Weekend Encounter

Friday night

We started out as FB friends, playing one of those silly games. We would chat once in awhile, nothing flirty or sexual. She was in the final stages of a divorce and I was single. I finally asked if we could talk on the phone and she said yes. We talked for a while and enjoyed the conversation but again nothing sexual. She was on the East Coast and me on the West so I didn’t give much thought to actually meeting in person.

Over the next few weeks we talked once or twice a week on the phone, her about being single after 27 years of marriage and the fears of entering the dating scene again. I had only seen her picture but I told her that she looked attractive and she had a good personality so I was sure she’d have no trouble getting dates but to just take it slow getting into a relationship right away.

One night I noticed her posts were very sad so I called her and asked how she was doing. She was very depressed, almost frantic to get away from the house and her town where she had too many memories. On a spur of the moment thought I said

“Donna, why don’t you come out here and spend the weekend? I have a spare bedroom and there’s nobody else here but me, I’ll show you the sights, we can go out for dinner or just hang out and relax. No pressure, just as friends”

She’s a Nurse Practitioner and makes a good income so I knew it wouldn’t be a problem for her to spend $500 on a flight. She thought about it for a few minutes and said

“It sounds good on the surface but I need to think about it for a little bit. Let me sl**p on it and I’ll call you tomorrow morning”

The next morning I got a call very early and it was her.

“I got up early and checked flights and my work schedule and I can be there next weekend from Friday night till Monday if that’s ok with you. I’m just a little nervous about flying across the country to stay with someone I’ve never met but my instincts about people are good and I’m sure you’re ok”

We talked every day for the rest of the week and we both agreed that it was just a friendship weekend to start and we’d just see what happened. She told me that she hadn’t been with another man for 25 years and she was nervous about that so she didn’t want any additional pressure and I didn’t either. I had been happily single for about a year and enjoyed women but didn’t want a relationship with all the expectations that come with it. She also told me that there were lots of things that she was aware of sexually and that she wanted to try to find her naughty kinky side now that she was single again.

I said to her “Donna, here’s the deal: when I pick you up at the airport I’m probably gonna kiss you. From there on I’m going to assume you’re sl**ping in my guest room unless you say otherwise. And if you do, at least the first time, I’m going to totally take control and make it really good for you.”

She said “That sounds good to me, thanks for being so understanding, I’m 47 years old and I don’t want to sound like a baby but I’m just nervous”

Finally the day was here. When I drove up to the gate she was standing there with her suitcase looking very cute. I walked up to her and she gave me a big smile and said
“It’s so nice to be here, I really needed to get away”

I put my arms around her and pulled her to me and gave her a soft kiss at first and she looked at me and told me that my lips were really nice so I kissed her again with my tongue and she gave it right back to me. She was so tiny, barely five feet tall with a nice round ass that looked really good in the jeans she had on and the sweater she was wearing shoed her perky C cup titties and just a little hint of cleavage.

We drove back to my place and made small talk and it was obvious that even though she was nervous we were hitting it off right away. I asked her if she wanted to stop and have dinner but she had eaten during her layover so she just wanted to get to my place and relax.

When we got there I showed her around and brought her to the spare room and put her suitcase down for her. We went out to the living room and I poured us both a glass of wine and got some cheese and fruit and she said

“This is perfect, some snacks are just what I need”
We talked and ate and I went to refill our glasses. When I came back she was standing and without saying a word she put her arms around and kissed me again, her tongue exploring my lips and mouth. After about a minute my cock was hard as a rock in my pants and she could feel it, although I wasn’t pressing it against her it was her rubbing her belly against me.

She moaned and looked up at me and said
“I want to go in your bedroom and take off our clothes”
I said “Are you sure you’re ready for that?”
“Yes I’m sure but I’m really nervous.”
“It’s ok, just leave it to me and if you change your mind it’ll be ok.

