My experiences with a couple – Part 3 : The

I am sure he was excited like myself. If he takes his belt to beat me now, at this stage I may even faint due to excitement. My heart was beating like wild drums ever since he walked inside the door. He knew it was my first time, I guess he knew my excitement as well.

During our numerous chat sessions, I have confessed about the punitive instrument I like (or rather fear) most. It was a school cane. The cane was widely used in the 80′s in almost every school in India. If you have a sadistic streak a school is where you can get satisfaction. My private tuition teacher introduced the cane to me when i was about 11 yrs old. I was constantly harassed by her cane for the next 7 years with the approval and blessing of my parents. Even now I meet with my teacher to get a good ass whipping from her loving cane. But that’s a different story we will discuss some other time. Now, I am with my master and lets continue.

During our initial conversations master has notified me that he has purchased a cane to be used on me. I believe it will be at his house and I will see it once he decides to take me to meet his wife. But I was hoping that he had some item of punishment in his bag. I’m being honest here, yes, I was scared to ask for a beating. Master just sat there and stared at me and spoke.

” I can see your excitement. So did you like me? “

me : “Yes master. Why do you ask that?”

master : ” I was not expecting you to even show up. I thought you will only be playing online and will be chickening out in real. In fact I even told my wife that you may not show up. I don’t want to disappoint her.”

me : “sir, you know now that I am serious. I wish to worship you both and wish to be a slave to you and ur wife”

master: “well, I can see that now. I am happy and I am sure my wife will like you as well. Does our age concern you?”

He was elder to me at least by 15 years. But somehow I found this exciting. I wanted him to be elder and mature and I want to be the naughty boy he and his wife can spank.

me : “oh no. not at all sir. I respect you and madam being elder to me. It makes me more submissive to you both”

master smiled. He continued ” About the punishments we discussed, In reality how many cane strokes can you take?”

me : ” Sir, as I said last time we spoke, I will leave that you and madam to decide. But I really want to see my limits and if you both can help me pushing it , I will be most happy. I wish madam to be really strict and punishing. My interest is in serving you both as a slave and sexually. As I have told you, I have received quite a lot of beatings from my private tutor. The worst ever was about 60 to 70 strokes of the cane all over my legs. I was too busy trying to avoid the strokes but she kept beating me. I was rolling on the floor and grabbing her feet, I even ejaculated when she was at it. She saw my cum creating a spot on my underwear, but she just carried on with her beating. It hurt badly as I have just ejaculated.”

master : “yeah, you told me about that”

me : “she was truly sadistic and she liked beating me”

master : “but you both enjoyed it, right?”

me : “yes master. We occasionally meet and play our cane games, whenever she is in India. She lives with her husband in Dubai now.”

master : “yes you told me. We are new to this punishment thing, so you will have to bear with us. We have tried swapping twice. Last time we met with a young man and my wife really enjoyed it. Unfortunately we lost contact with him after 3 or 4 meetings. He was submissive to our desires and he loved serving us. There was not much punishments involved in terms of cane beating or belting. But upon his request, my wife used to stand on his hands, crush his hands under her feet or sometimes I used to crush his fingers using my shoes. He used to love that. We tried a lot of things, I am sure we both will learn as we go further and play together.”

me : “yes master, you told me. Did madam enjoy him being a slave?”

master : “yes, I believe it was her who enjoyed more than me. As I have told you, he used to satisfy me orally. Whenever he visited us, he would stay for a day or two and Vandana always gave me some time on my own to get dirty with him. She would visit her friends or go for a movie etc, leaving me with him. After coming back, she would tease him non stop and ask him what all I did etc. All three of us loved it more than anything else. He had to move to united states due to his job, we still maintain contact. He may again visit us next year some time.”

me: ” sir, I will try my level best to satisfy you both”

master : “I want to try out some punishments and just to be sure that I like it before I take you to meet my wife. Is that ok?”

me : “yes sir”

master : ” we will try that after dinner maybe…please feel free to ask if you have any questions or concerns”

me: “thank you sir. I was very tensed. As you know this is my first time, I didn’t have food also due to excitement.”

master : ” I see, are you afraid ?”

me : “I believe excitement is the correct word. There is a little fear about the beatings, I wish you would enjoy it”

master : “That I will. Me and vandana tried out on a pillow. Like I spoke on chat, we both took turns to hit the pillow with our new cane. Vandana was very excited, especially the feel of the cane against her hand when she was holding it and the sound it made when she lashed the pillow. She told me many times that she wishes to cane you in privacy. Most probably she will be the one who is going to punish u more. we have discussed to have sex after that, it excites us. Both of us realized that we want a slave whom we can punish and use. I am happy that you love to submit”

me : “That's great sir, I think I will faint with excitement or maybe ejaculate now”

master : “I and Vandana will decide when you can ejaculate. Is that clear ?”

me : “yes master” (bends forward and kisses both the feet of master.

