My experiences with a couple – Part 5 : Sati

Sir: “So what all can you do to satisfy me?”

me: “we discussed that in our chat, I will do everything to make you happy”

The slap was instantaneous. Master just reached over and slapped me on the face. I was surprised. Master sat back on the sofa comfortably and said in a slightly angry tone

” you should answer me with respect when I ask a question. I am going to give you another beating in front of vandana for your rude reply. When I ask a question I need a proper answer.”

I knew better than to argue or try to justify my response. I didn’t want another beating on my hand. Both palms were red and hurts pretty well. If he choose to beat me again on the palm it will be a disaster.

I replied ” Sorry sir, please accept my apologies. Sorry for my rude response. Please correct me properly and discipline me properly. I will not repeat such an offense”

sir : “you will surely be disciplined very well. Vandana is looking forward to cane you. I warn you again, she is very strict and she enjoys dominating”

me: “sir you have told me that you have met 2 other boys before me and liked their submission, you never told me in detail, please do tell me sir. Do you still maintain contact with them?”

sir: “don’t worry vandana will tell you all about those in detail. Its true we had met two other boys of your age, but we never had the passion or understanding as we do now. Moreover, if I had given a punishment to any of the them like I just did to you, they would have walked off. Now, I want to know a couple of things. I want honest answers, you see.”

me: ” please go ahead sir, what do u want to ask me?”

Sir:” I have told you during our conversations that I would like to be licked. Vandana does a good job but she is not always in the mood to lick me. I am a person who doesn’t mind cumming at least 3 times a day. So you see, I will be using you to satisfy me, without Vandana knowing about it. I want you to keep it as our secret. Even if Vandana asks you about it, I don’t want you telling her the truth. Of course I will make you lick me in front of her. She is ok with that. But whenever I feel like getting some satisfaction, I will be using you without her knowledge. If you have any thing to say, you better do it now”

me: “Sir, I have told you. This is my first experience. I have been with 2 girls before on 2 different occasions, but today I touched a cock for the first time. Please give me time and I will surely get used to it and will satisfy you the best I could. I look forward to lick you and satisfy you. I will not try to avoid it or miss any opportunity to make you sexually happy.”

sir: ” well then…lick me now”

He stood up and pulled down his underwear. He was not erect, but semi hard. His organ looked amazing and as he have told me, he has shaved his pubic and balls without a single hair. Cleanliness he expected is of the highest quality and I too did the same under his strict directions. There was not a single hair in my pubic, balls or ass. All shaved to perfection for my master and mistress. I knelt next to him. He stood there next to the sofa with a leg on the sofa handle. I knelt forward and kissed his balls. It was warm. I could vaguely smell his asshole too. I inhaled deeply and closed my eyes and kissed on his balls. my mouth watered. my nipples were erect and excited and my organ grew fully hard.

I took his organ with my hand. He caressed my head and ran his hand through my hair and slightly applied pressure to push my face against his pubic region. I got the hit and I moved my face closer. As I said his organ was only semi erect, not fully grown. I judged it anywhere between 6 and 7 inches when fully grown. I kissed its tip. I softly held it with my hand and showered kisses all over it. I felt a little response and felt it grow.

sir :” suck it”

I was reluctant. This is the first time and I was a little disgusted, but I was sure to invite punishments if I don’t obey him. I somehow felt naughty and didn’t want to obey him. I looked up at him.

me: ” will you beat me if I don’t lick you”

sir :” no, I will TRASH you”

I got more excited. My organ had pre cum on its tip. And master was noticing this.

sir:”you really get horny when I mention beatings”

me: “yes sir, it gets me very excited. though I don’t crave for harsh beatings.”

Without a word master twisted my ear and he was quite rough doing that and my ear hurt very well. He twisted his finger and caught hold of the soft ear lobe between his thumb and index finger and applied a great deal of pressure and moved his hand in a circular motion. Of course, trying to ease the pain, my head moved along with his hand in a circular motion. He twisted really well and pulled me up from my kneeling position.

He pushed me to the sofa.

sir: ” kneel on the floor and put your head on the sofa seat. keep both ur hands on your head.”

I obeyed without a word. Within seconds he stood on my left side (for he was a right handed). He swished the cane in the air a few times. The sound of course was dreadful. It told me what is going to come. Again he haven’t given me a safe word or didn’t tell me how many times he is going to hit. How do I tell him when to stop? How do I tell him that I had enough and I don’t want anymore. How do I…SWISH!

I was blinded with pain. The cane just fell across my buttocks and the lash was so hard that I grabbed my buttocks and fell on my back on the floor. My lips went dry and white and I just grabbed my buttocks and tried not to utter any sound. I was literally shivering and doing a snake dance on the floor. He just observed. I looked at him from the floor. His face was expressionless. His organ was fully erect and yes I saw a drop of pre cum ready to fall on the floor. I didn’t need anything else to prove that he was clearly sadistic and likes to be dominant.

Also with fear I realized that I will be receiving a lot more like these whenever we plan to meetup. It was a mixed feeling of fear and excitement and sexual arousal. He pointed to the sofa. I quickly jumped back to my position and kept my head on the sofa and to the side and watched him raise the cane above his head.

In fact he took the cane way behind his head so that it can travel more in a circular fashion before it puts pain on the target. His face was again without an expression. In a split second his expression changed to an angry one, his lips went tight and as if he is lifting something real heavy his facial expression changed to “putting a lot of effort” mode and before I realized another lash fell. It fell right at the place where my buttocks and thighs meet. The exact same spot where it hurts most.

