The WWE Gangbang

At the arena where the WWE is holding a super show with the combined
Smackdown and Raw Rosters, the Divas of the WWE were in their group locker
room they have to share due to the show being a joint Raw and Smackdown
production. All the Divas are there, Sharmell, Victoria, Jillian Hall,
Lilian Garcia, Mickie James, Maria, Lita, Ashley, Candice, Kristal, Melina,
Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler. The girls are all laughing
and chatting when there’s a knock on the door and it’s opened slightly a
moment later.

“Man on the floor!” the voice of Vince McMahon bellows. The Divas scramble to
back sure they are decent. The Diva locker room leader, Trish Stratus then
heads over to the door and opens it the rest of the way.

“We’re decent Mr. McMahon,” Trish laughs as steps back. Vince power walks
into the room and looks around. He smiles and then claps his hands once

“Ladies, with the release of Christy Hemme a short time ago, we have decided
on a fair way to determine who shall take her spot.”

“How are we going to do that?” Maria asks cutely as she cocks her head to the

“Simple… with a old fashion last woman standing royal rumble entry style
gang bang…” Vince says with a smirk. The resulting looks on the Divas range
from outrage to shock to excitement to confusion.

Victoria steps forward, “Wait a minute you want us to get fucked in order to
take Christy’s Spot?”

“Yes I believed that’s just what I said… it is in your contracts, in fact
you can thank former Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff for suggesting it to
me when I hired him 4 years ago.” All the Divas exchange looks before Melina
stands up and puts her hands on her hips.

“I’m the most dominant Diva here… and I’ll do it… I’m all for proving
that to you bitches and getting more TV time,” Melina says with a smirk.

“Whoa hold on Melina, I’m the top Diva around here…” Trish says as she
folds her arms.

“Yeah Trish is the number 1 and best Diva… she can out fuck anyone!” Mickie
says as she jumps between Trish and Melina.

“I don’t think so, that cracker bitch is just a ho, I’m a former Miss Black
America, and I’m married to the greatest wrestler here in Booker T,” Sharmell
proclaims as she snaps her fingers. The remaining Divas start to join in on
the argument but Vince holds his hands up.

“Ladies, Ladies… you will all get your chance to prove that in the ring…
the 30 men you’ll be facing are all ready there and waiting for you.” Vince
then leaves the locker room but he pokes his head back in and points to
Jillian. “Ms Hall… you’ll be entering first… good luck.”

All the other Divas laugh at Jillian’s misfortune as she leaves the locker
room and makes her way to the entrance ramp. She passes by a list taped to a
bulletin board, which is the list of entry for all the Divas. Jillian raises
an eyebrow when she sees two slots labeled “To Be Determined”. She shakes her
head and continues on her way, pulling off the facial blemish attached to her
face, unbuttoning her blouse and stripping as she walks. Her music hits as
she steps out onto the entrance stage and she stops in her tracks when she
looks in the ring where 30 men, 15 from Raw and 15 from Smackdown are
waiting. They are Chris Masters, Rey Mysterio, Carlito, Bobby Lashley, Triple
H, John Cena, Juvi, Shelton Benjamin, Randy Orton, Greg Helms, Batista, Shawn
Michaels, Johnny Nitro, Joey Mercury, Antonio, Romeo, Edge, Matt Hardy, Paul
London, Scotty Too Hotty, Val Venis, Super Crazy, Chavo Guerrero, Booker T,
Tyson Tomko, Psicosis, Sylvain, Rob Conway, Lance Cade and Nunzio.

Jillian makes her way to the ring and slowly gets inside. Before she can
realize what’s happening, she’s grabbed by Tomko and f***ed to the center of
the ring. Random hands reach out and fondle her body. She feels them all over
her body, over her breasts, her ass, legs and pussy. Jillian composes herself
enough to get down onto her knees. She grabs the first two cocks she can
reach, those belonging to Cade and Michaels. She strokes both of them firmly.

Jillian’s face is grabbed by Masters, who then f***es his masterpiece of a
cock into her mouth with a might push. Jillian quickly begins bobbing her
head up and down on his shaft. Booker gets behind her and pulls Jillian’s
hips so she’s up far enough for him to kneel behind her and f***es his black
cock into her pussy. Jillian moans around Master’s cock before he pulls out
and is replaced by Psicosis. Jillian slobbers all over Psicosis’s dick as
she releases Cade and Michaels. Her hands are soon wrapped around the cocks
of London and Scotty as a 10 second countdown begins.

10….9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…. BUZZ!!!

Smackdown’s newest interviewer Kristal makes her way to the ring, completely
naked. The ebony beauty climbs the ring steps and is helped through the ring
ropes by Bobby Lashley. She saw what happened to Jillian so she takes
Lashley’s hand and sweetly asks him to lay down. He does so and she mounts
his monster cock. She slowly begins to bounce on his cock, but then she’s
pushed forward and both Antonio and Romeo shove their cocks into her tight
black asshole. Kristal screams out but her mouth is soon filled with the
cock of Shelton Benjamin as Jillian is getting fucking doggy style by Batista
as she licks the dicks of Orton and Triple H.

Jillian opens her mouth wide and both men then stuff her mouth. Batista pulls
out of her pussy and rams his cock deep into her ass, allowing Super Crazy to
slide his head underneath her in order to lick her pussy. Jillian’s body
shivers as a result of the insane luchadore’s tongue pressing against her
pussy and she reaches for and grabs his cock. She pumps it as best she can as
she bobs her head on the two dicks in her mouth while the countdown begins
for the next entrant.

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…. BUZZ!!!

Sharmell storms from the back fully dressed with a look on her face that
reads she’s not going to have any part of the challenge. She gets in the ring
and gets right in Booker’s face. She pokes him in the chest as she yells at
him for fucking Jillian, but then Cena and Mysterio rip her gown down. The
duo laughs at her as she fumes and even Booker chuckles a bit at his now
naked wife. Sharmell gives him a look and suddenly gets down on her knees and
starts giving Cena head. She bobs her head whorishly on his cock as if to
tell Booker she wasn’t going to do this but since he laughed at her, then
it’s on. She reaches over and grabs Mysterio’s cock to pull him closer. She
presses both dicks together and swirls her tongue around both. Before she
gets into a routine, Edge picks her up and moves her to a corner. Edge sits
her on the middle turnbuckle, spreads her legs as the grabs onto the middle
rope. He then sticks his cock into her pussy, quickly beginning to fuck the
ghetto slut.

Meanwhile, Kristal is now on the outside of the ring riding Matt Hardy, who
is sitting on a ring steps, as she is getting fucked up the ass by Venis. She
wraps her arms around Matt’s neck as she comes down sharply on his cock. Matt
sucks on her chocolate colored breasts as Venis slams his cock in and out of
her booty until he pulls out and is replaced by Carlito. Carlito keeps his
cool, thrusting into Kristal smoothly as he rubs her shoulders.

Jillian now is laying on the Spanish announce table with Nitro straddling her
body with his cock between her large breasts. Jillian holds her tits together
and Nitro thrusts his cock between them. She lifts her head and licks the
head of her cock as Mercury gets between her legs and thrusts his duck into
her pussy. Jillian arches her hips to push a bit against Mercury as Nitro
takes over holding her tits around his cock. Jillian then lowers her head and
it hangs off the edge of the table. She sees Juvi approaching so she opens
her mouth, and the Juice puts his cock balls deep into her mouth. As the
leader of the Mexicools fuck her face, the next countdown begins.