He smiled and I can tell that he liked my gesture of submission.

He said “Now, remove your underwear and lets see ur tool”

I removed my underwear and my organ was like an erect pole with a drop of smeared pre cum at its tip. I just stood there awaiting the next command.

Master stood up from the sofa and came near me. He touched my organ, held it in a grip then released it, he ran his hands down to my balls and also held it in his tight grip. Then he moved to my side and with the other hand he rubbed my buttocks. His fingers ran on the crease and parted my buttocks and touched my asshole.

He nudged his index finger forward and inserted his finger into my buttocks a little bit and wiggled it around. This made me shiver with excitement. He removed the hand and pushed my head down, urging me to bend over. I bend over and grabbed my ankles. He came behind me and with both hands he parted my asscheeks and observed my anus. He stared at them for almost a minute and then got up. I remained in my position. He said” Going forward I will also try to penetrate you. I know you are a virgin, I will teach you. Don’t be afraid,”

I whispered ” yes sir”

master : “but that will be our little secret. I don’t want my wife to know this. we will be having our little secrets. u understand don’t you?

me : “yes master. I understand”

master : “Also if I wish to do any harsh punishments or any really dirty things, We will be doing it when my wife is not around”

me: “yes sir. I understand”

master : ” good, now stand up and raise ur arms above your head”

I obeyed.

Master went behind me, I felt both his hands grabbing my hips. He moved his body closer to mine and to my excitement, He was naked. He removed his underwear when I was not noticing and I could feel the warmth of his organ touching my buttocks. He pressed his organ against my buttocks and it was placed comfortably between my ass cheeks. It didn’t enter me. It was just up and standing between my ass cheeks. He then moved his hands up and grabbed both my nipples.

We have talked about this. I have confessed to him on how sensitive my nipples are. He also said that both him and his wife will enjoy pinching and twisting them without mercy.

He softly pinched my erect nipples and his touch was pure electricity.

His pinches were soft at first. He whispered in my ear.

Master : “are you going to be a bad boy?”

me : “no sir”

He pinches hard and really squeeze my nipples with his thumb and index finger. I just stand there shivering in excitement. He asked again.

master :” tell me are you going to be a bad boy

me : “yes sir, I am a bad boy. Please punish me and make me good”

His organ just got stronger and he softly started rubbing his organ against my ass cheeks.

master :”oh yes you bad boy. I will be beating you. I will punish you till you lick my feet and ask for mercy”

me : “yes sir, I will lick your feet and ask for mercy, please beat me hard”

He pinched and twisted my nipples really hard and he grabbed the tip between his nails and gave me a pain I have not felt before on my nipples. I felt weak on the knees and wiggled and moved my ass. He found this to be very exciting and pinched me more and twisted my nipples even harder.

Pre cum just dripped from my organ. He rubbed his organ against me. He was holding me tightly and pinching me hard and was hurting me. I wanted to cry out but I just kept my mouth shut. I felt that he is approaching an orgasm.

I actually didn’t know what to do. His breathing was heavy against my neck and back of my head. He just kept on twisting my nipples so harshly and kneading the tip between his thumb and index nails and twisting them at the same time. Finally I could not no longer stay silent.

I cried out in pain. I was hoping him to go a little easy on me. But to my surprise, the moment I screamed out of pain, he twisted it more. I cried out (not so loudly) and begged. “Sir, please …oh please stop , I beg you. Its hurting me, please have mercy. He was moving his hips against my back and he rested his head on my shoulder heavily and breathed heavily.

He set one of my nipples free (right one). He used his free hand to stroke his organ. But at the same time the left hand pinched and twisted my left nipple with rage. He started to pull the nipple up and down and my body also started moving along with his hand on a feeble attempt to reduce the pain. Suddenly he gave such a hard tug and twisted that I cried out a little loud and he stroked himself to an orgasm at the same time. I felt the warm juice falling on my back and buttocks.

