2 BBWs and Rex

It had been a long week at the Kit Kat and Candi
couldn't wait to get home -- she had worked longer
nights than usual due to a few girls being away. The
voluptuous brunette loved to dance and strip, but by
Friday evening her feet were beginning to feel tender.

To make things worse, Candi's boss called her into his
office at the end of her evening shift. Hugh had owned
the club for as long as Candi had danced there. He was
a good guy and treated the girls at the club like
queens, but a boss is a boss: Candi couldn't help
feeling a little nervous as she worked her way through
the cramped back-stage hall to his office.

As Candi neared the door, it swung open and Hugh stood
before her.

"Hi Candi, I was just gonna come looking for ya," the
big man growled. As always, Hugh had the soggy butt-end
of a cigar clenched in the corner of his mouth.

Candi sat in an over-stuffed chair as Hugh closed the
door and settled in behind his desk.

"Candi... I need a favor," Hugh said. No beating around
the bush with Hugh.

"There's a new girl who's gonna be dancing here -- her
first show starts in just a few minutes, actually --
and she's new in town. She doesn't have a place to stay
yet, and I really want to make sure she's comfortable."

Hugh smiled warmly at Candi before continuing.

"Now I don't want to put you in a spot, Candi, but it
would be a real help if she could stay at your place
for a few weeks. She's a really sweet girl. If things
work out with her, I might team you two up as a duo

Hugh flashed a disarming smile and held up his hands
before Candi could object.

"Now, you don't have anything to worry about Candi --
you'll always be the star around here! But she'll be a
perfect partner for you. And I think you'll be good
friends before long, too. But for now I need a place to
put her up for a little while. Waddya say?"

Candi mulled it over. She was a little unsure how a
room-mate would fit in to her life -- especially her
love-life with Rex! Candi would have to be careful. But
if it was only for a couple weeks, it might be fun to
have someone to share her home with.

"So... what's my room-mate's name?" Candi asked by way
of answer.

Hugh's face lit up.

"Aw! That's my girl! I knew I could count on you,
Candi! Her name's Debbi. If you hurry, you can catch
her first appearance. She has some... ah... unique

Hugh chuckled at his own old joke and got up, opening
the door for Candi.

Candi got a drink from the bar and settled in near the
stage. She was interested in seeing the new girl as
well as having a chance to rest her feet. As Candi
began sipping her drink, the emcee's voice suddenly
boomed out over the speaker system of the dimly-lit
strip club.

"And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, the KitKat Klub is very
happy to introduce our next dancer. Gracing our stage
for the very first time... the very lovely, and very
luscious... Debbi! Let's give her a big hand!"

Candi smiled.

It was time for her new room mate to perform.

The lights suddenly dimmed, causing lurid red glow to
fall over the club. The audience quickly hushed as the
curtain at the back of the stage parted and Debbi
stepped out from behind it. The red lights lit her, and
the audience gave the exotic dancer an appreciative

Debbi was wearing a tight-fitting black bolero jacket.
Below the waist, however, Debbi had not done much to
conceal herself. She wore a black thong, a black garter
belt and matching thigh-high stockings. The jacket was
short, ending slightly above her waist and giving
everyone a clear view of her panties and garter set.
Debbi's small feet were in a pair of black spiked high-
heels. Her blonde hair, very long and pretty, flowed
down her neck and shoulders in stylish waves.

Debbi looked stunning, and Candi's eyes widened as she
took in the stripper's amazing figure. Like Candi,
Debbi was curvier than average. The big blonde was
little taller than Candi, but equally as lush. Debbi's
narrow waist bloomed out into wide hips and thick, sexy
thighs that tapered down to strong calves. But Debbi's
most impressive feature was her chest. Even though
Debbi's breasts were concealed by the jacket, Candi
could tell they were truly huge!

A loud rock-music song suddenly filled the strip club
over the speaker system. The crowd cheered at the
catchy tune and then the stripper began her routine.

Debbi twitched her wide hips in a seductive manner as
she walked toward the center of the stage. On the way
she spun around in a full circle, and in the process,
unbuttoned the short black bolero jacket and flashed
her enormous breasts to the audience.

Debbi stepped to the very front of the stage, and
gyrated her hips to the wild music. She turned to the
right and danced, then to the left. She turned and
walked back to the center of the stage, then faced the
crowd with a huge smile. She flashed her huge breasts,
this time even more quickly than before, and continued
strutting and prancing around.

Two quick spins were followed with three more flashes,
all in a row. The crowd roared with appreciation when
she finally took the jacket off, placing it over her
shoulder. Her breasts were simply astounding: huge and
pear-shaped, and capped by a perfect pair of big perky
nipples. If Candi's breasts were huge, then Debbi's
were enormous. To Candi they looked as large as big
watermelons! Bigger, maybe!

As Candi watched the scene before her, she began to
feel her clit tingle. Candi was a confirmed nympho and
she often got excited by watching the other girls
dance. But watching this new blonde bombshell was
making Candi almost as horny as when she thought about
Rex. Maybe having a room-mate wasn't such a bad idea!

A couple of the customers got up from their seats and
went over to the stage. They held up wads of money in
their hands. Debbi immediately noticed them and she
strutted over to one, throwing the short jacket down
behind her.

Debbi bumped and weaved to the music in front of the
man. He was quickly joined by three other fans, all
with money in their hands. The stripper continued
grinding to the beat while graciously allowing the men
to tuck their tips into her garter. After giving them a
smile and a wink, she spun on a high-heel and went back
to the middle of the stage.

Smiling for the most of the performance thus far, Candi
finally reached into her purse and pulled out a clip of
money. The move did not go unnoticed by Debbi. Debbi
glanced in Candi's direction for an instant, then went
back to concentrating on her routine.

Debbi's blonde hair whipped about wildly as the final
chorus of the song approached. She leaned back and
swiftly slipped down, onto her knees. The stripper
crawled on her hands and knees to the left side of the
stage where she received more tips. She crawled to the
front and was awarded with five more tips. Then Debbi
crawled to the right, rolling her big hips as she did
so. But instead of crawling over to the group which had
assembled on that side, she instead went directly to
where Candi was sitting.

Candi smiled up at her, and Debbi returned it.

Candi pulled a few bills out of her clip and handed
them to Debbi. The blonde stripper took the wad of cash
-- it was $300! Debbi looked at it for a second,
stunned, and then remembered that she had to finish her
dance. She watched as Candi grinned warmly and
continued to sip her drink as though nothing had
happened. Finally, the busty blonde twirled over to the
final group which had assembled for her, and collected
the last round of tips.

The song came to a close and the stripper stood up,
glancing back down at Candi, bewildered. The generous
tip was a complete shock to her.

"Let's give a big hand to Debbi, for a great debut
performance!" the emcee announced, and the crowd
offered a rousing ovation.

That brought Debbi out of her thoughts and she smiled
and waved to the audience. She picked up her jacket and
blew a kiss to the crowd as they continued to cheer and
whistle their approval. Debbi blew another kiss, and
yet another, before finally tossing the jacket over her
shoulder and walking off the stage, behind the curtain.

Once she was out of the audience's view Debbi put the
jacket on and quickly walked to her dressing room.
Debbi was still shocked at the cash she held in her
hand. She was completely dumbfounded until she heard a
playful laugh at the dressing room door.

"That's to help with your first month's rent," Candi
said warmly, introducing herself. "Hi, I'm Candi."

Debbi laughed and blushed prettily.

"Oh, Hugh told me about you. I'm Debbi. But I can't
accept this money -- not after you've offered your

Debbi held the bills out, begging Candi to take it

Candi just smiled. "No way -- you earned it! You're the
hottest thing to come in here since... well, since me!"

Both girls laughed and gave each other a welcoming hug,
happy to discover they liked other immediately. From
the corner of her eye Candi saw Debbi's suitcases.
Suddenly she was eager to get home.

"Well, are you ready to go? Give me one of your bags to
carry and we'll get out of here. I live a little way
out in the country but it's a wonderful drive and we
can talk more when we get home. I hope you like my

Debbi finished changing and gathered a few things
before joining Candi outside.

"Just follow me, it's not too far," called Candi. She
hopped into her red sports car and drove off. Debbi
followed in a yellow jeep. Soon they'd passed far
beyond the outskirts of town and reached the winding
country lane that led to Candi's home.

Part 5

"Here we are," chirped Candi as the girl's cars came to
a halt.

"Looks like it's gonna rain, Debbi. Let's get inside
and I'll show you around the place. And I'll introduce
you to Rex."

Debbi's pretty face clouded a little. She liked Candi
and had been looking forward to staying in her charming
home, but at the mention of a man she began to feel

"Oh... I didn't know you had a boyfriend," Debbi
replied, trying hard to disguise her disappointment.

Candi unlocked the front door.

"Oh, Rex isn't my boyfriend. Not really anyway," Candi
replied. But before she could say more, Rex came
bounding out the front door to greet his mistress. The
faithful dog had heard Candi's voice and he rushed out
to greet her, as he always did.

Rex nuzzled Candi's plump thighs and growled happily,
his tail wagging furiously as he danced around her in

"Hi Baby! Hi Rexy Boy," Candi called. "Out of the way
now, Silly. We're trying to get in before the rain

Candi squeezed past the big German shepherd and went in
the front door.

Rex then turned his attention to the new female. His
mistress brought other females home from time to time.
They never stayed for very long, but they were always
nice to Rex, often cooing over him and lavishing him
with affection. Rex loved the attention, of course. As
far as he was concerned, a friend of his mistress was a
friend of his.

Debbi was a little afraid of dogs, and with Candi still
inside the house she was suddenly alone with Rex. Rex
was certainly not afraid of women! He trotted directly
towards his mistress's new friend, greeting her with a
few warm licks on her hand.

"Oh... uh... nice doggy," Debbi soothed. "You're not
going to bite me, are you?"

"Don't worry about Rexy, he's as sweet as they come,"
replied Candi. She had appeared back in the doorway and
beckoned Debbi forward.

"Although if you're naughty, he might just lick you to

The three of them were soon indoors and Candi gave
Debbi a quick tour of her cozy home. Candi turned Rex
loose outside and started supper while Debbi settled
into the guest bedroom. By the time supper was on the
table, Debbi had unpacked and freshened up.

Rex returned from his tour of the surrounding woods.
The sky had been getting darker as evening came on, and
the dog sensed that there would be bad weather soon.
There were many interesting scents and sights to
explore after being indoors all day, but with rain
coming it would be better to be back in the warm house,
with the delicious smells of human food and the
pleasing female voices of Candi and Debbi.

After dinner, Rex napped in Candi's bedroom while Candi
and Debbi relaxed in the living room. It had started to
rain midway through dinner and now the girls could hear
the gentle rumble of distant thunder. Candi carried a
bottle of red wine in from the kitchen and peered out a
living room window.

"Wow, it's really starting to come down out there,"
Candi said. "Let's get a fire going and light some
candles in case the power goes out."

"Oh fun!" replied Debbi, clapping her hands girlishly.
"It'll be so much cozier too. Then we can sit by the
fire and girl-talk."

"Oh, you mean about boyfriends and crushes?" Candi
giggled. "I hate to disappoint you, but right now Rex
is my main squeeze."

"Well, that makes two of us," Debbi said, smiling
warmly. "I'm through with boyfriends for a while.
That's part of the reason I moved here."

"Oh, so you do have something to girl-talk about,"
Candi laughed, returning Debbi's warm smile.

"Just another tragic tale of heartbreak," Debbi said
sighing melodramatically. "Pour me a glass of that wine
and I'll tell you about it."

A warm fire was soon crackling in the fireplace, and
the rest of the small room was lit by a few candles.
Candi and Debbi lay next to each other on an old but
comfortable quilt Candi had laid out on the carpet. The
girls drank wine and gazed into the bright flames,
chatting and laughing quietly as they shared stories of
past adventures and lost loves.

Candi turned on the stereo and as they relaxed over
their wine, quiet soulful Motown drifted through the
air of the living room. Both women were feeling relaxed
and sensual, the good wine and hot fire both warming
and cheering them.

"Ah, this is so nice!" sighed Debbi, snuggling closer
to Candi. "Thank you for letting me stay here. It's
such a sweet little house and you're such a sweet
little roommate!" Debbi leaned over and kissed Candi's

"Aw shucks," Candi joked, and blushed a little. "I'm
glad you're here -- I like you too." Candi smiled and
leaned over to plant a kiss on Debbi's cheek.

"I think I'm a little d***k," said Debbi.

"Me too," replied Candi.

The two voluptuous women smiled warmly at each other
and then giggled like school girls at a slumber party.
They watched the flames in silence for long minutes of
comfortable silence, then Candi spoke.

"I think this evening calls for a celebration -- want
to smoke a joint?" she asked.

"A joint!" Debbi exclaimed happily. "Yes, God yes!"

"I think it's gonna be a real fun night!" Candi replied
with a wink. She retrieved a small decorative wooden
box from the mantle and produced a pre-rolled joint.
Candi lit the joint, took a long toke and passed it to
her new room mate.

"Welcome," she said as she let the smoke escape from
between her lips, "to your new home."

Debbi took a drag on the joint and passed it back.
"Thanks Honey," she said. "Wow... it's been forever
since I've gotten high."

Candi grinned. "Me too. I usually save it for special

The first part was a bit of a lie, but the second part
was definitely true, Candi thought. She took another
long drag and passed the joint back to Debbi.

Soon the pungent sweetness of the smoke hung heavily in
the air and both girls experienced the lighthearted,
sensual glow of good marijuana. Debbi turned on her
back and gazed up at the ceiling, watching the smoke
slowly swirl around the room. It seemed to twist and
drift to the soft music, intertwining with the notes.
Debbie giggled.

"Wow, this is good stuff. I'm high already."

"Me too, roomie," Candi replied and then laughed along
with Debbi.

"I'm watching the smoke dance to the music," giggled

"I've been watching the flames dance to the music,"
Candi replied.

The girls giggled and passed the joint between them
again. After a few minutes Candi turned toward Debbi.

"Speaking of dancing," she said, "that was some
performance you gave tonight. They're gonna be lining
up outside the Kit Kat in no time!"

Debbi was delighted. "Oh stop," she said. "They're
already lining up to come see you, according to Hugh."

"Well... your act really got the crowd going -- me
included!" said Candi, closing her eyes. In her pot-
enhanced mind she imagined Debbi dancing, her huge
breasts swaying slowly to the song on the stereo. Candi
felt her clit begin to tingle.

Debbi was thrilled. She smiled warmly at the

"And then you go and give me a big wad of cash! For a
tip like that I owe you a private dance."

Candi squirmed closer to Debbi. "Oh, I hope you're not
teasing! I'd love to see you dance again!"

Debbi blushed and dared to whisper what was on her
mind: "Really? Well, how about right now? I'd love to
do it for you, Candi."

Candi swallowed, her mouth dry. The girl's noses were
now only inches apart.

"I'd love it," Candi said, her voice low, "but I have
to warn you... pot makes me really horny."

"Me too," replied Debbi, her voice meaningful. She
kissed Candi playfully on the lips and got to her feet.

"I think I'll get into something more comfortable,"
Debbi whispered saucily. "Why don't you pour us some
wine and I'll be right back." The busty blonde turned,
disappearing down the short hallway and into her

Part 6

Candi could scarcely believe her luck. She filled the
wine glasses and moved to the couch that faced the
fireplace to await Debbi's return. As Candi was about
to sit down, an exciting thought flashed through her
mind: why didn't she get into something comfortable

The voluptuous brunette slipped into her bedroom,
moving about quietly so she wouldn't wake Rex. A minute
later she returned to sit on the couch, dressed only in
a sheer red camisole and matching thong panties.
Candi's wide brown nipples poked through the see-
through material as they stiffened with excitement. She
settled back to wait for Debbi's return.

Candi took a long drink from her wine glass. As she
swallowed the last of the wine, Debbi returned to the
living room. The big blonde emerged slowly from the
gloom of the hallway, the mellow red glow of the fire
illuminating every full curve of her voluptuous body.

Candi was awestruck at the sight of Debbi, who now
looked as hot and as sinfully sexy as she possibly
could. The busty blonde wore a white lace bra and panty
set and matching stockings. On her pretty feet was a
pair of tall white platform heels. The thin bra barely
contained her huge, heavenly breasts and offered a
clear view of her juicy, plump nipples just underneath

Candi's heart was pounding as she gazed at the luscious
woman standing before her.

"You're going to dance for me?" she breathed,
swallowing another gulp of wine. Her whole body was
alive with heated, intense arousal.

"Yes, I am," the seductress replied, the excitement
level in her sultry voice readily apparent. "Now, be a
good girl and take a seat on the edge of the couch for

Candi smiled and quickly complied with her beautiful
room mate's request.

"Remember the number one rule of lap dancing, Candi,"
Debbi teased, stepping forward. "No touching -- unless
you really want to."

The top-heavy blonde took another step forward and
offered Candi a beguiling smile. An instant later, she
cupped and squeezed her fabulous breasts with both
hands, their flesh rolling underneath her touch.

Debbi's face came alive as she purred, "Do you want me
to dance for you, Candi?"

Unable to speak, Candi eagerly nodded her head.

"Good," Debbie sighed, her remarkable body starting to
sway and wriggle about in a sensual dance.

Debbi turned her back and gyrated her shapely ass,
sexily framed by her white garters, before spinning
back around. Debbi then placed both hands upon her head
and swayed her hips forward once again, her big breasts
jiggling and bouncing about within the confines of her
lacey bra. She trailed both hands down to those big
breasts and cupped them for a second time, then
massaged them.

"I like showing off my body," she said, being coy. "Do
you like my body, Candi?"

"Oh God... you know I do, Debbi. You're so gorgeous,"
replied Candi.

"Ohhhhh, you're so sweet" the blonde purred, now
hooking her left leg over Candi's right knee and
straddling her there. Debbi's lush body bounced about
in that position for several seconds, but then she
moved her leg and stood straight up once more.

"You like my nice, big breasts?" Debbi asked, as she
continued to mash and maul them with her hands. Candi
nodded as she added, "Would you like to see my breasts,
Candi? Do you think you would like that?"

"Yes," Candi replied quickly, her pussy about to melt.
Candi could not believe how erotic this woman was as
she bumped and weaved her body about before her. Debbi
unsnapped her lacey white bra in front. The hot blonde
then pulled its cups outward, baring her huge, glorious
breasts for Candi. Debbi tossed the bra aside, then
moaned as she openly massaged and fondled her naked
breasts with both hands.

Debbi brought a finger to her mouth, then turned her
back and giggled. "Like my big ass?" she asked, her
hips slowly undulating in a wicked manner. She bent
over slightly and then eased back onto Candi's lap.
Debbi squirmed her plump bottom on Candi's lap, causing
the brunette's clit to swell and thrum between her
thighs. Candi knew someone else who would like Debbi's
ass too!

Debbi continued to wiggle upon Candi. The blonde slowly
turned side-saddle, then leaned down to embrace Candi
and place a hot kiss on her full lips.

"Sorry... I just can't help myself," Debbi whispered.
She blushed.

Whatever shock Candi felt was quickly overpowered by
her boiling lust.

"Oh Debbi... don't apologize."

