Weekend Encounter Part Two

Saturday Morning

I woke up at about 7:00, feeling really refreshed. I got quietly out of bed and went in to make coffee. About ten minutes later I came back in the bedroom with two cups and she was sitting up in bed with the sheets at her waist, those perky tits exposed.

“Wow, you were out there naked?”
“Yeah, there’s no one else around and the d****s are closed” I said with a smile.
“That’s sexy, knowing you were walking around out there naked. That coffee looks really good too”
“Well you look sexy yourself with those perky tits peeking out from the covers”
“Thanks, I think I look pretty good for my age but I haven’t heard any compliments for a long time”

I handed her the cup and got back in bed. We sat there drinking our coffee and talking for a few minutes and then I felt her hand rubbing the inside of my thigh, slowly at first then working its way toward my cock. I felt myself getting hard and when her hand touched it I was already at full attention. She smiled up at me and set her cup on the nightstand and took mine and put it there too. She took my stiff cock in her hand and started stroking it, slowly at first then faster. I was moaning and moving my ass and she took my balls in her other hand and started playing with them too and it felt so good. She was staring at my cock and balls all the while when all of a sudden she said “I really want to get on top of you and fuck you, is that ok?”
I looked at her and smiled and said “Hell yes, do you like the top?”
“I love it; just let me do the moving at first ok?”
I wasn’t about to argue so she swung her leg over me and hovered above my cock, rubbing it against her pussy.

“Damn, we’re both sticky from last night and I know there’s still a lot of cum inside me. That’s turning me on in a big way!”
Sure enough, I felt her slick pussy dripping on the head of my cock as she rubbed it on her lips and clit. She slowly slid it inside her; just the head at first and I could feel her squeezing me. Then she began to lower her pussy slowly down my shaft till our trimmed pubic hairs were touching. It was so incredible how tight she could squeeze and I was moaning as she started rotating her hips, keeping my whole dick inside her. She was moving back and forth and side to side and when I reached up and pinched her nipples her eyes rolled back and she and she moaned loudly. I kept squeezing and she was grinding hard on my groin, my cock buried deep and within a minute she was moaning louder and louder and then “Oh my god I’m gonna cum already!”

Her body jerked like she was having a seizure and she was making those guttural sounds again, it was the most intense orgasm I’d ever seen and I could feel wetness running down my balls and into my ass and onto the sheets. She finally got control of herself and looked down at me and said “Holy fuck! I can’t believe the way I’ve cum with you!! I’ve never lost control of myself like that, ever!! I’m done grinding I wanna bounce now!”
And with that she shifted and lifted herself off me and then started bouncing up and down on my dick. I could literally feel her juice splashing on my thighs and could see and feel it hitting my belly as she went up and down hard. I grabbed her by the hips and started helping, really slamming her on the down stroke and it wasn’t long before I was close to exploding myself.

I said “Keep going baby I can’t hold back any more!”
“Don’t even try I want your hot sperm in me again and I’m gonna cum again too!”

I was thrusting up and meeting her and getting so deep I could feel the head of my dick touching something when she started thrashing and screaming again and that’s all it took for me too. I blasted my hot load into her hot pussy and filled her up again. I could feel our juice running all over as they mixed together and it was so fucking hot! She collapsed on top of me and lay there with my arms wrapped tightly around her. We kissed deeply and she looked at me and said “This is so amazing I can’t believe it’s really happening”
“Yeah I know, that was incredible”

She slowly lifted her hips off me, my cock reluctantly pulling out of her pussy and a gush of cum from both of us landed on my cock and belly. We both looked at it in amazement and then I turned her on her side and spooned up against her again, my wet cock sliding in between her ass cheeks and up against her hole.

She said “You know, I used to think it was gross to have cum on me like this, I’d be up right away to wash up and I’d never let my husband rub his cock on me until he had cleaned up too. But with you it just feels nice, and naughty, all at once”

“Yeah it does and we are messy I know that” I said with a laugh. “We’ll rest here then I’ll get up and make us some breakfast before we go see the sights”
“That sounds good to me as long as we clean each other up”
“Oh we will, trust me on that” I said, laughing again.

We got up and I gave her one of my wife beater t-shirts to wear. The bad part was that it was so long it came down to mid thigh on her but the good part was that the sides and front were really low and couldn’t cover her nice tits very well. Plus the fact that it was so thin that I could see her nipples and areolas right through it.