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…. BUZZ!!!

The first few chords of Lita’s theme song hits and the former girlfriend of
Matt Hardy, Lita makes her way out from the back. Edge licks his teeth as he
sees her and he moves out of the ring to meet her on the entrance ramp. But
before he gets far, Matt spins him around and nails him with a twist of fate.
Lita covers her mouth in shock before she turns to run to the back, but Matt
chases her down and grabs her long reddish brown hair. Matt her into the
arena seats, lays her down and sticks his big cock into her pussy. Lita
moans out in protest but the f***e of Matt’s thrusts has her changing her
tune. She wraps her arms around his body and digs his nails into the skin of
his back.

Back in the ring, Sharmell is getting crammed fuck vertically by Masters,
who is fucking her pussy, and Booker T, who is fucking her ass. The two men
bounce the ebony pain in the neck up and down on their cocks as she reaches
back and holds onto Booker’s head as she wraps her legs around Masters’
waist. The Masterpiece mangles her breasts with his strong hands as he lets
Booker handle how hard Sharmell is coming down on their cocks in between
when they ram themselves inside of her.

On the outside of the ring, Kristal is ridding the dick of Chavo on top of
the announce table as she alternates sucking the cocks of Cena and Helms.
She wraps a hand around Helms’ shafting, pumping it roughly as she slobbers
all over Cena’s. She bounces up and down on Chavo’s hard prick as her saliva
drips off of Cena’s cock and onto her chest. Helms lets out a grunt as he
blows his load, plastering the left side of Kristal’s dark face.

Also, in the ring, Jillian’s arms are tied in between the top and middle
ropes to hold her up as Batista, Orton, Carlito, Lashley and Triple H all
take turns fucking the beautiful blonde’s tight pussy. Jillian’s body spasms
as if she’s has just been electrocuted. She wraps her legs around whose ever
fucking her until she’s freed from the ropes by Nunzio who makes her lay
down. He mounts her chest and pushes his cock into her mouth. The Italian
Shooter formerly known as Little Guido begins fucking her face as Scotty
gets between her legs to ravage her kitty with his worm. The attention of
the remaining men is caught by the Titan-Tron as the next countdown begins.

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…. BUZZ!!!

The screeching intro of MNM’s theme music plays and Melina comes out from the
back wearing a $500 bra and panty set one would find at Victoria’s Secret.
She sexily walks down to the ring and does her trademark split on the ring
then slides into it. Melina sits up on her knees as Nitro and Mercury come
over to her. She slides her hands down both of their dicks before she grips
both of them. She licks both of their cocks as Helms moves behind her, pulls
her up and sticks his cock into her pussy. Melina pushes back against him as
she takes both Nitro and Mercury’s dicks in her mouth, deep throating both as
if it was the most natural thing in the world for her to do.

Out in the seats, London and Masters have joined Matt Hardy in fucking Lita.
London is underneath her with his thick cock in her pussy. Lita rocks sharply
on his cock as Masters savagely fucks her ass with his brick hard dick. He
wraps his arms around her body and squeezes her, making it hard for her to
breath as her face is stuff and fucked by Matt. Matt grabs her two handfuls
of her hair and violently jerks Lita’s head along his cock, which she loves
for she’s lapping her tongue all around his cock.

On the right side of the ring, Sharmell is bent over the barricade, sucking
the cock of Tomko, as Batista fucks her up the ass. The former Miss Black
America moves a hand between her legs and uses three fingers to fuck her
cunt. She moans loudly around Tomko’s shaft as the World Heavyweight Champion
uses every bit of strength to rip her asshole apart with his cock. In the
ring, Kristal is laying on her side, getting fucked up the ass by Antonio and
eaten out by Romeo. She is propped up on her left elbow and is jerking off
Crazy as she gives head to Mysterio. Jillian is on her knees and Scotty,
Psicosis, The Mexicools, Cade and Nunzio surround her. She goes around in a
circle, sucking ever one of their cocks while pumping any two that she can
grab. As she gets a couple of men to bust their nuts down her face, the next
count down beings.

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…. BUZZ!!!


The k** Rock version of the ZZ Top song “Legs” blares through the empty
arena, and the sexy Stacy Keibler comes out from the back, wearing a red see
through top and a thong with high heels. Once she reaches the ring, she does
her trademark entrance where she bends through the ropes to show off her ass,
Edge and Triple H. T stop her. Edge slips one leg through the middle rope and
sticks his cock into her ass after he rips off her thong, while Triple H
holds his cock against her mouth. Stacy grabs his cock as she takes it into
her mouth. She bobs her head on his shaft as Edge slams his cock in and out
of her, which makes her pussy grind against the top of the middle ring rope.

Melina is on top of London, with his cock deeply situated inside of her
pussy. Juvi and Crazy have both their cocks in her fat ass, drilling her as
if they were trying to find oil. Shawn Michaels, Booker and Cade are in front
of her, and the leader of MNM is constantly pumping two of their shafts while
sucking off the third. Melina has several orgasms during this time, and some
of the guys cum in her or on her, whichever their preference may be.

Matt Hardy has dragged Lita from the arena seats to the ringside area. He
goes under the ring and pulls out of a ladder. Matt sets it up and has Lita
climb up halfway up the ladder. He climbs up behind her and stands on the
same rung she is and shoves his cock into her ass. Lita holds onto the top
of the ladder as Tomko stands next to ladder, reaches underneath it and
begins fingering Lita’s pussy with three fingers as he strokes his own cock.
Crazy climbs onto the top turnbuckle and with a carefully leap, jumps onto
the ladder. He moves up to the top of the ladder and sits on it, which
results with his cock being in perfect position for Lita to grab it and
start giving him head.

Sharmell and Kristal are now laying side by side on two wooden tables, with
their heads hanging off the edge of the tables and both have the cocks of
Booker and Scotty in their mouth’s respectively. Lashley and Chavo are on
top of the tables and the two Divas, banging the shit out of their pussy.
Kristal’s body arches sharply as she cums; while Sylvain grabs Sharmell’s
left arm. Smackdown’s fashion consultant helps her wraps her hand around his
cock and she starts pumping his cock as furiously as she can.

Jillian is now riding the cock of Orton who is sitting in one of the
announcer’s chairs. She is jerking the cocks of Nitro and Mercury as Cade
gets behind her and shoves his cock into her ass. Jillian tightens her grip
on Nitro and Mercury’s cock, making them cum violently as she pumps their
cocks as hard as she can. Their loads shoot straight up into the air and
lands on Jillian’s forearms. Jillian releases their cocks and lick her arms
clean as she pushes back against Cade as she comes down sharply on Orton’s
dick. The next count down begins…

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…. BUZZ!!!

