Post club three way

I'd just had another great night clubbing, and I was crashing at home with a couple of guys I'd met while out. We were all sitting there, d****d on the couch, talking shit and laughing about the night we had just had.

I decided I needed a shower, so I left them there and jumped in. It felt so good, washing away the night, the warm water coursing down my body. As I enjoyed the water rushing over my face, I felt a finger running its way along my ass crack. I turned around fast, and there was Matt, naked as well, with a cheeky smile flashing across his face.

He was irresistible. "I feel dirty too... Can I join you?". "Absolutely!" was my reply. He got down on his knees and took my cock in his mouth. It was still soft, but the sight of him down there, looking up at me with those cute blue eyes, the water coursing through his curly hair, I was soon hard as a rock.

He sucked on my cock, and licked my balls, his hands playing with my ass, then giving it a slap. I looked down and saw his cock was now erect. It was long and just wide enough, and bent to the right, which always turns me on. I wanted his cock.

But first, I let him continue to suck me off. He took it hungrily, his tongue tickling the head, his lips strong against my shaft. Then I saw Josh at the bathroom door. He winked at me, stroking his cock through his jeans. "I didn't want to miss out on the action" he said "but there's not enough room in there, so I'll meet you in the bedroom"

This was too hot... I asked Matt to stand up, and we towelled each other down. We were both still damp as we went to the bed, and we were both horny as hell.

And so was Josh. He was laying there on my bed, stroking his beautiful cock. Matt jumped on the bed next to him, and signalled for me to jump on too. The sight of these 2 cute guys laying there, jerking off, had me completely hot.

I jumped on top of Matt, straddled him, and worked his cock into my ass hole. It felt so, good as it slid further and further in, the head tickling my g spot, and sending me wild with excitement. I groaned in pleasure, and started taking his cock deeper. The pleasure was visible on his face, and we rocked back and forth in sync, my balls slapping on his stomach.

"My God, you took that like a pro!" said Josh "I want some of this action". Then, he got up, and pushed me down on top of Matt. But what came next took me completely by surprise.

He continued to pin me down at the hips, but then I felt the tip of his cock running down my crack. It tickled, and felt amazing as Matt continued to fuck me. Then, Josh started to push his cock against my hole. In an instant he was pushing the head into my already stretched ass.

I screamed for mercy, the pain quite intense. But then, he slowly pushed it further in. As the head pushed past my hole, the pain began to dull, and I groaned deeply as I felt him slide deeper inside me. Soon, his head was next to Matt's, the 2 bulging heads twitching inside of me.

The feeling of the 2 of them inside of me had me completely overwhelmed, and I was helpless as they both fucked me. At first, they were in sync, but soon, they were working in an alternate rhythm. This felt amazing, giving me a feeling of pleasure I had never experienced before.

It was driving me completely wild, and my own hard cock was now throbbing with pleasure as it rubbed against Matt's hard abs. Unable to hold it anymore, I exploded, cum shooting out of my cock and all over his chest and stomach. I screamed again, but this time in indescribable pleasure.

Their two cocks plowing my ass gave me a massive orgasm, and my whole body shuddered and shook in uncontrollable pleasure as the continued to push deep inside of me.

The pleasure was immense for them as well. As I collapsed on top of Matt after this colossal orgasm, my cum sticky between our sweaty bodies, he started groaning loudly in my ear. I could also hear Josh groaning from behind.

I was still in ecstasy as I lay there, feeling them plunge their throbbing cocks inside of me, and their plunges became deeper and stronger. Josh was first, his cock squirting a massive load deep inside of me. He swore and called me his nasty whore as he continued to unload, before pulling out and collapsing in a heap beside me, a huge smile beaming across his face.

Matt had an enormous stamina, still fucking me like an a****l. I was still incapable of moving, but he kept going, his cock sliding faster and stronger, coated in Josh's cum.

And then, after a few more minutes of awesome fucking, he let out this low deep groan, then in one hard push, shot his hot load inside of me.

I was in heaven, and felt like my ass was full to overload with these 2 cute guys' hot cum. I slid off him, and collapsed on the bed between them. My ass was stretched to the limit, and was numb after the pounding it had received. But it still felt amazing as all that cam started sliding out of there.

The bed stunk of the 3 massive loads which had just happened, and my crack was sticky and warm with they had shot inside of me. We crashed there on the bed, our bodies intertwined in a sweaty tangle, and fell asl**p in a stupor of post-sex satisfaction...
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2 years ago
Damn Awsome!
3 years ago
3 years ago
Wow! Super hot! ;)
3 years ago
fucking hot
3 years ago
Would love that to happen to me haha
4 years ago
4 years ago
Hot story
4 years ago
Well that was just too much i think i'll go and jack off wna be right back to read more thanks
4 years ago
HOT experience - so damn sexy!
4 years ago
made me very hard very horny - this fucktastic story
4 years ago
love it
4 years ago
damn that was hot
4 years ago
very nice. made me horny as fuck thanks.
4 years ago
now I gone and jacked off again this was so hot and horny that I came akk over myself thanks