He just shot load after load, I felt the thick cum running down my buttocks and a few globes ran down my leg. I wanted to explode myself. I wished he would touch, but he didn’t. I moved my hands to stroke my organ and suddenly he turned me around with his firm hand on my shoulder and slapped me hard on the face. I almost lost my balance. I noticed his organ was still hard and with his left hand he was still stroking his organ hard.

He slapped me again with his free hand. Again on the same cheek. The pain was too much as I covered my cheek with one hand. He squeezed his organ hard to get one more last globe of semen out of it. Then he sighed of relief and sat down on the couch. I wanted to stroke myself but I was afraid that he might slap me hard again, so I stood there with a dripping organ and pre cum running down … almost up to my balls.

His juice ran down my thighs and legs. He stared at me and said ” Go clean up”

I moved to the bathroom and washed myself. My organ was at its exploding point now, but somehow managed to stay without cumming. I cleaned up and came back to the bedroom to find him opening his bag in the bed. He looked at me and pointed to the floor next to him and just said “kneel down here”.

Without a word I obeyed him. He was still standing naked and he has not cleaned his organ. there was still a little semen drop at the tip of his organ, which now seems to have lost its excitement. I stared at his organ and studied it closely. It was atleast 8 Inches or more when it was fully erect. The organ looked nice and reminded of its size even when it was not excited. I just knelt there mesmerized and was in a trance.

But something caught my attention and looked at what he was taking from his duffel bag. The bag was a lengthy one. Ideally a bag for a cricketer to carry his kit around. He took out 2 canes from inside the bag. I understood that he likes to punish and understood he was on the dominant side when he came hard hearing my cry of pain.

There was no doubt that he enjoyed my pain. The way he pinched me and the way he did it more hard when I begged was clear indications of his dominant side. There were other signs now. He took one of the canes in his hand and swished it the air. My heart skipped a beat and also I noticed that his organ has grown back to its full length. A clear indication that he enjoys being dominant and that he likes to punish.

He looked at my eyes and again swished the cane in the air. I think he was just doing it to scare me. I stared at his eyes with deep submission. He switched on the TV and a bollywood dance number came on screen. He increased the volume a bit. I knew the closed room with the air condition on will muffle the sounds of the cane, with the TV too switched on, I was sure no one will hear the sound outside the room.

He stood on my side and asked me to show my hand. I extended my right hand and opened my palm for him. He had a serious face and did not speak. I was feeling excited and nervous at the same time. He never said how many lashes I am going to get. He never asked for safe word or gave me one. How does he know when to stop. He doesn’t know my limit either. Should I tell him? My trail of thoughts were interrupted by a swishing sound in the air and his cane fell across my palm. It was a very hard lash.

I withdrew my hand and shook it in pain. Then I kept my hand between my legs and shook the hand again to ease the pain. He didn’t have any change of expression. He didnt say anything. He just stood there and indicated with his cane to show the hand again. He waved the cane to make me show the hand. I showed it again and he softly tapped it. Then he spoke.

“If you pull your hand again, I will tie you to the bed and trash your buttocks. I want you to keep you hand stretched out till I give permission to rub. If you pull it back that will make me angry and I will beat you wherever I want to. Do you understand?

I nodded . “Yes Mater, I understand”

I extended my hand. Rubbed it with my fingers and prepared for the next lash to fall. This time I observed my master. His organ was erect and jumping up and down. He was a right-hander. He stood on my left side. Raised his hand high above the head. The cane was literally on his back, touching his buttocks and when it flew as in a circle and hit my palm, I literally jumped up in pain. I noticed his organ had pre cum on its tip.

Being dominant excited him. Punishing excited him. There is no proof needed now that he is clearly a natural dominant. Maybe out of the realization of finding that my master was a true dominant or maybe I was carried away by my own excitement, I noticed that despite the harsh cane lash I received just now, I didn’t with draw my hand or shake it.

My master didn’t pause to appreciate that, he just raised his cane for another deadly lash. He put a lot of strength in his lashes and his aim was perfect. It never missed or it never hit my finger tips. It always landed on the fleshy part of my hand just below my thumb, giving me the maximum pain. He glanced at my face after each lash to see the pain.

