Wake Up Call

I'm very lucky because my boyfriend is a flight attendant. Even though he will go away for a few days at a time, he makes up for it by giving me a bon voyage and welcome home fuck every time he goes away...

My favourite is the early morning wake up call, just like I received this morning. It went like this....

It was about 3:30 in the morning, and I was woken by a nibble on my ear, and the sensation of a hard cock against my ass crack. Being sound asl**p, I wasn't sure if it was a dream or real, but it was good either way.

Henry whispered in my ear "Good morning, it's time for your wake up call", his throbbing 8 incher rubbing along my crack. I was laying on my front, his muscular body leaning over mine. I jiggled my ass around a little, and then lifted it up to give him easy access.

Two seconds later and I could feel his spit on my asshole, followed by two of his fingers caressing my hungry hole. In an instant, he slid that hot tool of his straight into me, pushing deep inside of me in one firm motion.

I groaned with pleasure, and he started to fuck me. At first, he fucked my ass nice and slow, pushing his cock in and out in long, smooth movements, lulling me into a horny stupor.

But, as usual, he soon became impatient with the romantic style, so he started pounding my tight hole faster and harder. His pelvis slapped against my bum cheeks, his balls swinging like pendulums against my balls.

I was pinned down on the bed, and Henry fucked me deep, as if to mark his territory. I groaned in time with his pounding, my hard cock throbbing against the mattress.

He had clearly ben thinking horny thoughts for a while, because he was soon close to cumming. His breath shortened, his pelvis quivered, and the loud breathing turned to loud groans.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming!!!" he yelled. "Fucking fill me up!" I replied, in eager anticipation.

Then I felt it. His cock rammed all the way up my ass, his movements lost control, and my ass filled with his hot sticky load. He cummed inside of me for 30 seconds or so, each shot pouring more of that sweet juice inside of me.

He then pulled out straight away, kissed me on my forehead, pulled up his trousers, and said goodbye. I love that he always leaves for work with his cock still dripping cum, his cock still wet from fucking my ass.

So I fell back asl**p, my ass full of his cum, the hot sticky fluid slowly dripping out of my hole, down my balls and on to the mattress. I didn't shower before work today either - I like to keep that cum with me for as long as possible...
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4 years ago
SUCH A ROMANTIC! Love the thought of him leaving with his cock dripping cum.
4 years ago
you know you are a very hot and sexy writter thanks for the wake up call it was fantastic
4 years ago
Perfect morming wake up
4 years ago
4 years ago
Good wake up call now for the good night romp thanks
4 years ago
Nice story.