Comforting the roommate

It's been a long, rainy, and all-around miserable week. Classes and part-time jobs have been running you into the ground, but it's Friday night now and you have the weekend off. Part of you wants to get out to some parties and meet some girls, but you are so exhausted you can't bring yourself to do more than collapse on the couch and watch some late-night movies.

You mentally chastise yourself for not going through the effort of going out to try and woo some of the other college juniors. You haven't had any sex since you and Gia split and that was several weeks ago. All the sexual frustration was bottled up inside you and, frankly, it feels like it's going to burst if you don't release it somehow. Jerking off helps quell the urge, but it can only do so much before the need becomes too powerful to dismiss with a masturbation session.

Well, maybe one more time won't's not like your roommate and best friend since high school, Lucy, is going to be back to the dorm tonight. She's probably going to spend the night with her asshole boyfriend Keith. You've always expected that Keith was cheating on her, and your suspicions are pretty well-founded. Lucy doesn't seem to believe you, though. She promised to watch for the signs, but you get the impression she thinks Keith is completely faithful. In fact, before she left tonight, she scolded you about being 'jealous' that she was spending so much time with Keith.

Okay, maybe you are a little jealous. After all, you've always had a pseudo-crush on Lucy, ever since you met her. You two had become best friends when you met on the first day of high school. Her long red hair and freckles made her look undeniably cute and you often found yourself staring at her green eyes. She was a bit of a tomboy, but that was more than all right for were able to bond as friends better that way. As the years went by, though, you couldn't help but notice that she changed. She developed into a stunning woman and although she still was a cute freckled tomboy, you couldn't deny that her physical appearance was beginning to affect you. Her breasts, her hips, her ass...everything about her started to grab your attention. The harmless flirting and teasing between you two that you used to pass off as joking would now cause your face to heat up and your mind to shut down. You've wanted her bad for a while now, and the fact that she doesn't seem to notice that fact has only caused your grief. Seeing as how you're best friends, she probably doesn't feel the same way about you. Hell, she probably never even thought about you that way. Which sucks, because you constantly dream about all the things you would do with her...

Your pants begin to feel two sizes too small and you groan inwardly. Oh, good one. Now you ARE all riled up. No avoiding it're going to need to take care of this problem or relaxation would never come. You always feel guilty after masturbating while thinking about Lucy, so it would probably be best just to grab a porn DVD and skip the mental repercussions.

As you prepare to get to your feet, the front door to your dorm room swings open. Shocked, and a little surprised, you turn to see if the assholes across the hall learned how to pick the locks. Instead, standing in the doorway was Lucy and she looked awful. The short skirt and tight shirt she had bought specifically to impress Keith on their date tonight was soaked from the rain. Her long hair was wet as well and it dropped down in front of her face, almost obscuring her downcast eyes. You guess it was probably intention after you see how red and puffy her eyes look. She must have been crying; her face was wet but it could be the rain just as well as it could be tears. A spark of rage surges through your body. This was Keith's fault and you knew it. She probably ran back over from Keith's apartment in the rain. You momentarily wondered why she didn't call you, but it was easy to realize. She never did like you to see when she cried. She always hated feeling weak in front of you.

Eventually she lifted her gaze, looking at you. She was doing her best to stay strong, but her lip was quivering slightly and her eyes were starting to tear up again. You could tell how fragile she must be feeling. This would have to be handled very delicately.

"It's Keith, isn't it?" You ask simply. Lucy never liked beating around the bush and you know that a simple confrontation would be best. She looks at you like a deer at an oncoming train. She opens and closes her mouth several times, unable to form words, before finally nodding. Your bl**d was beginning to boil overtime. "What did he do? He didn't hit you, did he?"

"No..." Lucy said, her voice cracking. "Although, I almost wish he did. Then I could slug him right back. Oh God, do I want to beat the tar out of him right now." She sniffed and laughed a little, then turned serious again. "You were right, Cam. You were right all along. He's been cheating on me."

"Oh, jeez Lucy." You sigh. "I didn't want to be right..."

"I should have listened to you." She groaned. She slowly stepped into the dorm room and closed the door behind her. "What did I ever see in that asshole?"

"Did you catch him in the act?" You ask.

"No. That jerk had the gall to bring her to our date to announce the fact that they had been seeing each other for three months now. Then he told me that he was breaking up with me to persue a more meaningful relationship with that slut." She clenched her fists and shook angrily. "And THEN! Oh, you won't believe this. Then he asked me if I wanted to join them for a threesome before I left!"

Oddly enough, you can believe it. It sounded like Keith, all right. You could practically hear that asshole's voice saying those words.

"He's been using me for sex. I can see that now." She pushed the strands of hair out her face and sighed. "I don't know why I couldn't see that when we were going out. Looking back it seems to obvious."

"Hey, hey. Don't blame yourself." You speak up, holding your hands out. "Keith is manipulative with his words. No one could have seen that coming."