“That t-shirt has never looked so good” I said with a big grin.
“Knowing that you’re staring at me with that look makes me feel so sexy”
“As soon as my dick can get hard again you’re gonna get it again believe me”
“I hope so” she said with a naughty laugh.

As we were eating she looked at me and said hesitantly “I have something to tell you”
By the look on her face I knew whatever it was it was going to be hard for her to say so I just looked at her and said “You don’t have to worry, you can say anything to me about anything and it’s ok”

She said “Ok, here goes. When I made plans to come here I really wasn’t planning on having sex. I decided it I was attracted to you and it happened that would be good but I didn’t make up my mind till we were here having snacks and wine and had talked for awhile. I had also thought about whether it would be good sex or not and I decided if it was just ok then we’d probably do it a few times and that would be that, I still like you and still find you attractive but no spark sexually. But there was also the possibility that we’d have sex and it would be really good, and that’s what happened. Actually it’s been the most incredible I’ve ever had in my life and I want to keep fucking you all weekend long”.
“God I can’t believe I just said that! I’ve never talked this way to anyone, not even my ex and we were together for 27 years! You just bring out the naughty woman in me that’s been hiding all these years and I want to try stuff I’ve thought about for a long time but never had a willing partner.”

I was watching her knowing that the punch line was coming and wondering what it was. I was getting more and more turned on though because I knew it was gonna be good and she was having a hard time getting it out.

“Look baby, you’re a very sexy, mature woman with a great body and some sexual skills that are coming out that you didn’t even know you had. I’m willing to do just about anything so don’t be embarrassed about what you want or what you say. And finally, I felt the same way about whether or not we’d have sex, exactly the same in fact. And now that we have and it was so rockin I’m planning on doing you as much as I can and when my cock won’t get hard for awhile I wanna lick and play with that hot little pussy till it’s ready again.”

She was looking at me intently and she finally said “That’s exactly what I was going to say next. You know I’m a nurse practitioner so I have access to all kinds of samples to give to patients. Well before I left I got a couple of samples of Cialis just in case in might come in handy.” She added quickly: I know you don’t have any ED issues, that’s obvious, but this will just improve your recovery time. You don’t have to if you don’t want, so far this is awesome and I have no doubt you can keep making me cum without being inside me”

I started smiling as I looked at her and said “That’s so cool! Hey, I’m not 25 any more so it does take a little longer between and I’ve kinda always wanted to try that or Viagra just to see what it would be like. But I gotta warn you if I take it I’m gonna wear that hot little pussy of yours out this weekend and you’ll be walking funny for a couple of days after you get home!”

She said “Damn when you talk like that it just makes my pussy wet all over again. I’m so relieved you’re ok with it, most men are kind of sensitive about that subject, and I see it all the time at work so I was really hesitant to bring it up”.

I looked right into her eyes and said “Let’s agree on something right now, ok? No subject is taboo, off limits, too much or any of that stuff. ANYTHING we want to try sexually we listen to the other person and then decide, no matter how kinky or wild it may seem. Is that fair?

“That’s perfect! I feel like a whole new world is opening up for me and I’m game for anything just about.”
“Me too, there’s not much I’m not willing to try. Why don’t you finish your coffee and I’ll put the dishes in the dishwasher and then we’ll go get in the shower, ok?”

I was standing at the sink and cleaned up the few dishes when I felt her come up behind me and put her arms around my chest.
“God I love that hairy chest of yours” she said. She was rubbing me and touched my nipples and started squeezing them, and then her hands worked their way down my stomach to the waistband of my boxers. She was very good with her hands and I could feel my cock stirring. She slipped her hand inside them and started rubbing my short trimmed pubic hair and that is one of my intense erogenous zones. I couldn’t help but moan and she asked in a naughty but innocent tone

“Oh, does that feel good?”
“Fuck yeah; I love to be touched there”

By now my cock was hard and I was pitching a tent in my boxers. She started stroking it and my whole body shivered. She got up on her tiptoes and said
“Let’s go back to the bedroom”

I turned around and pulled her against me and said “No, I’m gonna fuck you right here, right now!”
“Oh fuck, I’ve always wanted a man to just take charge and fuck me right on the spot! That’s so hot!”
We kissed and I rubbed my stiff cock against her belly. She reached down and pulled down my boxers and my cock sprang out. She let out a surprised little yelp as I lifted her up and carried her over to the table, setting her ass right on the edge. It was the perfect height and she said “You’re gonna fuck me on your kitchen table? Fuck yeah, do me right now!”

