Carpark Holland

Via msn agreed with G in the woods of Zeist. The forest beyond the stables. Car parking for the right barrier. There was. 2 cars. G discovered me and came out of his car. I took off my jacket and slip out. Was now on my shoes after naked. Stepped out of the car and leaned back against the door on.
Pulled me off to G, which stood before me. G turned around and pinned me against the car. He grabbed my buttocks and slid his hand between my legs my small cock. I heard his jacket and pants zippers. Felt his hard cock against my buttocks. G stuck his thumb up my ass. Then he pressed his body against me from behind. With one hand he grabbed my small cock. The thumb from my ass he put into my mouth. I smoke my own shit (mortise). But I know that G wants it so. When I pulled my face I got a slap on my mouth. G went off me and pushed me with strength in my shoulders to my knees. His half hard dick into my face. I had to lick his balls. It took me a hand up his cock. I licked his balls from his ass to the foot of his post. Then he pushed his cock in my mouth. He grabbed my head and started to fuck me with. I wanted to pull my head to breathe. But he by Ragde. If I really could not he showed me a few seconds, so I was gasping for breath. Soon he squirted his semen into my mouth. So much that I almost threw up. Then he pulled me up by my hair up and took me to the front of my car. I had over on the hood. Legs spread wide. He spat on my ass and fingered my hole open. To my surprise, his cock again so hard I felt him penetrate me. He felt a bit smaller and thinner than I was used. I was strongly pressed on the hood. I could hear voices. Not G! G stood beside me. You get 2 more you are absent. Dirty slut. I panicked. Who are these? G saw and hit me hard in my face, then he grabbed my buttocks and pulled apart. Full over it guys. The man was quick. The second seed was easily in my wet hole. It was small but very sturdy. That felt great. He held it for long and the panting of my neck to judge, he was older. Then I felt him beat and spray my cunt men.
G kept me down. I heard the car drive off. Passers guy. G gave me a slap on my ass sluts and walked to his car. Masturbate yourself he laughed and he was gone. My dripping from the seed leaving in the dark forest.
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3 years ago
ik durf niet zo goed maar wil ook zo graag
4 years ago
Very interesting story could have been more detail but it was very good anyway thanks