"You did." Lucy said weakly. "I'm sorry I doubted you. I should have known better than to ignore the intuition of my best friend." An awkward silence hung over the room as Lucy shuffled her feet against the carpet uneasily. You could tell she was feeling ashamed and more than a little uncomfortable.

"Lucy, it's okay." You say to her. "It wasn't like I knew Keith was cheating on was all speculation. My gut's not always right. Remember Gia?"

"Your last girlfriend? The one you swore you were going to marry?" Lucy's mouth contorted into a semi-smile. "The one who moved to Europe three weeks later?"

"Yeah." You grin. Not a particularly happy memory, but you can laugh about it now and it was helping cheer Lucy up. "See? I'm not right about everything."

"I suppose not." She sighed. "But you were right about Keith. I guess I owe you an apology."

No, you don't." You shake your head. "You don't owe me anything."

"Do you at least want to say 'I told you so' to me?"

"Maybe later." You say with a laugh. "But for now, you should really do something about your wet clothing."

"Oh, yeah." Lucy said, looking down at her clothing, as if forgetting she was soaked. "I need to get out of these wet clothes."

You have no objections to that, but it wouldn't be right to act lecherous tonight. "Why don't you take a warm shower?" You ask instead. "You'll feel better."

"Good idea." She agrees with you. "Maybe even a bath." She walks by you and then stops, as if contemplating something. Slowly, hesitantly, she leans over and kisses your cheek. "Thanks Cam. You always know what to say to make me feel better."

"No problem." You smile at her and watch her retreat to the bathroom. The feeling of her lips on your cheek is still lingering in your mind. She has kissed your cheek and forehead before in a friendly way, but something about the way she lingered a bit before she did it intrigues you.

You hear the water start running in the bathroom for a while, then it shuts off. There is silence for a few moments until you hear something soft from the bathroom. Slowly, you draw yourself over to the door and press your ear against it to try and figure out what was going on.

Faintly, you hear the sound of sobbing. Lucy was crying.Lucy's had a rough fucking night; she deserves to be able to cry it out. She hates showing her weak side around you, so she probably needed to be along to let it out. The last thing she needs is your dumb ass barging in on her.

You sit down on the couch, out of earshot. Not only does it feel creepy to eavesdrop on her crying, hearing her sob tears at your heart strings. Best all around if you go where you can't hear her. You pick up your gameboy and start playing some games while waiting for her to finish up in the bathroom. 45 minutes pass before you finally hear the door to the bathroom open up. Lucy walks out in a bathrobe, her wet red hair hanging down to the middle of her back. She pauses to look at you and gives you a weak smile.

"Hey." You say. "Did you enjoy the bath?"

"Yeah." She replies simply.

"Do you feel any better."

"A little, I guess. Maybe." She shrugs. "I dunno."

"Well, if there's anything I can do, let me know." You assure her.

"Well...." She says, then trails off. She fiddles with the hem of the robe and looks at her feet.

"Hmm?" You ask, trying to prompt her for more information.

"I do have a...favour I'd like to ask you..." She says slowly.

"Sure. Anything." You smile.

"You may want to wait and hear me out first before agreeing." She laughs nervously.

"Well? What is it?"

"Cam..." She mumbles, then takes a deep breath.

She looks at you with a serious, contemplative look for a second, then a grin breaks out across her face. "I want you to help me throw Keith's shit out the window."

"Pardon?" You ask, not expecting that.

"Keith left a bunch of stuff here. It's in my closet. And I want it gone." Lucy sighed. "I'm sure you heard me crying in the bathroom. Well, I got it out of my system, and now I am angry as fuck. And I want to throw his junk right out the five stories down to the sidewalks below."

You blink in surprise a few times, then grin and nod. "Hell yeah!"

"I thought you might support that idea." She smiled. "I should have some framed pictures of him in there, and I want to see his face crack when it hits pavement."

"I love it when you get sadistic." You reply. This makes her laugh.

"Then what are we waiting for?" She walks over and opens her closet door while you open up the nearest window. She pulls out a big box with 'Keith' written on it. With a disgusted look on her face, she opens it. The first thing she sees are some CD cases.

"Mix CD's?" You ask.

"Soundtracks to our love, he called them." She sneers. "He probably made them while that bitch was sucking him off." She grabs one of the CD cases and chucks it out the window. It flies through the air for a bit before smashing into the ground and busting apart.

"Nice one." You say.

"Why, thank you." She gives a mock bow. "Your turn, Cam." You nod, grab a CD case, lean out the window, and chuck it downward at the ground at a high velocity. Both the CD and CD case shatter into multiple pieces upon contact.

"Bullseye!" You exclaim

"Oh, this one is all mine." She said, lifting a picture of the two of them out of the box. They were sitting on a park bench, cuddling. "This was our third date. Right before the first time we fucked." She explains. She carries it over to the window. "Well, guess what, Keith? FUCK YOU!" She exclaims and hucks it at the sidewalk. The glass shatters upon impact and the frame busts apart.

"Are these...darts?" You ask, pulling some sharp objects out.

