Pegged By My Mothers Lesbian Girlfriend

Well, where should I start? And how did I get this sore ass&^ole!!!! My Dad was a d***k and I was not surprised when Susan my 43 year old mother finally dumped him, probably for not fu*&ing her enough. My mom is a very classy petite business woman who still turns heads with her tailored clothes, perky small tits and a body most men would gladly take, if it was offered.
Then one day about two months after their divorce I came home to see a police car in front of the house. I went into the kitchen and boy did I get a surprise, there was a short, young looking, female cop in full uniform kissing my mother in the living room. Her hand was firmly on my mom’s ass as they French kissed like two schoolgirls.

My Mom seemed startled and nervous and said to me “Hi Jim, let me introduce you to Officer Karen Rodell a new friend of mine”. I did not her know what I had seen and politely said “I have homework to do” and went upstairs to my room. Well as the weeks went by Karen became a regular fixture around the house, especially when she would stop by for “lunch” at two in the morning on her night shift. Now Karen was a really good looking young women in her own right but not drop dead georgeous like my mother. Karen had short hair, large breasts and a nice firm bottom. She looked and acted very masculine. I knew my Mom and Karen were having a lesbian love affair that I hoped would end soon. I just didn’t like the idea of another women doing to my mother what lesbians do.

Then one night at I found out for sure my mom was being taken by Karen. At two in the morning I went down to the kitchen for a drink and there was Karen in full uniform, my mom was wearing a T Shirt with no bra and panties on. Karen was in the kitchen in full uniform performing cunnalingus on my mother’s pussy as my mom moaned softly. Her hands gripped the kitchen counter as Karen’s head bobbed up as she ate my mom’s pussy. My mom was trying to keep quiet so she would not wake me up, but I had seen enough, I knew my mom was being fucked by this dyke and from all appearances she enjoyed it.

Well another few months went by and Karen and I became friendly as I accepted my mom’s new lesbian lifestyle. After a while they kissed regularly and embraced each other in the house and I was OK with that. On occasion both of them swam naked in our pool and beforehand politely said “we are going swimming’ which to me was a code word that they were going to swim topless in our pool. So I left them alone.

Just about every night I sat in my bed as I heard my mom moaning and sometimes having what I later found out was a “screaming” orgasm. One day I got curious and went into their bedroom and checked out the nightstand; an obvious place to put your sex toys. Sure enough there were a couple of brands of flavored lube, and twelve inch two headed dildo as well as an eight inch strapon. Apparently, my mother was getting fucked, but it was by a women.

Well then I had a brilliant idea, I checked out the heating vents in the room and found out they were connected to the vents in my room. I had a friend who knew all about computer cameras and he agreed to lend me two wide-angled lenses and all of the cabling to go with it. I set up my “TV” system and waited. It was about 11:00 P.M. when Mom and Karen went to bed. I rushed to my bedroom, fired up my computer and laid back to watch the show. It did not take long; Karen put her arms around my mom as they embraced in a passionate French kiss. Karen began acting like a teenage schoolboy unbuttoning my mom’s blouse and unzipping her skirt while running her hands up her thigh. Then she commanded my mom to “stand up and strip for me baby, but keep your bra on”. My mom dutifully began dancing as she kicked of her high heels, removed her unbuttoned blouse, unzipped her skirt and pulled her panties down for her lesbian lover. Then she returned to the bed to continue kissing Karen. Karen began stroking her hair as her hand rubbed my mother’s well shaven pussy.

I just sat and watched as my mother was now being eaten out by this attractive bull dyke. My mom’s pussy is very small and Karen’s mouth and tongue began working its magic. My Mom began to moan softly as her lover’s tongue explored her labial lips, clitoris and inner pussy. My mom’s pussy was dripping wet and a liquid like sheen from her vaginal juices appeared all over Karen’s face. Then Karen took my mom’s entire pussy in her mouth and began sucking it like a cock!!! My mom began to have an unbelievable orgasm that I heard all the way in my bedroom. Her whole body shook as her hips thrust forward as Karen kept her pussy in her mouth. Karen just kept on sucking it in her mouth until my mom had a second orgasm, screaming “suck it, suck it, I’m cumming”. I could not believe what was happening to my mom, but what came next was just plain crazy!!!