Now the horny women were regarding one another with
open and obvious speculation. It was Debbi who made the

"Maybe we should kiss more," she said, her voice husky.

The busty blonde lowered her eyes and blushed a pretty
pink. Then she glanced up again to see how Candi had
taken it.

"Ooo yeah... we should," Candi said, squirming in
Debbi's embrace.

"Have you ever done it with a girl?" Debbi asked.

"I've thought about it a lot," Candi whispered.

"Me too. It'll be wonderful," Debbi whispered in
Candi's ear.

Erotic heat flowed between the blonde and brunette like
an electric current, and they pulled each other closer,
confirming a shared desire.

Debbi pulled Candi even closer and kissed her full on
the lips.

"Let's lay down again, next to the fire," she said.

Part 7

Both Candi and Debbi had often wondered what it would
be like to make love to a woman. Now they were about to
find out. Things had worked out just right on this
magical night, and the prospects were exciting.

They knelt down together. Debbi's hands rested on
Candi's narrow waist and their lips brushed together.
They were both breathing hard and smiling warmly with
expectation, sharing a certainty that this was going to
be a real thrill. They lay down on the floor. The
patchwork quilt was large and thick, and warmed by the
nearby fire.

"You're making my mouth water," Candi giggled as she
gazed at Debbi's voluptuous body.

Those words excited Debbi. She wanted to really turn
her new friend on. Thrusting her belly out and tilting
her crotch up, she used her fingers to slowly spread
her pussy lips open, revealing her dark inner flesh,
glistening with juice.

"Ooooooh..." Candi purred.

"Like it, Candi?"

"You look yummy."

"You can eat it, baby," Debbi whispered. "Then I'll eat
your pussy, too. Ohhhh, I'm drooling for a taste of
your sweet pussy!"

Candi was dizzy with desire. She began to lick at
Debbi's belly button and to run her hands up the
insides of her plump thighs. Debbi's pussy steamed in
her face. Candi was about to bury her face in the
blonde's soaking cunt and start sucking immediately,
but then Debbi shifted to the side. Debbi wanted to
linger over a little foreplay before they got down to

She was hot to suck Candi's brown nipples first. She
cupped Candi's fat tit in her hand, feeling her nipple
stiffen in her palm. She pulled on the hot tip, causing
the sexy brunette to gasp. Candi cupped her own tits in
her hands, lifting the fleshy globes and deepening the
soft cleavage.

"Suck my tits, honey," she moaned.

Debbi dropped her head and sucked a fat nipple between
her lips. She mouthed the brunette's areola hungrily,
her hot tongue darting over it, then switched across to
the other huge breast.

"Ummm, I love your wide nipples" she purred.

She ran her tongue up Candi's cleavage, circling over
her fat breasts, then returning to her nipples. Candi
was massaging Debbi's huge tits with both hands. The
women squirmed together, belly to belly. Both of their
pussies were oozing now.

As she suckled Candi's fat nipples, Debbi slid her hand
down and cupped Candi's juicy cunt, squeezing and
rubbing. Candi gurgled with the joy of it. Debbi slid
her middle finger up Candi's hot pussy and the big
brunettes internal muscles sucked on it. This was the
first time that Debbi had ever played with a pussy
other than her own, and it thrilled her to feel that
steaming, soaking handful pulse and throb.

It would be lovely to make her cream, Debbi thought.

But the big blonde didn't want to waste a climax on her
hand -- she wanted to save the juicy treat for her
mouth. She was enjoying licking Candi's tits so much
that it was making her even hungrier for a taste of

Debbi's fingers squished up between Candi's pussy lips.
Candi shuddered and squirmed, then slid her own hand
down and began to finger Debbi's pussy in turn. Debbi
raised her head and the two horny women kissed on the
lips, swapping tongues back and forth, their bodies
buzzing with wine and pot and lust.

Candi dropped her face and began to suck on Debbi's
huge tits. The girls continued to finger-fuck each
other, slowly working themselves up to a delicious
frenzy. The fire glowed and crackled behind them,
casting erotic flickering shadows on the living room

"Uuuuummm," Candi cooed around Debbi's nipple. "Your
tits are so big! I wish I had a hard cock to fuck them

As Candi said this an image floated up into her mind:
Rex's long hard erection, pulsing and pumping between
Debbi's tits. Candi shuddered with delight at the
erotic fantasy.

"Oooo, I love tittyfucking!" Debbi moaned, sending
another hot thrill through Candi. "Aaaah, you're
sucking my tits so good. My nipples are tingling!"

Debbi drew her hand up from Candi's crotch. Her hand
was sticky with pussy-juice. She brought it to her
lips, licked at her fingers, then pushed them into her
mouth and sucked on them as if they were a prick. Candi
watched in fascination as her friend tasted her juices.
Candi brought her own hand up and lapped Debbi's pussy
nectar from it. Both girls had often licked their
fingers when they were finger-fucking themselves, but
it was far more exciting to taste another girl's

"Yummy," Debbi purred.

Her appetite was really aroused now. Debbi pushed Candi
down onto the quilt. Candi was as hungry for pussy as
Debbi was, but she was willing to wait her turn. She
drew her knees up and parted her thighs. Her crotch was
awash with cream. Debbi gazed at the delicious-looking
pussy, licking her lips, her blue eyes glowing with

"Lick me, Debbi," Candi moaned. "Suck my pussy!"

Debbi moved closer. She could feel the intense heat of
Candi's pussy on her face. She pushed her tongue out
and tapped it lightly against Candi's swollen clit. The
plump brunette gasped. Debbie drew back for a moment,
savoring her first taste of pussy. Then she leaned in
again and started to tongue furiously, lapping up the
brunette's parted lips and over her clit. Her flashing
tongue sprayed cunt-juice up from Candi's soaking

"Ummm... ummmm," she sighed as she tongued.

"Oh God!" Candi moaned with the joy of it.

Debbi had been using only her tongue to begin with. Now
she puckered her lips to Candi's pussy-lips and began
to suck voraciously, fairly inhaling the hot juices
that flowed out. Candi squirmed and writhed about on
the quilt, her pelvis jerking and her soft belly
heaving. She kept gasping, "God, oh, God!"

Debbi had gone crazy now, truly enjoying the delicious
pussy she was sucking. Candi's lush thighs closed over
Debbi's face, as if to clamp her in a velvet vise. Then
Candi threw her legs open wide again -- Debbi needed no
vise to hold her right where she was. Her mouth seemed
to be glued to Candi's crotch. Her tongue was flashing
as far up Candi's pussy as it would reach and her lips
were clamped over her plump lips.

Candi's legs slowly bicycled in the air. She arched her
back deeply. Debbi cupped her plump bottom in both
hands, holding her hips as if Candi's pussy were a
glass which she was draining to the last sweet drop.

"Come," she urged, the word muffled on Candi's pussy.
"Come for me!"

"Yes... yes... get me off!" Candi wailed.

The thrill had started to ripple across her belly and
to run up her thighs like an electric current. The
waves came faster and higher and closer together, until
they were melting into one high crest, crashing
savagely into her groin.

"I'm cumming!" she cried.

Candi's pussy melted and a trickle of sweet cunt-juice
gushed into Debbi's hungry mouth. Her tongue was
floating in the hot nectar and it cascaded down her
throat. Debbi was enjoying Candi's creamy climax every
bit as much as Candi was. The big blonde was rubbing
her whole face around in the dark-haired beauty's
melting pussy. Her lips were wide open, sucking the
sweet fuck cream out, and her tongue slapped wildly up
the woman's pussy. Her hands hauled on Candi's big ass,
pulling her tighter.

Another spasm shook Candi. Debbi could actually feel
the waves of Candi's climax flutter through her pussy
and throb in her clit. Debbi switched from Candi's
pussy to her clit, sucking steadily and with great
concentration on that pulsing nugget of flesh, bringing
her off again and again. Then Debbi moved her mouth
back to the brunette's flooded pussy and parted her
lips wide, mouthing the whole pussy.

Finally the thrill began to ebb.

Candi stopped thrashing about, a dreamy smile on her
face. Debbi continued to lick and suck, wanting more,
having turned into an avid pussy-licker with the first
taste. She was sucking more gently now and licking with
light strokes. Candi reached down and she placed her
hand alongside Debbi's flushed cheek, a gesture of
gratitude for the pleasure that the woman's hot tongue
had delivered to her cunt.

Debbi raised her head, gazing up at Candi's face. When
she saw how happy Candi looked, Debbi smiled with equal
contentment. Then she dropped her face back into
Candi's shaved pussy and started licking again. Debbi
knew that Candi had finished coming and that she could
stop now, that she could now have the pleasure of
Candi's tongue. And yet Debbi was reluctant to stop
mouthing the sweet pussy, even though her own blonde
cunt was steaming, needing attention. Debbi was willing
to forsake her own pussy in favor of Candi's tasty

But Candi had other ideas. Now that her pussy was
satisfied, Candi found that her mouth was really
hungering for the other half of the act, watering for
Debbi's juicy pussy. If she had ever doubted the fact
that she would enjoy licking a pussy, she no longer
did. Debbi's pleasure had been very evident, proving
what a treat it was to eat out a pussy.

"Debbi... come up here now," Candi whispered.

Part 8

Debbi gave Candi's cunt a last slurp and then moved up
the quilt, a bit reluctant to stop feasting on Candi's
delicious pussy, but also happy at the prospect of
getting her own pussy tongued off. Debbi had discovered
a carnal law the reverse of the one that Candi had just
discovered - that with her mouth and tongue satisfied,
her cunt was smoldering for attention.

Debbi slid into Candi's arms and the two women kissed
passionately. Candi could taste her own pussy-juice on
Debbi's lips and it made her mouth water. She pushed
her tongue into the blonde girl's mouth and Debbi
sucked on it, just as she had been sucking on Candi's
clit. She gently rolled Debbi onto her back, kissing
her passionately, then began to work her way down the
woman's lush and curvaceous body. She sucked Debbi's
big nipples and tongued up her deep cleavage. She
lingered over her belly button for a moment, then moved
down to her shaved pubic mound.

She moved lower, bypassing Debbi's pussy, and began to
tongue up the insides of the woman's thighs. Debbi was
writhing about wildly, jabbing her pelvis down with
frenzied jerks, wanting Candi to lick her hot pussy.
Candi ran her tongue up the crease where Debbi's thigh
met her pelvis, licking parallel with her cunt but not
yet making that vital contact. She was teasing Debbi,
of course, and teasing herself, as well, for her tongue
and lips hungered for pussy-juice.

"Suck me... oh, God... suck my pussy!" Debbi begged.

She raised her ass right up off the floor, her back
arching, offering her soaking pussy to Candi's lips.
Sweet nectar was pulsing from her pussy and flowing
down her crotch in a rivulet of cream. Candi gave a
little whimper of passion and moved her head sideways,
tongue out, slurping across Debbi's open pussy. Then
she tongued upward, stirring her tongue through the
juicy flood.

Debbi moaned and began to pant. Candi gurgled with joy.
Her first taste of pussy had proved as wonderful as she
had expected it to be. Candi drove her hot tongue up
Debbi's plump pussy as deep as it would go. She wished
her tongue were longer and fatter, wished that she had
a cock in her mouth instead of a tongue. Her lips
clamped on Debbi's clit, sucking voraciously. She
lapped at Debbi's fat lips and sucked the hot juice out
of her gushing pussy.

"Ummm... ummm, ummmm..." she purred, as her hungry
mouth filled up with Debbi's cunt-juice.

Candi knew that she was doing the job well because
Debbi was crying out with the ecstasy of it and
churning madly about, working her hot pussy around in
Candi's face and on Candi's stabbing tongue.

Candi used her fingers to spread Debbi's pussy-lips
wide open and slapped her tongue up the woman's gaping
pussy slot. Sweet nectar sprayed out. She fitted her
lips to Debbi's open pussy and sucked, filling her
mouth with juice. She pushed three stiff fingers up
Debbi's pussy, finger-fucking her while she sucked on
her throbbing fuck button.
Candi felt as if her mouth was coming. Her tongue was
tingling and her saliva flowed like cunt- juice.

"Come," she whimpered, the word muffled on Debbi's
pussy. "Come for my tongue, baby!"

Candi was desperate to feel Debbi's orgasm flood into
her cum-hungry mouth. She continued to finger- fuck
Debbi's pussy, driving in to the knuckles, while she
tongued and sucked on her clit. Her other hand moved
under Debbi and she began to finger her asshole, gently
probing up the woman's taut brown bud. Debbi gasped and
jerked. Candi raised Debbi's pelvis higher and ran her
tongue up the crack of the busty blonde's ass, then
began to rim out her asshole. Debbi wailed and humped,
thrilled to feel her friend's hot tongue toying with
her anus.

"Lick my asshole, Candi!" she wailed. "Oooo, it's so

Candi licked Debbi's asshole thoroughly, then moved
back to her pussy. She clamped her lips over the
woman's plump, juicy pussy and sucked ravenously,
stirring her tongue around up inside the big blonde's
flooded snatch.

"Cream, Debbi!" she urged. "Feed me, fuck my tongue!"

Debbi pumped away on Candi's face, moaning loudly, her
body heaving and vibrating. She felt as if Candi's
tongue were an electric plug stuck up her socket,
galvanizing her. The rippling thrills built to the

"Ohhhhh! I'm creaming!" she wailed. "I'm cumming!"

Her juices poured out, and Candi swallowed them
hungrily, greedily sucking for more. She milked Debbi's
pussy dry, then tongued up the juice from her crotch
and from the crack of her chubby ass. At long last,
Debbi stopped grinding and lay still, panting. Candi
took a last slurp on her pussy, then moved up and lay
in her arms. They kissed again, not passionately this
time, but affectionately, each showing appreciation and

"It was good, wasn't it?" Debbi murmured.

"God, yes - I love sucking your pussy."

"I'm glad that we did it, Candi. We can do it a lot
from now on, can't we?" Debbi asked.

"Ummmm... every day if you like."

The two sexy women smiled warmly at each other and then
lay back on the quilt. The fire had died down into a
glowing bed of hot coals, bathing the two lush beauties
in a mellow red glow. The low light was very erotic,
casting both of their bodies in deep curving shadows
that made their breasts and hips even more voluptuous,
their legs even more lush and curvaceous.

"Oh, that was sooo good!" Candi sighed.

"It was delicious!" Debbi replied and the big blonde
snuggled closer to her room mate. "You've got the
sweetest pussy", she whispered in Candi's ear.

"Oh, you really are a dirty girl, aren't you?" Candi
teased, turning to face the sexy blonde. She leaned
forward and kissed Debbi long and slow. "You're making
me horny all over again."

Their bodies slowly entwined once again as their lips
joined. The girls kissed each other deeply and
passionately. Soon they were squirming against each
other as their horniness overcame them again.

"You're right. I am a dirty girl," cooed Debbi as their
lips finally parted. "And I think I need to make love
with you again."

Candi was aching for cock. And now her stoned mind came
up with a deliciously naughty solution. She squirmed
closer to Debbi, playing with the blonde's nipples as
she whispered:

"Do you want to do something even kinkier?"

"Oh God... I do, I do!" moaned Debbi. Her nipples sent
flickers of sexy fire down to her swollen clit and her
pussy was getting juicy again.

"I'll tell you a very dirty secret, Debbi" Candi hissed
excitedly. "But first you need to get higher. Then if
you think it's disgusting you might not remember
tomorrow. You'll just think it was some depraved

"Oh, I hope it's really dirty!, whispered Debbi
excitedly. "Yeah, let's get really high and then you
can tell me. And then we can fool around again!"

Candi produced another joint from her little box and
passed it to Debbi. The blonde took a long toke before
passing it back to the brunette. They gazed into each
other's eyes and slowly passed the joint between them.
Potent pot smoke hung in a haze above them and soon
both girls felt another wave of magical sexy warmth
envelope them both.

Now Debbi's interest was really aroused. "Let's hear it
Candi. I love you and you can tell me anything. I love
sexy secrets!"

Candi smiled sexily. She was already blushing. She
leaned over closer to the blond as she spoke.

"Sometimes, when I'm feeling really horny," she said
softly. "I fool around with Rexy!"

As soon as Debbi heard Candi's secret, she felt a
lovely heat begin building down between her legs. The
sensation was heightened by the strong marijuana and
her mind whirled with erotic images. As Candi's words
sunk in Debbi thought of Candi and Rex together: the
vision that came to her was deliciously exciting!

"Oh, Candi... really?" Debbi whispered. "I love it!
What do you... do?"

Candi felt her pussy begin to glow. She was relieved
that Debbi was excited, and her relief bloomed into an
even deeper desire to make love with Debbi again. The
soft red glow of the embers caused Debbi's huge breasts
and lush thighs to form lovely, mysterious shadows. But
Candi's excitement was also due to the fact that she
knew Debbi wanted to hear about her and Rex, and with
this in mind she let her voice drop to a low, husky

"When I'm really horny", Candi began, "I let Rex lick
my pussy. He licks me so good with his big long wet
tongue. He really loves it. He gets me so hot I cream
every time."

Debbi couldn't help but moan. "Ohhh," she sighed. "That
sounds so exciting..."

She eased herself back alongside Candi, lying full
length on the quilt now and letting one of her hands
drift down to the soft pink flesh of her plump pussy.
With her middle finger she began caressing the outer
lips. The pot had increased her awareness so that every
touch of her finger sent shimmers of excitement from
her pussy all over her lush body.

"Tell me more, Candi," Debbi purred. "Please... tell me
about how you do it."

Candi couldn't take his eyes off of her friend's ripe,
full body. The candlelight was catching her just right.
Her big nipples were erect with need; her flesh was so
smooth and kissable... she reached down while she
looked at her and, as she spoke, she stroked her hot

"When I'm really horny, I put on some lace stocking and
high heels. Then I sit on my bed and call Rex into my
bedroom. Then I spread my legs and I let him lick my
pussy until I have a big juicy come," Candi whispered

"Oooo... that's so sexy. What else?"

"I let him lick my tits, too." Candi confessed. "He
always gets a big boner so I have to jerk him off. He
squirts his jizz all over me -- all over my thighs or
my tits. He loves it and so do I!"

Debbi groaned again. Her fingers moved faster around
the syrupy wetness of her cunt.

"You let him come on you?!" the blonde stripper gasped.
"Ooohh... hot doggy sperm! That's soooo naughty!"

The big blonde swirled her tongue in Candi's ear as she
purred. "Candi... did you ever... do other things?
Candi, does he... does fuck you?"

Candi moaned with erotic need. "Yes. He fucks me a
lot," she whispered.

Maybe it was the pot, maybe it was the seductive beauty
of Candi's body in the dim light, or maybe it was the
thrill of hearing Candi's doggy-sex secret, but right
at that moment Debbi became hotter than she'd ever been
in her life. She slid her arms around Candi and the two
stoned women kissed long and slow, both of their
pussies bubbling with hot need.

"I want to watch," Debbi husked in the big brunette's
ear. "I want to watch your doggy fuck you."

Part 9

"Here, boy!" Candi called, her voice low. "Wake up,

Rex awoke and raised his head, one ear cocked. His
nostrils twitched as the fragrance of hot pussy drifted
into the bedroom on the haze of pot smoke. His amber
eyes glowed and his cock began to instantly elongate
and stiffen. He took one tentative step and paused.

