It's rarely that you find yourself alone with Mia Reid. On this occasion, no-one else is expected for at least half an hour. You make her a cup of tea and take advantage of the opportunity to get to know her better.

You've lusted after Mia for a while now, but you've never made a move on her. You can't imagine that anything good would happen if you were ever to proposition her. Instead you make small talk and wonder if she suspects the depth of your feelings.

Mia eventually gets up from the table to put her empty cup in the sink. She's talking animatedly about something that happened last Tuesday, but your attention is elsewhere. As she walks away from you, your eyes drop to her arse. Today she's wearing a tight miniskirt that hugs every curve of her glorious derriere. She has a truly magnificent bottom and you've fantasized about it often. You wonder how she'd react if she knew how many times you've shot your load while thinking about it...

"Hey James, having a good look?" says Mia, snapping her fingers and bringing you out of your reverie with a jolt.

"What? Sorry, what were you saying?" you stammer.

"My bum. Were you having a good look at my bum?" she asks evenly. "I can always tell when you're sneaking a peek."

You have no choice but to come clean. "Mia, I'm sorry. I didn't know I was so obvious."

"Every time we see each other you can't keep your eyes off my bottom. How do you think that makes me feel?" she asks quietly.

"I can't imagine," you admit. You feel ashamed that you've obviously made her feel like a piece of meat, fit only to be ogled. You have to try and fix the situation.

"I'm sorry, I'll try to..." you begin.

"I'll tell you how it makes me feel," interrupts Mia, leaning forward. "Do you want to know?"

"Um... yes?" you reply uncertainly. Whatever she's about to say, you deserve it.

She looks into your eyes for several long seconds while you wither before her.

"I like it," she finally says, smiling wickedly. "Every time I catch you staring at my bum it makes me feel sexy. I love knowing that my body turns you on!"

Your heart leaps into your throat and your cock stirs in your pants as if on cue. "You do have a fantastic arse, Mia. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks so."

She walks around to where you are sitting, then lifts herself up on to the edge of table and looks down at you warmly. "Is it just my arse you like?"

You are quick to avoid falling into that particular trap. "Oh no, you're the complete package, Mia. I've wanted you for ages!" It feels so cathartic to finally tell her how you feel.

"Oh really?" she smiles. Then she leans forward and whispers into your ear.

"Do you want to touch it?"

This is an unexpected but very welcome invitation. You don't have to think twice.

"Of course I do!"

Mia Reid slithers off the table, then turns around and bends over it, resting on her elbows.

"Go on then. If you want to touch it so much, it would be cruel of me not to let you!" She gives her arse a little wiggle and giggles flirtatiously.

You get up from your chair and stand beside her, then reach out your hand. Not quite believing this is happening and fearing a trap, you initially place it on her hip.

"Now James," she says suddenly, raising herself up on to her hands and twisting to face you. "Just because I'm letting you grope my bottom, doesn't mean we're doing anything else, okay?"

You'll take what you can get. "Whatever you say, Mia. You're calling the shots."

She smiles and gives you a kiss on the cheek. "Don't you forget it!" she replies, then resumes her position bent over the table. Propped on her elbows she thoughtfully presses her stomach down, curving her back so that her arse is presented to full, glorious effect. Her tight skirt is stretched taut over her tantalizing curves, threatening to burst at the seams.

You slide your hand from her hip on to her right buttock and rest it there for a moment, feeling the shape and the warmth. When it becomes apparent that yes, she's really letting you do this, you squeeze it firmly. There isn't much give - her skirt is holding everything in tightly.

Your hand roams to her other cheek and you squeeze that too, then you start fondling her in earnest, sliding your palm all over her arse. But her most intimate curves elude you, protected by the tight barrier of her skirt.

It appears that Mia can read your mind. "Pull my skirt up. Have a proper feel," she suggests.

You place your hands on her outer thighs, just below the hem line. Then you slide them up to her hips, bunching up her skirt to her waist. It's so tight that there's no risk of it falling back down again.

Mia's panties are now revealed and you take a sharp breath. They're tight, pink, skimpy and sheer. You can clearly see her arse crack through the semi-transparent material. They are not quite on straight - one side reveals a little more cheek than the other because they are slightly, ever so slightly, riding up between her buttocks. You pull them free and straighten them up. Perfection.

"You like?" asks Mia coquettishly.

"Oh yeah!" You reply is half groan.

You run your hand over Mia's silky panties. Now you gain a proper appreciation of the softness and pliability of her gloriously rounded bum cheeks. You get rougher, grabbing handfuls of warm, slightly-wobbly flesh and messing up the alignment of her knickers. You press your fingers between her cheeks, pushing her panties into the depths of her arse crack, and slide your fingers down deeper until you can feel the folds of her cunt through the thin material. She sighs gently as you rub her slit back and forth, pressing her panties between her lips.

You are about to work your fingers under the gusset when she reaches back and grabs your wrist. "That's going a little too far!" she chastises, pulling your hand back up on to her arse.

"You're such a fucking tease, Mia," you groan.

"Oh yeah?" she replies. "Well, what are you going to do about it? Spank me?"

Your cock instantly grows another inch in your pants upon hearing this suggestion. "Maybe I will!" you respond firmly. You grab her wrist with your other hand and pin it to the small of her back. Then you give her a sharp smack across the right cheek.

Mia yelps in surprise and squirms around, but you are able to hold her down easily. With her panties pushed up her arse crack, her left cheek is almost completely exposed. You give it a spank and it quivers, reddening instantly.

"Oooh James. You're the man! Spank me like a naughty girl!" she teases.

"You are a bad girl, Mia," you reply, smacking her harder and making her gasp. You grab the waistband of her panties and tug them down to her upper thighs in one quick motion. Mia's glorious bottom is completely exposed and you spank her half a dozen times while she struggles on the table.