I lifted the t-shirt over her head so we were both naked and then I slid my stiff cock against her pussy and slid it right in all the way. “I’m still so full of cum and wet, we’re gonna make a mess on your table!”
“I know, pretty hot huh?”
I started pumping into her hard and she was gasping. I buried my cock and held it there balls deep, pulled her against me and kissed her deeply and took her tongue in my mouth and started sucking on it. She moaned loudly, my cock deep inside and barely moving as I sucked and lightly bit her tongue. When I let go she looked me in the eyes and said “My god, where did you learn to kiss like that haha? That was intense!”

I started kissing her again only this time my tongue was moving in her mouth in the same rhythm as my cock in her pussy. I pulled her forward so I was hitting her clit on each stroke and she was thrusting against me harder and harder.

“I’m gonna cum again, holy shit I’m gonna cum” she screamed. She had her arms around me and she was squeezing me tightly when it hit, her head rolled back and she started jerking again as I held her tight and kept thrusting. As she started to return to normal she started laughing and said “You’re so bad the way you make me lose control of myself like that! I’ve never even been able to get myself off that good”

I was slowly moving as I looked at her and said “well that’s good but I’m not done yet”
I started teasing, grinding against her clit as my cock went all the way in again, then all the way out so just the head was inside her.
She said “Oh, don’t tease me, give it back!”
“Maybe, but you gotta say please”
“You are so bad! I want all of it inside me, PLEASE! Fuck I can’t believe I’m begging for your dick!” she said with a smile.

I slid it all the way in again and then started fucking her like I was before, hitting her clit with each stroke.
I said “I wanna make you cum again”
“You’re going to and fuck I can’t believe it”
“Tell me when you’re close and I’ll shoot with you”

Within 30 seconds she got that look again and said “I’m gonna cum again, holy fuck cum with me please! Give me that hot load!”

I was pounding her pussy and felt it welling up and I yelled “Do you want it, tell me you want it!”
“Yes! Give it to me please…I’m cumming now!!”

We both were cumming at the same time, my hot cream going deep in her pussy and her juice mixing with mine. When we caught our breath I slowly pulled my cock out and a huge creampie flooded out of her pussy and onto the table. We looked down and started laughing. She said “We are so naughty getting all that cum on your kitchen table!”
I said “You wanna see naughty?” and before she could answer I reached down with two fingers and scooped some cum and rubbed it on her lips and gave her a big deep kiss. I was even kinda surprised at that and when I moved away she had a shocked look on her face which slowly turned to lust.

“You just tasted your own cum...”
“And yours too haha, always wanted to try that and it wasn’t bad” I said, still laughing.
“Fuck it was hot as hell! I really liked that”

I cleaned up the rest of the mess and we headed to the shower. I had to pee first and she asked if she could watch.
“Sure, I don’t care”
“Can I hold it while you go?”
“If you want, never had anyone help me pee but go ahead”

She took my cock in her hand and aimed it at the toilet and I started peeing. The coffee had left me with a full bladder so I was pissing like a racehorse and she said “Damn! I can feel it going right through your dick…kinda cool; I’ve never held one peeing before either”

When I was done she said “I’ve gotta go too” and sat down on the toilet.
“Do you want me to leave?”
“No, you can stay and it won’t bother me”
She had a full bladder too and her stream was long and loud.
I laughed and said “Damn girl, that’s louder than me!” and she burst out laughing and all of a sudden a loud fart burst out of her, echoing in the toilet bowl.

Her eyes were big as saucers and then she buried her head in embarrassment and I couldn’t help but burst out laughing.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t know that was going to happen but when you said that and I started laughing it just came out. I’m so embarrassed!”
“Hey don’t worry about it, it’s ok, and in fact it’s kinda cute. I’ll see if I can’t return the favor sometime this weekend”
We both laughed and she got over it and started laughing with me when all of a sudden she did it again, even louder than the first time!

“Oh I’m so sorry again, I really feel stupid now! And I don’t know what to do cuz I can feel a shit coming right now! I’m so sorry”
“I’ll leave you alone then and give you some privacy”
“No, you don’t have to unless it’s going to bother you. What the hell, you’ve already seen and heard more than anyone in my whole life anyway” she said with a smile.
“Ok, if you’re sure, I’ll go get the shower going so the water’s hot”

And with that she leaned over and pushed and I heard the splash of a little poop hitting the toilet. When she looked up I was smiling and she said “I can’t believe I just took a shit in front of you. Here I am naked, sitting on the toilet, farting and shitting while you’re standing there and it doesn’t even bother me. That’s pretty weird”

I was thinking the same thing, kind of erotic in a weird sort of way, not into s**t or seeing it or anything but the fact that she would do it with me standing right there kinda turned me on.