We went into the bedroom and stood next to the bed and started kissing some more, deep long kisses, exploring each other’s mouths and lips, both of us moaning. I pulled back and looked down at her and said
“I’m going to take off my shirt and then yours, ok?”
“Yes, I’ll help”
She unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off my shoulders saying
“Mmmm, I love your hairy chest”

I reached out and slowly pulled her sweater up over her head. She had a sexy black bra on and her tits looked so hot! Her belly was so sexy, a little bit of a pooch from having two k**s but so soft and smooth. I pulled her to me again and put my arms around her back, her skin was soft as silk as I rubbed from her shoulders to the top of her jeans. I unhooked her bra and pulled it off her as I looked at those perky tits for the first time. Her nipples were long and hard and I told her she had some awesome 47 year old titties. She had an embarrassed smile on her face and said
“You’re the first man in 25 years that seen them”

I took her nipples in my hands and squeezed them as we kissed again and she was moaning louder and louder, rubbing her crotch against me. I love the way a woman looks topless with jeans on and she looked hot as hell. I undid my pants and let them fall, standing there in my boxers. Then I reached out and unbuttoned her jeans, slowly lowering them and exposing a sexy little pair of Victoria Secrets panties, black with pink hearts. I rubbed her sexy little ass through her panties and then I led her to the bed and pulled back the covers. We got in bed, kissing all the while and we were rubbing and touching each other urgently, me still in my boxers and her in those sexy little panties.

I took her nipples in my mouth and started sucking them gently at first then harder.
I said “Tell me if it’s too hard”
“I like it when it’s kinda hard, you can bit em a little if you want”

I bit gently and slowly slid my hand down her soft belly and under her panties. She was soaking wet and I could feel a nicely trimmed pussy. I moaned about how wet she was and she said “It’s been a long time since my husband made me that wet”

I parted her pussy lips and slowly slid my finger inside her then spread the juice on her clit. I had to taste her so I started working my way down her body with my tongue, slipping in her belly button and right above her panty line. As I reached to pull them down she stopped me and looked down and said

“I have to tell you that if you’re going to do that you’ll have to be patient. It usually takes me 15 or 20 minutes to cum and sometimes I just don’t cum at all”
“It’s ok, I love to do it and I’m not in any hurry. You’re pussy probably tastes so good that I’ll want to do it longer than that anyway and I don’t care how long it takes”
“I’m just afraid you’ll get tired and it’s ok if you want to stop cuz I’m taking too long”
“Don’t worry or think about it, just enjoy what I’m doing and we’ll just take it from there”

I moved down between her legs and pulled her panties down slowly. I loved the way her belly moved with her deep breaths and I put my face down and started licking just above her pubic line, then down to her inner thighs and to the outside of her lips. I moved my tongue to her tight little hole and slid it inside, then slowly up to her clit. She started moaning and groaning louder and louder as I teased her lips and clit. She smelled and tasted really good and every time my tongue touched her clit she jerked and moaned and I thought to myself “This isn’t going to take very long, you’ve just never had anybody eat your pussy right”

I decided I wasn’t going to prolong it, just show her what an expert pussy licker was like. I moved to her clit and started flicking it with my tongue and her hips started jerking with every stroke. I took it gently between my lips and she said “Holy shit that feels so good!! What are you doing to me??”

I kept sucking with my tongue and lips, faster and faster and her voice got louder and louder
“Fuck fuck fuck Alan! Your tongue, damn I can’t believe you’re doing this, FUCK THIS IS SO GOOD!!
By now I had to hold onto her hips to keep them from lifting off the bed and she was making deep guttural sounds as I worked her hot pussy. I knew she was getting close when all of a sudden she started bucking and jerking like she was having a seizure and screaming “OH ALAN OH OH OH FUUUUUUCK!

It was hard as hell to hold her down and keep my tongue where it needed to be but I managed. I slowed down as she started to ease up her thrashing and moved down to her hole again and slowly licked up her juice. When I looked up at her she had her eyes closed and she looked totally exhausted. She opened them and saw me looking at her as I slowly licked her and she smiled and said

“That is a really hot image! God I never thought a man could make me cum so fast with his mouth, and I’ve NEVER had an orgasm like that! I thought I was going to pass out and I had no control over the sounds coming out of me! Damn you’re good!”

