My Sexual Journey (Part 1)

I guess you could say I was always a curious kind of k**. Not openly curious, more of a shy curiousity... I'm still the same way but I think most people can see it in my eyes.

I was never truly aware of sex until I was 10, we started having sex education in school. Mainly learning about our own bodies and how it works. It was pretty enlightening. But that didnt really pique my curiousity. It wasnt until I snuck into my b*****r's room. Now my b*****r is about 6 years older than me. I use to "borrow" his playboy mags. Flipping through the pages.... I'm not sure if it turned me on or made me horny, but it definetly got me more curious.

My best friend Thea would often come over for a sl**p over. One time when she was over and my b*****r had gone out on a date, I grabbed one of the "borrowed" mags and showed her. She kind of looked at me weird. We were both about the same age, she was a little older than me. I am pretty sure she had the same curiousities as I did. And little did i know I was going to find this out.

We had planned a sl**pover about a week or so after. I told her she needed to bring her swimsuit since my parents have a whirlpool. It was pretty cool because it was right under our deck and somewhat hidden from view. She came over and we decided to get into our swimsuits and play outside. We jumped on the trampoline for a little while then decided to go into the hot tub. My parents were out doing something and left my b*****r in charge of us. He was inside watching tv or something. Thea and I both got into the hot tub and turned the jets on. We talked about random stuff and somehow the subject turned to the magazines and to boys.

She asked me if i had ever kissed a boy before. I giggled a little and said no, guys didnt like me like that, I said. Have you? No she replied. We were both quiet for a while after that. We both got kind of bored and she asked me if I wanted to play a game. I grinned shrugged my shoulders and said sure. What kind of game? She smiled and said we can pretend to be eachothers boyfriends. I looked at her and asked really? I wouldnt know where to start. How do we do that? She said that's ok, I can be the boy first and then after you can be the boy. Ok.

She put her hand around my shoulder. Massaging my shoulders, she kissed the side of my face. I giggled a little, she looked down giggling too. Looking up she kissed me full on the lips. Her hand slipping down to my breasts. For my age my breasts were pretty big. At 12, when this happened, I was a nice B cup. Moaning in her mouth I could feel my nipples harden and a tingling between my legs. Her tongue traced my lips and i trembled. My lips giving way to her tongue. She pinned me against the side of the hot tub. Her fingers trailing down from my breasts. She broke our kiss as we tried to catch our breath. Your turn, she whispered.

Ok, ill try. I awkwardly wrap my arms around her. Kissing her face, sucking on her bottom lip. She has perfect lips, slim body double a cup. Strawberry blond with freckles over her nose. Beautiful blue eyes. I kissed her softly my hands running down her chest rubbing her nipples. She softly moaned in my mouth. My hand moved lower touching between her legs. Pushing against her pussy lips. She squeezed my hand between her legs trapping it. I stopped kissing her, looking at her in question. Sorry, I mumbled. Your doing it too rough. Oh well I have never done that before. She grinned, you never...? Not even on yourself? Uhhhh no? have you? Ya she replied. You need to be gentle and soft, here let me show you. But I think it would be better if we go to your room. Shrugging I said ok. We grabbed our towels told my b*****r we were going to my room to hang out. He didnt respond as he was into his tv show.

We ran into my room giggling. It was kind of chilly in my room, shivering I take off my swimsuit under my towel. You dont need to be shy... she said. Softly grabbing my head she kissed me again.. the towel slipped from my fingers and I touched the wetness of her swimsuit. Slowly pulling off the straps until she was naked too. She led me to my bed. Playing with my breasts I had that tingly feeling in my pussy again. She started to pinch my nipples and I moaned. Shhhhhhh, remember Sam is downstairs. I knodded. Her fingers making there way down my stomach. She gently touched her finger between my pussy lips. I felt it damp. Why am I wet? I asked. Your body is getting ready. For what? For this... she started to rub my pussy. Mmmmmmmmmmm ooooooooo what are you doing? Am I hurting you, she asked. Do you want me to stop? Nooooooooooooo pleassssssssssssse. She was playing with my clit.... then she kissed me down there. My body tensed as my pussy erupted.

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2 years ago
i love y story
2 years ago
a sweet story of becoming aware of your body
2 years ago
rrroar , slipping over to pt2 ..... now
3 years ago
can't wait to read part 2 ;-)

very nice,

3 years ago
Wow, written well! Lovely fist time.
Congratulations - Peter Pan
3 years ago
nice beginning. Probably could be the truth for a lot of young girls. that is what makes your story so believable.
3 years ago
good start, I look forward to reading more
3 years ago
very hot start
3 years ago
mmmmm so nice, hot story, is there to be more?