We got in the shower and scrubbed each other off, both of us needed lots of attention in our crotch. I turned her around and started washing her back and working my way down to her ass. I soaped up her cheeks and when I started washing her ass crack and hole she said
“Are you sure you want to do that? I just took a shit”
“Well we gotta wash it then right? Besides, I’ve got plans for your tight little asshole later” I said with a mischievous grin.

I rubbed the soap over her hole and then slid the tip of my finger in. She was kind of uncomfortable with it at first but then she told me it felt good. I slid my finger all the way inside and started moving it around as her sphincter relaxed. I moved it in and out slowly, ass her hole relaxed more and more. She was starting to make a little moaning noise again and she said “You’ve got to give me anal sometime, I’ve done it a few times and actually enjoyed it, but I have a feeling I’d love it with you”
I laughed and said “I think I can accommodate that request.” I slowly pulled my finger out of her tight hole and said
“Ok, I think you’re ass is good and clean now”
She said with a laugh “I’m sure it is and I know it’s never had so much fun getting clean”

She took the soap and started doing me. She very carefully washed my cock and balls and then said
“Your turn to turn around now”
I turned my back to her and she started at my shoulders and quickly was washing my ass cheeks. I could tell she was hesitant about going any farther so I told her she didn’t have to and I would do it myself.

“No I want to but I’ve never touched a man there except for work and that’s a LOT different. I’m going to though; I don’t feel like there are any boundaries hardly with you”

And with that her hand found its way into my crack and she rubbed the soap up and down, slowly at first with the bar of soap then she put the bar aside and started using her hand. I felt her finger stop at my asshole and she inserted just the tip.

“Is that ok? I don’t want to hurt you”
“It’s fine believe me. I like anal play it’s just hard to find a woman who will do it so don’t worry. If something hurts I’ll let you know right away” I said smiling again.
“Ok, this is all new to me from a sexual standpoint and I want to make you feel good”
“I’m gonna hold you to that” I said, laughing now.

She moved her finger slowly up and down my crack, finally stopping at my hole and slowly working her finger inside. She was getting comfortable with touching me there and she knew exactly what she was doing as her finger found my prostate. I could feel my dick getting hard as she massaged it gently.

“I’ve done this thousands of times to men at work, giving exams but my ex would never let me touch him there. I think it’s pretty hot now that I’m doing it”
“You’re really good at it too but I wouldn’t recommend doing it this way to one of your patients” I said as I turned around and showed her my rising cock.
She looked at me with lust and said “That sometimes happens with patients too but I always just ignore it, don’t even mention it, because they’re usually very embarrassed. I’m glad to see you’re not embarrassed” she said with a sly grin on her face.

I reluctantly pulled her finger out of my ass and said “We’re gonna run out of hot water if we stay in here much longer, and we’re already starting to prune up. Let’s get out and I’ll get you good and dry”
“Ok, but only if you promise to get me wet again” and she laughed and looked at me with that naughty look in her eye again.
“It’s a deal; in fact you didn’t even have to ask because you don’t have a choice”

We got out and dried each other off and she did her girl things while I did my man things, both of us naked the entire time. She looked so sexy standing there doing her makeup and hair and I kept checking her out from every angle and caught her doing the same with me. She reached into her makeup bag and took something out and handed it to me.

“Here’s the Cialis I was talking about. You don’t have to take it if you aren’t comfortable. It’ll last about 48 hours, it takes about an hour to take affect, and as long as you don’t have any heart problems you should be fine”
I looked at her and said “After what we’ve done so far I don’t think I can get hard enough often enough even with this so give that to me and hold on girl!” I swallowed it with some water and said “You better be ready”

When we were ready we went out to the bedroom to get dressed. As she was reaching into her suitcase with her back to me I stood there and admired her sexy ass again. She felt my eyes on her and she turned around and said

“You like what you see?”
“Fuck yes! You have a great body and I love how you seem so casual being naked with me watching you”
“I’m not usually but you just have a way of making me feel that way, it just feels natural and you make me feel so sexy, always looking at me and touching me”

I came to her from behind and moved her slowly, face down on the bed. I stood there admiring that ass and then I leaned down and started rubbing it, one hand on each side and slowly spread her cheeks again. I spread her ass and held it there and took a good luck at the most perfect asshole I’d seen in years. A few hairs surrounding her little puckered hole, looking tight and hot and I knew I was going to fuck that more than once over the weekend. She was breathing heavy by now from knowing that I was checking out her ass and I moved my face down and started nibbling and licking her cheeks. I was getting closer and closer to her ring when she said