"C'mon, boy--hot pussy!" Candi called. She heard Cindy
gasp behind her and grinned. "Come and get it!" she

My God, she's really gonna do it, Debbi realized. And
at the realization, the stoned blonde began to get even
hotter. Fucking with an a****l was depraved, she knew--
but it was all the more exciting because of that.

Rex growled and came slinking out of the bedroom. He
slithered through the doorway like a wolf stalking a
juicy sheep. He was squirming with anticipation, fully
aware of what the summons from his naked, plump
mistress meant. He was aware, too, of the sweet scent
of a second hot cunt in the room and gave Debbi a
glance. His sensitive nostrils were assailed from all
angles. He trotted over to Candi's abandoned thong
panties and sniffed at them, then ran his long red
tongue up the sodden crotch-band.

Debbi squirmed when she saw that the dog's prick was
swelling. She felt as if she were in some wildly erotic
dream, as if it couldn't be really happening. As she
stared at the German shepherd, the long hard shaft of
his naked erection came sliding out the front of the
furry sheath. That red boner was so glossy that it
seemed to have been polished. Behind his long shaft,
his balls were already swelling like balloons about to

Candi crawled over to the couch and beckoned Debbi to
follow. The plump beauties sat down next to each other.
Candi's ass perched on the edge and her long legs
trailing to the floor. Her lush thighs were parted. She
gave Debbi a wink and patted her hot cunt mound.

Rex looked up, the panties trailing from his jaw. Then
he let the panties drop. He growled and came trotting
over with his prick swinging under him. The doggy
thrust his head in between Candi's smooth thighs, his
nose twitching, following the delicious scent. The
black button of his nose tapped against the woman's
clit and she shuddered at the contrast between that
cold nose and her steaming- hot clit. She slid her
hands down and drew her cunt-lips open, exposing the
dark inner folds, streaked with nectar. The dog whined
and his tongue came out.

Rex began to lap at Candi's soaking pussy and tingling

"Aaahh, lick me Rexy," she sighed.

Debbi was gaping at this scene. She knew that she
should be repelled by such depravity, yet she was
fascinated instead. Her nipples stood out on her huge
pear-shaped tits and her pussy was simmering. Rex ran
his long, nimble tongue up Candi's cunt-lips, slurping
at the pink folds. She squirmed ecstatically, her ass
grinding on the edge of the couch.

The dog lapped at her clit and Candi moaned with
pleasure at the wet strokes. Then the horny hound
stabbed his pliable tongue right up inside her pussy.
It fucked in and out and Candi shuddered. As the dog's
tongue flipped out of her pussy, cunt juice sprayed
out, splattering her belly.

Debbi's eyes were glued to Candi's crotch, watching the
dog's red tongue glide up the woman's coral pink,
cream-filled pussy. Juice poured onto the brute's
tongue, dripping from the edges. Inspired by that
delicious flow, the doggy began to pant, his hot breath
billowing between Candi's lush thighs. Her stiff clit
buzzed as a ribbon of pussy cream ran down her crotch
and soaked into the cleft of her plump ass.

Rex ducked down to lap the cunt cream up. Candi hiked
her ass higher, tilting her pelvis, and the sex-hungry
b**st began to tongue her all the way from her asshole
to her clit with long, slurping strokes. His head went
up and down like a rocking horse. That fat red lapper
slid up between the jiggling cheeks of Candi's big ass
and stirred through her open lips, then flipped over
her clit and ran on onto her shaven pussy mound.

Debbi's pussy was on fire. Thrilled by the sexy couple,
she eased two fingers into her wet pussy, stirring the
lust within. Candi took note of this from the corners
of her eye, and she smiled.

"You love it, don't you, boy?" she whispered. "You love
to lick my hot pussy."

Rex was slapping his tongue up her pussy with gusto,
whining and whimpering with the joy of it. Candi hooked
her knee around the dog's back and slipped her foot
under him. She began to run her toes up and down his
throbbing boner. Her toes tickled the dog's bloated
balls, then
slid his hot shaft. The dog's cock was pounding like a

"Aaaah... his cock's so hot, Debbi", Candi moaned.
"Sometimes I can't resist and I jerk him off with my
feet. It feels so naughty when his jizz squirts between
my toes."

Debbi's gaze moved back and forth. She stared at Rex's
cock and balls, at his tongue, at Candi's flowing cunt,
thrilled by the sights and the sounds of bestial lust.
Debbi was thrilled to see Candi's toes glistening with
doggy pre-cum as they tickled and teased Rex's boner.
Candi's hips began to jolt rhythmically, jabbing
against the dog's muzzle in a fucking motion. Her pussy
juices were flowing heavier than ever, and hotter. Rex
was going frantic now, as Candi's approaching orgasm
increased the flavor of her pussy juice, driving him
wild with bestial lust. His tongue fucked in, stirred
up the creamy bowl and flipped over her hot clit.

"Ummmm--I'm gonna cream," Candi purred. "I'm gonna come
on the dog's fucking tongue, Debbi!"

"Ooooh," Debbi whimpered. She wished she had a dog to
lick her pussy too!

Candi's face was a mask of lust, eyes narrowed, lips
parted. Her eyelashes fluttered and she jerked as the
first wave of pleasure rushed across her heaving loins.
Her pussy felt like a burning ember between her thighs
and only the dog's wet tongue could douse that fire.
Her clit stood out, vibrating. Rex lapped her clit, his
tongue slurping out of her soaking pussy lips as it
flipped up to her clit. Candi gave the dog's prick a
last stroke with her toes, then unwrapped her legs from
around the cunt-hungry brute, wanting to concentrate on
her own climax -- Rex would get his in due course.

Candi raised her legs straight above her, crossing them
at the ankles and pointing her pretty toes at the
ceiling. Her big bottom balled out for the dog as her
plump thighs squeezed her swollen pussy lips together.
Her hips shot out from side to side and her belly
pumped up and down. The waves were ripping through her
faster, nearing the crest, blending into one foaming
peak. The dog's tongue slurped steadily up between her
thighs, and Candi shuddered and vibrated, gasping and

"Ohhhhh--I'm fucking creaming!" the stoned stripper

Rex yelped as the hot cunt juice poured onto his nimble
lapper. Candi's pussy melted and her rich, succulent
pussy nectar gushed out, pouring onto his taste buds.
Her fragrant scent filled his nostrils, adding another
dimension to the dog's delight.

Spasm after spasm shook the doggy lover and more pussy
cream flooded out with each jolting peak. Debbi
whimpered as she watched her new room mate cream and
envied her that joy. The final spasm shook the dark-
haired beauty. She moaned and sighed. She rolled her
head on the back onto the couch, a dreamy smile turning
up the corners of her sensual mouth.

Rex continued to lap away dutifully, milking out the
last creamy flow from that tasty pussy. His throat
pulsed as he gobbled the delicious stuff down. Then he
began to lick up the stray pussy juice from the insides
of her thighs and out of the crack of her ass.

"God, that was sooooo good," Candi sighed.

She turned to Cindy with a mischievous glance.

"Well?" she asked.

Rex had lapped up all the errant cunt juice from her
crotch and ass and thighs, and now he raised his head,
looking at his mistress just as she had gazed at Cindy,
with an inquiring look.

Candi stroked Rex's head. She hooked her knee over the
German Shepherd's broad back and began to rub her foot
up and down on his prick again. The long, thick dog-
cock was humming like a tuning

"Well?" she said again.

"Oh, God--I'm so hot! I can't believe it!" Cindy

"I'm so glad, Debbi" Candi replied. "Now it's time to
take care of his big boner!"

Part 10

Debbi watched Candi's foot rub the dog's cock and
balls. His piss-hole was parted and moist, pre-cum
bubbling out. Debbi gazed at his throbbing cockhead,
imagining what it would be like when his jism came
squirting out in frothy jets. The sight caused her
pussy to overflow, and a drop of pussy juice slid down
her creamy thigh like a pearl on velvet.

Then Candi took her foot away. Giving Debbi a sideways
glance, pleased by her room mate's fascination, Candi
patted the couch.

Rex was no novice at this game. He gave a happy,
excited yelp and bounded up, one forepaw on either side
of Candi's wide hips and his hind legs on the floor.
His long prick loomed out over the stripper's belly.
His haunches bunched with muscle, then humped, driving
his cock against her stomach. A drop of precum dripped
from the tip and ran into Candi's belly button. The
blob was still connected to his meaty cockhead by a
gossamer thread of jism.

Debbi squealed with pleasure and squirmed her hips

"Yeah," Candi said, reading the girl's mind accurately.
"I'm really gonna let him fuck me, Debbi."

Candi squirmed down and thrust her big tits up. The
dog's bubbling cockhead slid against her nipple. Then
he humped again, sliding his erection up into her
cleavage, fucking her between her tits. His prick had
left a slippery trail of cum up her stomach as the
doggy cock nudged into the soft cleft of her cleavage.

"Rexy loves big titties," Candi husked. "I bet he'd
love to jizz all over yours, Debbie."

Debbi felt as if she were going to faint. Every nerve
in her body was tingling. And the thought of having
that long doggy cock pumping and throbbing between her
own huge breasts was almost too exciting to imagine.
Erotic butterflies tumbled in her belly.

Candi let the horny dog fuck her tits for a few moments
longer, then she reached down with both hands. She
cupped his bloated balls in one hand and folded the
other around the thick root of his prick. She levered
his cock down, so that his prick-knob slid across her
soft belly. Squirming, Candi slid upward and pulled the
dog's cock down further.

Holding his prick by the knot, the plump beauty began
to move the tip of his cock up and down in her steaming
pussy, using his prick like a dildo between her swollen
pussy lips and against her

"Oooooh--he's so hot and hard," she murmured. "What a
lovely boner he's got for me tonight."

Rex's hard red dog-cock was sliding up and down through
Candi's pink cunt-lips and brushing over her clit as,
tilting her wrist, she levered his cockmeat through her
cunt slot. His seeping piss-hole was dribbling hot
precum into Candi's pussy. She shifted her hips,
getting into position. Then she took her hands away
from his cock and balls.

Now Rex needed no further assistance. Well trained and
obedient, he knew just what to do. Rex nudged his loins
out and his swollen cock-head eased up Candi's juicy
pussy. Her plump cunt-lips fluttered and rippled as
they collared his prick just behind the tip. Rex whined
and pushed another inch of hot cockmeat into her,
through that tight pink collar.

Candi arched her back, not moving herself, but waiting
for the dog to bury his bone. The German shepherd
fucked in slowly, inch by inch. His long, hot erection
disappeared up her pussy gradually until his boner was
buried to the balls, all of his prick inside her cunt.
Neither of them moved for a moment. The doggy was
savoring the pleasure of having every inch of his cock
enveloped in clinging
pussy, and Candi was thrilling to the sensation of
having her hot cunt stuffed with a load of iron-hard,
throbbing doggy-prick.

Candi moved first, pumping her pelvis and fucking her
cunt through an inch or two of dog-cock. She rolled her
big hips from side to side, winding her tight fuck-hole
around on his long penis like a juicy nut onto an iron
bolt. Her pussy was squashing as her talented cunt
muscles sucked on his cockmeat.

Rex whimpered at the feeling. His whole furry body was
trembling and his tongue was lolling out, still
dripping cunt juice along with his doggy-slobber. His
long tail swished behind him as he prepared for the
assault, like a rudder steering his loins.

Then the dog went wild.

His hind legs scrabbled at the floor as he pulled his
prick out until only the tip of his throbbing red cock
remained in Candi's juicy pussy, then he pumped all of
that long boner back into her. His cock-shaft slithered
up her soaking fuck-hole.

"He's fucking you!" cried Debbi, in wonderment and awe.
"The dog is fucking your cunt!"

"Oooo, his boner's so hot, Debbi!" Candi replied. "He's
going to really pump me now!"

Candi gasped as Rex lunged against her. He pumped in
deep, his swollen balls swinging to slap on Candi's big
ass like the clapper of some meaty bell. The dog's
haunches rippled and quivered. He fucked faster and
harder, berserk with the joy of it. His prick jerked
out, coated with cunt cream, then thrust back up that
smoldering pussy with a strength that jiggled Candi's

The horny dog was tilting her ass up as he stuffed her
full of cockmeat. Candi writhed and thrashed about
under the dog, pushing her pussy up as he fucked in and
rolling her lush hips as he drew out. Her pussy lips
molded themselves around the contours of his throbbing
prick, clinging and massaging every inch as it fucked
in and out.

Hot pussy juice sprayed from her pussy as that big dog-
cock filled her cunt and pumped the hot froth from her.
The dog's hairy balls were soaking with the overflow as
they slapped against her up thrust ass with dull, meaty

"Ooooh yeah, Rexy," Candi moaned, hips jerking. "Pump
my fat pussy boy!"

The dog's spine hunched as he fucked in, his tail
whirling like a propeller behind him. Candi whimpered
as she felt his cock throb inside her, spreading the
hot walls of her cunt out as it swelled and expanded.
Debbi watched that long dog-cock vanish up Candi's
pussy, and her own cunt was so hot now that she was
numb. Pussy juice was streaming down the big blonde's
thighs and soaking her pussy. Her hand was still cupped
over her crotch, and her fingers worked at her swollen
and tingling clit.

Candi was moaning each time the dog fucked her cunt
full of rock-hard cockmeat. His thick cock tip felt
like a lump of molten iron deep up her belly and his
erection was like a crowbar, levering and wedging and
prying up her hot pussy. Her big ass rolled from side
to side, then jiggled up and down. She dipped her pussy
lower and every inch of the dog's boner ran across her
clit, coming and going. Her taut clit was ready to go
off like a stick of dynamite at any moment, but she was
trying to hold back, to wait for the doggy to fill her
pussy with his hot, thick jism before she let her own
wild climax reach the crest.

Candi clamped her plump thighs around the dog's heaving
flanks, as her feet stroked his fur. Her thighs rippled
as they tightened, drawing his cock into her pussy. Her
pretty toes pointed as she held him in a velvet vise.
Then, feeling his prick expand and knowing the doggy
was almost ready to blow his cum-load, she threw her
legs wide apart again, giving him freedom to fuck as he

Rex squirmed and corkscrewed, jamming his cock in
deeper and faster as his quivering reached a peak. He
growled like a wolf and his balls exploded.

"Ooooo!.. He's coming!" Candi wailed, as she felt his
penis flex with pleasure.

The dog's sperm squirted her pussy in a long creamy jet
and Candi let herself go. Her cunt melted around his
prick like a wax candle around a flaming wick. The dog
yelped and shot a second gooey wad of jism out. Each
time the dog squirted another shot of cum up her,
Candi's cunt melted again. Her pussy cream gushed out
to mingle with his thick semen. Again and again he
squirted into his plump mistress, growling and panting
with doggy relief. A great flow of dog-cum and cunt
juice flowed down Candi's crotch.

There was a rushing in Candi's ears. Through that
internal rushing, the stoned stripper could hear Debbi
squealing with vicarious joy. She turned her head and,
through lust-glazed eyes, saw that her busty blond
roommate was leaning over them, close up, staring at
all the juicy details of their simultaneous orgasms.

"Oooooo!... He's creaming me so good," Candi gasped.
"He's pumping me full!"

But Debbi knew that already. She could see the stuff
pour out as the dog's penis twitched. Pearly cunt juice
gushed out, streaked with creamy dog-jism. Rex squirted
another load of cum into Candi, then began to falter
and slow down, his balls drained. The last of his jizz
came out in a mere trickle. The dog's tail dropped--and
his head drooped. Candi continued to fuck her pussy up
and down on his prick, to make sure that she had milked
his bone dry. Beside her, Debbi squirmed in her own
delicious orgasm, her long fingers swirling around
between her wet pussy lips.

Whimpering, Rex pulled his prick out of her plump
pussy. His cock came out as it had gone in, inch by
inch, the shaft dragging against the suction of her
cunt. Then the swollen tip popped out like a cork from
a bottle of champagne. His prick swayed up and down,
then it began to droop. The doggy hopped down to the
floor, panting heavily. Cum and cunt juice dripped from
the head of his shrinking cock, and a thicker flood
poured out of Candi's satisfied pussy.

The three lovers collapsed with exhaustion. Candi and
Debbi lay entwined on the couch and Rex curled up on
the floor below them. The girls snuggled together,
their arms d****d across each other as the last of the
red embers in the fireplace burned out to a dull grey.
Soon all three were asl**p.

Part 11

Late the next morning a warm beam of sunshine shone
through the trees outside Debbi's bedroom window,
dappling a pattern of light and shadow across her body.
The big blonde yawned, rolled onto her side and slowly
opened her eyes, squinting in the morning light.

Debbi looked around the unfamiliar room for a moment,
then remembered where she was. She couldn't recollect
stumbling into her bedroom and crawling under the
blankets, but she supposed she must have -- he head
felt fuzzy and a little sore from the wine and pot last

Last night!... a thrill of excitement ran through Debbi
as she remembered!

Images of her beautiful new roomate Candi... Candi's
lush sexy body... Candi naked on the couch, her curves
shadowed by firelight... Candi's plump thighs parted...
and squirming between them was a horny dog, his
erection buried deep, his balls twitching!

Candi blushed with excitement. Had that been real?! Or
had she been so high on pot that her darkest fantasies
had seemed to have come to life?

Debbi sat up on an elbow looked around the room. There
on the floor next to her bed were a pair of white
stockings and garters, her lacey bra and thong. On the
bed-side table was a wineglass, drained to the dregs.
No, the night -- and everything that had happened --
had been real. Debbi didn't know what to expect now.
Would Candi be embarrassed, blame it all on the wine
and pot and swear Debbi to secrecy? Would she be mad,
maybe even kick Debbi out of her house? The big blonde
lay in bed a while longer, unsure of what to do or say
when she saw Candi. The morning after could be so
awkward -- especially after such a wild night!

Resigned, Debbi dragged herself out of bed. She poked
through an open suitcase until she found what she was
looking for: an oversized white t-shirt that she often
slept in. A little skimpy but it would do. Debbi opened
her bedroom door and peeked out into the hall. The
house was quiet.

"Good Morning... Candi?..." Debbi called, but there was
no answer.

Thinking her new roommate might still be sl**ping off
the effects of the night before, Debbi made her way
into the kitchen. There on the table was a note:

Hi Sweetie,

I hope you had sweet dreams and that I didn't wake you
I have a few errands this morning but I'll be back
There's coffee on and food in the fridge so help
yourself to breakfast.
Also, be a Dear and take care of Rex for me, won't you?



Debbi sighed. Relief flooded through her as she read
the note over once again. It was certainly friendly
enough and didn't hint at regret. Debbi smiled and
poured herself a cup of coffee. She supposed everything
was alright after all, and now found herself looking
forward to seeing Candi.

Debbi opened the fridge door and bent over to peer
inside, her huge breasts swinging like ripe melons and
the short T-shirt pulling up over her meaty ass. She
was just reaching for the cream when something cold and
wet suddenly wedged itself between her bottom cheeks!