Candice’s music plays and the spokeswoman for Go-Daddy, Candice Michelle
comes down the ramp with her magic wand in hand and wearing her ring coat.
She rips the buttons of the coat open, revealing a her smoking hot naked
body underneath, then she shrugs off her coat, drops the wand, does her
little dance, and seductively crawls into the ring. Carlito greets her
right away and he then has her suck his cock instantly. Candice places her
hands on his thighs as she bobs her head sloppily on his cock as Carlito
thrusts his prick in and out of her mouth. Chris Masters gets behind the
raven-haired beauty and starts fucking her sweet pussy with hard swift
thrusts. London and Chavo come over and they have Candice take hold of
their cocks. Candice quickly begins jerking them off as deep throats
Carlito’s dick.

Juvi is laying on the Spanish announce table, and Stacy is on top of him,
face up riding his long hard Mexicool dick with her ass, going up and down
by using her hips, with her hands and feet flat on the table. Psicosis is
standing on a chair next to the table, leaning forward, with his hands on
her knees and he’s licking her bald pussy, darting his tongue in and out
of her slit. Michaels steps onto the table and steps off Stacy to lower
his cock into her open mouth. Stacy closes her lips tightly around his cock
as the HBK thrusts his dick in and out through her lips.

On the ringside floor on the left side of the ring, Melina is bouncing up
and down on Tomko’s Problem Solver with ease as Booker pushes all of his
black pecker up her asshole. Melina pushes back against Booker as she
places her hands on Tomko’s muscular chest. Val Venis and Crazy come over
to her, holding both their cocks near her face, and Melina moves her head
left and right, licking up and down both dicks before opening her mouth as
wide as she can. Venis and Crazy shove their shafts into her oral cavity,
and Melina takes both dicks almost completely.

Matt Hardy has now dragged Lita back into the seats. Matt sits down on one
chair and has Lita mount his dick. His ex-lover resumes riding his cock with
an a****listic lust mixed with hatred as she pulls on his greasy black hair.
Matt lowers his head and bites both of her nipples, tugging on them with his
teeth. Edge has finally notice where they were and licks his teeth like a
wolf. He jumps the ring barrier and moves quickly over to them. Instead of
pulling Lita away from his hated rival, he shoves his Canadian sausage into
her tanned ass. Lita lurches forward and looks back at Edge, then smirks
seductively as she rocks harder on Matt’s cock as she pushes back against

Batista is flat on his back in the ring, with Sharmell imbedded on his shaft,
with John Cena banging her fine black ass. Cena spanks her firm ass firmly as
he pounds her asshole with his ivory colored dick. Sharmell digs her ‘ghetto’
like nails into the shoulders of Batista as she climaxes, but her scream of
pleasure is cut short as Lashley shoves his monster black cock into her face,
gagging her much to the delight of the other 29 men. Sylvain joins in and
works his cock into her asshole along side Cena’s, making Sharmell shriek
out, and every one is grateful her mouth is full.

Triple H is leaning against one of the corner turnbuckles, getting head from
Kristal, who handles his giant balls gingerly with her soft hands. Orton
rolls into the ring and pulls her up, so she’s standing and bending over to
continue to blow The Game. Orton enters her tight pussy with his cock and he
grips her legs to hike her up so her feet are not even on the floor. Kristal
grabs onto the ropes and uses the thrusts Orton is using to plow into her
cunt to help her deep throat Hunter’s cock.

Jillian is on the entranceway, with the dicks of Antonio and Romeo in her
pussy, Nunzio’s in her ass, Nitro and Mercury’s in her hands and Conway’s
cock in her mouth. The Heart Throbs slam their cocks in and out of her pussy,
making it hard for Nunzio to keep any type of momentum going as he drills her
ass. Romeo cups Jillian’s huge breasts, making her moan around the shaft of
Conway who runs a hand through her hair and his own as he pushes in and out
of her face. Jillian constantly adjust her grip on the tag team’s dicks for
which she used to fix problems for being moving onto bigger and better things
with JBL. The next countdown begins and Mercury and Nitro free their cocks as
they turn to see who is coming next.

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…. BUZZ!!!

Lilian Garcia walks down the ramp and is met way by Mercury and Nitro. She
gets down on her knees and blows both men as they rip off her gold outfit,
bra and panties. Chavo joins them and takes Nitro’s spot at her mouth as he
moves behind her to fuck her tight pussy. Lilian moans around Mercury’s cock
as she pumps both her hands up and down Chavo’s dick due to the f***e and
speed of Nitro’s thrusts. Masters soon joins in and he slips his one-eyed
monster into the brown eye of her backside. Lilian curses in Spanish for a
moment before she takes Chavo’s cock deeply into her mouth to vacuum it

Candice is now riding the thick black cock of Lashley as she sucks hard on
Shelton’s South Carolina black snake. Booker T joins in and pushes his dick
into her ass, and now Candice is air tight with over 30 inches of black cock
inside of her body. Her hands are free, but soon she manages to grab the
cocks of Super Crazy and Psicosis in order to jerk off two Mexicans as she’s
fucked in all three holes by the 3 hell hung black studs.

Against the ring ropes, Melina is getting fucked up her ass Triple H and in
her pussy by John Cena, who has his back to the ropes. She has her arms
wrapped around Cena’s neck and her legs are hanging through the ropes as she
bumps and grinds her hips to push back against Triple H and to come down
sharply on Cena’s pole. Hunter has his strong hands on her breasts, squeezing
them firmly as he gives her a sharp thrust of his cock in her asshole.

Lita is taking a bit of a break of getting fucked and is sucking off both
Matt and Edge, while jerking their cocks. Both men pull on Lita’s hair;
fighting over whose dick she’s going to suck. Lita puts a stop to it by
having them move close together and she takes both cocks into her mouth,
deep throating both of their dicks easily as she moves her hands to their
butts and sticks two fingers into each of their assholes.

Sharmell is not getting a break, for she is riding the cock of Randy Orton in
reverse as she slurps on the one belonging to Tyson Tomko. Conway pushes her
back a bit, and her pussy is soon doubled stuffed when the Conman f***es his
dick in her black twat. Sharmell arches her back and tries to push against
Conway while trying to move up and down on Orton’s dick. Thankfully, Orton
thrusts up mildly into her making Sharmell’s life a little easier for the
moment until Conway begins throwing all of his strength into fuck her sloppy

Kristal is in the middle of the ring, surrounded by Carlito, Mysterio, Juvi,
Nunzio and Sylvain, and she is getting a break, for she’s going around in a
circle, licking up and down their dicks until Carlito and Mysterio adjust her
position so her ass is up in the air. They both shove their cocks into her
tight asshole, catching Smackdown’s Number TWO announcer by surprise. She
stuffs her own mouth with Nunzio’s cock to muffle her own cries of pain as
The Coolest Guy on Raw and Smackdown’s Man of Mystery fuck her ass raw.

Jillian, meanwhile, is on top of a platform some of the guys have put
together with the use of two ladders and a table. She’s Riding to big dick
of the a****l Batista as she’s getting fucked in the ass by Shawn Michaels.
London, Scotty, Cade, Venis and Helms all hold the ladders still to keep
them from falling over as Antonio and Romeo climb up the side of one Ladder.
When they get to the top rung, Jillian is able to grab their cocks and
begins to jerk off both of them 15 feet in the air. The attention of some
of the men holding the ladder is caught by the Titan-Tron as the next
countdown begins.

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…. BUZZ!!!

