My birthday present

I could feel my body trembling all over, it was the first time I was in charge of our sex play. Up until then he had always taken the dominate role. Earlier that day he had given me my birthday present. My eyes lit up as I opened the box and pulled out a note with the words "your turn", and two scarves. Now to most people it wouldn't mean much but to me... well it meant that I would be able to live out a fantasy that I have had since a very long time. No I must say I am not really the dominating type but i definetly love to tease.

I was so nervous, luckily he was very patient with me. My hands shook a little as i tied him to the bed with one scarf. My heart beating fast i could feel goose bumps on my flesh and my nipples grow big and harden. He took a swipe of one with his tongue. "Stop it!" i ordered and smacked his cheek lightly. "It's not your turn, it's mine!" Usually the look in his eye would make me back down but not tonight... I could already feel that rush of adrenaline go through me.

Smiling I gently say "you will have all the fun you want after, but right now I'm in charge." I lightly kiss him on the cheek that I slapped.

After he has been tied up i undress him, His shirt unbuttoned and shorts pulled down to his knees. Straddling his stomach I tease my nipples through my white tank top, my bare pussy starts to get wet against his stomach. I always wanted to masturbate in front of an audience. I pull off my tank top leaving my tits naked. Nipples so hard and fat. I smile as I feel his cock stir against my ass. I can tell he doesnt like to be tied up or not in control. But he is aroused.

My hands move lower towards my pussy, my finger finding my slit all hot and wet. I begin to moan staring into his eyes. I find my clit moving my hips against my hands.... my pussy drips on to my fingers and his stomach. Groaning as I cum. Bringing my fingers up to my mouth I start to lick my juice off my fingers... I hear a groan and realized I had forgot about my audience briefly. "Do you want to try some?" I ask sweetly, sticking another finger into my mouth. "Yes", his deep voice was startling in the quiet. "Yes what?" I demanded. "please babe" groaning. I smeared what was left of the juice on my face and kissed him hard. As I leaned in to kiss him his cock nuzzled my asshole. He groaned and moved his hips a little. I moved back, making a tsking sound. "You promised me Zak that I could have this time" reminding him. Sighing he stopped moving his hips.

I turned my body and attention on to the cum spot left from my pussy. Licking it up, my pussy in his face. I could feel his breath on the sensitive wet flesh, it was so hard not to give into that and just sit on his face. I quickly turned my thoughts to his cock. licking my lips i grabbed it, my lips rubbing softly against the tip. I stick my tongue out to taste his precum. I stick my tongue into his peehole. Grunting his pleasure i start sucking on the head of his cock nibbling around the head. I can hear him moaning and sniffing my pussy. I tug on his balls hard so he will behave... sucking his length into my mouth bobbing my head up and down. My fingers stray down to his ass as I drag my teeth up and down his shaft. I slowly ease my one finger into his ass hole. "Mmmmmm Nat pleassssssssssssssseeeeeee" I feel his cock throbbing. I could just tell that he is dying to touch me. Sighing with a smile I knew that my time was up. I got him begging and teased him. I pulled his shorts off kissed him gently and undid the scarf.

Smiling his wolfish grin, he demanded that i finish him off. I sucked him hard as he thrusted himself into my mouth, making me gag. "Oh fuck Im cummming..." Slamming into my mouth one last time as all of his jizz shot into my mouth. I swallowed fast but some trickled down my chin. He kissed me passionately. "Happy Birthday Natalie! Hope you enjoyed your present."

"I loved it Zak, we'll have to try it out again sometime..." He turned over trapping my body and with an evil grin said "We'll just see about that!"

the end.

Hope you enjoyed my first story please give me feed back and let me know what you thought. thanks!
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2 years ago
Looking forward to your next birthday!
2 years ago
aaahhh, too short , but great
2 years ago
Loved this Story, thanks HUMMM
2 years ago
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm thats a really good story x
2 years ago
Good short little story - I could really imagine it, which is what all good stories should do, enjoying that vision is what made it great :P
3 years ago
Now that was better told, thanks!
3 years ago
Loved this story, thank you.
3 years ago
Take the initiave more often.
It leads to wonderful results!
Also in words ;-)P - Peter Pan
3 years ago
wow! you both get a great present!! each other
3 years ago
wonderful hunni could have swore i was living the fanasty with you. well made bb
3 years ago
Oh what a birthday..

well done
3 years ago
i love this story
3 years ago
Hmmmm.... Zak's a lucky guy. Nice to trade off roles... keeps life interesting. Nice imagery, could just visualize it as I read your story.