"Oooh!" Debbi shrieked and spun around. There was Rex,
looking up at Debbi expectantly.

"Oh Rex, you scared me!" Debbi said, one her hand over
her racing heart.

Rex blinked and wagged his tail in a way that seemed
apologetic. Rex felt a little sorry for having scared
the woman, but mostly because he wanted her to turn
around and bend over again -- her soft curved flesh and
delicious scent were very interesting.

Debbi felt flustered. And something else. As she poured
cream into her coffee Debbi realized the growing
flutter in her tummy wasn't hunger – it was excitement.

Rex followed his mistress' new roommate around the
kitchen, nuzzling up against her legs and licking
playfully at the flesh of her plump thighs. The sight
of the curvaceous blond stripper was impossibly
exciting to the young dog -- the t-shirt barely covered
her chubby bottom and her enormous breasts jiggled
heavily, stretching the thin cotton to its limit.

Rex's long pink tongue slipped from his drooling jaws
as he nosed his head up between Debbie's legs. The sly
dog slithered his tongue between Debbi's plump thighs,
hoping for a taste of the big woman's juicy pussy.

"Oh my God," Debbi breathed, "Rex, what a naughty boy!"

She bent over, rubbing his big head and neck. The dog
licked through her t-shirt at her nipple. Debbi felt
his slobbery tongue right through the fabric and it
caused her to shiver.

Slowly, a sexy thought formed in Debbi's mind. It
occurred to her that Candi's departure was suspiciously
convenient: alone with the horny dog, Debbi could
misbehave as much as she wished without being hampered
by inhibitions. She wondered if maybe that was the real
reason why Candi had gone out -- perhaps the curvy
brunette realized that Debbi would be more comfortable
about playing with Rex if it were done in privacy.
Well, if that were so, Debbi was certainly game.

Her lust growing now, Debbi's hands came up to
u*********sly knead her big breasts. Her nipples
hardened and poked through her tight t-shirt as she
drew Rex's muzzle to her crotch. One hand crept down
between her thighs, lifting the hem of her shirt.
"Oh, yes... what a nice doggy," she purred. "Do you
want a nice snack of pussy, Rex?"

As if the dog understood her words, he ran his tongue
up the inside of Debbi's thigh. She shivered again and
walked toward the fridge, rolling her bottom

"Well, I better put this cream back before it gets
warm," Debbi said aloud as if play-acting. She opened
the door and slowly bent over.

She paused, glancing back to make sure that the dog was
playing along. Delighted, Rex thrust his big snout
against her ass again and began to tongue the plump

"Oooooh," the big blonde sighed, rolling her hips back
at the dog.

Debbi loved to get her ass tongued. She had loved it
when Candi had rimmed her out last night and her face
flushed with excitement at this new perversion. Debbi
placed her hands on the cheeks of her ass, squeezing
and fondling them before spreading them apart. The big
blond bowed her back, bending over from the waist. Rex
began to run his tongue up the crack of her ass,
slapping it moistly against the taut pink rose of her

Debbi squirmed with the pleasure of it. She bent over
lower, her knees quivering. Rex lapped merrily away.
His tongue made juicy slurping sounds as it slid around
in her ass. Bending over that way, presenting her ass
to him, it dawned on Debbi that it would be possible
for the big dog to hop up and mount her. It would be
possible for him to fuck her with that long shaft of
dog meat!

Her pussy rippled at the thought.

Oh no! Debbi told herself. I'll let him lick me off but
I won't fuck him. That would be just too wicked! Debbi
wasn't ready for that idea yet, but the thought had
been implanted in her horny mind. She swayed, grinding
and humping, as the dog continued to tongue her ass
with erotic gusto. It felt wonderful. Just think what
that tongue was going to do to her cunt! As much as she
was enjoying having her asshole lapped, Debbi was too
eager to get her pussy tongued to delay any longer.

She straightened up, releasing the cheeks of her ass.
They rolled together, clamping the Shepherd's tongue in
the vise of her ass cleavage. He drew it out with a

"I've got something even juicier than my ass for you,
boy," Debbi told the dog when he looked up at her, his
gaze inquisitive and a bit disappointed that she had
taken that delicious feast away from him. But Rex
looked hopeful as well, sensing that he was in for a
treat this morning.

"Follow me, boy," Debbi urged, standing and turning.

Debbi hurried down the hallway to her bedroom with Rex
following at her heels.

Once in her bedroom, Debbie sat on the bed, her ass
perched on the very edge and her legs extended and
parted. The dog gazed at her shaved, juicy cunt. It
made Debbi tremble, the way Rex looked at her, his
a****l lust so evident that she thought she could
actually feel his eyes
burn into her like amber laser beams.

"Hot pussy, boy," she purred, pulling the bottom of her
t-shirt up to her navel.

Debbi spread her pussy wide open with her fingers,
exposing her dark inner pussy flesh, wet with juice.

"Come and get it, boy... lap it up," she husked.

Rex moved closer, his head thrust out, his red tongue
hanging from the side of his jaw. Debbi noticed how big
his fangs were and had a moment of doubt, but she was
far too hot by this time to let such considerations
halt the proceedings.

"Tongue my cunt," she urged, lust contorting her face
so that she looked like an a****l herself.

"Lap the pussy-juice out of me!"

The German Shepherd pushed his snout into her foaming
cunt. His cold nose bumped against her clit and Debbi
gasped. Then his hot tongue began to lap up her pussy-
lips. He tongued her with long, slurping strokes, his
tongue flattened as it slithered up her soaking slot.
Pussy-juice sprayed out in a mist.

"Oh, God!" Debbi moaned as she found out what it felt
like to have a dog's tongue slapping up her pussy. She
arched her back, staring down along the line of her
soft belly, seeing the dog's massive head busily
lapping away at her cunt. The sight was almost as
thrilling as the feel of his tongue. A dog is licking
my cunt! Debbi thought, relishing the depravity of the

Rex was enjoying it as much as Debbi. His balls were
tingling deliciously but he ignored them for the moment
as he savored the sexy feast. His long red tongue slid
right up inside her cunt, and her pussy walls pulled
and sucked on it.

Debbi squirmed on the edge of the bed, her plump ass
rolling from side to side. The dog's tongue was all
over her crotch, slobbering into her cunt, soaking her
with foamy saliva. She saw his tongue flick up from
below her pussy. He was long-lapping, tonguing all the
way up from her asshole to her clit. Debbi was panting
steadily, a background noise punctuated by the steady
slurping of the dog's tongue and the delicious wet
sounds that her pussy was making. Debbi closed her lush
thighs around the German shepherd's head, clamping him
to her. Then she threw them wide open again, giving him
full freedom to move around in her crotch, free access
to her pussy.

The big dog was shoving his muzzle against her now as
if he wanted to fuck her cunt with his snout. His
tongue slithered up her pussy, driving her wild. Debbi
began to pull at her nipples through her t-shirt,
adding another sensation to her fiery body. Her fat
tit-tips exploded in her fingers. She cried out,
gasping and wailing. Her hand slid down and she began
to finger her clit, feeling the dog's tongue slurp over
the stiff bud of flesh. Her pelvis jabbed down and the
dog's black nose vanished into her pussy. Ribbons of
pussy-juice poured out of her and ran down between her
buttocks, only to be lapped up as the dog's tongue
swirled around her asshole.

Rex was whimpering and whining now as he savored
Debbi's pussy. Lapping at this new female's pussy made
him feel wonderful and he could feel his cock swelling
in its sheath. His cock was getting bigger and harder
and hotter with every tongueful of cunt-juice that he
lapped from her pussy -- it was only a matter of time
until it popped out, hot and tingling with need.

He slapped his tongue up her cunt-lips. Debbi closed
her legs again, then opened them again. She fingered
her clit and plucked at her nipples. She stroked the
dog's head. She stared down, seeing the top of his head
framed between the inner slopes of her fat tits.
Leaning forward and
craning her neck, she could watch the brute's tongue
slip and slide up her plump pussy. The sight was
thrilling. She tilted to the side and looked under the

"God," she gasped, when she saw how swollen his sheath
had become as the b**st became more and more aroused.
Debbi supposed it was cruel to tease the dog this way,
but she was too excited and close to cumming to care.
Debbi spread her pussy-lips open with her hands, so
that the frenzied doggy could lap right up inside her,
laving the walls of her cunt. She stuffed his tongue up
her pussy as far as it would go and worked her crotch
around on his snout.

A spasm shook her.

She had come, suddenly and unexpectedly. But she was
not finished. Under the attention of that wonderful
tongue, Debbi wanted to cream again and again.

"Lap it up, you wonderful doggy," she purred as Rex
slurped at the juices of her first coming.

The dog yelped. He could taste the difference between
her normal juices and the juices of her orgasm and the
new release was even more delicious. He lapped her
pussy throughout her climax, then began to lap her
right back toward another.

She was rising to the crest again.

Waves of joy coursed across her belly, shot down from
her stiff nipples and ran up her legs.

The dog's tongue slapped and flashed. His haunches
bunched with muscle. His tail lashed from side to side
like a rudder guiding his movements.

"Oooooh!" Debbi squealed as his tongue flattened and
slid across her fiery clit.

Her hips were shooting out and jolting up and down, and
she was rolling her pelvis from side to side. A wave
crashed through her. For a second, Debbi thought that
she had come again. But then a second wave rushed into
her pussy, higher than the first, and the busty blond
realized that she was in the throes of a multiple

"Lap it - lap my pussy!" she wailed.

Debbi was panting like a steam engine. Rex was panting,
too, and his hot doggy breath billowed right up around
her cunt. She was so hot that she thought she might

A third wave of joy rushed through her, then a fourth.
Then they were coming so fast, one upon the other, that
all the separate waves were blending into one prolonged
spasm of bliss. Debbi was at the crest - and she stayed
there. Debbi's whole body vibrated and shook and she
felt as if she were dissolving. Her total awareness was
centered upon her pussy as it melted on the dog's

"Lap up my cream!" she cried.

Rex's tongue was gathering the pussy-juice up. His
throat pulsed as she swallowed her sweet juice

Debbi cried out at the peak of her ecstasy.

Then the final waves crashed through her. Her pussy
opened up like a floodgate and a river of pussy-juice
cascaded over the dog's eager tongue and into his

Debbi's jerking motions slowed, then stopped.

A blissful smile turned up her lips and a dreamy took
came into her blue eyes. She stroked the dog's broad
head. The brute was still dutifully lapping away,
content to be feasting on the horny woman's delicious
cunt. She was tempted to let him carry on, knowing that
in a few more minutes her pussy would begin the ascent
to yet another orgasm as he tongued her. But for the
moment, Debbi's lust was satiated.

Debbi fell back into her bed with a grateful sigh, too
exhausted to move further.

"Oh Rex!... you're wonderful!" she moaned.

"He is wonderful, isn't he?" said a voice from outside
the bedroom.

It was Candi!

Debbi gasped and sat up, her arms covering her body
like a shy virgin. Candi was standing just outside the
doorway, peering in with a knowing leer.

Part 12

"Candi.... I..." Debbi stuttered. She blushed and
looked away.

Candi's face was flushed as well. Although a twinge of
jealousy had run through her when she had watched Rex
licking Debbi's pussy so eagerly, she was more excited
by the possibilities the situation presented. Seeing
Debbi's tight t-shirt stretch across her massive bust
gave the brunette a wicked idea.

"It's alright; I don't mind you playing with Rexy. But
look at him, Debbi. You made him so horny his balls are
all swollen! I think you owe him a favor now."

Debbi glanced down at the dog. Rex's furry sheath
looked stretched and tight as if his cock might snap
out at any moment, and his back legs were practically
bowed around a pair of big swollen balls. The German
Shepherd looked hopefully from his Debbi to his
mistress and back to Debbi again.

"But... but I..." was all Debbi could muster.

Candi stepped into the room and knelt down on the floor
near the bed. She placed a reassuring hand on Debbi's
knee and looked up at the busty blonde.

"What Rex needs now is a hot, juicy come!"

Candi's voice was friendly, but it had taken on an
urgent edge.

"You'd better take that shirt off unless you want it to
get all sticky," Candi husked. "C'mon Debbi, show Rex
your breasts. He loves big tits."

Debbi blushed and bit her bottom lip. She hesitated for
a moment, then reached down and slowly pulled up the
tight t-shirt. Her huge breasts strained as she rolled
the shirt over them. A moment later they tumbled free,
bouncing on her chest like two enormous pink melons.
They fell back down to their normal position, shaking
and jiggling and finally coming to rest as Debbi tossed
away the t-shirt.

Rex watched Debbi's giant tits tumble free. He whined
excitedly and his boner sprang out of its furry sheath!
Rex had been trained well. He knew that big bare
breasts meant he'd get to fuck soon. The more Debbi's
breasts swayed and bounced, the longer and stiffer the
dog's cock grew. Debbi blushed even deeper, surprised
but thrilled that her huge breasts had given the dog an

To Debbi the dog's cock looked at least a foot long. It
was bright red and throbbing, and the tip of his red
cockhead flared out. The big blonde smiled at the dog
and let her massive tits sway for his enjoyment. The
dog's a****l lust so evident it made Debbi shiver with
excitement – as Rex stared at her breasts, the horny
blond saw a few drops of pre-cum ooze from his cockhead
and run sluggishly down his red prick meat, then drip
onto the carpet.

Debbi reached up and took a huge breast in each hand,
digging her bright red nails into them, and gently
bounced them up and down -- first as a pair, and then
alternating them -- left one up, right one down, left
one down, right one up. The sight was truly mesmerizing
to Rex – as Candi watched, his boner grew even stiffer.

Using his prick like a leash, Candi guided the dog
closer to the bed.

Debbi sat up and closed her legs -- now that the big
horny dog was approaching her, she began to lose her

"Oh Candi.... I don't know about this," she said,

"You don't have to do anything, Debbi," said Candi, as
the dog wriggled forward, "I'm gonna rub his cock a
little, that's all"

Debbi arched her back and squirmed on the edge of the
bed, her pussy beginning to tingle once again. Candi
wrapped her arm around the dog and slid her other hand
under him, fondling his cock and balls. His haunches
rippled as he fucked through her fist. His amber eyes
glowed and his long red tongue was hanging out,
dripping doggy-slobber.

Then Rex gave a little lunge and sprang up, his
forepaws resting on the bed on either side of Debbi's
big hips. The dog's hindquarters were taut and
trembling, his hind legs braced on the floor. And his
mighty cock, fully erect now, loomed out in a meaty
tower over Debbi's belly. His tongue was hanging out.

"I'm gonna jerk the doggy off right onto your tits,
honey," Candi rasped, her voice husky with passion.
"Then I'm gonna lick his cum off you."

"Ooooh--yes," Debbi moaned.

Debbi stared at his long prick. That long pole of cock
was bright red, almost glowing like a light bulb. The
tip was gaping open and she could see a few milky drops
of pre-spunk glistening on the tip. The sight was
causing the horny blonde to heat up all over again.
Debbi thought that letting Candi jerk off a dog's prick
all over her was awfully depraved, but that only added
to the wild thrill of the idea.

Rex humped, his cock plowing the air impatiently. He
loved getting his cock jerked off, especially if he
could squirt his hot jizz on a big pair of tits -- and
Debbi's huge pear-shaped breasts were even bigger than
Candi's! Debbi's huge breasts, and the thrill of a new
conquest, had excited the dog to the bursting point.

With an excited sigh, Candi folded her fist around the
root of his cock. She bent his iron-hard prick down
slightly and began to rub his cockhead against her
roommate's tits. Candi brushed Debbi's stiff nipples
with the glowing cock, Rex growled with pleasure and
thrust forward, stabbing at Debbi's nipples.

"Oooooo!..." Debbi moaned as the hard penis pressed
against her tits. She was surprised how good the dog's
hot cock felt on her nipples.

Candi's eyes sparkled with lust. "Feels good, doesn't
it? Just wait 'til he creams you!"

Candi released Rex's prick stalk and his cockhead
snapped up again. A ribbon of jism spun out like a
suspension bridge made of silk, fastening his swollen
cockhead to Debbi's nipple. The whole tip of his prick-
knob was slathered with pre-cum now. Thick drops oozed
from the cleft and ran sluggishly down the glistening

When Debbi saw that, she knew she wanted to feel him
spray her breasts. The sight of that canine cum was
driving her mad. She wanted Candi to masturbate the
dog's long penis all over her chest, she wanted to feel
his sizzling cream jetting on her big nipples and
spurting in her cleavage.

She squirmed closer and Rex did the same, shuffling his
front paws on either side of the oversized blonde.

The dog's swollen balls dragged over her soft belly and
the head of his cock bobbled against the under side of
her huge melons. Candi rubbed his cockhead across
Debbi's tits, again smearing his canine precum into her
stiff nipples. Debbi drew back for a moment, savoring
the tingle on her nipples while Rex humped impatiently,
plowing his cock at her tits. Debbi tossed her hair
with a languorous sweep of her neck, then smiled down
at Candi and leaned forward again.

As much as Rex loved feeling Debbi's stiff nipples
rubbing around his cockhead, the German shepherd was
desperate to slide his prick between those huge boobs
and fill that deep cleavage with his throbbing

Debbi thrust out her big tits again. This time she
squeezed them between her upper arms and her breasts
bulged out, impossibly bigger than before. The head of
the dog's cock pumped against them, trying to lever
them apart, to fuck between them. Debbi squirmed,
rubbing her nipples against the glistening tip again.
Candi moaned and lovingly guided his cock between
Debbi's breasts, then slowly let go of the shaft as the
dog eased his boner into Debbi's cleavage.

Rex whined as he felt the hot head of his cock slide
between her tits. Debbi moaned as she savored her first
doggy tit-fuck, taking the dog's whole throbbing shaft
between her soft breasts. She began to squeeze her arms
together rhythmically – with each squeeze her breasts
ballooned and her nipples spread out. The dog's
cockhead swelled more, burning like a lump of coal as
her boobs pressed against his prickhead on both sides.

She squeezed slowly, rubbing her tits around the dog's
stiff shaft. Pre-cum was trickling steadily out of her
cleavage and she should feel Rex's penis twitching as
it squirted. The dog thrust, fucking into her tits.
Debbi was half crazed by the joy of feeling a dog's
cock slide in and out between her tits. On the
backstroke Rex's stiff boner popped free and a hot jet
of pre-cum hit the bottom of her breasts.

Debbi gasped, and Candi licked her lips in

For a moment Debbi thought Rex had just come, and she
was suddenly disappointed. She wanted to feel the dog's
joy juice, certainly, but she wanted to enjoy a
prolonged titfuck on that cockmeat first. But Rex's
boner remained swollen and vibrant, and the big blonde
realized that it had only been a little preliminary
geyser that had hosed her boobs -- there was a lot more
of the lovely stuff to come.

Rex's hind legs danced and he sprang forward, jabbing
his cock frantically

"Oooh, slow down boy" Candi soothed. "You can pump her
big titties all morning!"

As if he understod, Rex slowed his pace.

"Ooooh, that's it Rexy," Debbi hissed. "Fuck my big
tits slow."