I moved up next to her and she said “Kiss me, I want to taste my juice from your mouth”
We kissed deeply, and she sucked my whole tongue in her mouth and said “I’ve always wanted to do that and now I know why. It’s sexy as hell!”

I laid next to her as she caught her breath, stroking her soft sexy body. She reached over and started rubbing my hairy chest and belly saying “I love a man with chest hair, my ex hardly has any.”
My cock was pitching a tent in my boxers so I told her to take them off. I raised my ass up and she slid them down and had a look of pure lust when she saw my stiff cock.

I said “Remember, I’m still in charge”
“I want that right now, I’ll do whatever you want”
“Do you want that cock inside you”
“Yes, I’d really like it”
“Then tell me Donna”
“Please give me that stiff cock, fill my pussy with it”

I turned her on her back and knelt between her legs, her pussy still shiny with her juice.
“Take my cock in your hand and put it in your pussy”
She rubbed it around and got it all wet, then slid the head inside. I slowly eased the rest in until I was all the way and she moaned “Oh god that is soooo good”.

I started moving in and out, slowly at first then faster and faster, she had such a tight pussy and she was squeezing me the whole time.

She asked me if I could you cum as fast as she did and I told her that I hadn’t cum since she decided to spend the weekend with me because if we did have sex I wanted the first load to flood her.

She said “You did that for me, not even knowing if we were going to do this? I’m so turned on, I really want it fast baby, please fill me up with your cream!”

I was right on top and started kissing her and using my tongue in rhythm with my strokes, really pounding her now and she was fucking me right back even though she was on the bottom. As I got close I looked in her eyes and said “Donna, I’m almost there, look at me and tell me you want it, beg me for it!”
“Shoot your load, fill me with your hot sperm, give it to me!”
“Here it comes, squeeze it out of me!”

She grimaced as she gave her pussy a big squeeze and I looked right into her yes as I felt my hot load pumping into her, spurt after spurt, filling her, overflowing her pussy and running down her ass and all over my balls. I lay there with my cock still buried in her and we kissed and I said
“That is the most incredible pussy I’ve ever felt, the way you squeezed me, I can’t believe a 47 year old woman who’s had k**s could ever be so tight”

“I’m a nurse practitioner, I always tell women to do their Kegels, gotta practice what I preach.

I slowly rolled of and asked if she wanted to clean up.

She looked at me shyly and said “This may sound weird but I want you to spoon me and put your cock in between my ass cheeks for a little while. I don’t ever remember being so wet and I want to just lay here and feel it right now”
“I actually like that too” as we moved to our sides “I’m going to put my cock right against your asshole, is that ok?”
“Mmmm that word sounds so naughty right now, yes put it right against my tight little asshole”

We lay there talking, her tiny little body fit so good against mine, our cum slowly drying. It was still early in the evening so after a little while we got up and went back out to the living room. She stopped to put her panties on “I don’t want to get cum stains on your couch” she said laughing and I put on my boxers.

Later that night after some more drinks and snacks, we went to bed and fucked again, she sucked me with her fantastic mouth and when I was hard I got on top and fucked her again, taking my time this time, until I shot another nice load. She didn’t want to clean up this time either, saying “I want to sl**p with your hot sperm inside me, on the sheets, on my ass, wherever it goes and we’ll clean each other up in the morning.

We fell asl**p spooned against each other and woke up that way the next morning.


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5 months ago
Thank you :)
5 months ago
As a girl that loves stories.. quality stories, with real life situations, that was wonderful! Good job :)
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Thank you, there are two more parts to it too
1 year ago
liked it...seems honest and sincere...nice work
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nice story
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Another well written story! Enjoyed it.

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I love this story!
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Great story! I would love to see pics of this Hotty! wow!!