"A dart board set. It was going to be his Christmas present...WAIT!" She exclaims. "Gimme!" She grabs the darts out of your hand and goes to the window. "Take this!" She screams and chucks one dart down. It strikes picture-Keith's face and sticks into his forehead. "You cheating bastard!" She gets him again, this time in the left eye. "I hate you!" One more throw, and this time it strikes his crotch.

"Damn. Remind me not to piss you off ever again, Annie Oakley. " You say.

"What else we got?" She asks.

"I got this one." You say, lifting up a picture of you and Lucy that Keith had jumped into at the last minute. "For ruining a perfectly good picture." You rip the left section of the photo off, erasing him from it. "Much better now, don't you think?"

"I agree." Lucy smiles. You lift up the photo of Keith and rip it into lots of small pieces, then throw it out into the rain and wind like confetti.

"That looks like fun!" The redhead exclaims and grabs another picture of Keith, shirtless and posing. She sticks her tongue out in disgust and lifts it up. She tears it into many small scraps and chucks the pieces away. "Heh...what else is in there?"

"There's some clothing..." You respond, searching the box.

"Oh, I bet I have some of his T-shirts here." She says.

"No...this looks like a...cheerleaders outfit?" You cock your head. "You were never a cheerleader, were you?"

"Huh?" She asks, then her eyes go wide. "Cam! No, wait!" But it's too late. You've pulled the garment out. It's very obviously not regulation; the skirt is extremely short, barely enough to cover her ass, the shirt is small and tight, and the number on it was 69.

" an adult costume..." You say slowly.

"Keith liked to role-play in bed sometimes." Lucy says with a blush. "He used to play football in high school and had a thing for...cheerleaders."

"Wow...that'" You say. "Looks like there's some more in here." You begin to pull clothes out. "You okay with this?" You ask her, not wanting to hurt her feelings.

"You might as well. You already opened Pandora's Box." She sighs, her face still stained crimson. You nod and pull out some more costumes. There's a naughty catholic schoolgirl outfit, a silk komono that stops very short on the thighs, and a latex nurse outfit with the first few buttons missing to show off cleavage.

"I am in shock a bit." You say.

"Those were some of my favourites." she says. You shoot her a look and she shrugs. "I enjoy role playing too, you know. I don't want to get rid of them...but there are too many memories of him."

"You don't have to get rid of them. You just need to make new memories, that's all."

"New memories, huh?" She asks, musing to herself. She looks at you, blushes for some reason and looks away. You shrug and move the costumes aside. As you pick up the school girl outfit, you chuckle to yourself. "What?"

"Uh...nothing." You say quickly, trying to cover up your laugh.

"What is it." She asks more f***efully and this time not a question.

"'s just that these costumes are all dresses and skirts, and I can't recall the last time you wore either."

"Bullshit." She crosses her arms under her breasts. "Over Christmas break, when we went to Christmas Eve service at our parents' church. I wore that floral dress."

"Okay, yeah. But it was down below you knees. These are so...tiny...and close to your waist. I can't imagine you in something like this." You look the outfit over again.

"Oh, you cant, huh?" She huffs. "Well, maybe you need some visual confirmation."

"Huh?" You ask.

"Go ahead. Pick a costume and I will put it on. I'll show you that I not only can wear these, but I make them look good." You have no doubt of that and a thrill runs through you, knowing you'll get to see a sexy outfit on Lucy.

You hold up the school girl outfit teasingly. "Okay then, miss tomboy. Let's see you work this one."

"My pleasure." She winks at you. "You better be prepared to lose, though. This is my best one." She takes the outfit off your hands and saunters off the the bathroom. "Now you wait right there. I won't be long." She says as she disappears from sight. You hear the door click and you exhale sharply. God, she's going to be trying on sexy outfits for you? This is way too much and you know you won't be able to hide your arousal. You feel your hands shake a bit in anticipation. You are getting a thrill from adrenaline rush of flirting with danger.

Despite her words, she is in the bathroom for an oddly long amount of time. You pace for a little bit, as your heart races with anticipation. As you hear the door finally open, you quickly take a seat on your desk chair to try and hide the fact your were waiting impatiently. With surprisingly little ceremony, Lucy comes into view, purposefully swaying as she walks. Your jaw drops at the site; sexy doesn't do her justice. She had on the short plaid skirt that ended far before her knees and the white shirt was tied up in a knot just under her breasts so as to show off her midriff. She also left the buttons on the shirt mostly undone to show off extra cleavage. A striped tie hung loosely around her neck and she even went so far as to do up her red hair into pig tails to either side of her head.

"Hey there." She says seductively, leaning up against the wall.

"" You say simply. She giggles and slowly does a 360 so you could see her whole body. Then she slowly walks over to you, not breaking eye contact the whole time. You gulp and try to keep from blushing. She stops a few feet from you and smiles. One of her hands goes up to twirl one of her pigtails with a finger while the other places itself on her hip.