Debbi watched through heavy-lidded eyes as Rex's long
red cock slid back into her cleavage. Her huge tits
ballooned out as she pressed them together and squeezed
them around his slippery shaft. Rex loved fucking big
tits, and although eager to shoot his cum, he had
learned to vary his pace to enjoy tit-fucking for as
long as possible. Arching over Debbi's chest the dog
alternated between long thrusts that drove his dick
through her cleavage, to withdrawing almost completely
and jabbing just the tip of his cock between her

Debbi's bed began to creak as the chubby blonde and the
horny dog fell into a rhythm. Long minutes slowly
ticked by, the girl's sighing with pleasure and the
dog's long boner making wet slippery popping sounds as
it thrust between those bouncy breasts.

Occasionally, the dog's cock sprang free entirely and
he growled lustily while Candi rubbed the head of his
long penis all over her Debbi's puffy areolas before
the blonde wrapped her tits around his shaft again. He
wormed even closer and was soon actually straddling
Debbi's big tits as he would a pair of plump buttocks.

Debbi's eyes closed and she moaned with pleasure.

"Ooo Rexy... Ahhhh!"

Debbi loved that her big tits made the dog's cock so
hard, and she hoped the German Shepherd would come a
lot! Rex thrust forward again and Debbi twisted her
breasts around on his erection, screwing his prick into
her cleavage. Below them, Candi cupped the dog's
bloated balls in one hand, squeezing gently, as if
trying to f***e the spunk out. The brunette's other
hand wrapped around the root of his cockshaft, holding
him steady.

Then, eager to see his hot, thick load splatter her
room mate's tits, Candi began to frig his prick up and
down steadily. Her fist rose up and bumped against
those jiggling breasts, then pushed back down to his
balls. Rex was fucking frantically now, pumping through
Candi's fist and into Debbi's cleavage. Debbi's breasts
were streaked and dabbed with glistening pre-cum,
heralding the huge dose to come.

"Ummmmm," Debbi purred, licking her lips. "Ooooo, fuck
my big tits you bad doggy!"

A glistening drop of pre-cum hung from one big nipple.
Candi could tell that the powerful German Shepherd was
almost ready to shoot his load. His hind legs were
shaking wildly and his slick shaft was quivering as he
fucked in and out. His balls felt big and tight --
ready to explode in her hand.

Candi quickly pulled her pet's cock free of Debbi's
cleavage. She squeezed his swollen balls and frigged
his prick stalk and waited eagerly for his juice.

Rex's cockhead was only inches away from Cindy's big
tits now as he fucked through Candi's fist. Candi
pumped back to the furry sheath of his prick, and his
cock-knob flared out, pulsing and throbbing. The
brunette dog lover licked her lips as she stroked him
and Rex began to tremble and whine with rising need.

While Debbi squirmed and cupped her breasts, Candi
jerked the dog's cockmeat up and down vigorously. Debbi
stared down, watching the a****l's prick swell and
ripple, waiting to feel his jism splash onto her hot
flesh. She could feel the heat of his cock on her tits.
Her nipples were tight and buzzing, yearning to be
squirted. Rex lurched and growled, his hindquarters
heaving. The dog's cockhead was at the level of Debbi's
tits and Candi repeatedly slapped big blonde's mounds
with it, leaving thick trails of pre-cum on her large

"Ooooh! That feels so dirty, Candi! Cum for me, Rex, I
want to feel your cream!"

Holding the big blonde still with one arm, Candi aimed
the dog's prick at Debbi's breasts.

"Here it comes, baby," Candi gasped as she felt the
dog's prick give a mighty twitch.

Rex let the exquisite feeling of his mistress's soft
massaging hands and the sight of Debbi's heavy tits
overwhelm him, and grunted as the first giant wad
coursed its ways from his bloated balls up the length
of his erection. Candi's fist pushed back toward his
balls and the dog yelped as a jet of foaming white
semen erupted from his piss-hole.

The first powerful jet splashed on the underside of one
of Debbi's giant tits, the thick cum running down her
smooth abdomen. Rex groaned with relief as his boner
spat three more big spurts up at the undersides of her
huge melons. Candi's hands were sticky with the copious
liquid as rivers of cum crisscrossed Debbi's soft

Debbi wiggled her huge breasts from side to side
temptingly. Rex obliged by pouring another abundant
spurt onto her tits. There was so much of the stuff. It
splattered her chest and trickled down her belly.

"Ooooo yeah, give me more! Debbi squealed.

Leering with lust, Candi aimed the dog's twitching cock
at her friend's massive jugs. Thick ribbons of sperm
coated Debbie's breasts, leaving her gasping excitedly
as she felt the f***eful splatters.

"Oooh!" Debbi squealed as that steaming hot geyser
spurted onto her tingling nipples.

"Aaaaaah!" Candi sighed ecstatically, as if the
squirting penis was her own.

Candi kept pumping, milking the dog's cock to the bone.
Her hand frigged up and down, pumping the fuck juice
from his prick, and Debbi's nipples teased the spurting
cock-knob. Candi was whimpering at the mouth-watering
sight of the feast she was preparing for herself.

Rex yelped as the last of his cum shot onto Debbi's
chest, followed by a trickle. At last the brute was
drained. He slowed, fucking erratically at Debbi's
breasts for awhile, then stopped the movement and stood
rigid, trembling with the after effects of his mighty

Candi sucked his cockhead into her mouth and nursed on
it hungrily, polishing his prick-knob as she slurped
the last drops out. The doggy drew away and his spent
prick slid out of her lips, bobbing up and down.

"And now for desert," Candi whispered, and began
licking the warm doggy-jizz from her roommate's boobs.

Part 13

Late that night Candi and Debbi shared a joint and made
love in Candi's bed. Their heads were still buzzing
with the strong weed when they brought Rex into the
bedroom. Trembling with excitement, Candi coaxed Debbi
onto all fours in the middle of the bed. Debbi hung her
head, swooning with lust. Her huge pale breasts jiggled
and swung as Rex jumped onto the bed behind her. Candi
held the dog's twitching boner, guiding it to Debbi's
wet pussy and he mounted the plump blond. Debbi
squealed eagerly and bowed her back even more as Rex
gripped her hips. At last the dog strained forward and
slowly sank his long boner into the busty blonde's
juicy cunt.

The bed squeaked and bounced all night. Minutes passed
into hours. Rex's lust was fired by the thrill of this
new conquest, and he mounted Debbi again and again.
Candi watched eagerly as Rex fucked Debbi, her long
blonde hair wild about her face, her tan skin
glistening with sweat as the horny German shepherd
pumped her. Lust leaped over the barrier between
species: Debbi's big hips excited the dog as he gripped
them, and he knew her huge breasts would be full of
rich hot milk for his puppies. Her human skin felt
deliciously soft as he squirmed and thrust behind her,
and her plump curved body swelled his balls to

By the time morning light began to lighten the dark
sky, all three of them had collapsed, the sheets
beneath Debbi's thighs stiff and sticky with so much
doggy jizz.

Weeks went by, then months. Candi and Debbi became
close friends as well as dance-partners. Hugh said
business had never been so good, and the Kit Kat's
patrons were amazed at how passionately the two girls
danced together. Candi and Debbi became inseparable:
they danced together, shopped together and – unknown to
everyone else – slept together.

Rex was in heaven. Almost every night the dog was on or
between or beneath the two busty girls as they
satisfied their depraved desires.

The girls loved to lick and suck his cock together,
their tongues swirling and entwining around the dog's
long shaft as they teased long hot splatters of doggy-
cum out of his balls. They loved to let Rex lick their
pussies side by side, and then mount them one after the
other, jumping up eagerly between their big thighs. But
their favorite was for Rex to mount one girl doggy-
style while the other knelt alongside facing Rex,
letting the dog slurp and slather all over a big pair
of tits while he pumped.

But soon, even Rex couldn't keep up with the lust of
the two sexy strippers. As horny and insatiable as the
German Shepherd was, he was only one dog. One sunny
afternoon, Candi and Debbi were skinny-dipping in a
creek that ran through Candi's secluded property when
the brunette decided to broach the subject.

"Debbi, I've been thinking," Candi said as the two
beauties were sunning themselves after a swim. "We both
really love Rex and he really loves us, but I think we
might be wearing him out. What do you think about...
well... about getting another dog?"

Debbi smiled. She was glad Candi had raised the topic.
As warm and generous as Candi was, Debbi had wondered
to herself if Candi was becoming a little jealous or
tired of sharing Rex. Although Debbi had initially been
shocked and surprised by Candi's confession of keeping
Rex as her canine lover, it hadn't taken Debbi herself
long to fall under the spell of hot doggy cock.

Rex was an amazing lover, but the big blonde had
already begun to think that she should get her own dog.
Besides, there were still things she wanted to try that
she still felt a little shy about -- that she couldn't
quite bring herself to mention to Candi. Having her own
horny dog would allow Debbi to explore and indulge the
depths of her new passion.

"I think that's a great idea," Debbi replied at last.
"I love Rex, Candi. But sometimes I feel guilty, like
I'm stealing your boyfriend or something. That's silly
isn't it?"

Candi giggled. "Well, a little. But I know what you

The sun shone down on the ripples of the creek, and a
warm summer breeze warmed the bodies of the two
curvaceous swimmers.

After a while, Candi spoke again.

"I think I have the answer to our problem. A few years
ago there was a woman who used to work with Hugh at the
Kit Kat. Her name is Cleo. Anyway, Cleo left the club
after she came into a lot of money all of a sudden. She
was the one who gave me Rex. She asked me to puppy-sit
him for a few weeks but I ended up loving him and she
let me keep him. But Rex is no ordinary dog."

"You can say that again," giggled Debbi. She cast an
affectionate glance at Rex who was dozing nearby, his
belly turned up to the warm sun. Rex spent a lot of
time sl**ping these days.

Candi giggled. "No, no. I mean he's been specially
bred. I think Cleo owns some kind of kennel or dog
obedience school or something. It's somewhere out on
the coast and I heard it's beautiful. I bet she could
help us."

"Well if I could find a doggy anything like Rex, I'd be
in her debt forever," said Debbi. Even now she was
thinking of Rex, how wild the big dog could drive her.

Candi winked. "In that case, let me take care of it."

Part 14

A few days later Debbi woke up to find Candi sitting in
the kitchen waiting for her. A full breakfast for two
was spread out on the table. The big brunette's face
was flushed and she smiled broadly.

"Debbi, guess what? I called Cleo yesterday and we
talked for hours. She was so glad to hear from me.
Anyways, we've been invited out to her ranch for a
week. She says she'll let you have the pick of the
litter -- all we have to do is give her a hand around
the kennels while we're there. She says her place has
plenty of room, Debbi. There's a big mansion that
overlooks the water and there'll be a few other guest
there as well! Doesn't that sound great?"

"It sounds fantastic," replied Debbi. "When can we go?"

"I already told Hugh we need a break," Candi laughed.
"We leave tomorrow."

The girls ate breakfast together and made plans for
their trip, looking over a road map of their route and
discussing what clothes to pack. Candi was excited that
Debbi was pleased – who knew what kind of delicious
trouble the two girls could get up to at a kennel?

Later that evening Debbi left for work – it was one of
the rare nights when the girls danced different
schedules -- leaving Candi and Rex alone for the night.
It had been weeks since Candi and Rex had been alone
together and the plump brunette intended to make the
most of it. As soon as Debbi's yellow jeep disappeared
down the driveway, Candi stripped off her clothes.

Candi led Rex into her bedroom dressed only in a black
lace bra and panties. Her plentiful curves bulged and
jiggled, exciting the horny dog tremendously. Candi
smoked a joint, blowing the smoke into her dog's face
and giggling mischievously while her dog snuffled and

Then Candi laid Rex back and gave him a slow, elaborate
blowjob -- kissing his big balls lingeringly and slowly
teasing his hard erection with her tongue. Both of them
were high, and Candi's juicy blowjob seemed to last
hours. The plump brunette rubbed and tweaked her itchy
clit as she pleased her dog. Her long hair swished and
swirled over Rex's belly as she sucked and licked. Both
of them were lost in a haze or erotic passion that
slowly spiraled upwards and upwards until they came
together, Candi's clit exploding as the dog's twitching
shaft filled her mouth with jet after jet of hot
delicious cum.

Satisfied, Candi sank into a d**gged stupor. The
candles burned lower and the moon slowly sailed across
the starry sky. But Rex did not sl**p. The dog lay next
to his mistress, his a****l eyes like yellow sparks in
the night. The marijuana had affected him also, and his
a****l mind reeled with confusing but exciting images.
In some way, the dog understood that mating with his
mistress was unnatural, yet her willing submission and
her soft rounded curves excited him immensely.

As he lay next to Candi, the dog's eyes feasted on her
plump curves and his cock grew hard again. Suddenly he
wanted to mount this human bitch, to mount her and
possess her completely, and to use her soft smooth
rounded flesh for his pleasure! His eyes flashed across
her big breasts and wide hips, and he felt his erection
harden like never before, thrumming and vibrating like
a tuning-fork. The dog growled in Candi's ear, waking

Candi laid silently, bl**d rushed to her head as she
realized Rex was wriggling closer to her body. Half
awake now she was struck by a new even more kinky
desire, and gently bit her lip in her growing
excitement. There was heavy doggy panting and Candi
heard the sound of Rex worming his way behind her,

Candi knew what she wanted: something so naughty she
hadn't told Debbi about it yet. She knew Rex wanted it
too. The dog's penis was long, slick and very hard. It
was just inches away from her plump ass now, looming
out like a hot knife over creamy butter. Candi wanted
her dog's long slippery cock up her ass!

Anal sex was Candi's favorite. Candi remembered the
first time she'd let Rex do it. Late one Saturday night
Candi had come home feeling especially horny and wanted
to do something new and kinky with the excited dog.
After letting Rex lick her pussy to a juicy climax,
Candi smeared her tight anus with body oil and then got
on all fours.

She drew her legs tight together and bowed her back
sexily, her beautiful plump ass balled upwards toward
the horny dog. Candi watched in the mirror as Rex
hunched over her chubby ass, his long red cock stiff
and pulsing as it sank into her virgin anus. Candi
pushed her ass back onto Rex's boner with that first
thrust, loving the way her black garters and stocking
framed her ass as his hot shaft disappeared between her
big bottom cheeks.

When Candi awoke the next day, her bottom felt bigger
and sexier than before, seeming to glow with an erotic
heat that excited the plump brunette. Candi was
thrilled by the novelty of this new perversion, and for
several nights in a row she dressed in her sexiest
garter and stockings and let Rex pump and sperm her big
ass before bedtime. Rex loved it! Every night the dog
fucked her longer and came harder.

Candi learned to kneel on her bedroom floor and lean
forward on the bed, her huge tits squashed against the
red satin bed spread. That way she could relax
completely and turn her head to watch Rex bounce and
jiggle her ass with his excited thrusts. This kinky
position made Candi feel so slutty and submissive and
it drove the dog wild! Soon anal sex was a regular --
and favorite -- part of their bestial couplings.

Part 15

Sweet pussy juice oozed between Candi's thighs as her
clit began to buzz. Her nipples grew taut with
anticipation. She moaned quietly to let Rex know she
was awake. Then the dog came closer to her. His furry
chest pressed against her back, and a moment later she
felt the tense heat of his erection against her

Rex urged his furry body fully against the backside of
the negligee clad girl, his stiff cock poking into the
warm crack of her big ass. Candi swooned with pleasure.
It was thrilling to know Rex had woken next to her and
the mere sight of her naked form had given him another
hard erection. But as horny as she was, Candi wanted to
prolong the fun.

She moaned again as she turned her pretty face over her

"Ooo Rexy," she sighed "Your dick is so hot on my ass.
Let's do something naughty, boy."

She smiled sluttily and rolled her hips, tormenting the
horny dog. Maybe Rex didn't understand Candi's words,
but her tone was unmistakable. Hearing his mistress coo
so lustily, Rex growled with eager anticipation and
squirmed even closer to the plump brunette. His
forelegs grasped the girl, working around her torso
until his paws clutched her tits. Candi squealed as her
dog grabbed her, loving the feel of his rough paws.

"Aaaah yes, Rexy," she husked "grab my big tits! You're
making my nipples so hot. Do my big titties make you
horny, puppy? Feel my nipples on your paws, boy?"

Rex growled again, and between them his cock grew even
stiffer. Having his paws wrapped tightly around Candi's
fleshy globes made his dick blaze with a tight sweet
pain. Candi could feel a warm stain of precum spreading
on her lacey underwear. Not wanting to waste a drop of
canine love juice she hooked her thumbs into her
waistband and began pulling down her panties.

"Oooo... you wanna stick your doggy-dick up my ass,
don't you boy?"

Rex was becoming desperate but Candi couldn't resist
teasing him even more. She peeled off her panties, but
slowly, slowly! Her wide hips rolled in a sensual dance
as she worked the lacey underwear over her lovely
bottom. Finally, with her creamy cheeks exposed she
squirmed back into her pet, massaging his boner with
her plump buns. A bolt of erotic pleasure surged
through the dog as he finally felt her naked flesh
against his cock. It was all Rex could do not to lose
control and eagerly splatter Candi's ass with hot

Candi was filled with a carnal joy. The strong
marijuana was still in her system, making each nerve
tingle, each sensation more delicious, and the thought
of being buggered by her dog even more kinky and
exciting -- the dog's boner was so stiff and long, and
her bottom so big and jiggly!

Candi reached back and caressed her ass, slowly tracing
a sensual circle on one plush ass cheek.

"Oooo, Rexy!... Does my big bum make you horny?..." she
teased. "Do you want to pop Candi's bubble bum with
your long boner?... You're going to come a lot, aren't
you doggy?"

She loved offering her ass to the dog and couldn't wait
any longer to feel his cock in her. Now Rex tightened
his forelegs around Candi's chest, his paws tugging her
swollen breasts as he squirmed against her. The dog
could feel the plump girl quiver with need as she
pressed her ass hard back against his cock. With an
excited growl the dog hooked his top leg over Candi's
lush thigh to hold her still. The dog's long boner was
ticking feverishly now, and a thin stream of watery
pre-cum leapt out to splash her big ass.

Candi gasped, shivered as another sticky stream jetted
her bottom. Rex thrust forward; growling as he slowly
squeezed his slippery cockhead up between Candi's
jiggling cheeks. He groaned with doggy pleasure and
thrust deeper, urging his boner up into her deep bottom
cleavage until the tip of his penis was against her
tight rosebud.

Rex's dick pulsed deliciously, squirting a hot jet of
lubricating precum into the big woman's anus. Candi
moaned in a delirium of passion. Hot pussy cream was
flowing from between her closed thighs now and her
nipples seemed to burst as she felt the slick heat of
her dog's cock work deeper between her fat cheeks.
Candi wormed back against her dog and began groaning
aloud as the hot wand of his cock pried open her anus.

"Oooo Rexy, it's soooo good! " she squealed. "Aaaah!...
push your hot dick right up, boy!"

Candi's tongue swirled around her open lips as she felt
the dog's dickhead squeeze through her anus. Her juicy
rosebud squeezed, then relaxed, and the dog's shaft
began to sink in. Rex worked his slippery penis
forward, jigging and wiggling, thrusting further into
the delicious warmth of his mistress's ass. Each lunge
against her springy bottom excited the dog even more.