“Am I ok back there? I’ve never had anyone that close to me like this and I just shit a little while ago and I’m kinda nervous about it”
“Baby trust me you are fine, you are so fine…this is the most beautiful asshole I’ve ever seen and I want to make it feel good”
“Ok I trust you and this is sooo turning me on”
“Then just enjoy it baby”

I started licking her all around her hole and then right on it. She was moaning and she said “Damn I’ve heard about this but I’ve never had it done to me. This feels incredible!”
I kept licking her all around and then I went right to her asshole again. I licked it for a few minutes then slowly started working my tongue in. She was gasping as my tongue went deeper and deeper and then I began tongue fucking her asshole, slowly at first and then faster. Her sphincter was very loose and I pushed my tongue up her ass as far as it would go. I moved away for a second and got a pillow and put it under her belly so I could reach her pussy with my hand. Her pussy was soaking wet again and I started rubbing her clit as I tongue fucked her asshole. She was humping up and down and after a few minutes she started cumming again. My tongue was all the way inside her ass and it was hot as hell! I pulled my hand away from her pussy and pulled my tongue out and just licked her asshole as she caught her breath.

“I’ve heard that is incredible and now I know! That was a whole different kind of orgasm, so intense to have your tongue there. It felt like you were way up inside my ass but I’m sure you weren’t”
“Well actually I pretty much was” I said with a laugh. “As far as I could go anyway”
“Wow! Was it ok? You didn’t get anything….bad did you?”
“No babe, you’re clean as a whistle, I did a thorough job in the shower”
“Good, I was kinda worried about it at first but everything seemed ok so I just relaxed and let you do me. But now, you’re going to get your reward”

She got up and pulled me down beside her and told me to roll over on my back.
“It’s my turn to show you what I can do now” she said with a wicked smile. “You’re gonna just lay there and take it too”

She moved down and started licking and sucking my balls, telling me how much she liked how nice and smooth they were. She had my dick in my hand as she took each one into her mouth and sucked. I was already hard when she moved to my cock and started licking it all the way from top to bottom. When she took it into her mouth I groaned with pleasure and for the next twenty minutes she sucked and licked and teased me with her mouth and tongue, bringing me right to the edge several times. She was looking right into my eyes most of the time and at one point she said
“I want to try to take it all, I’ve never done it and I wanna try with you”

I have an average sized cock, about 7 inches and 4 inches around so it’s not out of the question. She slowly lowered her mouth down my shaft until she was almost there. I didn’t move, just letting her take it at her own pace, but it was hard not to. She came back up and stroked it with her hand saying

“Almost had it, I think I can do it this time” and with that she slowly went down again, this time getting all of it in her mouth. It felt so intense to feel the head on her throat and it was all I could do to keep from exploding.
She sucked me like that for a minute or two then came back up and looked at me and said “I bet you want to cum don’t you?”
“Fuck yes!” I moaned
“I want you to look at me and tell me”
That turned me on even more so I looked in her eyes with my cock in her mouth and said “I wanna cum in your mouth baby”
“That wasn’t very convincing, you’ve gotta really make me believe it”

She was stroking my dick with her hand and mouth, knowing that I was right there but never letting me get all the way, enjoying having me at her mercy. I was going crazy and before I knew what was coming out I said
“Please, make me cum, I wanna cum in your mouth or wherever you want, just let me get off!”

She looked at me again and said “That’s better, that sounded like you really meant it, now give me a big load of sperm!”

She started bobbing her head up and down, faster and faster and within a few seconds I could feel the orgasm welling up.

“Ah fuck baby I’m gonna shoot”

She couldn’t answer with a mouth full of dick so she just moaned as I blasted another load of cream in her mouth. She kept sucking and sucking and swallowing until I was jerking and moaning and finally I had to pull her away.

“Damn girl, you give some awesome head!”
“I’ve always liked doing that, I like the control part of it. That’s why I wanted to hear you beg it was a huge turnon for me”
“Me too, we’re gonna have to take that a step further later today or tomorrow”
“Sounds good to me, I wanna be on both ends of it”

We got up after we had recovered and got dressed to go out for the day to do some sightseeing.

To be continued…
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2 years ago
HOT HOT HOT Dam this is one of the hottest stories i have read ,,,thanks
2 years ago
Very good story. You two are HOT!