Karen stood up and pulled down her jeans. She was wearing a nine inch rubber cock attached to a panty like pair of elastic panties that held it in place. My Mom went to her dresser got some lube and gave it first to Karen for her cock and spread some on her pussy. My Mom must have done this before as she immediately got on all fours on the bed and presented her pussy for fucking. Karen soon obliged her; she grabbed the cock and inserted it into my mom’s small swollen pussy. Karen began to slow fuck my mom right there on camera!!!!
Karen worked on my Mom’s pussy for about five minutes; I could tell my mom was in ecstasy; her face was contorted as she had several small orgasms. She said “fuck me Karen, fuck me good and slow” as Karen thrust in and out of her. Then Karen said “lay back on the bed” as she removed her dildo from my Moms’ pussy. My mom lay back as Karen straddled her and lowered her pussy on my Mom’s face. She commanded my mother like a cop would treat a suspect, she said “Susan lick it; suck it hard, right now”. My mom obliged her and began to eat every crevice of her lover’s pussy. Karen began rubbing her pussy back and forth over my Mom’s eager mouth. The she exploded, I never saw what happens when a lesbian squirts, but now I did. Jets of clear liquid erupted from Karen’s pussy as it sprayed all over my Mom’s face. Karen’s hand then went to her clit to get more juices to feed her lover’s thirst. My Mom licked her lover’s juices from her body until none were left. They both fell back exhausted.

The next day I was watching a rerun of my Mom’s previous night’s lesbian love fest. I guess I had the volume to loud because Karen in full uniform appeared in my bedroom doorway. I guess my movie career was over she said “I knew you were a pervert but not this bad and she walked to her room. Karen came back a few minutes later in full uniform and said “Ok Bitch I have seen enough, now you know what I want”. With that Karen unzipped her uniform pants and out came a nine inch black dildo. She said “get up against that wall and spread those ass cheeks Bitch, I am going to give you a good pegging like you never had before”. I did as I was told, I put my hands up against my bedroom wall and spread my legs as Karen lubed my soon to be my well pegged ass. I had let guys fuck me before so I knew what was coming. Karen knew that this position would allow her push her dildo further into my ass. The next thing I knew her hands were around my waist holding me steady as she suddenly rammed the whole dildo up my ass in one quick deep thrust. I yelled in pain because I was not ready for it. Like I said, I have had a few cocks in my ass, but Karen knew how to work a dildo. Soon my pain was taken over by an enjoyable sensation of an object entering my now sensitized rectum.

Karen must have sensed I was starting to enjoy my “punishment” for eavesdropping on her making love to my mother. She was fucking me and I began to moan in both pain and pleasure but soon pleasure took over. Karen was roughly ramming her cock deep into my ass as she whispered in my ear “take that big cock bitch, give up your ass like a your mother does”. She then said “what are you” I wanted this brutal fucking to stop so I replied with what I knew she wanted to hear, “I am your bitch, now take me”. Suddenly, she grabbed my cock and began stroking my rock hard penis. Like most 17 year olds I came in seconds, shooting my load on the bedroom floor.
Karen laughed at me and said “plan on being fucked until I cum” and at that she thrust the dildo all the way in me, after a few minutes I felt her body tense up as she screamed “I’m cumming!!!!. Soon she was done with me and said “go wash up” as she withdrew the dildo from my well-worn ass. As she left the room she said “I won’t tell your mother, but from now on, I want you to know that your mother takes this up her ass, so now it is your turn, plan on getting “pegged” once a week, and go ahead keep filming you little jerk off”. From now on I’ll let you know ahead of time so you can lube up and get ready. I said “sure, it kind of felt pretty good” I agreed to let her have my ass once a week. So now Karen is fucking both of us.

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7 months ago
Pegging sounds weird to me?
1 year ago
this was a great story..i am so horny
1 year ago
Love it
1 year ago
nice story! wanna see more :)