Candi swooned with pleasure as Rex's hard cock sank
deeper and deeper into her bottom. His cockhead
throbbed like a hot nugget deep in her gut and his
furry loins tickled her cheeks. The dog squirmed and
pumped, desperately working his hot boner in deeper.
Candi moaned as she felt his swollen balls came to
nestle against her juicy pussy. Holding Candi still
with his paws wrapped around her big tits, Rex screwed
his human bitch up the ass.

All tenderness between pet and mistress was gone now as
he began pumping her. Turning her face again, a lust-
d***k Candi urged her horny dog on while watching their
reflection in the big ceiling mirror overhead.

"Oh yes baby... Pump my ass! You love your boner up my
fat ass, don't you boy?" she panted, watching their
reflection through heavy-lidded eyes.

In her pot-buzzed mind it seemed a very dirty porno was
playing on her ceiling: on a rumpled bed in a candle-
lit room, a dog and women were locked in a depraved
bestial dance. The big woman lay on her side with a
squirming dog mounted behind her, spoon-style. His long
red doggy-cock, glistening in the candle light, raced
between her plump buttocks. The woman's big ass jiggled
with each eager thrust as she wound her cheeks around
his slippery boner, working to tease a long juicy come
out of her lusty pet. The swooning woman rolled her
head limply as the b**st jigged against her, her huge
breasts clutched and squeezed by his paws.

Candi came back to herself as Rex slowed his pace,
aching to cum but determined to make this sweet fuck
last. The dog's quick shallow pumping blended into
slower, deeper thrusting. Candi rolled her big hips,
corkscrewing her ass back on the delicious probe.

It felt so glorious. The dog's long boner was a burning
wand deep in her belly, each slippery thrust stirring a
dark carnal lust within her soul. Her itching anus
sizzled around the dog's hard shaft, and every time his
heavy balls slapped against her soppy pussy Candi felt
the hot creamy load she'd soon receive.

They fell into a lewd rhythm now, Candi's anus well-
lubricated by Rex's copious pre-cum. The dog's furry
loins trembled as he gleefully pumped with long deep
thrusts. The reefer still affected the dog too, and to
Rex it felt as if every plunge into Candi's jiggly ass
only pumped his balls up further. Candi's teasing had
made them hot and swollen with creamy cum -- hot and
swollen for release!

"Oh, Rexy! You're boner feels so good in my ass! It's
so hot between my cheeks!"

Candi loved coaxing her dog with dirty talk, knowing
that her words excited her dog. In response, Rex fed
her a lusty thrust, pushing his long erection in even
deeper and holding the penetration to worm his cock
around in Candi's belly. The plump brunette's eyes
fluttered and she wailed with ecstasy.

Rex loved how his mistress squirmed and squealed when
he held his dick deep and it made his swollen doggy
balls tingle deliciously. He jammed his boner in again
and again until his balls came dangerously close to
spilling over. Fighting the instinct for immediate
gratification, Rex returned to his regular slow long
thrusts, his slippery doggy cock pistoning in and out
of Candi's jiggling ass.

On and on they fucked, the soft candle light
flickering, the bed squeaking in tell-tale rhythm.
Candi watched in the mirror, and it now seemed to her a
vision of an erotic hell, where a demon b**st clutched
a plump witch in a lustful parody of love: Candi was
the pagan slut who with every thrust of her devilish
lover's penis became more and more deliciously doomed.

Rex was the demonic b**st, delighting in the sweet
torment of his captured prey. And it was only a matter
of time until the demon dog, his lust inflamed by the
witch's plentiful curves, sank his fangs into her soft
neck and urged his burning cock even deeper into that
fat ass, growling with greedy victory and spewing his
fiery seed into her very soul.

More lusty images flooded Candi's mind as Rex continued
to pant and thrust behind her. It was wonderful to
please her naughty doggy! She loved feeling so hot and
slutty with a dog-cock up her bum. Her hips wiggled,
anxious to feel Rex pumping his hot cream. She rubbed
unashamed at her clitoris. It was so good, the long hot
penis in her ass, the swollen balls slapping against
her sopping pussy and hot rough paws on her bulging
tits. Eagerly she bumped her bottom back into the horny

Then Candi felt the dog's thrusts become more erratic –
now it was only a matter of moments until Rex creamed
her ass! Just thinking about feeling those hot jets of
doggy cum sent Candi over the edge. She sc****d a
knuckle across her clitoris and exploded. Bliss crashed
heavily into her world, creating a panic of colored
light as the ecstatic waves of pleasure rolled over

Behind Candi, Rex panted like a sled dog. Each thrust
excited the dog more and more until that delicious
feeling began to overcome him. Rex's balls finally
burst and the dog yelped with erotic relief as he blew
his load. The dog's long penis twitched and flexed up
Candi's ass. She squealed as the dog released thick
jets of doggy-jizz, feeling her dog's cream deep in her

"Ooo.. if feel it!" Candi wailed as Rex emptied his
balls and another orgasm crashed upon her. "Oooo!...
Oooo!... Oooo!... So hot in my ass!... Oooo...do it,
Rexy... cream my big bum!...

Rex stopped his thusting, intent on pumping his seed.
He growled and squirmed against Candi, his boner
flexing with every squirt. Candi worked her bottom
around in slow circles, her big cheeks and tight anus
squeezing and kneading her dog's cock and draining his
balls down to the dregs.

Exhausted at last, the two came apart and slept the
sl**p of contented lovers. As Candi drifted off, she
wondered what excitement the next week would hold.

Part 16

The following day was clear and sunny, perfect for
taking a long drive. After a light breakfast the girls
tidied up the house and packed for their week away.
What good luck it was that Cleo had invited them!

Cleo's ranch was out in the country, so the girls
decided to take Debbi's jeep. The girls loaded their
suitcases into the back and Rex hopped in beside them,
already anticipating a trip with the two beautiful
women. After a few hours on the interstate, they turned
off onto a smaller highway and through a quiet town.
They stopped for a late lunch and then set off again.
They were in the country now, and the roads became
progressively rougher and more lightly traveled. Soon
they found themselves on a single-lane gravel road that
wound through wooded hills and then down into a deep
valley between them.

It was now late afternoon and the low sun cast long
shadows across the land. Just as Candi was beginning to
feel that they might have taken a wrong turn, the girls
found what they were looking for: a long paved driveway
with a life-sized sculpture of a dog on either side. A
sign above a heavy gate read Ashbrook Kennels. In
another few minutes they were past the gate and turning
into Cleo's drive. The drive wound further into the
woods before ending in a large parking area where three
dozen other cars were already parked side to side.

Cleo's ranch was on a wide cliff-top plateau that
overlooked the water. A large old mansion sat just at
the edge of the cliff, and nearby were a number of
smaller buildings. Peering down far below the cliff the
girls could see a wide sandy beach.

"Oh my God, it's beautiful," exclaimed Candi. She
scratched Rex behind the ears as the dog jumped down
out of the back of the jeep. As pleasant as the road
trip had been, Rex was happy to be back on solid
ground. He sniffed the country air, wagging his tail

"Candi, you made it!" a musical voice called out.

Candi and Debbi both looked up toward the house.
Walking toward them was a tall, voluptuous woman
dressed in a flowing white summer dress. She had long
black hair that danced in the light breeze, and eyes of
deep brown that sparkled above strong cheekbones. She
approached the girls with a smooth dancing gait, and
everything about the way she moved and smiled suggested
a sensuality that was almost lewd. Even Rex could sense
that this female was unique.

"Cleo! It's so good to see you again," Candi laughed,
and embraced her old friend. Candi introduced Debbi and
the two women embraced warmly.

"I'm so glad you've come, Debbi," Cleo said. "I
understand you're looking for a good dog like Rexy
here." Cleo bent and scratched Rex under the chin while
the dog grunted happily.

"Um... yes, if you have one for me," Debbi replied,
blushing a little.

Cleo laughed gently. "Oh, you can pretty much have you
pick of the litter. All it'll cost you is a little
time," she said, smiling. "But we can talk about that
later. Why don't we get you settled in?"

The girls and Rex followed Cleo's twitching hips as she
led them up to the mansion. It was a huge Victorian
style house, a gleaming white wooden castle with tall
turrets and extensive wings, all surrounded by a wide
veranda. To the girls it looked like a very expensive
and exclusive hotel. Cleo opened the door and beckoned
the girls inside.

"Do you like it? It used to be an old hotel. I fell in
love with it as soon as I saw it, and it's perfect for
when we have company."

The inside of the building was decorated in dark wood
and sumptuous fabrics, like an old-style gentlemen's
club or a high-class bordello. As Debbi and Candi
looked around they saw several beautiful women, many
with canine companions. Cleo led them up three flights
of stairs and down a series of hallways. The beautiful
hostess jangled a ring of keys and opened a suite door
marked 26.

"Here you are girls... home sweet home," Cleo smiled.

Debbi and Candi gazed around the suite: a bay window
looked out over the ocean, the natural view framed by
heavy curtains and floral wallpaper on the walls. A
fireplace was set in one wall and across from it a door
leading into a side room. A large TV and VCR sat in a
corner cabinet. In the middle of the room was a big
brass bed, the room and the bed all beautifully
decorated in deep shades of red. Rex trotted about
sniffing happily until he found a spot in a corner to
curl up and nap.

"It's perfect!" Candi replied, looking about happily.

"I'm glad," said Cleo, smiling broadly and invited the
girls to sit. "There's a bed here and another one next
door. There's two rooms, actually, but if you keep the
dividing door open it's one big suite. If either of you
want some privacy, you can just close the door."

The girls peered through the side door Cleo had
indicated and saw another suite just like the one they
were in.

"You two are my special guests all weekend. If there's
anything you need or desire, just ask me or one of the
other girls. You're free to look around and do whatever
you like – all I ask is that you stay out of the
kennels unless you are working a shift there. Tonight
we'll all have dinner and you can meet the rest of the
girls. At the end of the week we'll all have a party
with some entertainment."

Cleo put just the slightest bit of emphasis on
"entertainment" and smiled knowingly.

"Don't forget you're among friends here, and we're all
going to have a wonderful week together. There will be
a little work, of course. All our guests are asked to
volunteer a little time. Both of you'll be helping in
the nursery."

Cleo shifted in her chair and bent to pick up a small
clutch purse she'd been carrying.

"I think you'll even enjoy the work, girls. We raise
some very special dogs here at Ashbrook Kennels. Dogs
raised by friends for friends, you might say. All I ask
is that you put your faith in me and follow my staff's
instructions. Everything we do here is to ensure a
strong bond between our clients and their canine
companions. Debbi, I'm sure you've seen how much Rex
loves Candi. Wouldn't you love the same thing?"

Debbi blushed and squirmed a little. "Yes -- yes, I
would, Cleo."

"Good," Cleo replied, smiling warmly at Debbi. The sexy
hostess produced a small bottle of greenish liquid --
it looked like some kind of herbal extract.

Cleo sat closer to the girls.

"Girls, this is a natural formula that was passed on to
me many years ago. I can't tell you what's in it --
that part is my little secret -- but I can tell you
it's the reason we're able to raise such lovely dogs
here. The formula is quite safe, and the effects are
long lasting but not permanent."

Debbi blinked. "Oh, I see. And do we feed this to the
pups in the kennel?"

Cleo smiled.

"Not exactly, Dear. This formula is for you. It brings
about a few hormonal changes that will allow you to
help us in our very important work here. It's the
reason why our dogs are so obedient and well-bonded to
us. And your reward will be your own dog which will be
the most faithful and loving companion imaginable."

Cleo gave a bottle each Candi and Debbi and the busty
girls peered at them.

"I'm sorry it tastes a little bitter," said Cleo,
scrunching up her nose. "But I think you'll find the
effect is worth it."

Cleo gazed at Debbi and Candi's impressive busts as the
girls took the herbal formula.

"The pups are really going to love you, girls."

Debbi drank the herbs and made a little face. Candi
down hers as well.

"It was a little bitter," the blonde giggled "but if it
helps me find a wonderful dog like Rexy, it's worth

Cleo patted the blonde's knee and turned to Candi.

"Candi, I'd like to borrow Rex for a few days if you
don't mind. Now that he's all grown up he'll make a
fine stud for a few of my bitches that are in heat.
I'll send a girl around for him at dinner. Both of you
will meet May and Mona at dinner – they're my right and
left hand around here. Later on they'll show you your

Cleo paused a moment, the reached back into her

"I almost forgot. Please wear these pendants for the
rest of your time here – they're to identify you as our
special guests."

Cleo gave both of the girls a golden chain necklace,
hanging upon each was a small gold key. With that the
beautiful hostess rose to her feet.

"Girls, I'm afraid I can't stay to show you around.
We're having quite a few guests this weekend and I need
to attend to a few matters. I'll see you at dinner in a
couple hour or so and you can meet the other girls. In
the meantime, please make yourselves at home and feel
free to look around the place. When you hear the chime,
please come down to the dining room."

With that, Cleo left the girls alone in their room.

Debbi and Candi flopped on the bed and admired their
beautiful room. Then they squealed girlishly and hugged
each other. Debbi explored the side room, putting her
suitcase on the second bed within it before returning
to Candi's side, where the big brunette was peering
into the bedside drawer.

"Debbi, look at this!" Candi said.

The bedside draw that Candi had opened looked like
drawer sized adult store: all kinds of porno magazines
were in the top drawer, most featuring well-built women
and men in all kinds of exciting poses. In another
drawer were all kinds of body lotions and massage oils
and flavored lubes. In the bottom drawer was a riding
crop, some fur hand cuffs, a black sash blindfold and a
big pink jelly strap-on dildo. The dildo had an
ejaculating function -- when you squeezed its big balls
it squirted out whatever was in them. The package came
with a pouch of gooey vanilla flavored liquid
reminiscent of cum.

"Oh my god!" squealed Debbi, "That's so dirty! Look at
this stuff!"

The big blonde started leafing through a magazine, her
eyes feasting hungrily on the exciting photos. Candi
picked up a bottle of pina colada flavoured lube and
smeared a little blob on her fingertip. Catching
Debbi's eye she licked her finger wantonly, twirling
her tongue around the tip.

"Mmmm, tasty!" Candi giggled. "I bet it'll be even
better when I lick it off your pussy."

Debbi blushed prettily and the girls embraced.

"Oh, this is going to be so much fun," Debbi whispered
in Candi's ear. "What a romantic little suite. I've
always wanted to do in it a big brass bed."

Candi smiled and kissed her room mate passionately.

"Then maybe we should have a little fun before dinner,"
she husked. "You lock the door, and I'll wake up Rex."

Part 17

Debbi and Candi quickly undressed and crawled into bed
together. The bed was big and very comfortable with
soft sheets and a thick duvet -- and the girls
discovered it had just the right amount of a creak to
add an erotic spice to lovemaking! Debbi rolled onto
Candi and the two sexy strippers entwined around each
other. They kissed and squirmed until their moans and
the scent of hot pussy coaxed Rex up onto the bed.

"Oh Rexy, we won't see you for a few days boy," sighed
Debbi as she pulled the covers aside for the horny dog.

The dog wormed into bed between the girls. He stood
over them, delighting in the scent of hot pussy and the
big curves of the girls' soft female flesh. His canine
eyes flashed over them, over Candi's thighs and bulging
buttocks, over Debbi's huge breasts and wide nipples
and his penis sprang out of its sheath, getting longer
and harder, flicking upward stiffer and stiffer with
every pulse of his racing heart.

"You wanna a give us both a hot goodbye screw, Boy?"
Candi teased. The girls pulled the covers up over Rex's
head and the bed became a squeaking, giggling tent.

The girls squirmed down further and licked Rex's
erection together, sharing it like a meaty lollipop.
Their tongues twirled and teased around his hot shaft
and over his throbbing cockhead. But Rex couldn't wait
-- the horny dog jumped on the plump women! Debbi
squealed with excitement and licked pre-cum from her
lips as Rex wormed between Candi's thighs, his boner
throbbing with need. The dog's erection sank into
Candi's juicy pussy as the big brunette wrapped her leg
around him. Rex licked Candi's tits as he fucked his
mistress and it didn't take long for her hot pussy to
suck a load of sperm from his balls.

The girls let Rex rest for a minute, then Debbi got on
her hands and knees. She bowed her back and tossed her
long blonde hair as Rex mounted her. The dog stood on
his hind legs, gripping Debbi's wide hips. His penis
flexed as he shuffled forward, spitting a sticky string
of pre-cum across Debbi's big buttocks. Then the doggy
buried his bone. Debbi moaned and the brass bed
squeaked as they fucked. Candi watched spellbound as
her naughty doggy thrust and lunged until he pumped his
second load into Debbi's juicy pussy.

The horny girls embraced and kissed, moaning and
licking each others lips. Though his balls had just
been drained, watching the girls kiss soon made Rex
hard again. The more they moaned and kissed, the more
swollen his cock became. From the corner of her eye,
Candi saw her pet's cock was once again hard and

"Oh Debbi, it looks like someone needs his big balls
drained one last time!" giggled Candi. "Let's really
tease him nice and slow this time."

The delighted beauties invited the dog back in between
them. While Rex stood over the girls, Candi massaged
his heavy balls and took hold of his hot shaft. The
depraved brunette slowly jerked her dog off while Debbi
cupped her huge tits and teased the dog's cock head
with her nipples. Rex stood in place, quivered with
pleasure. Soon both Candi's hand and Debbi's nipples
were slippery with doggy pre-cum. Candi squeezed the
dog's shaft and tickled his balls. Debbi rubbed her
sniff nipples around the canine cock-head, smearing
blobs of spunk into her creamy tits.

The bed squeaked, the girls panted and gasped, the
horny dog groaned. And suddenly the dog-cock started
squirting wildly. Candi sighed with satisfaction as the
dog's balls pumped splash after splash of semen all
over the Debbi's big tits. Rex staggered to the foot of
the bed and Candi turned and pounced on her roommate.
Debbi moaned as Candi sucked the thick gooey jizz off
her nipples and slurped up the blobs and splashes of
hot doggy sperm as they trickled down the slopes of the
big blonde's breasts.

At last all three lovers collapsed happily, glowing
with satisfaction and wondering what other pleasures
their stay at Cleo's would bring.

Part 18

An hour before six o'clock, the girls got out of the
cum-stained bed to get ready for dinner. On every floor
of the mansion was a spacious bathroom with a big old
claw-foot tub, and the girls bathed together
luxuriously. They washed each other with thick warm
suds and then anointing each other's warmly glowing
bodies with creams and perfume. The girls wanted to be
as attractive as possible as they were likely to make
some new friends. By the time the girls heard the
gentle chime announcing dinner they looked and felt
radiant with perfect hair and beautiful dresses.

Debbi and Candi made their way downstairs, following
the sound of the chime. Staircases and hallways seemed
to go in every direction within the huge house, but
soon they found themselves in the lobby. Rex followed
along behind, his tail wagging happily.

