My experiences with a couple – Part 1 : The

After numerous chat sessions and exchanging pictures, my master wanted to meet me. He first wanted to ‘interview me’ before he introduces me to his wife. Though he never revealed his age, by the pictures we exchanged i understood him to be around 40 or 42 and his wife (my mistress) to be aged between 39-40. I am 27 by the way. It was clear of what is expected out of me.

My role will be to satisfy them both and bring in that ‘extra’ spice to their sex life. They are not heavily into swapping though they occasionally do with another couple in the past. it was clear to me during our chat sessions that they both demand satisfaction and are excited to meet me for real.

We initially met on a social networking site, they hailed from New Delhi and I belonged to the southern part of the country. Being in the IT sector marketing, my job required me to travel and we decided to meet on a mutually agreeable place, on a hotel away from the highway and slightly isolated but very peaceful.

The speciality of this place was two rooms shared a single balcony and it was very rarely populated with more than 3 occupants at any time of the year. The isolated building provided with the privacy we wanted. When I checked in, i found that the lodge was practically empty with the other booking belonging in my master’s name.

I arrived in the morning and master was due to check in in the afternoon. As you can imagine i was in pins and needles and anxious. I skipped breakfast due to the butterflies in my stomach and was also planning to skip lunch, when the mobile rang. It was master, he wanted to confirm that i have arrived, before he started his drive.

He lived about 20 kms away from the lodging and i was trying hard to speak, my tongue was dry and the voice was shivering. Somehow my master found my excited state very amusing and asked me how i am. After exchanging pleasantries he came straight to the point. I am to have my lunch and take a shower, and kneel down wearing only an underwear with my arms raised high above my head. I am to kneel in this position till i hear the knock on the door. The line went dead and it left me in a much more elevated state of excitement.
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Loved your story. you seem pretty good at this. keep up the good work!