"Thanks for agreeing to tutor me, Cam." She says, her voice as smooth as silk. "I'm finding English class so...hard." She bites her lower lip and gives you a seductively shy glance. Oh God...she's acting in character. She is really looking to get you good. You try to keep from getting flustered.

"No problem." Is all you can muster right now. Was she going over a script while she was changing or something?

"I've been looking forward to this all day." She says to you, placing her hands on your shoulders. "You see...there's this poem we're reading in class. I was hoping you would be able to help interpret it for me."

"Of course." You say, your voice hoarse.

"Thank you." she giggles. "It goes like this:

As you enter you say I cannot touch.

Naked with your hands and mouth all over me.

Wanting to touch you has never been this much.

I am in ecstasy from what I feel and see."

Her voice is sultry and seductive and every word feels like sex to your ears. Slowly, Lucy lifts her legs and places them on either side of your body so she is straddling you on the chair. You try not to look down, but can't help yourself and you are treated to a full view of her cleavage. You hope she didn't notice, but you know she did. You are her full attention, after all.

"Our passion consumes us making it hard to restrain.

My head is filling with fantasies for us to do.

I am overwhelmed and my resistance is pain.

Our lips now meet as I expose you too." She continues, each word deliberately drawn out, each syllable matched with a heavy breath. She leans in closer to you, sliding her hips so they are flush against you and her ass is right on your lap.

"I worship your body and cannot get enough." Her hands slide off your shoulders and down your chest, tracing the contours of your lean build.

"We come closer with a connection that's true." Her hands stop at your belt and she starts to undo it, easily moving with no signs of shaking. You are not so lucky however. Her words and movement are driving you crazy.

"I realize why you did this even though it was tough." The belt is undone and her hands slide under your shirt and the tips of her fingers breach the waist of you pants and teasingly play with the hem of your boxers. Your body shudders involuntarily.

"You made me want you more than I have ever wanted you." She leans her face in toward yours until you could feel her warm breath on your lips. You close your eyes as you could almost taste her with how close her face is to yours.

Then you hear her giggle and your eyes open again. She has a rather victorious grin on her face as she stares at you. "My oh my." She laughs. "I didn't expect you to give in that easily. I'm even better than I thought. And what's this? " She lets out a full laugh this time as she grinds her hips against yours. You realize, with some horror, that your cock is fully erect and seemingly trying to burst free of your pants. And even though it is restrained, there is no doubt that Lucy can feel it poking into her ass. "Hot damn! You are really hard, Cam!" She laughs again at you predicament.

"Dammit." You grumble under your breath, obviously embarrassed.

"I guess that means I can work this outfit after all, huh?" She says teasingly.

"Yeah, yeah." You mutter, trying to banish the crimson glow on your cheeks.

"C'mon, I want to hear you say it." Lucy laughs. She puts a hand to her ear. "Who was right?" You grumble and look at the floor. "What? Do you need some more convincing?" You cringe as her sexy ass grinds against your still raging erection. It feels far too good, and only makes you feel more humiliated. "Kind of hard to deny it right now, huh? It doesn't take a CSI team to find this evidence." Her grin fades when she notices you aren't going to look at her again. She stops grinding.

"Cam?" She asks softly, all the teasing gone from her voice. "W-What's wrong?"

"Nothing'." You grumble, still staring at the floor and trying to will our penis back down. It doesn't seem to care much for your instructions. In fact, you're positive now that your cock had gone rogue.

"Then why are you trying to stare down our carpet?" She asks, tilting her head. She lifts her hands up and places them on her chest. You can tell by her voice that she is getting self-conscious. "Did...Did I do something wrong?"

"'s just..." You stammer out some words, trying to express your feelings without giving up too much. "I an idiot, I guess."

An idiot?" She asks, seemingly forgetting that she is straddling your boner. "Because you were wrong?"

"No...because I gave in so quick." You try to explain. Understanding started to fill Lucy's face. "I mean...I know you were just teasing, but my body just...I dunno." You exhale with a sigh. "I probably look like a damn 13 year old pervert with out of control hormones."

"Oh, jeez." Your friend said. "Really? That's what you are so morose about?" She leans in, grabs your head, and turns you to face her. Her green eyes lock with yours. "Don't be a dummy."

"Uh...ok?" You ask, caught off-guard.

"Will you look at the outfit I'm wearing?" She says to you. You gladly do. "I mean, c'mon! The cleavage, the short skirt, the bare midriff: I'm a walking wet dream in this thing!" No argument there, but it only serves to make you more flustered. "And that act? The poem and straddling and touching? That was specially designed to turn you on!" The blush returns to your face and the minute it does, she realizes what she said and her face goes bright red too. "The general you!" She exclaims. "You as in guys, men! Not" She coughs and clears her throat, but the blush remains. "Look, what I'm driving at here is that was SUPPOSED to get your hard. I would have been worried if you DIDN'T get aroused by it." She smiles again.

"Yeah...I guess." You concede finally.

