My Sexual Journey (Part 2)

This journey really only hits the major points of my sexual awakening. This was when I was 15/16 years old.

My First Boyfriend....

I was 15 and in grade 10. I first met Mike at a community centre I went to every Friday night. A bunch of teenagers would go there hang out, play sports/games or watch movies. Mike was 19, 5'7, dark hair, dark skin and slim. He was the first guy who was really nice and who was actually interested in. He was very sweet and funny. I was attracted to him, and very attracted to the thought of a guy being attracted to me. We dated and often doubled with our friends.

This one double date we had ended so hot and was very unexpected. So Jeremy, Maria, Mike and myself went out to a restaurant. Mike was the only one of age to drink. Jeremy was 17 and Maria was 15 like me. Mike ordered a pitcher of beer and showed his ID. The waitress asked Jeremy for his ID and he said he didnt have his. Mike told the waitress that we all go to the University. She looked at Maria and she nodded and I told her that I wasnt drinking. The waitress came back with a pitcher of beer and 4 glasses. We all got so d***k and soon left. None of us drove so we ended up waiting for the bus. Jeremy and Maria got home safely after getting sick.

That just left Mike and myself. We hopped onto the bus, it was empty, we sat at the back.. his arm around me, his fingers brushing against my left nipple. I tipped my head back moaning a little. His right hand rubbing my thigh, moving higher towards my pussy. I could feel my pussy melting as he was playing with my body. Soon we were at the end of line my body was sizzling and as my boyfriend guided me to the door of the bus I could feel his hard cock rubbing against my ass. We were still far from my house, and it was 2am, exactly when the buses stopped running. We started to walk to my house, every now and then I kissed his neck, pulling him into a bus stop. Kissing him, his hands roaming my body and unsnapping my jeans his cold fingers working their way into my panties. Feeling my hot wet pussy, fingering me. Mmmmmmmmmmmm i moan as i bite his lip. Tasting his bl**d he looks at his watch and murmers "we gotta go baby, I'm gonna be late for work" He takes his finger out of my pussy and smells me. I grabbed his hand sucking my taste and cream off his finger.
"If you say so" i giggled and smirked. Then lets go i whispered. We walked quietly back to my house. I kiss him hard, letting him go. Frustrated as i sneak into my house and room.

It's about 3:30am Mike has about an hour and a half before he has to be at work. I understood but it didn't make how I felt any better. Squirming in my bed as I felt my pussy inflamed and my nipples hard. My fingers brush against my nipples, moaning quietly so my parents dont wake up. My pussy is so wet i can feel it dripping. Groaning as i feel a mini orgasm hit me just with my nipple play. My fingers trailing down to my wet pussy. Feeling my hard clit rubbing softly. The pressure building as my body tenses. My pussy pulsing and my body shaking. I feel my pussy gush as it trickles down my ass. My fingers covered with my cum. Sucking my cum off my fingers. Deliciously tired I quickly fall asl**p right on my cum spot.

ISoon after that my parents had left for the day and Mike came over for some play. We were making out on the couch and he asked me if we wanted to move to my room. I wanted to say yes but I got this weird feeling about the situation so I said that I didnt have any condoms. Do you? No he replied before anything else could happen my friend knocked on the door and came over to visit. I felt relieved but very confused as well. Unsure as to why I felt that way. We didnt see much of eachother for awhile. Mainly because he was busy with work and I went to England on school trip with the choir and band.

When I got back from England I met up with some friends. Hey do you know where Mike is, asking my friend Robyn. Ya he's over at Chrissy's place. Chrissy was a mutual friend of ours. I soon left Robyn and headed over to Chrissy's. Knocking on the door, I say hi to Chrissy and see Mike on the couch smoking a cigar. I kissed him briefly. He kissed me back. That night we went to a party. Drinking and smoking pot. I met a friend of Chrissy's that night. Her name was Erika and totally hot. A little taller than me with a very shapely body.

It was Erika's 16 birthday and she wanted to go to Wreck Beach. During the day it is a clothing optional beach, during the night it was where people have crazy beach parties. I wasnt really interested in going neither was Maria or Jeremy. Mike volunteered to go with Erika. At the time I didnt think anything of it. They got back at about 2am. We were all crashing at Maria's place. Maria and Jeremy were in Maria's room. Erika, Mike and I slept in the livingroom. I fell asl**p soon. Only to wake up to moaning... I could hear Mike say something... No Erika whimpered. I couldnt take this I started yelling at Mike and stormed into Maria's room. I told Maria and Jeremy what had happened. Mike left soon after, meanwhile Erika was crying and saying sorry. I told her to leave, i was so mad.

A couple of days later Erika called me up and asked if I wanted to go out for a drink with her. I said sure Friday was good. Friday came around and I told my parents that I was going to hang out with a friend and they went out for their date night. She came over and we got all dressed up and took a taxi to this sleazy bar where they didnt check for ID's. We sat at a table ordered a couple of drinks and she confessed to me what happened between her and Mike. I was there. I dont want to talk about it. We had a couple more drinks and went home. I went home and heard Mike's message. Asking me where I was and why I didnt meet him. I phoned him back and left a message.

After that the word got out amongst our friends that I left Mike for Erika that I was now a lesbian.

part 3 coming up next...

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2 years ago
Good god, yes! A great story!
2 years ago
oh, the dramas that get created out of gossip...part of the game of sex and growing up
2 years ago
Bring on pt 3 ..... pls
2 years ago
very hot baby.
2 years ago
Ya number 3 is coming
2 years ago
2 years ago
part1 made sense this one falls apart alittle bit both in structure and flow but it was still an interesting read none the less. I have to question this Mike guy hanging out with such young girls though??

BTW what ever happened to the coming of part 3?
3 years ago
Thanks for sharing your experiences.
3 years ago
Thanks for telling us a few little confusing details of murky side tracks on the road to the love you long for.

Try lesbian love some time as an alternative. Guys are often as pretty inpredictable as insecure as well!

I´m curious for part three!
So, write more please - Peter Pan
3 years ago
Only part of your story that makes any sense is paragraph three...stay focused on what you are trying to tell us horny fuckers....go to my profile and read my stories, feel free to leave some comments...