But quickly returned his attention to deliver the next painful stroke. Even though he was not counting or asked me to count, I was making a mental count of every lash that fell. I thought he will stop at 5. Every stroke was followed by a soft muffled cry from me. Aaahhh…..aaaaahhhhh….When he went on, I guessed 10 is his usual number. (After all he is a natural dominant).

When the cane raised again for the 11th lash, my heart sank and I wanted to stop the punishment. He showed no mercy. Every stroke was painful than the previous one. He was not concentrating on the strokes than looking at my suffering. I was ready to finish my punishment when I reached the 15 th stroke. But his cane again raised for the next one. I was shaking my hand in between strokes and showing it just in time for the next one to fall.16th one fell, 17, 18..19…x

My mind was a blur with pain and I could no longer stand to touch my palm with even a feather when he reached the 20th lash. But to my horror he raised his cane again to deliver the next lash. I pulled my hand back. I kept it between my legs and sat on my knees and cried to his face “No sir, No , no more…..No more…”

I was not expecting him to show any mercy. I was in real pain and I thought he may beat me elsewhere. But I was lucky. He stopped. He lifted my face with his hand and looked deep into my eyes. Yes he had anger in his face. He slapped me again and I lost my balance and fell to my side. I crawled back up and knelt, shaking my hand and eyes were moist. But I was not crying. He again lifted my face with his hand and I was cautious and looking whether the hand is going to slap. He liked my fear.

He said ” I know you are excited. I want to see you ejaculate. Do you want to cum?”

I nodded “Yes sir, please permit me to cum”

He smiled and said “Yes slave, I will allow you to cum, but you will have to receive the same amount of strokes on your other hand. I will only allow you to cum after that”

His organ was dripping with precum. He was excited beyond anything. He was enjoying every bit of this. I was happy that he was enjoying his domianance. He continued .

He said, “This is how madam will punish you. After I complete the remaining strokes I will allow you to cum.”

I was in doubt. My hand really hurt, I desperately wanted to cum, but again going through the punishment…

He said ” Show your hand and I will tell you how madam punishes naughty boys. How she makes you her slave and what all we will make you do at our house”

My excitement knew no boundaries now and I without a word, extended my other hand and opened my palm for the punishment. He positioned next to my right side and aimed his cane at my left palm. I kept staring at his organ, expecting the sight to reduce the pain of my punishment. But I was wrong.

His cane strokes were vicious. He was beating me with great excitement. The cane started to lash…1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ……every lash was followed by my muffled cry. the cry or my expression of pain did not invite any mercy. He just went on with his strength and expertise in handling the cane. I was sure that he was a real expert in handling the cane. I was also sure that what ever he said during the chat sessions were correct. He really had a dominant side. He really liked to cane. And yes he was a master with the cane.

He really knew how to use it and where to hit. Now I wonder if my mistress will also be like this? So far what ever he has revealed to me over the chat sessions and phone sessions were exactly right. I think I have found myself an excellent master and a very dominant mistress to serve. My pain was excruciating and he has only reached 13, 14…it continued.

I was shaking my hand after every blow, but was very very careful not to pull it back. It was a very hard effort, but somehow I managed and he reached 18 now…2 more to go. But to my amazement he stopped. I thought he lost count. I thought I was spared of 2 strokes. I looked away from his organ and looked at him. He was actually keeping one leg forward and balancing his body to deliver the most powerful storke of the evening. I was scared beyond anything now. He aimed and brought his cane very hard.

I was literally blinded with pain, I thought I almost pulled my hand back. But before that an equally powerful cane stroke followed. I felt my palm was slashed into two with that hard stroke. That final stroke fell on the flesh below my thumb and my hand was shivering beyond control. He stroked his organ and told me to stroke my organ.

My left hand was shivering with pain. I stroked my organ with my right hand and within seconds It exploded. The first globe of semen flew and hit my master;s feet. I ejaculated long and hard. Semen just flew from my organ, I came a lot. And suddenly I saw more drops of cum falling on the floor. He has stroked himself to an orgasm and his organ was spitting out the juice and his face was almost red with excitement. He still held the cane on his other hand…

I could not stand this sight anymore and I just touched my cock tip and wanted to rub but even before the second stroke my cock exploded, globes of semen gushed out as I almost cried out of excitement and then sat on the floor exhausted and tired….
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