"Seriously. You don't need to feel embarrassed, okay?" Her eyes dart around a bit before continuing. " know you think I was just trying to elicit a response so I could rub it your face. But that's not true. I was trying to show myself that just because Keith dropped me for another girl, doesn't mean I've lost it." She gives you a quick kiss to the cheek. "Thanks for boosting my self-esteem, Cam."

"You're welcome." You scratch the back of your head with a nervous laugh. "I'm glad I could help. know..." You avert your eyes. "It wasn't entirely mortifying. I enjoyed it, right up to the point where you found out...well, how much I was enjoying it, I guess."

"I knew you would." She smiles.

"It's been a while since a girl has done anything like that for me." You say.

"Oh, so I guess it wasn't my act that did it for you, huh?" She asked, cocking her head. Her voice was sarcastic, but not entirely. "Any touch would have affected you, I bet."

"No, that's not what I meant. Your act was good. And I mean really, really good." You say and bite your tongue. The grin on the redheads face said it all. Damn your loose lips!

"Well! The truth comes out!" She laughs lightly and leans in, resting her elbows on your chest. "Really, really good, huh?"

You sigh. Well, you're already in the grave. No point trying to dig your way out. "Yeah. I'm sure you could get any guy you wanted with that act." You notice the grin fades from her face a bit.

"Well, it has worked in the past. Keith liked it, anyway." She said, not very pleased with the words.

"Sorry, didn't mean to remind you." You say, backtracking. "All I'm saying was nice to be touched in an intimate fashion again, even if it was just an act." You see Lucy visibly wince and realize your wording made her sound like a cruel bitch. "I appreciate you doing it for me." You amend quickly. At least this makes her smile. "It was nice to be the attention of a girls' seduction again." You mouth continues moving, as if aware that you might as well lie in the grave you dug. "Especially a cute, attractive girl."

"Oh, now you're just flattering me." She huffs quickly, her cheeks flushing. "You idiot. Besides it's this outfit. Anyone could wear this and look a hundred times more appealing."

"It's not just the outfit." You say simply. You see Lucy struggle to fight the smile spreading across her face, but she eventually gives in.

"Okay, okay. I said you could boost my ego, not launch it into space." She says. "Thank you, though. It means a lot to hear it from someone who really means it. Especially you." Her warm smile is the most heartfelt you've seen in sometime, but it quickly turns into an oval as she shifts again and rubs up against your still shamelessly erect penis.

"Ermm." You mutter under your breath.

"So...this isn't going away anytime soon is it?" She asks, her teasing grin coming back.

"" You reply, feeling ashamed again. You look away and you hear an annoyed sigh from the girl on your lap.

"Dammit, Cam. I said you don't need to feel embarrassed." She sighs again. "All right. I didn't want to have to do this, but you f***ed my hand." You look back at her in confusion. "Close those eyes, mister."

"What?" You ask. "But I..."

"Close. Your. Eyes." She states plainly. You feel helpless but to obey and shut you eyes tightly. "No peeking, got it? I'm serious. You look and you die." You feel she is serious and keep your eyes shut. You feel her squirm a bit on you lap, then she stands up for a second before sitting back down. "Okay. Now give me your hand, but keep those eyes closed." You do what she says and you feel her press something in your hands. It is a wet cloth, like a damp shirt, but much less material.

"What is..." You ask, but your words trail off as you move the fabric about to find out what it is.

"Got it figured out yet?" You hear her voice. You gulp. You certainly do; the shape of the fabric could mean only one thing. This was Lucy's underwear. Which meant she was sitting on your lap bare-assed.

"I have an idea." You manage to say.

"Feel the crotch." She instructs you. It was easy to tell it was the wettest part of the garment.

"It's soaked." You state, your throat dry.

"So...what does that tell you?" She asks. "Do you think you're the only one who got turned on during that session? Did you think what I did didn't affect me at all? Hell, if anyone should be embarrassed, it's me. I was the teaser and I was in control, and even then, I got so aroused, I soaked my own panties." You gulp audibly as the smell from the underwear hits your nostrils. The smell of female arousal. Oh God...

"I didn't realize..." You begin, but the words trail off.

"Well, now you know. You have no reason to be humiliated now; every little bit harder you got, the wetter I got." There was silence for a few seconds afterward.

One thing about you is that in some ways at least, you're a pretty active and helpful guy. So when someone asks you for something, like for instance Lucy for her panties, your standard reaction is to reach forwards and hand it to them rather than to simply just hold it out for them to reach in and take.

This is not exactly something which you do on purpose, it's more of a deeply ingrained part of your personality that you never really think about.

So, when Lucy's question finally registers in your mind after the momentary delay in getting the from your ears, your instinctive reaction is to hand over her wet underwear to her by reaching up with your hand so she can snatch them from it.