“Heh, heh, heh ohhhh It’s Time To Rock N Roll…”

The music of the reigning WWE Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus echoes through
the empty arena as she comes out from the back. She heads over to the Raw
announce table, sits on it, spreads her legs, licks her lips and motions for
some of the guys to come over to her. Scotty and Cade join her right away.
Cade gets down on his knees and begins licking her pussy as Scotty climbs
onto the table, allowing Trish to stroke his cock before she takes it into
her mouth. She sucks on it lightly as Cade darts his tongue in and out of
her twat, causing her to moan around Scotty’s worm.

The Heart Throbs have Lilian between them, with Antonio flat on his back in
the middle of the ring, Lilian riding his pole and Romeo fucking her ass
while spanking the side of her right thigh. Lilian pushes back against Romeo
as she grinds down on Antonio’s dick. Helms climbs into the ring and gets
behind her, next to Romeo, and slips his cock into her pussy along side
Antonio’s. Sylvain also makes his way over to Raw’s Ring Announcer, holding
his dick near her lips. Lilian moves her head to lick up and down his cock,
occasionally taking it into her mouth to give it a warm wet home for a bit
of time.

Conway sits on the ring barrier, and helps Candice climb onto his cock. She
wraps her arms tightly around his neck as she bucks wildly on his shaft as if
she was riding a bull. The rather tall Tomko comes over, carrying the ring
steps. He sets them down, steps onto the second step and is now able to push
his cock into her fat ass. Tomko thrusts into her sharply, not at all
breaking the rhythm Candice has in riding Conway.

Stacy is blowing Booker T as she pumps the dick of Shawn Michaels with her
left hand. She easily deep throats all of Booker’s cock while she plays with
his ballsac with her free hand. HBK puts his hand on Stacy’s wrist and has
her adjust her style of jerking him off to where she’s rotating her hand
around his dick. Cena comes over, and Stacy sees him out of the corner of
her eye, so she ready by sticking her ass out, allowing The Champ to show
he’s here by ramming all of his Boston Bean-Stalk into her cunt.

Melina holds onto the ring ropes as Juvi sits on the corner turnbuckle, she
lowers her head and blows him. Triple H stands behind her and begins fucking
her pussy. Melina moves her hips back and forth, pushing back against him as
she slobbers all over Juvi’s now very juicy cock. Triple H pulls out of
Melina and is replaced by Nunzio, who takes the opportunity to fuck
Smackdown’s Number One Attention Getter up her ass. Melina actually hops up
and gets her feet on the bottom ring-ropes, which results in her doing a
slight split while Nunzio bangs her ass.

Matt and Edge have Lita kneeling on a chair as they both fuck her ass. Lita
whorishly pushes back against her former and current lover as she finger
fucks her own twat with not one, not two, not three but four fingers. London
has found the trio and has gone to the row behind the one they are in, grabs
Lita’s head and brings her mouth to his cock. Lita bobs her head on his cock
as Matt and Edge continues to fuck her asshole until Batista makes his way
over. Edge and Matt step aside and allow the big man to fuck Lita up her
tailpipe, making her gag on London’s dick.

Sharmell is bent over a wooden table and is holding onto the edges tightly
as several wrestlers run a train on her pussy and asshole. Lashley, Orton,
Chavo, Psicosis, Crazy, Mysterio and Carlito all take turns drilling
Sharmell’s chocolate box as hard as they can, before they all get blown by
her, They repeat the cycle several times, much to her annoyance as she gets
bored quickly and starts bad mouthing each of them until they start tag
teaming her ass in various combinations to shut her up.

Kristal is laying on the Spanish announce table in a 69 with Nitro. She’s on
top of him, slurping his cock as if drinking a Big Gulp from a 7-Eleven.
Nitro has his hands on her ass and spreads them apart as he licks her pussy.
He moves his tongue in and out of her twat focusing around her clit. Mercury
joins in by getting on the table and pushing his cock into her Kristal’s
asshole. Kristal deep throats Nitro’s dick to keep her moans fairly quiet,
but they are in vain with the way Mercury is fucking her asshole.

Jillian is getting a bit of a breather as she sits on the rings steps that
are still in their normal position until Masters, Shelton, and Venis notice
her. Soon all three men are getting head from the woman who has gotten stuck
with one of the more interesting gimmicks for women in the WWE. She licks up
and down all their cocks as she wraps her hands around Shelton and Val’s
dicks. Masters moves behind her and begins fucking her pussy as she gets her
mouth stuffed by Shelton and Val while the next countdown begins.

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…. BUZZ!!!

Maria comes down the entrance ramp, biting her nail as she looks around at
the action. She stands there, twirling her hair with her finger until John
Cena comes to her. John places a hand on her shoulder and gently pushes
down until she gets the idea. She quickly gets down on her knees, wraps her
hand around Cena’s cock and pumps it as she flicks her soft tongue against
the head of his dick. Maria soon takes his entire cock in her mouth,
slurping on it like a Popsicle.

Trish is still on the Raw announce table, but she is getting fucked
doggy-style by Chris Masters. She slams back against him as Rey stands up
on the table, then he pushes his cock into her mouth. Trish moans around
his Mexican dick he fucks her face. Trish moves a hand between her legs
and rubs her pussy furiously until she climaxes hard on Master’s cock.

Lilian is riding Carlito’s cool dick, facing away from him as she sucks on
Lashley’s big black cock while jerking off Triple H. Lashley pulls on her
hair to get her to deep throat his cock. Juvi join in and manages to get
his cock up inside of her stuffed taco. He sucks on her breasts, pulling
the nipples with his teeth as he and Carlito thrust at different rates into

On the inside of the ring, Candice is on Orton’s dick as he lays on mat.
Shelton gets behind her in order to push his huge shaft into her asshole.
Candice bits her lip when Greg Helms does the same. She lets out a soft
whimper when both dicks are in her ass; she starts pushing back against
both men as she tries to move up and down on Orton’s cock. Batista joins
in and pushes his huge dick into her mouth. Candice instantly gobbles it
up, welcoming the opportunity to suck on his cock to muffle her
increasingly loud moans.

Stacy is on her back on the ring floor, getting fucked by Shawn Michaels.
The Has-Been-k** steadily fucks her, but at the same time mutters passages
from the bible to keep him motivated, which totally kills Stacy’s interest
in him. When Shawn pulls out to move over to fuck Trish, Stacy mutters,
“That’s only Christian that should get thrown to the lions…” Stacy’s
disappointment is ended when Nitro and Mercury come over to her. Stacy
stands up and slides her upper body into the ring, but keeps her lower
body on the outside, spreading her legs. Nitro and Mercury insert their
cocks into her asshole, much to her delight when they fuck her relentlessly.

Melina is sitting on London’s face as he eats her out. London grabs onto her
legs while he thrusts his tongue in and out of her pussy. She bucks her hips
and grinds her cunt all over his face until The Heart Throbs join in. She
grabs their cocks and begins taking turns sucking both of their dicks. As she
likes to do, she stuffs her face with both cocks while Scotty Too Hotty worms
his way over to the group. He almost sits on London, but he does push cock
into her asshole, catching her completely off guard and she almost chokes on
the dicks in her mouth.

Lita, Matt and Edge are on top of the makeshift platform that was made with
a table and two ladders earlier. Edge is lying on the table, and Lita is on
top of him while Matt fucks her ass. Matt soon begins fucking her pussy and
starts switching back and forth in order to keep her guessing from what he’s
going to do. When he’s double fucking her cunt with Edge, Lita bucks downward
which shakes up the stability of the table on the two ladders.

