Menopause & Pizza

?The day had been a strange one. My hormones were driving me wild. Menopause was for old
ladies and by God I was not falling into that category this early, 45 and still in my prime as far as
I was concerned. I needed to exert my authority, my power, over someone...anyone. The
afternoon had brought urges forward and a hunger for fresh young meat. Suppose the Cougar in
me needed fed. Menopause had pushed aside the nurturing mother in me and released the
Dominatrix that had been suppressed for so many years. As I flipped through the pages of my
phone book, glancing at all the old lovers names and realizing that they were OLD. Something
inside me cried out for something new, fresh, exciting. But I knew no one like that.
My youngest daughter would be home from school soon and I had intended to train her in
domination. The rituals would begin this evening. I laid out my leather thigh high boots, fishnet
stockings and red lace thong and bra. The tight fitting black mini skirt and sheer blouse would
finish the perfect ensemble. Riding crop and blindfolds along with a few other surprises would
be ample props for the first lesson. Victoria had been instructed to come home straight from
school and bring her boyfriend. I anxiously waited as the clock ticked away. She should be here
by now I murmured to myself. Just then the phone rang and I answer it. Its Victoria, she says
Bob cant come tonight but she will be home soon. Frustrated I decided to turn to food for
comfort. I peruse through the yellow pages and randomly pick a Pizza parlour. CiCi’s Pizza
sounded good enough to reached for the phone and dialled. The young voice on the other
end of the line chirped CiCi’s Pizza , Scott speaking, what can I do for you tonight”? My mind
raced to exactly what I would have a young man do for me this night! I cleared my head and gave
him my order. When I had finished he asked if that would be all and if it was pick up or a
delivery. I decided on the delivery and said in a sultry voice, “As long as you deliver it
personally”. He chuckled and said sure. In my mind the trap had been set. The order was placed
now all that was left to do was wait for pizza and Victoria.
The doorbell rang and I called from the other room to just come in and bring it down the hall to
the door on the left. Scott opened the door apprehensively and continued down the hall.
Entering the room on the left he could see the walls were mirrored and so was the ceiling. I
could tell this made him very uncomfortable. As I bent over to retrieve my purse from the floor I
could hear his breathing quicken and he cleared his throat several times nervously. I pretend not
to find what I am looking for and laugh as I ask him to turn his head so I might get the money out
of my bra. As he turns I take this opportunity to grab him from behind, place the blindfold on his
eyes and push him to the bed. Just as quickly I tether him spread eagle to the bedposts. I am
sure he was wondering what next? I introduce myself as Mistress Cherri and assure Scott that he
is in good hands and to just relax. Suddenly he feels the cold steel running up his belly as the
scissors snip away at the fabric of his shirt. Listening intently he hears the clicking of my heels
on the floor and the opening and closing of doors and drawers. He chokes out my name and
moans. The steel slides now to his throat and he swallows hard. A sharp intake of breath thru
his nose and he drinks in my intoxicating perfume. Bending closer I trail the cold steel across his
tender Adams apple. Perspiration beads break out now along his brow. Scott’s head jerks as he
hears another set of heels coming down the hall. The final snips and his shirt falls off him.
Victoria enters the room with the items I need. She sees the bulge in his pants and asks if she
might cut away the crotch for me. She is in training so I allow it. He whimpers and ask who else
is in the room. I warn him he must hold very still as I have an amateur assisting me. He moans
and asks if that is wise. My reply is that she is young and inexperienced and needs the
practice....but he is in good hands. Scott feels a slender hand caress the throbbing bulge he tries
to hide. He pulls back and explains that he just came here to deliver pizza and did not know all
this was going to happen. A wicked smile ripples cross my face for just Victoria and I to enjoy.
Not wanting him to suspect it was all pre planned I growl out at him that it wasn’t.....but when he
tried to pass of that cold pizza on me....I wasn’t impressed! Now you will pay for it MY WAY.
He apologizes with a pathetic “sorry”. I reply that he isn’t sorry now, but he will be, and I laugh.