Of course, in order for you to this without unintentionally brushing against her breasts, you have to lean back, which you do, which also means that your lap comes rising up towards her sex, while the strain of the last couple of minutes also manifest itself in you using quite a lot of your strength as you push against the back of the chair. And her sex, you remember as Lucy lets out a low hiss, is not only aroused and unprotected, lacking even the flimsy panties that you're still clutching in your hand, but it is also perfectly positioned so that the bulge on the front of your trousers can make contact.

Still a bit dazed from the performance that Lucy gave you and her continued treatment of you, reaching its crescendo with her handing over her soaked undergarment while informing you that you had a pretty important part in making them that way, you?re a bit slow to realize that your bulge is currently pushing apart a set of wet, vertically aligned lips and don't stop the upward motion of your lap until your desk chair is leaned back as far as it can go, which is far enough for Lucy's hiss to be transformed into a succinct cry as her slightly trembling fingers come down to grab hold of your arms as the top of the arched bulge reaches the point just above her slit where her clit ought to be.

As you finally realize what it is that you're doing, you continue to act instinctively by slumping back down into the desk chair, which causes it to jerk forwards fast enough that its probably only thanks to you having the presence of mind to reach round and place your hands on the small of Lucy's back that she's kept from being sent tumbling onto the floor.

Still, while you grabbing hold of Lucy's back has kept her from slipping off your lap, it, combined with you having bolted up to sit in an upright positioned, means that the front of her breasts are now rubbing against your chest, and you can't help but wonder if its you imagining things or if her nipples are actually poking through her blouse against your chest, and the same goes for the slight wetness that seems to be staining you lap.

Despite Lucy's earlier threat that opening your eyes would entail certain death, you can no longer resist the temptation of raising your eyelids, which is an act that instantly reveals two things to you; firstly, that the positioning of your head and Lucy's chest means that you're looking straight down into her cleavage, and secondly, that Lucy isn't wearing a bra. You'd sort of guessed the second one already, but it's? nice to know for sure.

Remembering that it's impolite to stare, you tilt your head back to look up at Lucy's face, and immediately realise that her cheeks have now gone quite red while her eyes have narrowed up into little more than thin slits.

?Sorry,? you sheepishly offer up as an apology for what you just did, even if it was by accident. While Lucy might have been the one who took your playful flirting with each other, which used to leave you both terribly excited and agonizingly frustrated, and turned it up several notches, you're left feeling as though it was you who just inadvertently crossed a few pretty important boundaries.

?Yeah,? Lucy responds in a dreamy sort of way, her arms remaining on your shoulders, on which she placed them as soon as you finished your unfortunate little manoeuvre.

Well, she hasn't slapped you, called you a pervert or dismounted you, so at least Lucy doesn't seem to be mad at you, although you wouldn't blame her if she were to characterize the current situation as awkward.

Maybe you should, uh, get off me?? You suggest, in the wake of a few seconds of tense silence.

"Yeah, I guess I should, huh?" Lucy replies, somewhat reluctantly. She still seemed to be a bit out of it. Her senses slowly return to her and she realizes how she has been acting. She clears her throat and tries to keep from blushing. Then she shoots you a disarming smile.

"Too bad, though. Sitting here was starting to feel really good." She grins and laughs teasingly. Her eyes connect with yours and the laughter quickly dies down and grin vanishes from her face. She must have seen the look in your eyes and suddenly she is looking back at you in the same way. Hundreds of unspoken words pass between you as your eyes search one another's gaze. Arguments, flirtation, rationalizations, excuses, seduction; every possible conversation you could have regarding your current position and your hidden feelings takes place in your stare-down with redhead on your lap. Neither one of you make any motion to move and break the connection.

Suddenly, your cock decides to interrupt your visual discussion by twitching involuntarily. It throbs upwards, straining against your pants and rubbing Lucy's bare clit. She closes her eyes and takes a sharp breath, breaking the magic hold you had on one another. Her arms, still clutching your shoulders, shake and her grip tightens. Her lips part slightly to form a small "o".

Your cock twitches a second time, again brushing Lucy's sensitive nub and making her gasp softly and close her eyes tighter. That time wasn't involuntary though; you purposefully flexed your muscles to do that. You know it's wrong, but you can't help yourself. You are pleasuring the girl of your dreams; you're the one making her gasp and moan. And you just want to keep causing her to make those noises.

"Ahhh..." She mutters weakly as your cock throbs against her for a third time. " are doing that on purpose, aren't you?" Her words lacked any harshness or anger, as if she was stating simple fact, like saying the sky was blue. You don't respond at first, then...

"Do you want me to stop?" You ask simply. The words were out before you could veto them. So much for deniability. Now she knows you are doing it on purpose.

"I...I..." She starts, but doesn't finish. Her hands continue to grip your shirt and she presses her body down against you, as if waiting for the next thrilling rush. Eagerly, you do a kegel exercise and your cock rises up to touch her sensitive areas again. She shakes and moans lightly at the sensation. "You...tease..." She gasps out after the initial wave of pleasure subsided. "Why are you teasing me so much? Is this because I was doing it to you earlier?"

"N-no." You reply, the lust taking over at this point. "I...I want to do this to you. I mean...for you."

