Space Alien Girlfriend Goes Home

I met Angelica at my favorite Sports Bar. She was beautiful and I was dumb struck by this petite Scandinavian blond with an absolutely perfect body. Well, after a few days I got to know Angelica, our first evening ended with me getting a blow job at her place. But this is only the beginning of a new lifestyle that would change my life. You see Angelica is a space alien from the planet Gliesie, the closest habitable planet to earth. She told me that both Earth and Gliesie were biology experiments by a race of super beings. Gliesie, the more peaceful planet thrived and mastered the science of space travel. Earth, on the other hand, had spent most of its resources on war and as a result did not progress like Gliesie. Angelica like many before her came to study Earth as part of her college studies.

I fondly remember that first night with Angelica and the blowjob, it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. Angelica got on her knees pulled off my pants and began vigorously sucking the head of my cock. Then she worked her way down the shaft sucking harder and harder. I noticed she had a really unusual mouth, no women I ever met before could suck a cock like this girl. She began by sliding about seven inches of my engorged cock right down her throat. Angelica sucked me so hard that she did not use her hands; she controlled the movement of my cock with just her mouth. I had never gotten a blow job like this before; her mouth was able to do things that I had never experienced. She not only sucked my cock, but her whole mouth and cheeks surrounded my cock in a vice like grip. Most women suck you with their lips, but she used every organ in her mouth; her lips, cheeks and throat to virtually surround your cock with one titillating up and down sucking motion.

Angelica sucked my cock so fast that I was just was not able to take it anymore. I yelled “Angelica baby, I am cumming right now!!!” With that, she deep throated my cock and held it there while I shot a large load deep down her throat. Then I learned why my alien lover was so talented. I thought she was done sucking my cock like most earth girls would. You know, a blow job, followed by a cum swallow and good night. But after my first load filled her mouth something unusual happened, she stroked my cock and sucked it so well the feeling was unimaginable, as she massaged my shaft and balls in unison. It was like she was milking a calf, drawing every ounce of cum I had in my entire body. This girl drained my balls dry by the machinations she performed on my dick. Finally I said “Stop! Stop! You’re killing my cock”. She stopped, and she just looked up at me and grinned as my excess sperm dripped down the corner of her mouth. She scoped the cum off her face and licked it off her fingers. Then she laughed and said “thanks for the sperm loads, it tasted really good, you really fed me good baby” I thought using the word “fed” was kind of unusual.

I had no idea I had just gotten my introduction to the art of pleasing a Gliesian women. You see, Gliesian women have an orgasm by sucking cock, not getting fucked. Angelica never had an orgasm when I fucked her. I did notice that towards the end of a blow job she would moaned softly as my dick went in and out of her mouth, it was like her “G” spot was in her throat. I found out that indeed it was!!! I also soon learned that Gliesian women visiting Earth need about an ounce of sperm three times a day. Well, for the next two months I serviced Angelica twice a day, once in the morning before she went to work, and then she sucked me off a second time in the evening. She swallowed every drop of cum in my body, and milked my balls until they were dry. One time I was so sore I told her I needed a few days off and she said “that’s OK, I’ll service the bartender at work, and you’re not the only source for “jumic” (sperm in Gliesian).

I learned a lot from Angelica, she explained how her “G” spot was in her throat that’s why cock sucking is the way they have sex on Gliesie. She explained how on her planet married men “feed” their wives every morning with a “special treat” their “jumic”. It gives mature women extra energy during the day. Angelica said Gliesian women are almost addicted to it and need it every day. She explained on Gliese it is nothing to suck your man off in public and women from maturity suck there men’s cocks regularly on her planet. She also said Gliesian men’s cocks are very small (four inches). Our mouths have genetically adapted to this custom over the millennia. Gliesie women have great lips, but there whole mouth and cheeks are adapted to give the best cocksucking in the shortest time. She explained that’s why it seems like my whole mouth is sucking your cock because it is!! We need to feed regularly, especially here on Earth, so I am blowing you twice a day because of how much sperm you can provide me. The bartender at work gets a blow job every day at noon to tide me over until evening. I guess you are one lucky man!!!

Then one day Angelica told me the bad news, she had to return to Gliesie next week. She explained that the trip took thirty days and she would need to be fed a lot of jumic beforehand. Angelica gave me some green pills and said “take two of these each morning and night for three days; don’t worry about your balls swelling”. Well I liked Angelica, and after all it had been a good run, why not give her what she needs. Well for the next three days I took the pills and my balls grew larger and larger they were almost the size of an orange on Saturday morning when Angelica was scheduled to leave Earth.

Early Saturday morning I arrived at her apartment and to my surprise, Don the bartender from work was also there. I thought what the F*&K!! She asked both of us to get undressed and hop in bed with her. I did not like the idea of being nude with a guy in bed so I said “I’ll keep my clothes on if you don’t mind, you take care of Don first, then call me after he is done”. Well, Don and Angelica left the door ajar and I saw Angelica going down on Don’s nine inches of thick monster cock. His balls were like mine; swollen from those pills she had given to us.

Angelica did her usual job she sucked him so hard that she held his cock in place with just her mouth. I knew Don was getting the blow job of his life, but then it got really weird. Angelica took a large wine glass and said to Don “lay back and relax I am going to drain you”. With that she continued working on Don’s cock until I heard a loud moan as he started to cum, at first Angelica tried to swallow the wads of sperm shooting from Don’s cock. Then she took the wine glass and began massaging his dick and balls as he filled half of the glass with his white creamy “jumic”. I watched his balls shrink as she milked him good. Angelica’s face was already covered with the spill over from when Don came in her mouth, but she took that glass and gulped down every ounce of Don’s sperm. Don laid back exhausted as Angelica massaged his balls in a certain way, she filled another half a glass with his white creamy cum and drank that down also.

After Don was spent, Angelica asked him to leave because I was uncomfortable with the situation. Apparently, Angelica never told him she was an alien because he said “I’ll see you Monday at work”. Angelica turned and said to me “sorry I needed that “jumic” to survive my space voyage”. I told her I understand as we walked to the bedroom, I laid back and let Angelica suck my cock in her Gliesian manner. As usual she used her whole mouth and cheeks as I came in her mouth. Then she inserted a finger into my rectum to massage my prostate, the sexual high was incredible!!! I filled the wine glass with cum. Angelica stood up and mimicked her bar customers by shouting “bottoms up” as she drank that whole goblet of cum and then licked the inside of the glass clean.

Then another woman stepped out of the back bedroom and said “I am Dayney, Angelica’s replacement”, you see “Gliesie College”, owns this apartment for its visiting students. Angelica is going home, but I will be here studying school systems in America for the next three months. I heard from Angelica that you were a kind considerate lover and I need you to feed me twice a day, is that OK? Well this petite brunette was just as good looking as Angelica, who was I to turn her down. I said, I guess I’ll just keep taking my vitamins and we will be OK. Dayney said if this is too weird for you we can erase your memory of both Angelica and me. But I will tell you, you may want to consider that unlike Angelica, I like to fuck, just make sure you cum in my mouth and not as you say, in “my pussy”.

So I guess it’s off to the vitamin store I go!!!

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8 months ago
Not a very good story. You have done better.