out of here, I ought to run you in”. Well Don flew out of the house with his clothes in hand. I said to Karen “hey why did you scare him? She unbuckled her police holster and said “shut up butt boy, stay where you are I’ll be right back”. Well I knew what was coming, I was going to get a pegged with a dildo in my ass. Now this was OK with me since I had just cum, but knew I had another load in me. And to just plain tell you the truth, I had dreamed all week about Karen pegging my ass with that black rubber cock.

I was really getting to enjoy having Karen around. I understood why my mom liked her and was willing to service her when and wherever she wanted. Last week, I saw Karen and my Mom sitting by the edge of the pool steps. My Mom got on her knees and soon he head was between Karen’s legs as she began to eat her pussy. Karen grabbed my Mom’s head and forcibly held it down as she shouted “eat me bitch eat me”. With that my Mom’s head bobbed up and down between Karen’s legs as she licked her until Karen screamed “I’m cumming, don’t stop”. My Mom’s head lingered between her legs as Karen moaned softly to my Mom’s rhythmic sucking of her pussy.

Well back to me, I decided if Karen was going to peg me I wanted to be on all fours so she could really give my ass a good going over. I got on all fours on the couch and awaited her return. I did not have to wait long, I looked behind me and there was Karen naked except for a strap-on dildo, but this one was bigger than six incher she used on me last time. She said, by looking at your boyfriend, you like big cock, well this one is ten inches long so get ready “butt boy”
The cock indeed was ten inches long but Karen must have known that it would be too much, she tossed the monster cock aside and put on the smaller six incher I got last time. Then she uncharacteristically kissed me and whispered in my ear “I’m cumming this time”. Then I felt the pressure of the head pressing against my anal opening. I asked for more lube and Karen obliged as it poured down the crevice of my rectum and coated the black dildo that was now halfway in my eager asshole. This time it did not hurt at all, Karen began to slowly fuck me as she reached underneath me to stroke my now rock hard cock. I knew the dildo had a rubber nub on her side of the cock that was massaging Karen’s clitoris. Her hips then began to move in a rhythmic motion pleasuring my anus as well as her clitoris. Karen was definitely in charge as I felt her hips grinding as she pegged my asshole.

Then it happened, I felt a surge rising from my balls to the head of my cock. Soon I shot my load all over Karen’s hand and my Mom’s couch. My second load of the afternoon!!! What an experience!!! Twice in one day!!! Then Karen grabbed my hips as she rapidly pounded my young ass, her movements became more rapid until it seemed that my asshole was on fire. She shoved the dildo as far as it would go as she ground her pussy against my butt cheeks. Then she screamed as she bent over and bit my ear “I’m cumming, God I’m cumming, on your young ass”. With that we both fell back exhausted on the coach, Karen sat in the pool of sperm I had deposited on the couch, but who cares.

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3 months ago
loved your story, offered something a bit different from the usual unimaginitive fodder served up on here. stands alone as a good story yet offers plenty scope to expand the story and characters in several directions should you wish to. excellent short story
8 months ago
What is pegging?
1 year ago
1 year ago
Maybe your mother would like to join in, you could eat her while you're getting fucked
1 year ago
Excellent story. Thanks
1 year ago
great story... wow... what a lucky guy
1 year ago
Mmm hot stuff