Mardi Gras Fuck Fest

A couple of weeks ago, we had gay mardi gras in Sydney.
Of course, we have lots of guys visiting from overseas, so I decided to extend my hospitality...

The night before the big party, I headed back down to my favourite sex club.
Feeling extra generous, I went straight for the area where you can put yourself in restraints, and let people have their way with you.
I stripped down, tied myself up, and stood there, restrained, my legs spread apart, my ass pointing out for all the world to use.

Soon enough, this guy comes up and starts talking to me...
"You have a really cute butt" he said, and started to tentatively stroke my cheeks.
"Well then, why don't you play with it some more" I said, winking at him, and smiling my cheeky smile.

he started ever so gently, continuing to grope my ass cheeks, but also, hesitantly fingering my crack and hole.
I pushed my ass out towards him, making it clear I wanted him to go further....
"Come on, you know I want you to fuck me!" I whispered, and that was a message he got loud and clear.
He pulled down his boxers, revealing a nice hard cock - not particularly large, but still one i would love to have inside me.

Soon, I could feel his breath on my neck, and his chest pressing against my back.
His cock was rubbing up and down my crack.
he lubed up his fingers and started probing my hole with 2 of them, and it felt amazing.
After a minute or 2 of playing, he pulled them out, and replaced them with his cock in one strong thrust.
I gasped slightly, taken a bit by surprise, but after a couple of seconds, the pleasure was perfect.

He told me he'd been in the glory holes, so was already really turned on, and that was clear.
He fucked me f***efully, in long hard movements, and I was rock hard from the attention his cock head was giving to my gspot.

It was only 10 minutes or so of good fucking before he started thrusting erratically inside of me, and then I could feel the warm sticky gush of cum entering me deep.
There were a couple of guys who had come over to watch, and they were all stroking their cocks, horny as hell.
The first guy pulled out, and before he'd even moved away, I called out "Who's next??"

The next guy to come over was large, and I could feel just from the pressure he was putting on my ass cheeks, that his was a monster cock.
"Are you ready?" he whispered into my ear.
"Absolutely" I replied, and positioned my ass out ready to take whatever he gave.
It took a little effort, but soon his cock was stretching open my tight hole, and ramming itself deeper into me.
It felt amazing, it felt like he would split me apart with that rock hard tool of his.
He was also less hesitant than the first, and went straight into a deep thrusting action - I swear it felt like he was deep in my stomach.

I groaned and moaned in a mix of ecstasy and pain as he fucked me like a bitch, and when he eventually came inside me, I yelled "FUCK yeah!!", it felt so damn good.

There was a little crowd by now, and there were a few guys who were just happy wanking, watching the show.
I called on anyone else who wanted to have a go, and in the next hour or so, I had at least 5 or 6 other guys blow their hot steamy loads deep inside me.
About 2 or 3 other guys came all over my back, wanking as they watched.

After that 7th or 8th guy blew inside me, I could feel their collective cum oozing down my crack, and along my thighs.
Then another guy came up close behind me.
i was about to tell him that I'd had enough, when he said to me "You're such a cute little slut... How about I take you out of here?"
I was exhausted, and could barely remove myself from the restraints, so was more than happy to accept his help.

But it seems he didn't have such pure intentions....

His name was Jack, and I was so exhausted, I could barely walk now that I was free.
He offered to help me back to my place, and so I accepted.

As soon as we walked through my front door, he pulled out the poppers, shoved it under my nose, and told me to take a good hard sniff.
Mixed with my exhaustion, the overpowering aroma of the poppers made me really light headed, and I stumbled onto the floor.
Jack took his advantage, ripped down his pants, to reveal his perfect pink throbbing cock.
He ripped down my boxer briefs, and started probing my ass with his finger.
Already having 8 guy's cum shot up there, there was no need for lube, and my hole was gaping open, ready for whatever came.
he shoved that fuck tool of his right inside me, and fucked me like a man possessed!
I was in absolute ecstasy, and was groaning with delight as he worked that hole like it was his little toy.

every time it looked like I was calming down, he would shove the poppers back under my nose, and I would take it in.
He fucked me there on the floor, doggy style, slapping me on the ass, and calling me his bitch.
After about 15 minutes, ha shot his load inside me, and his cock glided in and out, it felt fucking amazing.

we collapsed on my bed.
But about half an hour later, I woke up, and was fucking horny.
I still hadn't blown my load, and was desperate to.
not even caring whether he was asl**p or not, i waved the poppers under his nose, flipped him over, spat on his ass hole, and shoved my cock deep inside him.

it felt amazing as I worked his hot steamy ass with my throbbing cock, and I fucked him hard and strong.
he yelped as I pounded him like a little bitch, and because I had been horny for hours now, it was only 10 minutes or so until I shot my load deep inside of him.

By now, all I could smell was the intoxicating mix of cum, sweat and poppers.
we were both exhausted, but we kept on at it like rabbits, taking turns to fuck each other.

In between, we would fall asl**p, and when combined with the ecstasy from the poppers, this carried on for the next 12 hours or so.

Two days later, after he'd spent the couple of days as my house guest/fuck partner, I sent him on his way.
My cock was almost red raw from all that fucking, and my asshole was a gaping, cum-encrusted fuck hole.

Have to say, it was the best mardi gras I've ever had, and 3 weeks later, my asshole is still recovering!!
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2 years ago
i have to come to sidney...
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
Fucking hot. Love to be gang banged. Would have loved to stick my cock deep in your cum filled fuck hole.
3 years ago
I'd like to visit Sidney some day.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very hot story
3 years ago
Great story, dude! I had a similar experience with a guy at an adult bookstore. We left together and spent the next day and a half fucking each other.
3 years ago
I enjoyed this. You are a very good writer
3 years ago
Sounds fun
3 years ago
"Cum-encrusted fuck hole." What a great line. When I think of you sexy fuckin' Aussies, "cum-encrusted fuck hole" fits you perfectly. Lusty fuckin' lot you are. Great story, mate.
3 years ago
nice ^^
3 years ago
3 years ago
very nice
3 years ago
Cum sweat and poppers IS an incredibly intoxicating smell! You are an excellent writer. I thoroughly enjoyed your story. Thanks for posting all the sexiness.
3 years ago
Very hot loved to have been there!