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Want to become a Reviewer? Apply now!

Guys and girls those of you who have some free time on regular basis and have a desire to help us with moderation of new pictures and videos please leave a comment under this post. From time to time we accept new members from this list.

Here are some few simple conditions:

1. Your account must be 200 days or older.

2. Please apply only if you really have some time for this and willing to help.

3. We don't pay for this but your help is highly appreciated and as soon as you make 50.000 pics and 50.000 vids your account will be upgraded with free and unlimited Premium membership.

If you accept our conditions and feels ready please make sure that your account can accept friend invites from Couples and leave a comment!
Posted by capoxhamster 1 year ago
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1 day ago
would love to review! Thanks!
3 days ago
Hello, I am applying for in 182 days ( or less if exception) ;-)) . I love XHamster and I spend a lot of time (recently retired ) even if I know XHamster long time, I 'm signed up for 18 days and that I have the rank of " PORNSTAR " and 1058 comments. Surely soon

Bonjour, je pose ma candidature pour dans 182 jours (ou moins si exception) ;-)). J'adore XHamster et j'y passe beaucoup de temps (jeune retraité)même si je connais XHamster depuis longtemps, je ne me suis inscrit que depuis 18 jours et j'ai le grade de "PORNSTAR"et 1058 commentaires. Surement à bientôt
3 days ago
Would love to be able to help. Retired, plenty of free time and an excuse to spend longer on xhamster ;)
6 days ago
Seems like a good way to discover new content :)
7 days ago
Willing to stay more Mn12 hour
7 days ago
I would be glad to help out. Rank: Celebrity
Comments: 3,801
7 days ago
I'll be back ..(after 106 ..days !!!)
9 days ago
It would be an absolute pleasure to be a reviewer. I am on the site a lot so why not put that time to good use and help make the site the best it can be.
Thank you for your consideration !
12 days ago
It would be a pleasure for me to on to the 49,999.
12 days ago
14 days ago
Hey, I'm Biv33 (Michelle Glen), and I'd love to help out! I have a lot of free time and I love Xhamster. My account is 1016 days old as of Jan 16th, I come here every day, I have a blog based on the great videos I see on this website, and I love leaving comments and making friends here.

Please consider me, I'd truly appreciate any opportunity to help my favourite porn site stay amazing by reviewing pictures, videos, or stories. I already know most of the rules/guidelines of this website so I think I'd do a pretty good job! :)

I could easily work 1.5-2 hours a night, every night, and on weekends and certain weekdays I could work for longer.

Thanks, I hope to hear back from you soon, hopefully saying that I can review for you, haha. Also, I sent you a friend request, I do hope that's okay :)


(Deleted original comment and commented again to add a few more details)
17 days ago
Lets get this party started, no pay necessary i live for porn. and love XHamster my account is 1993 Days old
18 days ago
I would be glad to help out.
18 days ago
Ok let's go!
19 days ago
Hi Capo, who I must kill to have the job ? lol.
19 days ago
Hello, xHamster. I've been on this site for nearly 700 days now, with well over 20K comments. So I surf the website a lot. I'd love to help out, because why not? I am on this site a lot, and if I've got the chance to help out in the process? Why not! I'd love to, and I really, really hope you'll give me a chance to prove myself worthy. I love this website, and I spend well over 3 hours on it every day.

Best regards.
19 days ago
please let me be a reviewer. i use to be one on my old account but left for a little while. please let me be a reviewer again
19 days ago
lets start
22 days ago
27 days ago
Try me as reviewers, I have a lot of time
and a lot of passion!
27 days ago
Second application. I'm nearly every day here.
Please let me help the xhamster community :-)
28 days ago
28 days ago
Happy New Year, Im in if you need a hand.
28 days ago
╔════════ ೋღ❤ღೋ ════════╗
*♥✿♥✿....HAPPY NEW YEAR !.... ✿♥✿♥*
╚════════ ೋღ❤ღೋ ════════╝
28 days ago
How is your New Year going Capo.... I'm sure your doing wonderful since your so well liked and admired! I sure would love to be a proud reviewer for you! I'm on here just about every day, some times... hours and hours! I can't help but admire all the beautiful people this wonderful world has to offer! I would love be be part of making people happy! I know there are hundreds of people to choose from. Very hard job... At present, I have signed up 1032 days ago, sounds like that's about close to 3 years! Profile has been seen 3248 times and have 3500 Friends! Please make me Proud!!

Thanks! :))
29 days ago
Hi i'd like to be a reviewer i have plenty of time to spend on hamster.. And i do every day ! My account has more than 800 days !
1 month ago
I have plenty of time, my account is more than 1000 days and I would like to be a part of this!
1 month ago
I would love to be able to help , I have plenty of time and also really want to grow this great site .
If I accepted are ready and very motivated .
1 month ago
I am willing to become a reviewer. I am on xhamster so often it doesn't make sense not to.
1 month ago
Yes, I love to be a Reviewer