The perfect date

I speak from a girl that use to always look at the car window at night and always see people together and always wanting their happiness. When I went to the fair, I always went on rides by myself... but I looked around and it seemed like I was the only one alone. I went to prom with my two best friends, it was bad enough no one wanted to go with me... but at my prom I didn't get to dance with one guy. Behind closed doors this girl fucked men triple her age, never brought her places, are got her anything nice. I think no matter who I am with, how much time they spend with me, eventually they'll just hurt me. Based off this information I want to paint a picture for something this girl always wanted and most likely will never get. Not a guy from across the computer jacking off to her pictures. Not a boyfriend that you spend all your time with, but somehow you still feel alone. It might as well just be a damn fantasy, but I'd rather be made love to, then fucked. Is that too much to ask for?

It all really starts at the night before, when you can't sl**p. And even though when morning comes and you have gotten no sl**p, it's not surprising, and if anything a good thing. Your so excited, but so nervous at the same time. The day just drags on forever, work is only 6 hours, but it feels like a lifetime. Being set up on a blind date I have never done, there is so many questions on my mind. Soon enough I'll have the answers though. I start getting ready, I shower, I shave, I make my hair nice, and my lips shinny. When women look nice it's so underrated. I bet he's just another one of those guys that just put whatever he finds on, slicks his hair back and that's that... who knows maybe he'll surprise me. While putting the finishing touches on myself, I look at myself in the mirror, I tell myself I look nice, but there is still that pinch in the bottom of my stomach, I could still be rejected.

There's a knock on the door. Even though my mind starts to race, I can't think at all. Oh yeah purse.. and keys keys... where are they. A moment later, I open the door. I don't know what comes over me, but I just stand there for a moment. I try to move, I can't. I try to stop starring, but I can't even blink. What is this guy? Is he even real... another moment passes.. then he says, in this most handsome voice, If I was Amanda, and if I was ready to go. "Oh yes, I'm ready, sorry lets go". I step inside of his nice black mustang. I just look over, what a dreamy guy. His hair, his eyes, even lips and dimples are perfect. And before I could start to drool, he looks over at me and says that I look beautiful tonight. My heart just drops... it was like this the whole ride to the restaurant.

We pull up to a parking lot, he parks the car... then he says to just sit right there and don't move. He turns off the car, get's out, comes to my side and opens the door for me. I can't help to blush because no guy has ever done that for my before. We get a nice table, with pretty flowers in the middle. We order what we want, and he grabs one of those flowers from the center and gives them to me. I got to bite my lip and look away but he grabs my hand from across the table. "Don't look away Amanda, you are so beautiful".

The night goes well. From a nice dinner, to smooth chat, to hundred and one things in common. He plays the guitar, and he writes poetry, could you ever think? And he has such a way with words, that you just get all wrapped in what he says and get lost in them. We get back to my my place, opens my car door again, walks me up to my front steps to my house... he goes to kiss me, and wish me a good night. It just couldn't end like that though... "Please will you stay, I don't want to be alone tonight". He reassures me that we don't have to do anything, but even with that said... I have the best sex of my life that night.

We have a few drinks, we share a few giggles, then we go to my bedroom, and at first there is just an awkwardness, maybe a wonder in the air if something is going to happen. While we are both sitting next to each other on bed, I go to say something, but as if he read my mind, he places his finger on my lips, whispers in my ear Shhhh, don't talk. Let me show you a woman like you is suppose to feel. From lots of sweet kisses, and slowing making each part of my body loved. He takes off my clothes, and still him being all the was dressed, he tells me to lay back, and well I do!

My butt is at the very end of the bed, he gets on his knees on the carpet, he puts his thighs on my shoulders and starts his magic. I am never a loud moaner, but he really got the best of me that night... because I orgasmed at least three times, and that's only with his tongue. And still dressed... he stand up, moves across my body to my breasts. Caresses them, kisses them, sucks and gently nibbles them. Then at the moment he looks up at me, he doesn't even have to say anything and I nod. I wanted him so badly, that at the moment I just wanted to rip his pants off and make love to me.

As if he read my mind.. AGAIN... he takes off all of his clothes, he pushes me back on the bed, gets into position but he leans over and kisses me. A kiss that most have lasted forever, and trust me I wished it really did... I wanted to just grab his hair and tell him to fuck me already. He looks at me, and it's a look that says just be patient. Because then he took the tip of his head and laid it on my wet lips. He teased me a little bit, rubbing my clit with it, then slowly pushes it in. Where every inch I could feel my pussy tugging on him. He pushes it all the way in, then slowly pulls it out the same way. He must done that a few times, by then my pussy was so wet, and so screaming...

He made love to me that night, we did so many positions that night. It was the greatest feeling ever, and there was no part of me that felt untouched or unappreciated. I am not sure when all love making was done... but I for sure was so tired, that I just layed to my side, and closed me eyes. Then there he was, right against me, holding me. Were just both trying to catch of breathes, after a moment he whispers good night in my ear. I slept like a baby that night. And every night after...
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9 months ago
very nice story . thank you for posted it
1 year ago
Love this! Keep these up girl!
1 year ago
A modern damsel in distress story :) Too bad the dragon was this poor girl's self-image, but good that the hero was able to slay that through his sword thrusts ;)
1 year ago
You've described what I have done on a few of my dates. Most women really do like oral and I really like to give it to them because I love the taste of a woman's juices.
1 year ago
nice stories
u gonna post more?
3 years ago
*sighs* we all want that....
3 years ago
very nice story