The firt time is so exciting

I'm going to try to take a hit at the ball here, I use to love love writing stories, hey its like hand n hand from loving sex and loving to write. If I can get a little attention out of it, I'm sure it will be a home run :) I am going to base this off real real experiences and real feelings I have had. It will be fun to write, but I am a little crusty around the edges so give me a little break if its not mind blowing.

IT starts here--------------------

I always feel like the guy is never going to show up for some reason, most of the time he does, and sometimes I hope he doesn't show up. Standing outside of my local circle K because I don't have a car, it doesn't matter if some guy wants to fuck me, he can go out of his way to do so.

I think I see him, he said blue truck, that's a blue truck, but its near the gas, is he filling up his tank? I walk over there asking the guy in the passenger seat if he's John, almost hoping it's him because he is super cute. He says hes not, but he said he could be John. I'm thinking OH SHIT, it's not him haha but he would still do me. The thought makes me feel good, but I can't let me buddy hanging. I walk away super embarrassed and giggling... and still waiting I'm sure he told me to be here 10 minutes ago, why are they always late?

I hear a honk nearby, I look up, it's him. He's not super tall, or super sexy, hes about 35, average build, but he does got some crazy dread hair thing going on. It doesn't look good on white guys, actually I don't really like em at all, just makes me think he smokes pot, eh I don't care as long as its not in front of me.

It wasn't too long of a drive until we were to his place, a small house. If anything this could be walking distance, like a 45 minute walk, but yeah you make no girl walk. All I remember is a very plan looking place, maybe a few pictures of boats on the wall, not really sure because I wasn't paying too much attention. From the second I got in his truck my heart has been racing, so the last thing on my mind is what is on his walls.

We go straight to his room, at least he has a nice sized bed, and sitting on it its pretty comfortable, I wouldn't mind sl**ping on it tonight. We talk for a little while at first, I'm so shy I NEVER make the first move. I get more comfortable, I take off my pants, and since its cold I get underneath his sheets and blanket. All I gotta do is turn around and put my ass on him,(LOL). Seriously though, always gets em.


So that's it for now, I'm not sure if I'll continue it, maybe if I get a request, I really didn't get to any juices parts, but you have no idea, Maybe I should have describe more about how anxious and shy I am, eh oh well :)
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3 months ago
Please keep writing... you got me all intrigued :o)
9 months ago
keep going
3 years ago
Good so far - Keep writing!
3 years ago
Nice start. Would love to hear the ending
3 years ago
hmm very nice, i want also the second part
3 years ago
Stop being shy. Just think like this: some may not appreciate what you take time to pen, but even if just one person drops you a line telling you just how wonderful your story was and how they related to it so much or how it made their pussy wet or even how they were inspired to fuck that very night....wouldn't it be worth it? Forget about shy....get to writing! Good start.
3 years ago
Such a tease... that is an erotic cliff-hanger if ever I saw one!
3 years ago
This is a good start ... I would continue reading if you wanted to write more!