"Oh, Cam." She pants and then shakes and moans as your penis twitches against her pussy again. It seems her mouth is moving independent of her brain too. "'re driving me crazy, you know that?"

"I am?" You ask, not out of cluelessness, but because you want to hear her say it again.

"Of course you are!" She gasps. "The way you are slowly teasing me with your...your...AAAH!" She cries out after another movement from you. Your dick is almost busting out of your pants at this point. "I...I don't know if I can take any more of this." She whimpers. "I haven't gotten any in a while and I'm backed up with sexual tension, and now you've got me all riled up...." She clenches her eyes tighter. "I'm going to explode, Cam!"

This admission from Lucy is enough to send you pushing your head towards her, your heart skipping a beat about halfway through the mansion as your mind finally catches up to what your body has now endeavoured to do.

Your fears that the kiss that you're about to offer her will be the kind of intimate action that'll serve to remind Lucy of just what the two of you are doing and prompt her to pull away means that in the end you're only willing to provide her with the sort of weak peck on the lips that is nothing like you wanted your first kiss to be.

Suddenly, Lucy's fingers have slid in amongst your hair and she fixes your head between her hands before lunging herself at you with enough f***e that the chair on which you're sitting is in danger of toppling over as her response to your exploratory peck is to offer you a kiss that's more reckless and more informed by desire than anything you've ever really been capable of imagining, with pressing her curvaceous body as tight as possible against yours while rhythmically pumping her sex up and down on your erect cock.

Your initial reaction to the ferocity of Lucy's kissing is to sit completely still with your legs and arms tensing up as a tingling sensation spreads through your body until you feel like your about to burst, at which point you begin to kiss back, wrestling her tongue with your own as you push yourself forwards until you're no longer supported by the back of your chair, your hands clutching hold of the flimsy fabric of Lucy's shirt before sliding down to caress the bare skin of the small of her back as you thrust your cock up against her sex.

In the end, the onset of her climax means that Lucy is f***ed to break off the kiss and bend her head down so that her mouth is right next to your ear, allowing you luxury of hearing the way in which she's breathing fast as both her throat and her mouth quivers quite frantically, her whole body shuddering against yours and her hands now clutching your shoulders.

Lucy's weight as she leans down against you pushes you back onto the chair, with it producing a squeaking noise just before she finally shoots out a light, clear groan from the back of her throat.

The fact that it's thanks to you that Lucy is now panting and trembling her way through a long climax is something which leaves you both stunned and fascinated at the same time, with your attention being so wholly focused on her that the pain caused by her fingers digging into the muscles on your arms doesn't really register.

Eventually, and even though you don't want it to, Lucy's orgasm has to come to an end, and she slumps down on top of you with her head resting on your shoulder, leaving the two of you to sit there in shared silence, with her temporarily knocked-out by the climax that you've given her and you unwilling to contemplate the reasons for you getting the chance to do so, settling instead for simply holding her in a loose grip, your arms wrapped around the small of her back.

You've lost track of how much time that's passed before Lucy's recuperated enough to actually do anything at all except rest on top of you, it might be seconds and it might be minutes, but she surprises you by turning her head so that she can kiss your neck before heaving herself up and giving your forehead a kiss as well.

?So?? Lucy is the first of you to break the silence.

?Yeah?? you respond as you look up to see that she's smiling at you, though it's different enough from how she usually smiles at you that you find yourself incapable of figuring out what's behind it. Either way, it serves to highlight how flushed her cheeks are in the wake of what you've just done.

?This is because of me, right?? Lucy suddenly asks you, and then clarifies what she's referring to by gently rubbing her wet pussy against your erect cock, something which causes both of you to produce some pretty breathless moaning.

?Uh-huh,? you nod your head and feel nonplussed. The two of you have already discussed your erection at far greater lengths than you would ever want to, so her question seems pretty redundant.

Apparently your confusion is easily detected, because Lucy's smile fades and is replaced by a more nervous look.

?No Cam, that's not what I meant,? Lucy informs you, ?It's because it's me, right??

?Oh?? you release a short gasp as you finally realize what exactly it is that Lucy's asking you, though you suspect that you?re going to have to come up with a more informative reply than that.

I...uh...I..." You stutter, the words turning to ash on your tongue. You've been hiding the secret of your love for Lucy for so long, you want to just get it off your chest. And yet, even after everything that has happened, you find yourself unable to muster up the will to reveal your true feelings.

The smile starts to slip from her face and her eyebrows knot up in a look of heartbreak as she obviously is interpreting your lack of answer as trying to stall from delivering a negative answer. She immediately dodges your eyes. "Oh." She said. "Well...I kinda feel silly now."

"No, that's not-" You begin, but she is already ahead of you.

"Um...could you forget how I kissed you just then?" She asks you weakly. "We...we can just pretend that I simply got off on you with platonic sex, and that I didn't kiss you like you" She gulps as her words die out. She starts to hastily slide off your lap. "W-where's my underwear? I think I have somewhere I need to go...away from here."