"Jesus, I fucking love being spanked!" sighs Mia happily while you gently kneed and stroke her sore buttocks. You kneel down and kiss her bare bottom to make it better, pressing your face hard into her soft flesh. Then you stand behind her and press your throbbing bulge against her arse to reveal how much you appreciate it.

"Keep that thing zipped up!" warns Mia as you place your hands on her hips and grind against her. A minute or two of this and you'll cum in your pants. You reach around and slide your hand down to her pussy from the front. Your middle finger parts her lips and slides into her crevice, finding it hot and wet.

Mia gently pushes you back with one hand on your chest. Her face is flushed and her breathing is heavy. "I think I've let you make me a little hornier than I planned," she admits. "I think I might have to let you do one more thing..."

"Name it, Mia" you reply, heart beating wildly and dizzy with lust.

She pauses, seeming conflicted as to whether she should continue. Then she obviously decides to throw caution to the wind. She hops back up onto the table and draws her legs up, resting her heels on the edge. She pulls her panties down past her knees then kicks them off and spreads her legs, flashing a very pretty-looking pussy at you.

"I've gotta cum, James. Are you any good with your tongue?"

You smile wickedly in response and drop to your knees, your head level with her crotch. You grab her waist and pull her toward you so that her calves dangle over your shoulders, then take a deep breath and dive in.

Mia must pay attention to her hygiene because there's no bitter taste, just the warm earthy smell of a woman in heat. You lap her pussy slit up and down, working your tongue between her delicate inner lips and poking the tip into her tight opening. Then you slither upward and press hard against the hard little bud of her clitoris.

Mia lets out a sexy whimper. Encouraged, you make a seal with your lips around her hood and suck her clit into your mouth, flicking it with your tongue. Without stopping, you insert two fingers into her pussy, just past the second joint, and start rubbing against the area where the mythical G-spot is supposed to be.

You find it. Mia shrieks in pleasure and grabs you by the back of your head, pulling you tight against her pussy as she cums wetly in your face. Her thighs clamp against your ears, trapping you between her legs as her hips buck uncontrollably. You are lucky to avoid a neck sprain.

When you are finally released you stand up and survey the damage, wiping spit and girl-juice from your face. Mia is splayed lewdly on the table, her skirt around her waist, looking very happy.

You've got to release the pressure in your pants. You unzip and let your jeans and underwear drop, taking your engorged penis in your hand.

This doesn't escape Mia's attention. "Did I make it all big and hard? Okay James, you can jerk yourself off. You deserve it!"

You shuffle closer, slowly stroking and squeezing your dick. A drop of precum appears on the tip.

"That's a bit close, don't get any on me!" says Mia chirpily.

You place your knob between her wet, pink inner lips and push.

"Hey, wait, I didn't say you could..." begins Mia, now looking a little alarmed.

You grab her hips and sink your cock deep into the warm, welcoming embrace of her pussy.

"Wait... I didn't say you could..." protests Mia. You note that she is making no attempt to escape.

You pull back, then slam deep again. "What were you saying, Mia?"

"I didn't say you could... unnghh... fuck me!"

You thrust again. "What was that last part?"

"Fuck me! I didn't say you could... Unnggghhh!"


"Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Well, that settles it. You pump into Mia faster and faster, your heart beating fit to explode as you near your climax. She grabs the edge of the table with her hands to hold herself in place and pushes back against you.


Over the rhythmic slapping sound of flesh against flesh you hear the sound of someone clearing their throat. Mia's eyes widen in shock and her pussy clamps down on your dick. You freeze, then turn your head slowly. You already know who it is...

Mia Reid's mother is standing in the doorway, a delighted smile on her face. "Well, well. What's going on here?" she asks.

Mia looks mortified. "Mom! Get out of here!" she shouts, then covers her face with her hands.

But Mia's mother doesn't leave, instead she comes over to the table and looks at you both with her hands on her hips. "What do you think you're doing to my daughter, young man?"

You prime yourself to make a quick exit but you keep your cock buried inside Mia. "I'm pretty sure I'm fucking her, ma'am."

She slaps you across the face. "No swearing!" Then her eyes drop down to your cock, which is half-buried in her daughter.

"He looks nice and big, darling. Is he a good lover?"

Mia shakes her head in disbelief and doesn't answer. Her face has turned beet-red with embarrassment.

"I made her cum already," you chip in as you resume your thrusting.

"I didn't ask you!" replies Mia's mother, sizing you up. Then she places her hand on the small of your back and slides it down on to your arse, squeezing tightly.

"How is she?" she asks conversationally.

This question takes you aback. "Er... very nice. Tight. Like mother, like daughter, I'm guessing!"

Now it's Mia's mum's turn to blush. Her hand moves down between your legs and she starts tickling your balls with her fingertips.

"So, how did you two get together?" she asks. She seems to be under the impression that this is a dinner party conversation.

"She let me touch her bum and it kind of progressed from there..." you reply, trying to ignore the older woman.

This is all very weird. You should probably finish and get out of there. You start to quicken your pace.

"Oh yes, she's got a beautiful bottom doesn't she? I'm always telling her, with a bottom like that she could get any man she wants!"

"Mum!" cries Mia. Her mother ignores her and inserts her middle finger knuckle-deep in your arsehole.

You pound away at Mia for another minute with her mother's finger up your arse before your balls start to erupt. You pull Mia to you with your hands on her thighs and try to shove as much of yourself into her as you can while your cock bathes her cervix with spurt after spurt of warm sticky love. Then you fall forward on top of her.

"Well done, dear" says her mother, giving your bum a slap. "Will you be staying for dinner?"

The End

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8 months ago
the best invite ever you lucky dog:)
PS, did you fuck the mother?????