He feels Victoria grip him tightly and as she laughs. He pleads that it wasn’t his fault. The
back of my hand finds his mouth....he is stunned at the f***e ...he feels a trickle of bl**d run into
his mouth. Best you keep quiet unless spoken to I say. Scott licks his lips and whispers Sorry
Mistress. Victoria loosens his pants and slides the scissors against his skin. She is disappointed
that he is wearing no underwear for her to cut off. She was looking forward to it and doesn’t
handle it well. As she takes the tip of the scissors and slides it down the length of his cock his
hips twitch and his gut clenches. The scissors are heavy and she rests the tip finally on his sac.
HEY! he yells abruptly. My hand again finds his mouth, the velvet glove I wear softens the
sting but the f***e is still the same. I notice the blindfold has been readjusted with that last blow
but I choose to ignore it. He shakes his head no and we both laugh. Victoria's hand slips. The
scissors drop, pinning his sac to the bed. He dare not move one inch, he barely breathes, and his
eyes are begging Mistress C to help. Victoria and I both laugh and pretend to walk away. We
are almost to the door when I turn and flash him a wink. He watches my silky thonged ass I
saunter out the door. I tell her to finish disrobing him and to call me when she is done. He looks
down and moans, trying to turn away but his curiosity draws his eyes back to her as she walks
now towards him wearing her bra and thong only. Her tits are much smaller...just budding ...but
a great start for an 16 year old. He smiles indicating he likes what he sees. Even at his young
age he can appreciate the way her thong is embedded deep between her lips. Victoria tries to
explain to Scott that he is a a very lucky boy. That her mom only does this to older guys she
really likes and that I am a real nice lady but he just has to listen to me. She asks if he is ready to
obey? He whimpers a feeble yes...not wanting to make any sudden moves. She smiles..wipes the
sweat from his forehead and gently removes the scissor tip from his sac. He thanks her and asks
what her name is. She responds and says her working name is Wilma Fingerdo. He smiles and
tells her his name is Scott and that he has never had this happen to him before. Victoria
hisses a loud Shhhh . Warning him not to let her hear them. Not suppose to exchange names
and she is as rough with me as she is with others when the rules are broken she whispers. He
hears my heels walking back and tightens up again. Victoria whispers, I like you and I want
you before she gets you...she will be furious but I dont are different.
She moves closer and climbs up on the bed. NO NO he cries but inside he is confused and
smiles. Licking her lips as her eyes dart around the room ...she lowers herself down to his cock
and sniffs along his balls. Her hands cup them and fondle deeply, feeling them swell. She licks
the slit and kisses it, then encases the tip completely. Her teeth find the well defined ridge and
grasps it there while letting her tongue swirl. She looks up at him to see if he is finding
enjoyment, looking for approval as this is her first blow job. He shakes his head quickly in the
affirmative as his eyes look around the room as well. She continues to work just the head and he
squirms as a low moan escapes his mouth. Her hands feverishly started to stroke his length, one
hand squeezing his balls harder now and sucking deeper now. Scott moans again as he tell her .
My God you are good Wilma. He looks down and watches in amazement as her cheeks cave in
deep with each new suck. Faster strokes now ...she can feel him ready to she goes
down deep on him, her face buried in his tender sac and her lips to the very base of his cock. He
pumps her mouth fast and cums slowly in her young wet mouth as she swallows some and spits
some being unaccustomed to the taste. He bites his lip as he cums for her. Suddenly her ears
prick up as she hears the familiar click of stiletto heels coming down the hall. Frightened, she
jumps off Scott and grabs a towel to clean up the mess, wiping clean his cock and balls. Hurry!
He says frantically, his face a bit red as I walk in. Victoria crawls off the bed and disposes of the
towel just as I enter the room. He lays there fully naked and helpless. I survey the room and ask
why she hadnt called me. She admits she has just finished and was ready to. She is young and
doesnt understand that I have detected a distinct odor as I entered. I ask what the fuck has been
going on here? They both deny that anything has gone on. I ask again. Scott looks stunned at me.
