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[Story] 2 BBWs and Rex

It had been a long week at the Kit Kat and Candi
couldn't wait to get home -- she had worked longer
nights than usual due to a few girls being away. The
voluptuous brunette loved to dance and strip, but by
Friday evening her feet were beginning to feel tender.

To make things worse, Candi's boss called her into his
office at the end of her evening shift. Hugh had owned
the club for as long as Candi had danced there. He was
a good guy and treated the girls at the club like
queens, but a boss is a boss: Candi couldn't help
feeling a little nervous as she worked her way throug... Continue»
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guy with huge balls fucks himself
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[Story] BBW Theatre Slut

We stopped at an adult movie house on our
way home. Toni looked surprised but didn't say
anything as I helped her from the car and led her
inside. The clerk stared open mouthed when he saw the
beautifully dressed woman on my arm as I bought tickets
for the movie and led her inside.

As we watched the graphic scenes of a girl getting gang
banged by a bunch of black guys on the screen I could
sense the fear in Toni. She sat rigidly and tried
not to look around but each time there was any slight
noise near us she seemed to almost jump out of her
seat. I thought she was... Continue»
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[Story] BBW and her bisexual husband

Toni was 26 and already a big girl when John met her.
After 10 years together, she had grown huge. It had
been her large breasts and curvy ass that had first
attracted him to her, but now she was enormous all over
and it had reached the point that John was having
trouble getting aroused enough to have sex with her. It
wasn’t that she didn’t want it; in fact she was hornier
now then ever, but her body just didn’t do it for him
as it once had.

Although he sometimes felt bad about it and worried
that she might find someone else, he knew she had
become so ... Continue»
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[Story] BBW slut wife

The crowd gathered around my naked wife. She was
extremely exhausted after masturbating in front an
audience of forty-seven men, many of which were total
strangers to us. The huge black dildo, dripping with her
aromatic white foam, attested to her many pleasurable

Lying there in the middle of the king sized bed
surrounded by dozens of shriveled but sated dicks, she
knew that each and every orgasm sprayed into the clear
plastic enema bag was done in her honor.

Forty seven cum shots would have been plenty for her
carnal purpose, but because of the sheer eroticis... Continue»
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[Story] Theatre Slut

They drove in the van downtown and stopped at the Adultplex.
Brent talked to the manager and Lee-Anne followed Brent, Gary,
Robert, and Willy into Cinema 1. The sign said "Theatre sluts on
the screen."

The area was dark when they walked in. The boys sat behind
Lee-Anne. On the screen was a young girl of 25 with a super set
of tits hanging down and swaying as one guy fucked her cunt and
she sucked another. The movie was set in a Cinema and the action
was on the hallway floor and in the chairs. They watched this
actress get pumped and pumped and then saw the cum spraye... Continue»
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