Baby Sitting with a Wow

Before I was married I still lived at home with my parents, The f****y next door to us were nice and kind people always sharing dishes of food and home grown veggies they grow,

They had a cute, sexy, daughter maybe about 30 yrs old a single mother to one c***d, well one day her parents asked me would I baby sit there daughter c***d.. Because of the f****y being nice I said sure, They gave me the time address and date her daughter was going out.

On that day in the evening I arrived at the home where I was baby-sitting and knocked on the door, The door was opened by this gorgeous 30 yr old woman just in a towel.... mmmm I thought to my-self, Anyway she said Hi my Claire you must be Carl.. yes i reply i am good to meet you.. Come in she said, I was just going to have a shower my son has only gone to sl**p now so i am not ready yet.

She put the TV on for me and she went off for her shower about 15 minutes had pass and she came back in-to me with her short little towel wrapped around her sexy body dripping wet.
She then asked me would you like a coffee I said sure so she went to her kitchen and made me a coffee on returning with my coffee she said gosh it cold in here and went across to her fire bent over with her back to me to switch it on.... Wow as she was leaning over I could see her pussy.... Well I could not hold my-self back and I touch it lightly with my finger....
She didn't move or jump so I carried on stroking her warm pussy, Then she stood up turn to me and said the most amazing words to me... Oh your a naughty boy aren't you and opened her what amazing body she had naked I could feel myself about to burst in my pants and then she lent over to me and rubbed my stiff cock while nibbling my ear, next she unzip my pants and then sucked my cock... well with-in second I shot my load in her mouth, She then stood back up turned around once again and sat right on to my stiff cock slowly up and down movement, rubbing her little soft tits while riding me, I cum again and the same time she cum too, she said you want some more.. Yes Yes i said... She then lay on the floor and said come and fuck me hard I haven't been fucked hard for along time yes yes yes so we fucked she moaned so hard on even stroke of my cock going deep into her tight wet pussy she orgasm over and over.

After about 1hour she said I'm not going out now with my friends I am so horny I want to stay here and have more sex with you... I was feeling tired now but want the hell I said to my-self all night we had fantastic sex..
We still meet up at her place and have the most wonderful sex.


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4 years ago
your story sounds good, possibly real but not convincing. I will give u a 4 :)
4 years ago
Good times!