I move into the room fully now and the smell of sex accosts my senses. Scott swallows hard and
again they both deny it. I am at the bedside now and looking for eveidence, some proof of my
suspisions. I catch you both exchanging winks...sure that you have covered your tracks. I
casually glance around the room and find nothing. Scott is very queit and still tied. Just as I am
about to admit I must be losing it, getting old, I spot it!!!!!! My fingers grip the whip in my hand
tighjtly. Rage surging thru me. I calm myself and walk to Victoria. Taking my glove off I trace
my finger across her lips....sampling her lipstick. Then bringing that finger down to his cock....I
compare the lipstick along his ball crease, obviously not wiped clean, a perfect match. NO NO
he protests. My head jerks rapidly to the right sending him a glare that shuts him up
immediately as he sees the rage in my eyes and the grip on the whip. Scott says softly, “But
nothing happened”. The explain the lipstick ring I growl, tapping the whip into my hand. I
watch out the corner of my eye as Victoria starts to unravel. Scott begs to go be released and go
home. I cross over to Victoria and ask for a hug. Close enough now that I ask her if he were co
operative. She whispers, Yes, and as she hisses the words from her mouth, I have my 2nd proof,
the smell of fresh cum reeks from her breath. Scott starts to relax, thinking things are ok as he
looks at my nice ass as we both hug, enjoying even more watching us kiss. My hand moves
downwards and thrusts between her lips, giving me my final proof, as I feel her cunt dripping
with pussy syrup. Extracting my 3 fingers I ram them under Scotts nose and ask what the hell is
this? Pushing them into his mouth, forcing him to lick them clean. He tries not to enjoy it but he
is weak He opens for me as I pump them in his young boy mouth, his big lips close on my fingers
Never has he tasted anything so sweet, he says. I can tell he likes the taste and my feeding him
my fingers. I look him in the eye and tell him he will have more than he can manage. He pleads
again to be untied and let go home. I manage a smile, a fake one and say, Yes, in a moment. He
softly thanks me. I motion to Victoria to straddle his waist on the bed facing his feet. I mount
the bed and straddled his waist facing his head. I instruct her how to drop down slowly on
Scotts cock which has been recently erected again. He feels her tight pussy grabbing at his cock,
sucking it in inch by inch. I placed my dildo in his teeth and clamped my knees to his head,
immobilizing him. Kneeling up I spread my sweet soft pink fleshy lips open, slip a finger inside,
and juice myself up real good. Victoria is completely down on him now, his big hard cock in
her young pussy. I lower myself slowly down onto my toy while watching his eyes. He holds my
dildo in his mouth, looking up at my inviting clit. I use the toy till I start to feel the pressure
build, then raise up and finger fuck myself just above it. When I finally squirt, the cream flies all
over Scotts face and cascades down the toy, dripping into the corners of his mouth, giving him
the drink he’s been waiting for. Removing the toy, I slide myself right up to his chin and f***e
him chin fuck me for a bit before I let him up to feast on my pussy pie buffet. I tell Victoria,
NOW is the time! She starts to bounce, as she bounces harder and harder he moans
uncontrollably. As I face fuck him and grab his head with both hands, I bury him deep inside my
wetness. His breathing gets rapid as his heart races. My scent and juices are intoxicating as his
tongue hungrily laps at me. The bl**d rushing from his head to his cock makes him light headed.
I feel him tenses up with his nose against my belly. Victoria says He's ready to explode MOM.
So we work him even harder. He gasps for air. Once...twice...he explodes as Victoria pulls off.
I let his head fall as we both scramble to accept the flow. Victoria sucking him and I
concentrating on the overflow puddling at his balls. All rage having faded...I allow her to go to
Scotts mouth and share with him its contents. She moves to his face and he no longer smiling,
his eyes are shut, she screams. I look and assure her that he is not dead, that he has merely
passed out from the exertion. Explaining that he is young and inexperienced and will recover.
Meanwhile I return to his aching balls and suckle them deep inside my warm wet mouth. Lay my
head on his thigh as a warmth fills me. I release his balls and Victoria unties him as we bring him
back to reality. His legs start to wriggle again, as untethered he stretches and blushes. I assure
him that he performed perfectly well and that I had no idea he was a virgin. He turns away as he
tries to hide his continued blushing. I tell him I would like to have a standing order for pizza
every Friday at this time. I walk out of the room and hear him quietly sigh, YES Mistress
Cherri, your wish is my command. As I walk towards the shower, the thought comes to
me...Menopause and age will not tame THIS cougar![user][/user]
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4 years ago
i have delivered pizzia & the closest i ever got was a flannel night gown and full robe over it
4 years ago
wow i wish that would happen to me i love femdom
4 years ago
Loved the story , and look forward to reading more from you
Ps , my son used to delever pizza but don't think he ever got as lucky as Scott did