Post Gym Fuck

As I ran for the lift in my apartment building, I had no idea what fantastic surprise I had waiting for me...

There was a new neighbour of mine, heading to his apartment on the 13th floor. I'd seen him once or twice, but had never really taken notice - this time however, I was under his spell.

He'd just been to the gym across the road for a work out, and was still all sweaty and stinky. The sweat glistened on his skin, the smell of his hard work seduced me, his muscles were still all tensed and tight from the exercise...

"Sorry for the smell..." he said as I jumped in the lift.

"Not at all" I replied as I lent across him to push the button for the 20th floor "it's kinda hot...". I couldn't believe how forward I'd just been, but nor did I regret it.

"I'm Dan. I moved in a couple of weeks ago. So embarassed to meet you when my clothes are covered in sweat - can't wait to have a shower"

"Hey, I'm Dave. Yeah, I've been at work all day, and I'm really looking forward to having one too." I was fixated on his gym toned body, and completely turned on... I had nothing more intelligent to say.

Soon, the lift was at his floor, and as he got out, he said "My shower's been playing up - do you know how to fix them?"

"If that's just a line to get me into your apartment, that's really corny, but it worked" - I was hot on his heels as he led me to his door.

Inside, we were soon in the lounge room, and he immediately pulled off his wet singlet. I went straight for his left nipple - hot, erect, and salty with sweat as I ran my tongue over it. I was down on my knees, running my tongue along the lines of his six pack, tasting his sweaty body, my cock throbbing in my boxer briefs.

"Get up" he said, as he pushed my back to the wall. Our lips locked, our tongues entwined, and our trapped cocks rubbed against each other as we pulled away each other's clothes. Soon he was down to his boxer briefs, which he whipped off. I grabbed them straight away, and pressed them to my face, taking in his heady aroma.

He pulled up a chair from behind him, and sat down right in front of me. My cock was soon in his mouth - his tongue licking the head, sending shivers up my spine. But I wasn't interested in a blow job...

I straddled him on the chair and slid his long, slender cock into my ass. I could feel his hot cock deep inside as I grabbed his muscular shoulders and rode him. Watching his body as I let him fuck me, I could see his bulging muscles, twitching with pleasure. He jerked my cock as I continued, making me totally horny.

Than, the unexpected.... "Hold on to my neck" he said. I already was, but he repeated the request "Grab my fucking neck and hold on - you're in for huge ride!!" How cold it get better than this?

Before I knew it, he'd lifted me completely, his cock still deep in my ass. He pinned me against the wall, pounding my hole so hard, I was sure the wall would collapse. Never before had I had someone use so much strength and lift me right off my feet as they had their way with me. I held on to that neck and continued to ride that cock like a rodeo bull - every pound of his cock bringing me closer and closer.

Apparently he was closer and closer as well - he started pounding me even harder and quicker, and I started groaning uncontrollably as the pleasure overcame me. And then I felt it - his hot, steamy load of cum shooting deep into me. He groaned and shuddered as he orgasmed inside of me, sending me to my limit - my cum flew through the air, coating both of our chests, and spraying onto the floor. We both kept on cumming, so totally aroused.

Then, he said it was time for a shower - I wiped the cum off me, got dressed, and walked towards the door.

"Can you help me with my shower again?" he asked, an naughty smile flicking across his face.

"Absolutely" I replied "I'll see you in the lobby this time tomorrow...".
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8 months ago
had to read it again.
thanks for sharing.
1 year ago
don't you just love those unexpected liasons that happen from time to time in life.
man do I miss them..
3 years ago
Your writing talent is much appreciated and your skill in moving the heat in the tale from slow simmer to explosive is, well... orgasmic. I can't help but think you're a hell of a fuck.
3 years ago
4 years ago
Good read
4 years ago
Ah fuck tobe young again that was fantastic i loved you r story will read the reast todaythanks
4 years ago
4 years ago
great story - the lifting part is really horny
4 years ago
4 years ago
Now that the way to meet a new neighbor what a welcum you have another story there thanks
4 years ago