Booker T is leaning against the English Announce table, getting blown by his
wife Sharmell. She has her hands on his chest as she deep throats his dick.
Val Venis comes over and begins fucking her twat from behind. Sharmell rocks
back against him as she continues to inhale Booker’s cock with her mouth. Val
moves a hand around her waist and begins rubbing her pussy as he pounds her
with his Big Valbowski.

Over on the Spanish Announce Table, Kristal is riding Super Crazy’s cock
while getting fucked up the ass by both Chavo Guerrero and Psicosis. She
racks her fingers across Crazy’s chest as she slams herself backward against
Guerrero and Psicosis while pushing herself down onto Crazy’s. Tomko wanders
over and stands up on the table. He takes hold of her head and lifts her up
somewhat and crashes his cock into her mouth. Kristal gags violently, but
soon recovers enough to suck his dick.

Out in the audience seats, Jillian is blowing Cade while jerking off Nunzio.
She pulls the Italian Shooter’s cock closer to her mouth and then swirls her
tongue around the heads of both of their dicks. Sylvain is fucking her ass,
steadily moving his dick in and out at slow rate as he admires the work she
is doing on Cade and Nunzio. He gets a smirk on his face when Jillian grabs
Conway’s cock when he comes to join in. Jillian pulls his cock close to her
mouth and swirls her tongue around his, Nunzio’s and Lance’s dicks greedily
as the next countdown begins.

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…. BUZZ!!!

“I Ain’t the Lady to Mess With… WOOO!”

Victoria power walks out from the back and heads straight for the Spanish
announce table. She pulls Chavo away from Kristal, throws him to the ground
and mounts his cock in one fluid motion. She starts riding him hard and fast,
violently grinding her snatch down against him Tomko loves what he’s seeing
and gets behind Victoria, shoves her forward and jams his problem solver
into her perfect ass. Victoria doesn’t miss a beat and pushes back against
him while maintaining her momentum in riding the dick of Chavo, which he
sometimes refers to as Pepe. One the announce table, Kristal is sucking the
dicks of Psicosis and Super Crazy until they both blow their loads on her

On the right side of the entrance ramp, where the WWE keeps extra tables
and supplies incase they are needed, Maria is happily riding Triple H as
she twirls her hair around with her fingers. Cena spins her around, and she
squeals in delight before John pushes her back slightly to get his cock into
her cunt along side The Game’s. Maria somehow manages to wrap both her legs
around Cena’s waist and uses them to pull herself against him while Triple H
lifts her up and down on his dick.

Trish is getting her brains fucked out by Batista doggy-style over on the Raw
Announce table on the opposite side of the entrance ramp. The a****l thrusts
incredibly hard into her cunt and Trish slams back in response with a bit of
f***e of her own. Cade and Helms both approach the table and climb onto it,
aiming their cocks at her face. With a bit of effort Trish grabs both of
their cocks one at time then uses the thrusts of Batista to dictate how she
jerks off both men until they spray her face with their hot sticky cum.

Meanwhile down at ringside, Lilian is getting a cum shower of her own as
she’s in the middle of a circle jerk. Surrounding her are Nunzio, Sylvain,
Val, Shawn Michaels, and Carlito. Whenever one man starts to cum, Lilian
tries to catch their load with her mouth, but doesn’t come close in most
of the cases. Once they are spent she rubs any sperm that’s on her hot
Latin body all over skin.

On the English announce table, Candice is learning all about the Con Way
style of fucking as she lays on the table with Conway standing next to it,
rocking his dick in and out of her well fucked pussy. He positions Candice’s
legs on his shoulders when Orton comes over. The 3rd generation wrestler gets
on the table to mount Candice’s body, laying his cock between her breasts.
Candice presses them around his shaft and The Legend Killer roughly starts
to fuck her tits. Candice licks the head of his cock when it comes close to
her lips, but soon gets plastered with Orton’s cum. Orton moves off her and
Booker T takes his place, but he pushes his cock directly into Candice’s
mouth and starts fucking her face as if it was her sweet little cunt.

The 2005 Babe Of The Year Stacy Keibler is screaming for more dicks as rides
Scotty’s Magical Wonder Worm. Chris Masters and Rey Mysterio are more than
happy to fulfill her request when they both shove their hot rods into her
anal garage, Stacy screams out in pleasure and calls for someone to fuck her
face. Juvi, like Masters and Rey before him, grants Stacy her wish, giving
her a mouthful of his cock. Stacy’s cheeks bulge out whenever he misfires and
pushes into her face in an angle.

Melina is getting sandwich fucked on the cold concrete floor of the arena by
Paul London and Shelton Benjamin. The trio is on their sides, with London
fucking her booty and Shelton banging her pussy. Melina’s leg is arched over
Shelton’s hip, and her breasts are smashed up against Shelton face. Shelton
is sure as hell not complaining and is giving them a tongue bath. Sharmell
has passed out in the ring while getting fucked by Booker T, and The Book-Man
scoops her up and carries her to back. No one notices that Booker doesn’t
come back.

Matt Hardy is sitting on the ring steps and Lita is sucking his cock. Their
eyes lock and Lita’s eyes narrow to give herself a slutty look as she slurps
on his meat. Edge is banging her cunt slowly as he pushes his thumb in and
out of her asshole. Lita pushes back against him as she moves a hand to her
cunt to fuck thrust her fingers into her love-box. Her digits grind against
Edge’s cock as starts fucking her harder with every other movement he makes.

Kristal and Jillian, the two Divas who were lucky enough to draw numbers one
and two to enter the gang fucking, are getting treated like royalty, for
Nitro and Romeo are eating the two Divas out respectively. Mercury kneels by
Jillian’s head, and Antonio does the same but with Kristal. Both Divas pump
the guys dicks before they each start to give them head. Nitro and Romeo
trade up, and slide their cocks into the two ladies, who at the same instant
arch their hips in response while the next 10-second countdown begins.

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…. BUZZ!!!

Mickie James runs out from the back jumping around passionately as she looks
around. She sees Trish getting fucked by Bobby Lashley while sucking the
dick of Sylvain. Mickie decides she’s going to do the same thing so she
gets Shelton Benjamin to fuck her doggy style and she starts giving head to
Nunzio. Trish sees out of her eye what Mickie is doing so she motions for
Chris Masters to come over to fuck her up the ass. Trish bites down a bit on
Sylvain’s dick. Mickie, in her desire to be like Trish, gets Batista to do
the same to her. Trish rolls her eyes as Lashley and Masters drill her.

Victoria has moved on to Antonio and Romeo. She’s bending forward, holding
on tightly to the bottom rope as the two Heart Throbs double penetrate her
asshole. Victoria screams out for them to fuck her harder, which they try
to do, but it’s not enough for the most physically dominate diva currently
in WWE. Shawn Michaels comes over, does the sign of the cross, and tells
the tag team to step aside. They give him an odd look, but they do pull out
of Victoria. HBK pushes his cock into Victoria’s pussy, but before he can
really begin to fuck her, Victoria pushes back with all her weight, sending
HBK down on to his back with Victoria on top of him. Victoria starts riding
him extremely hard as she grabs both Antonio and Romeo’s cocks, pumping
them fairly hard, giving both men the impression she’s going to rip their
dicks off.

