The heavens opened as John and Olivia cut through the graveyard. "Some shortcut" she thought to herself. Her white t-shirt was plastered to her and she could tell John was enjoying the view of her hard nipples through the wet fabric. "I'll get you for this" she laughed as John reached across and groped her tits. The rain seemed to get heavier. "There's an old house up there" he said. "We should shelter 'til this passes". As they approached the run down house Olivia got a sense of uneasiness about it. They got to the door and saw it was slightly ajar. The house was dark dark and smelled of stale piss and something else she couldn't identify. There was a small light on in one of the rooms on the left. As they opened the door the horror of what they'd stumbled across became clear.
A shadow moved in front of them and Olivia felt something brush her arm. As she turned a hand grabbed her from behind. She tried to scream but the smell of rotting flesh made her gag. John was not at her side. Someone, or something had dragged him to the other side of the room. A hand grabbed her tits and another ripped off her skirt. It was then she noticed others approaching. Four zombie like creatures came toward her. The thing behind her grabbed her hands above her head as she struggled to get free.
She watched as two others did the same with John. He was being mauled by a female who looked like her skin was dripping off her. She pulled down his pants and started to suck him off whilst another creature behind him thrust his revolting cock up his arse. She felt her panties being pulled down and rotting fingers push inside her. She looked down to see a female start sucking and biting her clit as another started fucking her from behind. John looked up to see Olivia being ****d by two of the things. His cock was throbbing and the thing in front of him was sucking his balls. He watched as more groped Olivias' tits then rip her t-shirt off exposing her tits. The zombies started licking and biting at her breasts and hard nipples. Her body was thrust forward as another started fucking her arse. She arched her back in pain as the zombies fucked deeper inside her.
While he was being fucked up the arse the female zombie lowered herself onto his his now hard cock. Her bones were poking through her flesh and the smell was overbearing. She thrust back and forth, her rotting tits pushing into his mouth. He wanted to heave with the stench. Olivia was looking at him, pleading with him to help her. The trouble was he was getting off on it all. His cock felt like it was going to explode as the female kept fucking him. The orgasm rose til he squirted his cum into her. It oozed out of her pelvic area as she slid off him. He mustered all his strength and fought off the one behind him. He stumbled over to Olivia and dragged the zombies off her and disentangled her from the one behind her. Others started to walk towards them as he grabbed her hand and they ran out of the house.
100% (3/0)
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11 months ago
it is good just needs be longer and more detail.hope u write more zombie ones
11 months ago
You cant fail to please me with zombies, lol.
I dont know if I like this one sexually but I definitely like the idea and you didnt do anything "wrong" except that its too short and you need a bit more build up. Flesh out (Pun intended) the characters a bit first, make me care about them.
Im not saying there is nothing here to love, the opposite in fact. You used descriptors and realy gave me an image, you made me feel like i was there. So many dont do that.
Also you let me share their thoughts and didnt just put it all in dialog, you didnt ignore dialog either. Many use to much of one and not enough of the other.
And of course, its about zombies and ill never get to much of them!
This is a great start, a practice swing. Re write it with a little more detail and ill rate it then.
I may sound a bit know it all here but trust me I love the story and cant wait for more. If I just didnt like it Id ignore it.
Please IM me if you disagree or would like to talk.