gay neighbors

Years back when i was first out of university i rented a basement appartment. After being there a few months i got to be friendly with the neigbors especially bruce and rick. they were openly gay and very nice guys. i would go over theor house after work some nights and watch tv, and have a few beers. One evening the good times ran a bit late and we all had too much to drink rick offered me to stay the nigh if i didn't feel like going back to the apartment. I agreed as we were all having a good time. a bit later the conversation turned to sex. first ny bruce and tick asking what happened to that girl and things like that. since we were all lose i offered details that i normally wouldn't share. like she didn;t give head and what not. one thing led to another and bruce asked if i had ever gotten a blow job from a man. i said no and noticed that rick was rubbing bruces bulge. i asked about their sex life and they started to share. as they did they began to put more of a show on for me. Rick pulled bruces cock out and began to stroke it. he was explaining how there was really nothing like having the control of a mans cock. with that he leaned in and started to give bruce a blow job. i could see bruces cock slide in and out of ricks mouth slowly. Bruce suggested is sit next to him. I sat next to hime never taking my eyes off of the ricks greedly slobering. i could see rick rollong bruce;s balls with his hand. Bruce said "why not free show us what you have". I felt a litle hesitant due to the friendship but was too excited to deny my urges. I took my cock out and before i knew it. Rick had moved off the sofa onto his knees between me and bruce. he stopped sucking bruce and took my engorged cock in his mouth. It felt like warm silk and i knew i wasn't going to last. while rick buried my cock in his mouth he kept jerking Bruce. We both could not take the sight and i heard bruce begining to buck and moan. he shot his load and dribbled on ricks hand. that was all i could take. i blew my load and Rick swallowed every bit.
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2 years ago
Great stuff. Reminds me of my first time with a gay couple.
2 years ago
Nice story
2 years ago
I see a gay couple every chance I get, we keep it very discreet and I've become a great cock sucker and can take anal now. wife dosen't know anything
2 years ago
Fantastic stuff. Please check the spelling as it does become distracting...just a thought!