Maria is sitting on Lance Cade’s face as he eats her out. She leans forward;
placing her hands flat on the mat and opens her mouth. Triple H comes over
and sticks his dick into her tiny mouth. Maria gags for a moment but bobs
her head fast on his dick. Val Venis joins in by grabbing her hips and
introducing her asshole to The Big Valbowski. Lilian is riding Psicosis’
cock when Chavo pushes his cock into her pussy from behind, stuffing her
taco with 100% Mexican beef. Juvi and Crazy decide to help Lilian with her
mic work and they press the heads of their dicks against her lips. Lilian
takes them a bit into her mouth, taps her tongue against both dicks as they
take turns making her deep throat one of them at any given moment.

Candice is backed against one of the corners inside the ring as Paul London
drills her pussy. He hikes her legs up and she hooks her arms around the top
ropes. London then steps back and sling shots Candice out of the corner so
she ends up laying on her back on the mat. Scotty Too Hotty kneels near her
head and slides his cock across her lips. Candice slides her tongue out so
his cock slides against it as well. Stacy is getting fucked doggy style by
Rob Conway as she jerks off Carlito as she gives head to Greg Helms. The
former Hurricane bucks his hips to drive his dick further into her face.
Kristal has just passed out, totally exhausted from the marathon she has
just gone through, and Carlito takes her to the back as he gets a big smile
on his face.

Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro are fucking Melina’s nice hot ass and pussy
respectively as she gives a hot blowjob to John Cena. John slightly pulls
on her messy brown hair as he drives his cock into her face. Randy Orton
is fucking Jillian on the Spanish announcer table, and the Fixer for JBL
has her legs wrapped tightly around his waist. The Legend Killer sucks on
her large breasts as Jillian rakes her fingernails across his back. Rey
Mysterio takes Randy’s place after he blows his load inside of Jillian’s
twat. Rey rolls Jillian over and fucks her firm ass.

Matt and Edge are leaning against the ring while Lita is sucking Matt’s dick
while pumping her hand up and down Edge’s cock. Lita turns her head toward
Edge and gives him head before taking both of their cocks in her mouth to
suck them both while the next countdown for an entry begins.

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…. BUZZ!!!

Just as the theme music for the 2005 Diva Search winner hits, Ashley does her
impression of the Ultimate Warrior by sprinting from the back and making her
way right to where Matt, Edge and Lita are standing. Ashley pulls Lita away
from both men, but instead of attacking her, Ashley kisses the fiery red
head, drawing smirks from Matt and Edge. Ashley and Lita get down into a 69,
with Ashley on top. Ashley tongue fucks the slit of Lita’s pussy as Lita
finger fucks her cunt. Matt moves between Lita’s legs, pushing his cock into
her pussy. As he thrusts in and out, Ashley licks the topside of his cock.
Edge moves behind Ashley and pushes his own dick into her sweet pussy and
Lita tongues his balls as they slap against Ashley.

In the ring, Jillian Hall is on the brink of exhaustion, but before she comes
close to her body giving out, she asks Cade, Nunzio and Tomko to take her to
the back so they continue together back there. The trio of men eagerly helps
Jillian to the back, and halfway up the ramp, Tomko throws Jillian over his

Back in the ring however, Melina is far from tired, as she bucks wildly up
and down on The Big Valbowski’s throbbing dick while jerking off London and
Scotty in addition to getting her face fucked by Shawn Michaels. Stacy
Keibler is not yet tired, for she’s laying face up on Psicosis with his cock
in her ass with Super Crazy fucking her tight cunt.

Candice Michelle is in the middle of a circle jerk, surrounded on all sides
by Conway, Sylvain, Masters, Triple H, Chavo, Juvi, and Rey. Candice wraps
her hands around whichever dick she can grab at any given moment as she turns
her head rapidly to lick whoever’s cock she can before they cum all over her
too hot for network television body.

Lilian Garcia isn’t quite so lucky, for the a****l Batista is fucking her
savagely. Lilian wraps her arms and legs around him, holding on for her life.
Batista then rolls himself and Lilian out of the ring without pulling out,
and then walks up the ramp, as Lilian bounces on his cock, not aware that she
and the World Heavyweight Champion is leaving the arena.

Trish Stratus is giving head to Antonio and Romeo, and her number one fan
Mickie James is doing the same to Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury. Whenever
Trish deep throats one of her guys, Mickie does the same. However when
Mickie takes both cocks into her mouth, Trish duplicates her actions but
getting her face fucked by the Heart Throbs. Randy Orton and Lashley come
over to the Women’s Champion and Mickie James, lifting their hips so
their backsides are up high enough for them to fuck the women’s pussies

Victoria has Greg Helms laying on a folded ladder as she rides his prick with
reckless discard. She grinds down sharply on his cock while digger her nails
into his skin. The majority of the men that was around Candice where there to
avoid dealing with Victoria; however but Greg Helms wasn’t so lucky. He’s
already cummed three times under the f***e Victoria is using. When Helms cums
for the fourth time, he starts to cry out in pain so Victoria grabs the sides
of his head and slams it down against the ladder, knocking him out cold.
Victoria then gets off his cock and looks around with a crazed yet lustful
look in her eyes as she f***efully pushes her hands through her raven black
hair. Once Victoria walks away from Helms, two EMTs come and collect the
former Hurricane’s body, taking him to the back.

Maria is getting fucked on the Spanish announce table by Shelton Benjamin,
who slams his 13″ Black South Carolina Trouser Snake in and out of her sweet
pussy. Shelton rolls a bit so he and Maria on their sides. John Cena comes
over and shoves his prick into her ass, catching the ditzy Raw Interviewer
by surprise. Maria pushes back against the hot WWE Champion as he pumps her
asshole repeatedly with his ivory shaft. Maria cums hard on Shelton’s cock
as the next countdown begins.

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…. BUZZ!!!

No music is played as Michelle McCool makes a surprise appearance that not
only shocks the divas already getting their brains fucked out, but the
wrestlers as well, for they didn’t know she was still with the WWE. Michelle
goes right for the big black monster Bobby Lashley. Michelle gets down on
her knees and starts sucking his hard as steel cock. The blond bombshell
bobs her head on his shaft as Shelton comes over to get some oral pleasure
from Michelle, who is more than happy to please the wrestler with the Power
Ranger gimmick. Michelle sits high up on her knees in order to stick out her
ass out in case someone wants to her fuck as she sucks off both men. Super
Crazy is the one to take advantage, kneeling behind her and sticking his
beanstalk into her cabbage patch.

Ashley and Lita are side by side; getting fucked doggy style by Edge and Matt
respectively. Edge yanks on Ashley’s blond mix with black highlight hair as
he spears her cunt. Matt pulls Lita back against him while thrusting hard
into her snatch. Lita and Ashley’s moans are both muffled, for the dicks of
Psicosis and Juvi fill their mouths. The two former WCW cruiserweight
champions fuck the mouths, making both women gag as they slobber over the
Mexican cocks in their mouths. Candice Michelle is with John Cena and Randy
Orton at the Raw Announce table. Orton sits in Coach’s Chair with Candice on
his cock as Cena taps her hot ass with his cock. Candice swivels her hips as
she grinds down on Orton while pushing back a bit against Cena.

