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12:07 pm, March 23 cdobrow

I decide to come home from work early to surprise you. I sneak in our front door and I hear you in our bathroom just getting out of the shower. I have on dress pants and a dress shirt with a tie. I walk towards the bathroom while undoing my tie. As I walk into the bath I see you naked bending over drying your legs off. I take my tie and wrap it around your waist and pull you to me. At first you seem a little startled, but when you realize it’s me you relaxed and start hugging and kissing me. As we continue to make out you start untucking my shirt and unbuttoning it. After your done undoing my shirt you pull it off me and toss it on the floor. I lead you to our bed with my tie and I have you lay down on your back and I tie your hands to the head rails. Meanwhile I keep kissing and making out with you while I run my hands all over your body. I stand up for a second to finish striping and I see you start wiggling and swarming trying to get free. As soon as I’m naked I crawl on top of you and start kissing and nibbling every square inch of your sexy body. I start at your neck kissing and lightly nibbling then move to your lips. I began lightly biting your lower lips while I run my right hand down to your pussy and began teasing your clit. You begin swarming again so I slowly start moving licking and kissing my way down to your breasts. I start by licking and tracing your nipple with my tongue then I nibbling on them driving you crazy and you are wiggling even more now. I can feel your pussy getting wetter and tighter as I continue to tease it with my fingers. I slowly move down to your dripping wet pussy and start teasing your clit with my tongue and I begin licking and nibbling your pussy. I can feel your pussy getting tighter and wetter as I continue to eat you out. You start to swarming more and more as you get closing to cumming. As you are about to cum I stop and untie your hands. I lay down on my back and tell you to get on my cock and ride me. You jump on my cock and start riding it hard from all the teasing. I grab you and pull you down so I can feel your boobs on my chest. I make you slow down and so you can enjoy every inch of my cock as you ride it. I begin to feel your pussy getting tight and tighter as you get closer and closer to cumming. At the same time you feel my cock getting harder and harder you know I’m about to cum so you start riding me as hard as you can. I feel your pussy get really tight then I feel your hot cum running down my cock. I shove my cock in you as deep as I can and this makes me explode and I start cumming with you. I pull you down and start kissing and making out with you till we both are too exhausted and we fall asl**p in each other's arms.

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