Rosie Huntington-Whiteley takes your virginity

You are a eighteen year old student. You are currently on vacation in Los Angeles. You are going to your hotel room, when you see Jason Statham making out with a girl in the bar. You then see this tall strikingly beautiful woman walk in, then quickly leave in tears. You think nothing of it and you go back to your room. Then you hear shouting next door. You decide to check it out. You tell the maid you left the key in your room and need to get in. There you see Jason Statham and his girlfriend,Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, arguing.
"Oh, I'm sorry, I got the wrong room" you say, trying to get out
"What the fuck are you doing here you puny little cunt, can't get a girl so you check out my fucking girlfriend" Jason says, shoving you aganist a wall
"Leave him alone, he made a mistake" Rosie says, coming to your aid
"Shut up you ugly slut, this is all your fault, if you just put out, I wouldn't have been kissing to those sluts downstairs". Jason keeps yelling at the poor girl,bringing her to tears. You have had enough, and punch Jason Statham in the face. Then you remember, it's Jason Statham, you're screwed, he gets up and punches you in the face, knocking you out.

You wake up in your room, with ice on your head, you see Rosie sitting over your head, simply looking at you, with a little smile on your face. She's wearing a Burberry jacket, a black mini skirt and high heels.
"I'm so sorry what my boyfriend, well ex-boyfriend, did to you, I know you were just trying to defend me" Rosie tells you
"It's ok, I would do it again" you reply
You start talking, realising you have a lot in common. You then tell her that she is the most beautiful woman in the world. She then suddenly starts to cry
"That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me, all my boyfriend ever does is insult me". She tells you depressingly
"You shouldn't be with him, you deserve someone so much better" You say, smiling at her
She looks you in the eyes, smiles and kisses you
"You know you defended me, well maybe I owe you a little bit"

She starts kissing you again, putting her tounge in your mouth, her breath smells like raspberrys. The two of you keep kissing, then she notices the bulge in your trousers growing
"What have we here then?" She says with a cheeky grin, She takes out your dick
"WOW! Thats impressive, Jason's dick is about two inches"
She puts her nice, full lips on your cock, slowly putting her tounge around your shaft. You skirm with excitement
"Just relax, and let me take care of you, I want you to be happy"
She licks your cock, rolling it all around your dick, her ips feel so good on your shaft, you realize that your about to cum, so you get her off your dick,
"What are you doing? Don't you like it"
"Rosie I love it, I love you. I want to make you happy as well"
You take off her skirt, then her panties, and you see her shaved pussy, already starting to froth
You put your tounge on it and listen to her moaning in pleasure, you pleasure her clit, while sucking all the pussy juices
"Oh my God, I'm gonna cum all over your fucking tounge. Make me do it, I wanna cum so HARD!"
Ten seconds later,she does just that, she kisses you again,, her tounge taking all of her salty spunk from your mouth
"That was the best orgasm I ever had, now I really owe you" she winks

"Stay there a minute, I gonna go to my rooms and get some things"
She comes back a minute later.She has her handbag with her. She takes off her Burberry jacket, revealing that she has nothing on
"Take me now you stud, just I like took Megan Fox's place on Transformers"
You are not sure about this, you admit to Rosie that your a virgin
"Don't worry, if your dick's half as good as your tounge, were gonna have fun. Besides, you can't be worse than Jason, he never made me come."
You put your dick in her pussy, thrusting in and out
"Oh yeah, like that. Come on, go faster, use me like a whore"
You go faster, Rosie starts writhing in pleasure, smiling and screaming.
"Roll over, I wanna be on top of you
You do and she starts to ride you. You fell all her pussy juice go down your shaft, onto your balls. It feels fantastic. Her tight,wet,warm pussy fells so good on your dick. Then she stops
"I want your cock in my ass, my hot, tight english arse"
You puts it in. It's so tight you can barely move, but eventully it starts to gape. Now Rosie really moaning, she's on top of you, you see how much she's enjoying this.
"Oh shit, I can't this anymore, I have to CUUUUUUMMMM!" she screams in pleasure
She squits all over your face. Luckily, Rosie's that to lick all of it up
She puts her mouth on your cock again, licking your penis
"My ass tastes so good, I wish you could taste it"
You go into the 69 position, and start licking her ass as she sucks your cock
"Oh God, your gonna make me come again"
You feel like your gonna cum again too, and Rosie feels it
"I want us to come together, please I'm begging you, cum for me"
Your only too happy to oblige, and drop a load all over her face
"Thank you" she says in her hot british accent

Then out of nowhere, the door breaks. It's Jason Statham, and he looks pissed
"You fucked my girlfriend, I'm gonna kill you"
He comes charging after you, but Rosie stops him. Statham slaps Rosie across the face and starts punching her. This angers you so you grab a coffee mug, and hit him over the head with it knocking him out
"That piece of shit, I'm gonna make him pay"
She takes out her handbag and reveals some rope. You both tie him to the bed. Jason wakes up
"When I get out of here, I'm gonna cut your dick of and makes you eat it" He says angily
"Leave him alone you bully. Now your gonna get what you deserve
You see Rosie wearing a strap-on dildo. You decide now is a good time to leave. So you get dressed and kiss Rosie one more time, making plans for later
As you leave the room, you here Jason Statham screaming in pain, you smile. You realize that your girlfriend is now Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and she loves to fuck.

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3 years ago
Nice story. Thanks
3 years ago
LoL, good for her.Nice story