a mountain of cock part 1

I woke up on a warm Saturday with the plan to hike a hidden gem peak of the range. A few weeks back a friend told me of an out of the way trail up the mountain that was easy and reached a great viewing area. He told me the trail was one and a half miles long and not too many people knew of it so it was remote.
I grabbed my pack and hopped in to the car for the 20 minute drive to the lot. When I arrived there was only one other car in the lot, a small vw with a bunch of stickers. I started on my way. Soon after I crossed beneath the highway and started up the trail I came across the other hiker. He was sitting on a larger flat rock with his back to me.
I said “hello” while I was still walking upon him so I would not startle him. I same him fumble with something then turn
He said”ohh, hello, you kind of scared me there; I’m usually alone this time of morning.”
I chuckled “all that weed’s got you paranoid”
He replied “oh shit I guess you caught me”
“Well don’t worry I’m not a cop. In fact I’ve been known to twist a joint or two myself”
I smiled and winked and I could see a feeling of relief come to his face. I came up next to him and leaned against a nearby tree. He was a fit young man, sandy Blonde hair brown eyes and looked to be in his early 30’s. He struck me as very handsome and I checked him out fully.
He said” well, if you’re interested you can have a tolk” and I approved of the idea. “Spark it up I said”
We passed the joint back and forth and chatted a bit; his name was Jim and worked nearby. At one point he made a blunt comment, “I’m gay”. I was shocked at the forwardness of his statement but I told him I didn’t care. After a bit of talk and smoke I recommended that we hike together. He agreed and off we went.
Walking up the trail single file I could see his strong legs power up the slope, I couldn’t’ t help but look at his ass as he made his way up the trail ahead of me. We talked and every once in a while he would stop and turn to make sure I was keeping up. I thought he might have caught me checking his ass out a few times on the way up. After a while of hiking the weed effected my inhibitions and I decided to ask about his gay comment. I asked “so your gay, that’s cool. Why did you tell me?”
He replied “well, I just figured I’d get it out of the way. I’m confident in who I am. And that way if you were homophobe you could just say, thanks by or whatever.”
I had to admit that it made sense and he was definitely confident. I found myself more attracted to him the higher we went up the trail. By the time we reached the top I was almost certain he was shaking his ass in front of me.
We reached the peak and my friend was right. A large open rock ledge that looked over the valley.
“whoo” I said “nice hiking to an excellent view. The hike got me heated”
I spotted a depression in the rock that that would make a great seating area and pointed it to Jim.
“hey, let sit there and rest”
“ok”he said.
We removed the packs and sat. I was sweating pretty good and took off my shirt to cool off.
“ahh, the breeze feels good.” I blurted
Jim responded “I bet, wanna smoke again?”
“Sure” Jim pulled out a joint and lit it up and handed it to me. He removed his shirt and leaned back.
“Nothing better than this, right”
I don’t know what came over me but I agreed and said” the only thing that could make this better is a blow job” I laughed a bit in order to kind of soften what I said. I knew Jim was gay and didn’t want him to be embarrassed but I was also attracted to him and kind of hoped something might happen.
He said “yeah, a blow job would be great right now, this breeze and weed has got a bit excited, I wish I could pull it out right here.”
I said”hey don’t let me stop you, hell I’m going to do the same if you don’t mind”
Jim said nothing and pulled his cock from his shorts. I was a foot away and could not help but stare.
He said “I thought you were joining me”
I reached in my pants and pulled out my stiffening cock. My eyes locked on Jim’s manhood I stammered “wow, you you have a nice cock there you you think ahhh I might” Jim cut me off and said”yeah no problem” I reached and took his cock in my hand; I could feel the warmth and pulse. I naturally started to jerk his cock. I hand to have it, so I turned and put him in my mouth. He soft head felt great and I could taste his precum. I went to work as Jim leaned back and groaned. I greedily devoured his cock slobbering all over it. Spit ran from my hungry mouth and covered his cock. I felt him tap my shoulder and say “I’m cumming”. I suck on his cock waiting for his gift. My mouth filled with his seed and I gulped down. Jim sighed in relief and cleaned every bit of his cock.
He said” you were right; a blow job did make this better. “

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woooooooooooooow niceeeeee
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Great story!