At the bottom of the stairs was a wide hallway with
double doorways leading off to a formal sitting room
and lounge. Dozens of beautiful elegantly dressed women
were here, some chatting over drinks, some just
arriving from other rooms or down the staircase with
Debbi and Candi. Every woman was accompanied by a
canine companion; some even had two or three. Every
breed and size of dog imaginable was there: quite a few
Shepherds like Rex, some Labs and Pinschers, a few big
Danes and Wolfhounds, even a pair of Dalmatians and a
big French poodle.

And what fine a****ls they were, too. Their coats shone
lustrously in the soft lighting of Cleo's home, and
they moved with powerful confidence among themselves
and the women. Candi and Debbi had never seen such
splendid a****ls anywhere, and the collection of so
many of them in a single place made the effect all the
more striking and impressive.

"Ah, there you are!" came a gushing voice at their
side. The girls turned to find Cleo approaching them
from the lounge. "Come this way now girls, dinner is
about to begin.

Part 19

Cleo's dining room was just as impressive as the rest
of her mansion. A very long table of polished wood
stretched down the middle of the large room. The finely
detailed walls were hung with pictures of dogs of all
breeds, and all of this was bathed in soft light from
the many candles and a crystal chandelier overhead.
Rex, along with the other dogs, was taken away to be
fed elsewhere and the girls gave him a hug and a loving
kiss on the nose, knowing they wouldn't see him during
his few days of stud-duty.

After seeing Rex off, Candi and Debbi entered the
sumptuous dining room. There were already about two
dozen women seated at the table as Cleo guided Candi
and Debbi to their seats. They took their places at the
long table, smiling and nodding to Cleo's other guests.
Both girls sipped their wine and looked around room.
All of Cleo's guests were elegantly dressed and made up
beautifully for the evening, with dark lips and dusky
eye shadow. The low candlelight lent the room a
mysterious, almost decadent air and to the girls it
seemed as though each woman was more exotic or
beautiful than the next.

All the women, Candi noticed, were of a large build. If
there were any model-thin customers of Cleo's kennels,
they had not been invited this weekend.

All around her Candi saw big beautiful women of every
shape and color, with wide hips, plump thighs and
heavy, full bosoms on proud display. Next to Candi was
a Latin beauty with deep mysterious eyes whose long
shapely legs were topped by thick, delicious-looking
thighs. A few places to Debbi's left sat two ravishing
brunettes who were clearly mother and daughter. Both
shared the same dancing eyes and easy laugh, not to
mention truly impressive hips and bust lines.

Directly across from Candi was a big blonde of simply
Amazonian proportions -- not only was she tall, but her
well-proportioned curves were like nothing Candi had
seen before -- she must have weighed 300 pounds, maybe
a little more. Her low-cut dress revealed a long deep
cleft of cleavage. Her giant udders were even bigger
than Debbi's huge tits, pushing the limits of what was
humanly possible.

At the end of the table, seated to the right of the
ever-elegant Cleo, was a beautiful black girl who
seemed to act as Cleo's assistant. Her long dark
ringlets cascaded down onto creamy mocha shoulders,
framing a pair of enormous breasts that jutted far out
over the table. To Candi it looked like the only thing
keeping the girl from falling forward was her wide hips
and big meaty ass.

To Cleo's left was another girl who also seemed to have
a special place at the table. She was a beautiful
redhead whose long red hair cascaded down across
freckled shoulders. Like the rest of the women, her
dress revealed a huge set of melon-like breasts. But
this redhead's most amazing feature was her wide hips
and enormous bottom -- certainly the biggest of all
Cleo's guests at the table, even the blonde across from

Cleo took her place at the head of the table and got
her guests attention by ringing a small bell.

"Ladies, I'd like to welcome you all and thank you for
coming to Ashbrook Kennels this weekend. I'm delighted
you were all able to come and I know we'll have a
wonderful week together."

Cleo raised her glass and the ladies joined her in this

"I'd like to extend my special thanks to those ladies
who wear a Golden Key. You are our special guests this
weekend, and I know you'll enjoy your stay. Your
contributions to my kennel are greatly appreciated by
all... especially our boys!"

The big blonde across the table caught Debbi's eye and
tipped her a salacious wink. Like Debbi, she wore a
golden key lodged in the valley between her giant jugs.

"Hi Honey," she said, addressing herself to Debbi. "I'm
Jane. Have you worn the key before?" Jane spoke with a
gentle southern twang that softened her bold

"Uh... no. This is my first time." Debbi replied.

Jane smiled warmly and leaned forward. "Well don't you
worry, Honey -- you'll love it. This is my ninth time!"

Looking down the length of the table, Debbi and Candi
could see about half of the women were wearing golden
keys. Cleo, who had overheard this exchange, smiled

"Some of you have been to my guests before and for some
of you it's your first time. Either way, if you have a
golden key between your boobs please obey my two
assistants May and Mona when it comes to be your time."

As Cleo's guests laughed at her little joke, the
beautiful hostess indicated toward the black girl and
the redhead who sat on either side of her.

"And now, let's eat!"

Cleo clapped her hands and a dozen girls dressed in
saucy French maid outfits appeared to serve dinner.

Dinner was rich and delicious, with delicious soups and
salads and appetizers and entrees of all kinds served
over more than two hours. Wine flowed and cheeks became
rosy and all around Candi and Debbi were musical voices
of the many women as they talked and giggled. The
candles burned lower and dinner plates were cleared and
favor of dessert plates.

Now the table seemed to overflow with all kinds of
little cakes and delicate pastries, and every woman had
a glass of liqueur or wine. The evening grew later and
talk became bolder. Although nothing was said openly,
it was apparent through subtle innuendo and a dirty
joke or two that all Cleo's guests had canine lovers.
Both Candi and Debbi felt excited that they were not
alone in having discovered the delicious depravity of
bestial love.

At last Cleo's beautiful guests began to tire. Some
excused themselves eagerly, blushing as they hurried
back to their guestrooms while the other women giggled
and teased. Some lingered, their voices becoming

Debbi and Candi were full and content and just a little
bit d***k. Draining the last of her cognac, Debbi
turned and kissed Candi's cheek.

You look so beautiful tonight, Candi. "I'm so excited
to be here with you."

Candi's eyes were heavy with wine. She smiled crookedly
and leaned into Debbi's ear. Her tongue flicked the big
blonde's ear quickly and she whispered.

"You better watch it or I'm going to have to take you
back to my room."

Debbi turned to gaze into Candi's eyes, her pussy
beginning to heat up.


Part 20

The girls giggled as they walked down the hallway and
arrived at their suites. Candi reached into her purse
for the key and Debbi leaned in to kiss her. Their
tongues wound around each other in a slow dance, firing
their excitement further.

They entered the room and, still kissing, stumbled to
the bed where they collapsed. They giggled happily and
rolled upon one another, squealing like excited girls
at a sl**pover.

Then Candi sat up, playfully pinning Debbi beneath her.

"Well, since there's no Rexy to play with tonight," she
said "we'll have to make our own fun."

Debbi sighed happily, squirming beneath her sexy

"Oh? And what do you have in mind," the big blonde

Candi's eyes glittered with excitement. "Oh, I know
just what I want to do. If I play a nice game with you,
do you promise to obey my every word?"

Debbi kissed Candi long and deep before replying.

"I hope it's a dirty game," the big blonde hissed. "How
do we start?"

Candi sighed happily, he breathing becoming quicker as
her excitement grew. Over the months that she had been
Debbi's roommate, Candi had discovered a submissive
side to the big blonde. It excited Debbi when Rex was a
little rough or demanding, and she was always willing
to follow Candi's lead. After their initial night of
passion with Rex, Candi had instructed Debbi further,
turning her on to all kinds of exciting and kinky
thrills with Rex. Candi had slowly become more dominant
in their relationship and it had come to excite the
plump stripper to have a sexy blonde roommate at her

Now Candi bit her lip in delicious contemplation.

"For starters you can get out of that dress -- and into
your violet corset and stockings," she said.

Debbi moaned throatily and then quickly rolled off the
bed. She disappeared into her side of the suite through
the shared doorway and returned a few minutes later.
Candi had just finished turning the lights down low and
straightening out the bed when Debbi came back into the

Debbi was in a beautiful violet corset, ornately
detailed with panels of black lace and crimson
embroidery. Her huge breasts threatened to spill out
the top of the cups, and wide violet garters held up
violet fishnet stockings. The big blonde oozed sex as
she slowly crossed the room, a delicious twitch in the
swing of her hips.

Candi caught the blonde's face in her hands and kissed
her roommate passionately before gently slipping the
black blindfold around her eyes and tying it tight at
the back of her head.

"Now stay right here like a good girl," intoned Candi
with mock severity.

Debbi heard the bedside drawer open and close, then
Candi going into the other room. A minute later her
soft footsteps returned and stopped in front of Debbi.

"Now kneel down," Candi's voice said.

Debbi sank to her knees, her boobs and bottom wobbling.

"And now open your mouth," said Candi as she leaned
forward to remove the blindfold from her blonde

Candi stood before her wearing a black bra and panties,
and something else. The long pink jelly dildo jutted
out from her crotch, the stiff shaft just inches from
Debbi's parted lips.

"Oh Candi," Debbi moaned. She licked her lips and
reached out for the busty brunette who leaned over her.

Debbi took Candi by the hip and brought her near her,
caressing her luscious body, cupping her big tits and
plump ass. She kissed her lips, down to her neck, then
she kissed and licked her cleavage and went down to her
soft belly, kissing and licking. She went down to her
thighs and her calves and started making her way back
up until her tool hit her right cheek. Debbi opened her
plump lips and swallowed the cockhead, her tongue
racing over the slick rubber tip. Then she slowly deep-
throated Candi's cock, holding her lips firmly around
the shaft she bobbed her head slowly and passionately.

" Yeah, mmmmmh... that feels good, suck it baby " Candi
said, playing along with Debbi. Candi arched her back
and wiggled her hips, working her strap-on cock around
in Debbi's mouth before pulling out and looking down at
Debbi who was looking up at her wickedly.

"You like sucking Candi's cock, don't you baby?" Candi
cooed. "You're sucking it like it's a big hard doggy
cock, aren't you?"

Candi nudged the dildo forward, the head parting
Debbi's lips and the shaft sinking in again.

Debbi moaned high-pitched, girly moans as she sucked on
the big cock, pumping the dildo's shaft with one hand.
Then Debbi reached up, running her hands over Candi's
boobs, caressing them as she arched her back, as if she
was actually taking physical pleasure from all this,
playing her role perfectly.

"Oooo yeah! You're such a good cocksucker, Debbi."
Candi teased. "All the dogs in the kennel are going to
want to get their hot boners between your lips!"

Candi was really horny now. It felt like the dildo
really was her own cock, long and stiff and swollen
with cum. Watching Debbi's big pouty lips stretch and
pucker around the pink rubber shaft was making her
pussy boil. The horny brunette started bucking her hips
to get more rubber dick past Debbi's eager lips,
holding her head in place as she jammed her dick in.
Drool started dripping out the sides of Debbi's mouth
as she teased the rubber cock with her lips and tongue.
Candi loved the wet slippery sounds Debbi's sucking
made as her blonde hair bobbed up and down.

Candi closed her eyes and fantasized she was Rex. Rex
with his hard cock in Debbi's mouth. Rex with his
swollen balls about to blow.

Candi started fingering herself underneath her strap-
on, her fingers swirling through her pussy lips and
around her buzzing clit. Candi rubbed anxiously,
blinded by lust. She felt the Debbi sucking harder and
harder, taking the jelly dildo deep into her mouth,
letting it bulge in her cheeks.

Candi rubbed herself furiously, her climax beginning to
peak. Her face flushed as she whispered dirty talk to

"Ooooo yeah, suck it like that. Suck my hard doggy-

As Candi's orgasm built, she reached down to squeeze
the dildo's big balls. She wanted to cum all over her
pretty roommate.

"I'm.... unnnnnghhhhh.... cumming!" Candi moaned.

"Cum on my tits, on my tits... cum all over me!" Debbi

As her orgasm crshed through her, Candi gave her balls
a hard squeeze. The dildo made a popping sound and what
seemed like gallons of vanilla semen spurted out,
splattering all over Debbi's face and chest, all over
her nipples up to her chin. Debbi moaned as she rubbed
it all in, swallowing the few drops that went past her
lips onto her tongue. A month ago, she could never have
imagined that she'd ever be swallowing cum from a girl,
let alone her sexy dog-fucking room mate.

"Wow!" Candi moaned, "you really are a cum slut -- you
swallowed all that hot doggy jizz."

Debbi licked her lips and looked up at her roommate.

"Oh, I'm just getting started."

Part 21

The next morning arrived bright and clear, and Candi
awoke when a beam of sunlight fell across her eyes. She
rolled over to face her sl**ping blonde roommate and
was about to give her a playfully poke when she
suddenly stopped.

Debbi's tits were enormous!

They had always been huge but now, half hidden under a
rumpled sheet, they looked positively gigantic. Candi
slowly pulled back they sheet to get a better look.
Debbi was asl**p on her side and her breasts bulged out
before her, one fleshy globe stacked atop the other
like fleshy beachballs. Her nipples seemed to have
grown too, and the big blonde's pink areolas were now
thick and puffy and wider than Candi's palm.

"Um... Debbi?" Candi cried, "wake up Debbi!"

Debbi's eyes opened a fraction into dark slits, her
eyes smudgy with last night's make up.

"Wha?..." Debbi mumbled. Then her eyes flew open.

"Candi!... your boobs!" the big blonde cried, sitting

Candi suddenly realized her own chest felt much

As Debbi gaped, Candi looked down at her own breasts.
The plump brunette let out a little squeal of surprise.
Like Debbi, her breasts seemed to have magically
swollen overnight. Her pale tits were twice the size
they'd been before, swollen and taut. Her nipples
looked like brown gumdrops and her aureoles, which had
always been wide, now looked like two big brown cup

The girls stared at each other, their mouths open in
disbelief. They got out of bed and sat down together in
front of the mirror, staring at the reflections of the
strange women in front of them. They let their eyes
wander all over their scantily covered bodies taking in
every luscious curve.

Candi's sheer camisole top bulged obscenely with her
transformed breasts. The huge mounds were wrapped
tightly in the smooth material and her hard nipples
poked through the thin fabric like steel points. She
pulled off the camisole top that barely contained the
huge breasts beneath it and gazed at her enormous tits
with awe and bewilderment.

Next to her Debbi took in her swollen jugs. They hung
like two enormous melons, sagging slightly into fat
teardrop-shaped udders capped by big pink nipples. The
big blonde shook her chest from side to side, and her
mammoth melons swung heavily. Her hands instinctively
rose up until her slender fingers gently cupped the
soft flesh and lifted them up gently, gauging their
weight and mass carefully, almost as if she was still
unsure that they were hers.

Both pair of breasts felt full and firm, and it was
quickly obvious to the girls that their bosoms were
swollen with milk! Candi moaned involuntarily as she
realized that this incredible change to her body was
real and not some twisted dream.

Just then there was a knock at the door and a feminine
voice called out.

"Good morning, ladies. I have room service with

It was Cleo.

"Umm.... Just a minute," called Candi, as she and Debbi
scrambled to find something to cover themselves with.
Debbi barely squeezed into her oversized t-shirt while
Candi wrapped herself in a nearby robe.

A moment later the door opened and Cleo strolled in.
Behind her, pushing two covered carts were May, the
beautiful black girl and Mona the big-bottomed redhead.

"Good morning ladies, I trust you slept well?" Cleo
grinned knowingly at her two guests. Before the two
confused girls could answer, Cleo raised a hand:

"I can't stay, but May and Mona will give you your
assignments. Candi, you'll be with Mona. Debbi, you'll
be working with May. I know you both have a lot of
questions and my girls will be happy to answer them.
Goodbye for now."

Cleo smiled warmly and then left just as quickly as
she'd arrived.

May turned to the girls and smiled. She gestured to the
bed, indicating that Candi and Debbi should sit. Too
stunned to question, the girls sat.

Mona began.

"Okay, first of all I know you're both a little freaked
out right now. The changes your breasts have undergone
are not permanent -- the herbal elixir you drank only
lasts a week or so and before you know it you'll be
back to your normal selves."

Then May spoke.

"The elixir triggers an unusually strong lactation and
also causes the release of a few very specific
hormones. This is how Cleo's dogs become so bonded to
their female companions. In stead of their mother's
milk, the puppies here are raised on human milk."

Candi felt her fear and confusion slip away, to be
replaced by a growing erotic flame in her tummy.

"You mean the puppies will..." Debbi began.

Mona stepped forward, hugging the big blonde warmly.

"Suck hot milk out of your titties," the plump redhead
giggled gently.

"All those other girls who have a golden key will be
nursing puppies too," she continued. "We've all done
it, and a lot of girls come back and do it again and
again just for the pleasure of it."

"It's a little difficult to explain it all, I'll just
show you," May said with a smile. She handed both girls
a thin cotton robe, cut extra wide across the chest.

"These are nursing robes. They'll keep you warm and
covered as you come and go from the nursery. Cleo likes
the nurses to be naked in the nursery – it helps the
puppies bond."

Mona clapped her hands girlishly, her pretty round face
shining with excitement.

"Okay, enough talk. We'll be back in one hour to take
you on the tour. In the meantime you ladies enjoy

May and Mona left the room, leaving a stunned and
excited Candi and Debbi alone to eat breakfast.

Part 22

An hour later May returned to the girls' rooms.

"I hope you ate well, Ladies," the gorgeous black girl
smiled. "We want our sexy nurses to have big full
udders for our pups."

May waited patiently as Candi and Debbi slipped into
their robes, the thin cotton hanging down from their
impressive busts and barely covering past mid-thigh.

"Mona is helping Cleo in the breeding kennels this
morning, so I'll take both of you to the nursery," May
said as she guided the two plump beauties out of their
suite and down a quiet back hall. The trio left the
mansion and followed a path that wound between some of
the other buildings on the property. Dogs barked in the
distance, and the girls saw some of Cleo's other guests
coming and going on the grounds.

Holding Debbi and Candi by the hand, May led the busty
girls into a small barn-like building. It was dark
inside, and the girls followed May blindly until their
eyes adjusted to the darkness. May led them through a
narrow hallway and then into a small room with a few
chairs and a row of gowns hanging on hooks.

"These used to be a horse stable," May said. "But with
a few minor conversions it's become a perfect nursery
for the kennel. This area is the change room – you can
hang your robes up here."

There was a broom closet here too, and as Candi and
Debbi slipped out of their robes, a small terrier mutt
poked his head out from behind the door, yawned, and
gazed at the three women.

"Oh hello Dusty," May said, then bent to scratch the
little dog's ears. Dusty was not much larger than a
puppy himself, but he growled happily as May pet him.

"Dusty is the unofficial guard dog in the nursery," May
giggled. "He's a stray that wandered in a few months
ago. He's rather small and not exactly breeding stock,
but Cleo lets him stay here. The poor little guy's
balls must be swollen with all of the sexy girls that
undress here in front of him."

Indeed, Dusty seemed to look at the naked girls with
longing before hanging his head and shuffling back into
his closet.

May now guided the girls into the next room. She closed
the door behind them and the girls were alone with the
beautiful black girl. The room was rather small and
bare, with walls of rough wood and a floor hidden under
a thick carpet of straw. There was no furniture except
four odd-looking low benches that had a wide opening in
the seat and were padded with thick upholstery. A dim
red glow came from a small red light bulb above. As
rough as the room was, it was dark and warm and
somewhat cozy.