I muffled a loud “aaaahhh” and I covered my buttocks and fell back on my ass again. Did my snake dance on the floor with pain. In fact my eyes were going dim with the pain and this lash certainly drew a tear.

He reached down and grabbed my ear and twisted it and screamed

Sir:”Get up and kneel….DO IT”

I obeyed without realizing what I was doing. This time it was different. He kept his left leg on the back of my neck and my face, which was to the side. I could really feel his weight and used both my hands to hold his feet and to ease the pressure. But before I could realize there was a shower of cane strokes, one after the other.

It just fell , fell and again fell… SWISH, SWISH, SWISH, SWISH…..I was out of air, couldn’t scream, could not get up because of my master feet on my face and neck. I just desperately tried to keep my hand behind and cover my buttocks. But master never paused. He hit me on my hand which covered the buttocks. The cane just hit above my palm and I was blinded with pain.

I shook my hands and within this time, two more harsh strokes of the cane fell on my buttocks. He was beating me without a break. At least 2 strokes fell every second. I was wiggling and struggling to get up. shaking my hands in pain, didn’t have a count of the strokes.

He hit my thighs, buttocks, hands which covered the buttocks, just below the waistline, just above the knees….the cane basically fell everywhere on my thighs, buttocks and below the waistline. tears flowed and I was broken. I didn’t want one more stroke. I just had enough and I wanted to go back home. I don’t want to serve anyone and my organ was not erect now. I just wanted to escape the pain. I didn’t want to meet the mistress and I didn’t want to play any more slave games. I just wanted the beating to stop and pack my bags and run home…

I had no clue how many lashes I got, but suddenly I felt more pressure on my face as applied by his leg. I heard the cane falling on the sofa and he took his leg and I grabbed my ass cheeks with my hand and danced in pain. Master caught my hair and pushed my face towards his organ.

His pre-cum stuck on my face next to my eyes. I opened my eyes and tears were flowing and he f***ed his organ inside my mouth. But I kept my lips shut. He just reached down and pinched my nipple. He twisted the nipple with his nails of his thumb and index finger and give it a circular twist and I screamed in pain…”aaaaaaahhhhh”

Master just pushed his organ into my mouth in a split second and grabbed the back of my head and grabbed my hair. He moved my head up and down. Without me realizing it, I was giving my first blowjob. There was no taste, maybe a sweaty smell from his pubic region, his organ went deep inside my mouth and he applied pressure on my head and it really went inside and touched the back of my throat. I choked. He didn’t show any mercy.

He was getting what he wanted. I realized the only way I can end this is give him what he wants. I applied my tongue on the tip of the organ. I f***efully pulled my head backwards and got his organ out of my mouth and I held is softly and sucked the head. I had no intention of tasting his cum or allowing him to cum inside my mouth. I moved my head up and down and sucked his organ.I cupped his balls and sucked him hard and rubbed my tongue below its head. where the skin is the most sensitive and he was dancing and moving with excitement and arousal.

His grip just tightened and he shot his load. Cum flew from his organ and I was careful to lick the side of the organ as to avoid the cum in my lips. He held the organ against my face. I closed my lips shut and held them tight. The smell of semen on my face. It made me close my lips even tighter and one globe of semen fell over my eyes and dribbled down to my nose. He shot his load over my face . His death grip on my hair was really hurting, but it soon passed. He let me loose. I tried to get up to go and wash my face. But I heard his voice.

Sir :” NO. Don’t get up. stay there”

I just stood there. my ass and thighs were burning like hell due to the beating. I had semen dripping down from my face. Cant open my eyes as there was semen all over it, dripping down even to my lips and nose. my lips were shut and it was truly a humiliating picture. From the sounds I understood master moved around me taking snaps with his mobile phone. Then it was silence and I understood that he was just standing and admiring his handi work on my asscheeks and my face. He took a lot of snaps and then he finally threw a towel in my face and said

sir: “wipe it”

I was more than thankful. I wiped my face well. Finally opened my eyes to see master sitting in the sofa again. I was still in the kneeling position. The strong odor of semen on my face. My tears have tried but the heat on my buttocks remained. It was paining, but not so dreadful now. I kept staring at his feet and finally gathered courage to look at his face. He had a satisfied smile on his face.

Sir : “you can lick my feet now”

I didn't need a second invitation. I just fell at his feet and started licking the top of his feet. sucked his toes and ran my tongue along every single inch of his feet. He lifted his feet slightly to allow my tongue to access his soles.I licked both his soles spotlessly clean and sucked his toes and ran my tongue between his toes. Without I realizing it, I was actually stroking myself. My master saw this and to my surprise he did not object.

I took this is a permission and stroked myself more. I madly sucked at his big toes as he rubbed his other sole over my face. Suddenly I ejaculated. My juices ran from my organ to my hand and globes of semen fell on the floor. I was tired and relived, I kept licking his feet and finally collapsed over his feet with my face pressed against his feet and my ass pointing at the ceiling. I keep breathing from his feet and I cud smell his feet, his semen on my face and my saliva from his feet. I almost blacked out due to excitement.

I was clearly in a state of subspace. I experienced subspace and I didn’t want to knock myself out of the trance but was interrupted by a knock on the door. first I panicked and later I realized that it would be the room service with the food that we have ordered.

I got up hastily and rushed to the bathroom and master quickly pulled up a pair of shorts and pulled a T shirt over his body. He also took the canes which were lying on the sofa and threw it inside the bathroom before I got inside. He went to open the door and I splashed water over my face in the bathroom sink and looked at myself on the mirror. Yes I was a submissive and yes I am satisfied.
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3 years ago
Fantastic incredible the whole series i don't know how many times i jacked off but i'm alittle sore but verysatified thanks