Stacy Keibler is quickly get tired as she tries giving head to Sylvain as she
gets fucked by Antonio and Romeo. Her beautiful body is soaked with her own
sweat and the cum of every man that has fucked her, and she is soon coated
with the hot cum of Sylvain and the Heart Throbs after she climaxes. Stacy
can’t draw the strength to pull herself up, and thus she asks the Heart
Throbs to help her to the back. Antonio and Romeo pick her up and carry her
to the back. Sylvain goes with them since a woman he wants to fuck is no
longer in the competition.

The Game is fucking Melina, as she is standing on the outside of the ring
while facing it. Melina reaches into the ring and grabs the ankles of Rey
Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero. Both Latin superstars turn and see that Melina
wants them, so they step out on the ring apron, and sit on the edge of the
ring. Melina leans forward, grips both their cocks and alternates blowing
both men as Triple H thrusts sharply into the tightest pussy he’s ever had
the pleasure of fucking.

Meanwhile, Maria is riding Shawn Michaels like a happy little schoolgirl,
bouncing away on his stiff erection. Rob Conway joins in and holds his cock
near her mouth. Maria parts her lips and slides her tongue out to lick
Conway’s cock like a lollipop. Chris Masters makes his way to the ditzy
interviewer to fuck her ass, causing Maria to take all of Conway’s cock
into her mouth. Maria cums hard on HBK’s dick, but continues to bounce on
him as Master’s fuck her ass and Conway fucks her face. Worried for Maria’s
well being, HBK convinces the Masterpiece and the Conman to take the action
to the back. Maria figures out what HBK has an mind and bolts from the ring
and runs up the ramp. She stops, turns around and waves for them to come
with her. Michaels, Conway and Master all smirk and follow Maria to the back.

Trish has gotten away from Mickie and has found herself getting fucked doggy
style behind the Spanish announce table. Trish reaches between her legs to
rub her pussy as she pushes back against the Big Valbowski. Mickie is now
with MNM, laying on her back as Nitro fucks her massive breasts while Mercury
eats out and fingers her pussy. Mickie sucks on the head of Nitro’s cock when
it gets her near mouth, and she arches her hips to press her cunt against
Mercury’s face.

Victoria is viciously fucking Scotty Too Hotty as Paul London fucks her ass.
Victoria reaches back and manages to grab London’s hair. She pulls on it,
screaming for him to fuck her harder as she drops down sharply on Scotty’s
dick. Scotty cums inside of her, and Victoria snaps. She hits The Worm King
with three forearms to the face. London pulls out of her to stop her, but
Victoria turns her lustful rage on him by kicking him in the stomach and
then hitting him with the Widow’s Peak. With both men knocked out, Victoria
scans the area with her eyes looking for someone who can satisfy her as the
next countdown begins.

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…. BUZZ!!!

The new entrance music for Torrie Wilson, which doubles as the theme for the
WWE’s Pink World Order trio, consisting of Torrie, Candice and Victoria. The
two-time Playboy cover girl makes her way towards Torrie as a few EMTs run
out to get the knocked out Paul London and Scotty Too Hotty. Torrie kisses
Victoria softly, as the larger woman lifts her up. When Victoria sets her
down, Torrie takes her hand and takes Victoria over to Bobby Lashley. Torrie
gets down on her knees and sucks on Lashley’s cock while rubbing Victoria’s
ass. Torrie has Victoria get down onto her hands and knees and has Lashley
slide his cock into Victoria’s pussy. Torrie stands behind Lashley, rubbing
his powerful shoulders, encouraging him to fuck the vicious vixen harder.
Torrie isn’t just standing around looking pretty for long, for Shelton
Benjamin comes over to her and gives her and idea. Torrie gets in from of
Victoria, down on her hands and knees, facing her, as Shelton enters her
cunt. As the two powerful black men thrust into the two divas, Torrie and
Victoria tap their tongues against each other.

Melina is rocking hard on Triple H’s cock as she climaxes for possibly the
20th time since entering the contest. She has the cocks of Rey and Chavo
thrusting in and out of her ass as mouth is fucked by Val Venis. Melina’s
body is soaked with sweat and she very much knows she can’t continue. She
gets away from the four men and looks for Nitro and Mercury, but when she
can’t find them, she orders Val, Rey and Chavo to come with her. The trio
smirks and follows Melina up the ramp as she walks slowly, but with a lot
of attitude.

Nitro and Mercury are with Candice Michelle in the seats of the arena. Both
men have their cocks in her ass and in her cunt, and are fucking her standing
up. Candice has her legs wrapped around Nitro’s waist, who is sucking on her
large milky white breasts. Mercury bangs her tight asshole with sharp thrusts
that make Candice shoot upward slightly.

Meanwhile, Randy Orton is now carrying Michelle McCool to the back. The
fucking she received since entering the match overwhelmed Michelle, and Orton
showed some class by taking her away from the Mexicools, who had her a few
moments ago, in order to carry her to the back. Michelle has her arms around
Orton’s neck as the Legend Killer rebalances her in his arms so he won’t drop

John Cena is laying on his back with the hyper Mickie James bouncing on his
cock. John reaches up and squeezes Mickie’s massive breasts as the flop up
and down when she drops down sharply onto his dick, grinding her pussy down
against him. Lita and Ashley are both standing on a ladder, getting fucked
by Matt and Edge who are also standing on the ladder on the same rungs the
ladies are on. The ladder wobbles back and forth and eventually falls over.
Edge and Matt manage to protect both women as they luckily end up crashing
into the ring. The quartet is a bit shaken up but soon get back to fucking
with Matt banging Ashley doggy style and Lita riding Edge.

Trish is in the middle of a four way with the Mexicools. She is laying on her
side, getting fucked up her ass by Psicosis. Super Crazy is banging her pussy
as he sucks on her enhanced breasts, while Juvi is fucking Trish’s mouth as
she looks upward. The positions of them soon change with Trish riding Juvi
and Psicosis and Crazy double fucking her asshole. Trish pushes back against
the two not entirely sane luchadors while Juvi thrusts up into her pussy. The
next and final countdown begins…

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…. BUZZ!!!

“I’m all grown up…”

Everyone stops what they are doing and look up at the entrance ramp in shock
as the beautiful Stephanie McMahon comes through the curtain, naked as the
day she was born, with a hand on her hip and a microphone in her hand.

“I see that I have your attention… good… because there has been a little
change… first… Juventude… Psicosis… Super Crazy… you have performed
well, but get your asses out of here and too the back, you’re both done for
the night…” Stephanie smirks. Psicosis and Crazy look at each other then at
Juvi who shrugs.