"We keep it warm and dark in here for the puppies. Some
of the younger ones are still getting used to the
light," May whispered.

It is warm in here, Candi thought. Even though they
were completely naked, both Candi and Debbi could
already feel themselves beginning to glow with a thin
sheen of sweat.

As if sharing the thought, May now untied the front of
her own robe and slid it off her shoulders. A moment
later she stood nude except for a bra. May's dark skin
glowed in the soft red light and her long curly hair
cascaded down her broad back like a shining midnight
river. May's body was a delicious series of curves, her
strong thick legs supporting wide hips and a big
perfectly rounded bottom. Most impressive of all was
her enormous bust, straining within her red bra. May's
breasts were even larger than Debbi's own huge and
swollen tits!

"This is the secret of Cleo's amazing dogs," May
whispered as she reached behind her back and unsnapped
her thick bra-strap. "Like I said, the herbs you drank
have swollen your breasts with milk, but they also have
other hormonal properties that allow an unusually
strong bond between a dog and his human mistresses. In
fact, sometimes these naughty puppies get excited and
do a little more than just nurse. You'll see."

May slipped off her bra, freeing her gigantic breasts.
She sighed and cupped her big jugs, shivering as she
squeezed her nipples.

"This always gives me a thrill, girls," the beautiful
black woman whispered. "I'm glad you I can show this to
you. Just watch for now -- then I'll let you two take

Part 23

Debbi and Candi watched as May squatted down next to
one of the benches and then leaned forward, settling on
it face down. May was on all fours while her udder-like
breasts hung down through an opening, her big nipples
nearly brushing the floor. Suddenly the girls
understood the odd design of the benches.

May settled herself comfortably, and then pressed a
button on the side of the bench. On the opposite side
of the room, a small automatic door opened and three
puppies came running out towards the smiling black
woman. Excitement building in their bellies, Debbi and
Candi sat on a bench near May to watch.

May reached under herself. Grasping each of her swollen
nipples she squeezed the flesh between thumb and
forefinger, pulling and tugging on them, milking her
own fat breasts for the young dogs. Rich white drops of
milk began to bead and spray from each big nipple as
the pups began to yip excitedly. The woman offered her
dripping nipples to the eager mouths of the hungry pups
and they began to suckle ravenously. May's chest heaved
and her clit buzzed with erotic delight as she felt the
sharp teeth of the little b**sts nip and tug at her

"Aaaahhhhh, yessss!... suck my big titties," she

The burning rush of her falling milk was like a balm to
the swollen flesh of her engorged and throbbing tits.
May loved having her tits suckled like this. With the
pup's little tongues flashing at her nipples, she
always had a delicious orgasm while she nursed.

May moaned as two pups feasted at her fat udders and
the third busied himself lapping at the lips of her
pussy. Debbi and Candi gazed with growing lust as the
pups feasted at May's plump flesh. The beautiful black
woman looked like a sexy cow, passive and contented as
the hungry pups feasted upon her fleshy curves. The
pups worked away at May's big nipples, hot breath
hissing through their snouts, their throats swelling as
they swallowed her sweet milk in eager gulps.

"Aaahh... that's it," May cooed. "Suck out all my
creamy milk, you naughty puppies! Oooo... it feels so
good, girls!"

Moments stretched into minutes as the pups continued to
feed. May's brown aureoles were smeared with milk and
saliva, and rivulets of cream trickled from the pup's
mouths. The room was silent except for May's sighs and
the juicy wet sounds of the nursing pups. Not to be
left out, the puppy licking May's swollen pussy lips
came forward. He nudged one of his b*****rs out of the
way, and pounced upon Maya's nipple. Now and then May
winced and sighed as a sharp tooth pricked her nipple,
or a claw sc****d along her breast as the three pups
slathered and slurped.

"Ooooo.... God.... puppies are gonna make me come," May

Debbi and Candi could see her quivering with a building
orgasm. The sexy black puppy-nurse shuddered, causing
her giant hanging breasts to swing gently. May's
dancing nipples excited the pups even more, and they
tugged and sucked even harder as if a primal lust was
growing within them too.

May squirmed with delight as the pups continued to
tease hot milk from her nipples. One pup was at her
pussy again, his little tongue flashing up between her
plump pussy lips. Debbi became aware of her own ragged
breathing. She slid a hand into her panties to rub her
wet pussy, her fingers circling her buzzing clit while
she thought about the little tongues swirling around
Maya's nipples. Beside her Candi licked her lips and
tweaked one of her own big brown nipples while rubbing
her pussy. Soon it would be the girls' nipples that the
hungry pups sucked from, and Candi shuddered with
erotic need at the thought.
Now the girls watched with fascinated hunger as the
small red cocks of the pups peaked out from their
sheaths! Just as May had said, the pups were becoming
excited! With their little bellies full of May's milk,
they turned to other primal urges.

As Debbi and Candi masturbated together, one of the
nursing pups reared up on his hind legs to hug May's
breast with his forelegs. May gasped as the pup began
hunching his hips, thrusting against her. The girls
watched in disbelief as the puppy's penis, no bigger
than May's pinky finger, sprang out from his sheath.
The pup growled with pleasure and jigged his hips
forward, poking his little pink penis against May's
enormous breast. His little cock slid back and forth
across the smooth surface of her breast until it rubbed
up against her nipple.

May squealed as the little dog pumped, stabbing his
young cock into the woman's swollen nipple. Pleasure
soon over whelmed the young pup and his pumping became
erratic. He slowed to steady himself, then hunched
stiffly and splattered a creamy jet all over her wide
brown areola.

Another pup circled May, seeming to size her up before
hopping up onto her leg. Straddling one of May's meaty
calves, he clutched her thick thigh and wiggled
excitedly. Debbi's fingers swirled around her clit, and
she moaned in orgasm as she saw the pup's small
erection bounce against May's plump flesh, then spit
out a sticky string of semen. Sated, the pups gathered
to lap at the black woman's nipples for a few moments
more. At last, their appetites spent, all three
wandered back through the small opening in the wall.

May sighed deeply and then rose to her feet. She took
Debbi and Candi by the hand and let each plump beauty
to a bench. The girls dutifully sank to their knees and
climbed aboard their benches, gingerly lifting their
enormous swollen breasts into position. Both Candi's
and Debbi's heavy tits hung like ripe fruit, their
nipples mere inches above the rough straw floor.

Once the girls were settled, May pressed a button on
the wall. A different little door opened and four small
Rottie pups tumbled through. They raced over to Debbi
and Candi and immediately latched on to her tits.

May whispered in Debbi's ear, her breath hot and

"Just relax and enjoy! Now we'll put those fat tits to
good use. If you're a good girl I might even let the
dog that studded this litter try you!"

Debbi's blue eyes watched as the two pups gnawed at the
fat nipples capping her breasts. She moaned in
pleasure, helpless to stop the tiny carnivores as they
feasted at her swollen tits. Her breath caught in her
throat, her eyes rolled and her back arched as the
sensations released a tide of endorphins.

Next to her, Candi writhed on the bench as though
strapped in place by invisible bonds. No bonds existed
except those in her lust d***k mind. She was slavishly
bound to her own erotic need. A contented sigh escaped
her wet lips as she watched the pups nurse at her milky
melons. Jets of hot creamy milk were sucked out of her
breasts as her nipples opened under the avid attention
of her four legged c***dren. She could only arch her
back and revel in the sensations coursing through her
as the pups used her big breasts for their nourishment
and pleasure.

The weight of the girl's heavy breasts pulled. Their
heavy udders wobbled beneath them as their chests
heaved with labored breathing, evidence of the pleasure
they derived from their large puckered aureoles feeding
the hungry pups.

"Oh girls, you are taking such good care of these
little pups," May whispered in her ear. "They just love
your big tits! I'm going to leave you two here. Make
sure you let all the puppies have a good feed."

The next two days were devoted to helping May feed her
many puppies. Debbi and Candi enjoyed it, and so did
the puppies. Each day dozens of puppies came into the
nursing room to tug and suck and slurp at their swollen
nipples. One by one the little pups would come over to
the girls and clamp their tiny mouths to their nipples,
vigorously sucking away their sweet milk. And that
wasn't all: with each feeding the older pup became
bolder and bolder, often getting erections as they fed,
and sometimes rubbing their little cocks against the
girls however they could, excitedly squirting hot semen
upon their sexy human female nurses.

Part 24

One night, May asked Debbi to do an additional
nightshift in the nursery. Debbi didn't mind -- she
loved feeling hot little tongues on her nipples. Debbi
lay on the bench until after midnight, when the last of
the thirsty pups had drank themselves into a deep
contented sl**p. Then the big blonde slipped into her
robe and returned to Cleo's mansion. As Debbi walked
down a dark hallway she heard some faint sounds. It was
late at night and all Cleo's guests were in bed
sl**ping --who would be awake at this hour?

Debbi paused to listen. Very faintly, she heard a
muffled growl and what sounded like water splashing.
The big blonde listened intently and followed the
sounds down the hallway of the quiet mansion. As she
turned a corner, Debbi saw a thin sliver of light
spilling out from under a doorway. She stepped closer
and saw the light was coming from one of the shared
bathrooms that were on each floor of the mansion. The
door was shut tight but there was an old-fashioned
keyhole in the lock. If she was quiet, Debbi thought,
she'd be able to peek in. The plump blonde hesitated a
moment, then she got down on her hands and knees.

Debbi's engorged breasts swung heavily beneath her as
she knelt, their big nipples brushing the floor. Her
plump bottom bulged from beneath her short robe,
displaying puffy pink pussy lips that were already
beginning to moisten. Debbi would have some explaining
to do if someone happened to come around the corner!
Holding her breath, the big blonde peered through the

Looking through the opening, Debbi saw a large
beautifully decorated bathroom similar to the other
bathrooms throughout the mansion. In the middle of the
bathroom was a big old-fashioned claw-foot tub. The
room was dimly lit with candles, making it seem
mysterious and romantic. And Debbi gasped excitedly at
what else she saw – a girl giving a dog a juicy

The tub was full to the top with a hot bubble bath, and
in it were a fat red-headed woman and a dog. Debbi
recognized her – it was Mona!
Mona was very busty and plump, with a pair of big,
kissable lips. Her face was pretty and with her long
red hair done up in pigtails, she looked like a naughty
schoolgirl taking a bath with her doggy. Mona was
kneeling at one end of the tub, her wet skin shone in
the candlelight and her enormous breasts swung and
jiggled above the bubbles as she sucked eagerly on the
dog's prick.

Also in the tub, with his forepaws up on the edge of
the tub was a big French poodle. Debbi was shocked to
see such a dainty, feminine-looking dog with an
erection, but something about the dog's prissy grooming
made the scene even kinkier. The dog's penis was long
and slim and very hard. The poodle's boner pistoned
between Mona's pouting lips, bulging out the redhead's
cheeks with every thrust. Mona's head bobbed and
bounced, her pigtails swaying as she teased the long
shaft with her lips and tongue. One of Mona's hands
fondled the dog's big balls while the other reached
back behind her, fingering her own asshole.

Debbi peered in excitedly. Her hand crept down between
her legs to find her clit. It was already tingling
excitedly and her pussy was getting wet. The blonde
hoped no one else was awake to come interrupt the fun!

Debbi watched the poodle whimper and thrust, pumping
his boner between the woman's red lips. The redhead
moaned as she sucked, savoring the taste of meaty dog-
cock. The poodle thrust back and forth, his big balls
squeezed by her hand. Debbi watched the sexy redhead
lick and suck on the poodle's penis until the dog's
erection popped free of her mouth. The penis flexed and
a big squirt of pre-cum splashed her lips.

"Oh, you naughty boy," Mona gasped happily. "You want
to fuck me now, baby?"

The big redhead giggled. She licked the dog's salty
pre-cum from her lips as the dog's tail began wagging
furiously and he whined with excitement. Debbi's
fingers rubbed furiously in her hot pussy -- watching
Mona suck the dog's dick was exciting enough but now
she was going to get to watch them fuck! As Debbi
peered through the keyhole the redhead got up on her
hands and knees. The bath water sloshed gently as Mona
turned her big ass towards the dog and leaned forward,
her huge breasts bulging up almost over the lip of the

Debbi was spellbound as she took in the erotic scene
before her: in one end of the bubbly bathtub was Mona,
bottom turned upwards as she gazed back at her dog.
Behind her was her French poodle lover, his boner
quivering like a tuning fork as he hopped up and
mounted the fat girl. The dog's hind paws scrabbled on
the tub bottom. Water sloshed and bubbles jiggled. Mona
sighed with pleasure and licked her lips in

Grabbing his mistress's wide hips with his forepaws,
the poodle thrust forward. The desperate dog stabbed
his hard dick against the girl's ass but he missed the
mark. Debbi saw his penis slide across Mona's buttock
and bend to the side between the lovers, stiff and
throbbing as it pressed out against the girl's hip.

Giggling, the fat red-head reached back and found the
dog's penis. Her hands were slick and bubbly with soap,
and she stroked the dog's shaft. The dog stiffened and
held still as the slutty girl began rubbing the dog's
cock all over her bottom. Debbi could hear the girl
whispering dirty-talk to the dog.

"Oh Lucky, your boner's so stiff! You like that, boy?
You like your cock on my big bum?"

The girl rubbed the poodle's erection all over her
bottom, slowly painting her cheeks with his dick like
it was a soapy paintbrush. When her big ass was finally
shiny and wet, Mona tilted her wrist and squeezed the
stiff penis in between her cheeks. Debbi gasped. Was
the girl really going to have anal sex with this
dainty-looking poodle? Debbi's mind reeled with lust at
the thought.

Mona bowed her back and balled her bottom out,
obviously eager to let the dog enjoy her fat cheeks.
The poodle needed no more coaxing; he shuffled his hind
legs around his painfully-swollen balls and tightened
his grip on the woman's hips.

Then the poodle strained forward. The red-head moaned
and pushed her ass back. Debbi watched as the dog's
tapered cockhead popped through the girl's anus. Then
the redhead sighed as the excited dog pulled her hips
back, slowly easing his shaft halfway up her big
bottom. Mona's eyes closed in pleasure and she bit her
lower lip as she felt the soapy erection sink in.

"Ooooo Lucky!" she squealed. "It feels so good! Your
boner's so hot, boy!

She tossed her pigtails and rolled her hips and Lucky
strained forward, working his hard erection up her ass
with a slow corkscrewing motion. Debbi's heart pounded
in her ears as she watched. This was so sexy! The
bestial couple wasn't just fucking, they were making
love: tenderly enjoying every little thrust and jiggle
of the first penetration.

The poodle's long, hot erection disappeared between
Mona cheeks until his boner was buried to the balls.
Neither of them moved for a moment. The doggy was
savoring the pleasure of having his hard erection deep
between those big cheeks. The redhead was pressing back
into his furry loins, thrilling to the sensation of
having her plump bottom stuffed with a load of iron-
hard, throbbing doggy-prick.

Then the poodle began to fuck. His hind legs quivered
in the soapy bubbles as he pulled his prick out. Only
the tip of his throbbing red cock remained in the
woman's anus, and then he eased all of that long boner
back into her. His cock-shaft slithered up her soapy
asshole with one long thrust until his swollen balls
slapped against the redhead's pussy. And Mona loved it!
She rolled her buttocks back on the jabbing doggy cock
as he began to pump her. Moaning and wriggling, the fat
redhead gazed back over her shoulder, urged her pet on:

"Aaaaah!... do it, Lucky!" she whimpered. "You just
love to bumfuck me, don't you boy?"

The redhead's heavy tits swung in the soapy bubbles
while the lusty poodle danced on his hind paws, pumping
her with long slow strokes.

Debbi could tell the dog loved it. He growled and
quivered, his teeth bared in a lusty snarl as he
hunched over the big woman. He was in doggy-heaven
feeling the redhead's hot anus gripping his shaft and
her plump cheeks jiggling in his crotch. His heavy
balls slapped against the woman's pussy with every
thrust, swinging with the big creamy load of jizz she'd
soon receive.

Debbi stared at the dog's long glistening penis pumping
in and out between the girls jiggling cheeks. She was
thrilled by the way the dog screwed against the
redhead, clutching her wide hips, eager to squirt his
cream up her bouncy bum. Debbi's clit buzzed excitedly
as she watched. It was so delicious spying on this pair
of bestial lovers -- the candle light, the bubble bath,
the girl kneeling in front of her dog -- Debbi wanted
to share in this moment, to time her own orgasm to
theirs. She didn't have to wait long.

As Debbi watched the dog's thrusts became faster and
deeper, the woman's plump ass exciting him more and
more. Mona's bottom rippled and jiggled, her huge
breasts bulged over the lip of the tub. The redhead
sighed and licked her lips, pushing her bottom onto the
dog's dick and gazing back lovingly at her canine

"Aaaaah, yeah! I'm gonna come from your fucking, Lucky"
she moaned.

Debbi could see Mona's cheeks squeezing the dog's shaft
as an orgasm began to build. The poodle was hunched
right over her now, riding the big girl with his
panting muzzle over her shoulder. The redhead looked up
at him, whimpering with pleasure and need. Her face
flushed as she whispered dirty-talk into her pet's ear.

"Yeah... that's it, Lucky -- cum for Mona" She teased.
"I know you want to come so hard, boy. Do it, Lucky --
pop your balls up my big bum!"

The dog's thrusts became erratic and Debbi's fingers
swirled deep in her own hot pussy. The redhead sighed
excitedly, feeling her own orgasm peak. Suddenly the
dog sank his hot slippery boner balls-deep, quivering
with bestial pleasure. The plump slut's eyes fluttering
as she rolled her ass back into his loins – Debbi could
see Mona wanted to feel every inch of his twitching
cock in her bottom.

"Oh yeah! Squirt my ass, Lucky! Do it, boy!"

The dog was jerking and twitching. Debbi could see his
swollen balls contract and knew he was finally pumping
jet after jet of hot doggy cum into that fat ass.
Debbi's own orgasm rushed through her as she watched
the redhead come, gasping with each of her poodle's hot

"Oooh cream me!..." Mona gasped, feeling each squirt of
hot semen: "Aaah!... Aaah!... Oooo!... Aaah, Lucky!...
Ooooo Yeah!"

Debbi's clit exploded and a hot rush of pussy cream
bathed her swollen lips. She blinked and gasped, barely
able to stifle a groan of pleasure. Debbi watched the
poodle pull his long drooping erection from Mona's ass
and dismount as the redhead lay gasping against the end
of the tub. Not wanting to be discovered, Debbi quickly
rose to her feet. She glanced both ways before hurrying
down the darkened hallways of the mansion until she
reached her room.

As she crawled into bed, the big blonde wiggled her
bottom against the mattress, imagining what a hot doggy
dick might feel like between her cheeks. It had never
occurred to her to make love with Rex this way, but she
knew she wanted to try this with him soon. The idea was
so sexy that Debbi couldn't resist fingering her anus
and teasing her clit again as she drifted off – she
couldn't wait to tell Candi what she'd seen!
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