Last night with my toy

Awwwe man my fingers are numb, my pussy is tingling, and my neck is achy on an uncomfortable spot on the couch. It was worth it though because at this moment I am sitting on a wet leather couch, I don't mind though because its warm. After just watching porn, the cute girls and big dicks always get me. I wouldn't mind sucking up her juices... or having that dick pound me good.

Waking up from dreams that already had me wet from the ghet go. I was dreaming about having a big orge, mainly just having a man fuck me, I don't know he is but ohh hes fucking me good. I look around and I see all the cute women, with all their unique moans, and to each man also different with different builds, and different dicks. Tell you the truth though I was getting to liking that one guy, then I woke up in changing people. Why did that have to happen? LOL. I don't remember his face, but the way he fucked me made me feel like a goddess.

I know I need to go get something to drink, and even though it was just a dildo it might have been the real thing because I feel tired, and I feel like I need some water LOL. And those little pains you get after knowing you were fucking way to hard LOL. Now when you know its really good, when you stand up and your legs shiver and you almost fall for every step you take. And when you pee it hurts, it stings, buts its so reassuring. It wasn't that intense, but it was intense enough that I feel relieved.

Tell you the truth I wouldn't mind just having sex for hours. When your drenched in sweat after, but you don't care because your too danm tired to go take a shower. Oh no but that's enough because after five minutes, after the commercial on the TV, after there was a breath to be taken, we go at it again.

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9 months ago
sounds like a great feeling
1 year ago
A wonderful memory, I love dreams like that where you don't want to wake up becuase they feel so real.
3 years ago
Thanks for sharing with us.
3 years ago
We can all share in the fun!
3 years ago
nice story
3 years ago
Hey no reason to keep all my fun to myself when it can as well please others!!!!
3 years ago
That was a great way to start my day!
3 years ago
That was very interesting. Got me hard.
3 years ago
hmmmm you made me imagine the scene yummy girl! I love when you are fucked hard and exhausted!!
don't lock shower's door, I'll join you there! and we go on and on and on...