“What are you waiting for? MOVE IT!” Stephanie yells. The Mexicools scramble
to get the hell out of dodge, leaving through one of the side curtains on
the left side of the stage. Stephanie starts to walk to the ring. “Now that
things are more evened up… this is now… an eight way tag team match…
and I’ve… personally matched up the teams… I will be… with Hunter…
Torrie… you’ll be with Joey Mercury… Ashley… you’ll be with Matt
Hardy… Mickie… you get Shelton… Victoria… you’ll get Johnny Nitro…
Trish…you’re with Cena… Candice you get Edge… and Lita…you get Black
Lesnar… I mean Lashley… who ever cums first… heads the back… and the
other gets to join another combination…”

Lita and Edge begin to protest Stephanie’s match-ups, but Stephanie blows
them off as she drops the mic and moves over to Hunter. She rubs her hands
over Hunter’s sweaty body as she gets down onto her knees. Stephanie wraps
both of her hands around his cock as she opens her mouth to lick the head
of his cock. She takes it into mouth and begins bobbing her head slowly on
his prick, sliding her tongue against the underside of his dick. Hunter
doesn’t come close to being able to survive Stephanie’s lip lock on his
cock and he begins to blow his load in her mouth. Stephanie glares up at
him and shakes her head as Hunter slips out of the ring and leaves.

Lashley is violently thrusting in and out of Lita’s pussy and the not exactly
a natural red-headed diva is biting down on her lip as she pushing back
against the monster of a man. Stephanie lays in front of Lita, with her leads
spread, and grabs Lita’s head and mashes her face against her pussy. Lita
starts to lick Stephanie’s cunt as best she can as Lashley continues to
ravage her own twat. Edge is on his back with the lovely Candice riding his
cock. Candice slowly swivels her hips as she moves up and down on his dick.
Edge sits up a bit before he cums inside of Candice’s cunt. Edge smacks the
mat as Candice gets off of him He looks at Lita who is enjoying herself and
leaves with a bit of a smirk on his face after watching her.

Mercury is fucking Torrie in the corner of the ring. Torrie wraps her legs
around his waist as she moves her hips to hump his dick. Mercury takes his
time with every thrust, but Torrie wants it harder than he’s doing. Mercury
gives Torrie a few sharp thrusts, and Torrie cries out in orgasmic bliss.
Mercury keeps his cock in her for a few more moments before he pulls out of
her and moves over to Stephanie. He kneels down and pushes his shaft into
Stephanie’s mouth, and the Billion Dollar Princess eagerly sucks on his
dick as Torrie rolls out of the ring to leave.

John Cena is fucking Trish doggy-style down at ringside. The Women’s Champ
pushes back against the WWE Champ until he slips his cock out of her pussy
and into her ass. Trish gasps after the anal invasion but she guts it out
and adjusts to how Cena is fucking her ass. Victoria takes a look at Nitro
who has yet to approach her, so she heads to him. Nitro sees her coming,
says ?fuck this’ and jumps over the top rope to run away from her. Victoria
glares at him as he runs up entranceway in under thirty seconds.

Candice goes over to Mercury and starts giving him heads as she rubs her own
pussy with three fingers. She deep throats his cock, moaning as she slurps
his dick while pumping her fingers quicker in and out of her pussy. Candice
ends up climaxing on her own fingers. Candice continues to blow Mercury until
he pops in her face. Mickie James is getting fucked on the Spanish announce
table by Shelton, while Matt Hardy drills Ashley on top of the American
announce table. Matt and Shelton start having a bit of a race, pumping into
both divas to see who can get their woman to cum first. Matt win after he
slams his dick sharply into her cunt, but he ends up busting his nut inside
of her cunt. Shelton isn’t as lucky as he seems for he has to pull out of
Mickie’s pussy to cum all over her stomach. Matt, Shelton and Ashley join
Mercury and Candice as they all head to the back.

Bobby Lashley is standing tall as he gets his cock sucked by Mickie James and
Stephanie. Both then have a hand wrapped around his cock, pumping his black
cock for all they’re worth. Eventually the two divas are rewarded with his
hot sticky load on their faces, and also eliminating Lashley in the process.
John Cena is still fucking Trish’s ass down at ringside, and the Women’s
champ is finger fucking her own pussy until she climaxes. John pumps her ass
with his cock for a few more minutes and soon fills up her ass with his hot
cum. In the ring, Mickie, Stephanie Lita and Victoria quickly realize they
are the final four and that there are no men left when they see John and
Trish walking to the back.

The four remaining divas all look at each other, and then three of them all
look at Victoria who is licking her lips as she eyes up Stephanie, Lita and
Mickie. Mickie gets over anxious and rushes to tackle Victoria, but the large
vixen power-slams her and then sits on Mickie’s face. Victoria pulls on
Mickie’s hair, making her eat her pussy. Stephanie and Lita realize that
Victoria is a major threat to either one of them winning and they come to
Mickie’s aid. Lita gets behind Victoria and puts her into a full nelson while
Stephanie gets down and joins Mickie in licking Victoria’s cunt. The vicious
vixen fights to get out of the full nelson Lita has her in while grinding her
pussy against the tongues of Mickie and Stephanie. Victoria screams as she
cums and breaks the full nelson at the same time. She stands up and looks as
if she’s going to kill them, but Victoria leaves the ring rather peacefully.

Stephanie, Lita and Mickie lick their lips as they each try to figure out how
they want to continue. Lita figures out what she wants to do before Stephanie
and Mickie, and then she drops down to her knees in front of both women. Lita
then jams three fingers from each hand into their pussies. Mickie and
Stephanie gasp but soon counter act what Lita is doing by taking hold of
Lita’s wrist to pull out her fingers out of their pussies. Stephanie orders
Mickie to hold Lita, which she does by clutching Lita in a reverse bear-hug.
Stephanie drops down and begins licking Lita’s pussy. Lita, like Victoria
previously, tries to break the hold she’s in, but doesn’t come close to
succeeding when Stephanie makes her climax. Stephanie licks her lips as
Mickie let’s Lita go. Lita stomps her foot in frustration as she leaves the

The two women size each other up to see how they want to approach the other.
Stephanie smirks, knowing she’s fairly fresh, having the distinction of
entering last, while Mickie entered as number 12. But Mickie has a ton of
actual of wrestling ability and her pure determination to win. Stephanie
chooses to be aggressive and rushes Mickie, who instinctively counters with
stiff kick. Stephanie goes down and Mickie rolls her onto her back. The
spunky rookie dives in between The Billion Dollar Princess’s legs,
immediately licking up and down the slit of Stephanie’s cunt. Stephanie
wiggles and squirms, trying to get free, but Mickie has a good enough grip
on her legs. Mickie’s tongue flies in and out of Stephanie’s pussy, and the
Billion Dollar Princess soon regrets being aggressive when she cums. Mickie
stands up and jumps around.

“I did it! I won!” She screams as she prances around, celebrating her
victory. Stephanie rolls out of the ring and runs to the back as she tries
not to throw a fit. Vince comes out from the back and greets Mickie halfway
up the ramp.

“Congratulations… you won the rumble…” Vince says as he looks at her

“I know, I’m so excited!” Mickie hugs Vince tightly.

“You’re not the only one…” Vince chuckles. Mickie looks down and sees the
bulge at Vince’s crotch.

“Ohhhh I see…” Mickie smiles, “You want me to….”

“Oh no, Linda is here… you run along and celebrate your win…”

“Ok, I can’t wait to tell Trish, I bet she’s so proud of me!” Mickie jumps up
and down and runs off.

92% (11/1)
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2 years ago
really, who's your sister
2 years ago
That's my sister in this!!!
3 years ago
yo it read like you were there play by play was awesome i had a blast reading the whole thing you should do a part to