"Wait!" You yell, grabbing her arm and keeping her from getting off you. You're not sure what you're going to say, but words are spilling out, so here we go. "My cock is hard for you!" You exclaim in the most heartfelt way you could deliver a sentence like that. You immediately shut your mouth, horrified at the turn of phrase your mind decided to blurt out. You finally had a chance to use the skills you learned in your almost worthless Interpersonal Communications and Public Speaking classes, and the skills apparently decided to abandon you when you needed them most.

"Your...what?" Lucy asks, her eyebrows raised and her eyes wide. Then the smile spun itself back onto the redhead's beautiful face and she giggled. It sucks that the humor is at your expense, but at least she isn't leaving right now. " that your way of saying that all this is because it's me, Cam?"

"I...uh...I..." You stammer, once again falling back on the old standby: nervous, unintelligible mumbling. This time, her smile becomes a grin and she gives you an amused look, although it was all sewn together with relief and adoration. "That's not what I meant to say...I mean, it is, but not that way...I wanted to tell you that...I think your pretty and cute and shit like that...I mean that I like you and...Arrrrrgh, I suck."

You close your eyes and bury your face in your hands out of embarrassment. You hear Lucy giggle again and then you feel a pair of soft, silky hands pry your hands away. You open your eyes and she is looking right at you. Her expression was soft and endearing. "I know what you meant." She says. "It doesn't matter to me how you said it. It told me everything I need to know." She leans in and gives you a quick peck on the lips. Then she pulls back and lets you bask in her radiant smile once more. "My pussy is wet for you." She says after a short silence. "And that should tell you everything you need to know as well." Then she sits back up and slides off your lap. Your grip her wrist again.

"N-no. Please don't go." You say, still shell-shocked and barely managing to keep up with current events. Lucy places her free hand on yours and strokes it gently.

"Shhh." She shushes you. "Just trust me."

You reluctantly let her go as her warm body slides off yours. It takes all your willpower to let her go; after being denied what you craved so much for so long, the last thing you want to do is let it go. You had to mentally promise yourself that she wasn't going to disappear.

"Don't worry. I'm not going to leave you." She says, as if she could read your mind. "But...there's something I want to do to you. I mean, for you." She giggles as she repeated your words from earlier. You simply nod, your eyes closed. Since all you see is the inside of your eyelids, the time between when she gets off you to when you feel her again seems to take forever. You realign yourself in the chair so you are sitting up normally again.

"Lucy...?" You ask, unable to keep the worry from your voice. You are about to f***e yourself to open your eyes, when you finally feel her touch again. Her hair begins to tickle the small amount of skin showing from the bottom of your shirt. You can feel her warm breath as well, and your skin breaks out in goosebumps. Her hands place themselves on either side of your torso.

Suddenly, there is a tugging at your pants and you feel them loosen drastically as the button is undone. The hands didn't move, though, so you realize that the only way she did that would have been with her teeth. You open your eyes and look down in time to see the sexy redhead, kneeling on the floor in front of you, grab the zipper of your pants and pull it down, loosening your pants more. Your boxers, being unbuttoned, did nothing to stop your raging erection from bursting out into the air. Free of the denim prison, it stand rigidly in the air.

Lucy gasps at the surprise, then makes a cooing sound. Her eyes scan over the hard member, then she looks up at you. She gives you a mischievous grin.

"Nuh-uh." She says. "Close those eyes, mister." You quickly and eagerly close them, awaiting what might come next. You hear another laugh from the girl, then she makes her move.

You don't have to wait long; just a few moments after you close your eyes, you feel the tip of her tongue tease the head of your naked cock. You gasp and your back goes rigid from the sensation. The tongue retreats and you hear a giggle from between your legs. You find yourself groaning and whimpering in disappointment before you catch yourself and stop. You really don't need to appear any more pathetic.

"Sorry, sorry." Lucy says between stifled laughs. "That reaction was just too over-the-top. I've never had any guy act like that from just a slight touch."

"It felt really good." You manage to say as your face goes red. "And I'm really sensitive because of everything know..."

"Shhh." She says soothingly. "You don't need to explain yourself, babe. I'm not one to talk about reactions, don't you think? Besides, I'm happy I can make you feel that way. Understand?"

"Yes'm." You reply.

"Good boy. Now can I get back to orally pleasuring you?"


"All right then." With those final words, she ceases talking and gets back to licking the head of your penis like an ice cream cone. At first they were slow, but they soon progressed to fast, rapid licks. Her cool fingers wrap themselves around the base of your cock so she can control your member better for more accurate licking. You were only getting more sensitive as she makes your dick wet with her saliva.

"Lucy..." You groan. You grip the sides of the chair seat tightly as if to concentrate from blowing your load too early. Another slight giggle from the girl on her knees, but it's quick and she recovers before you can even say anything. You feel her grip on your cock vanish and her hands are suddenly on your thighs. Then the tongue presses tightly to your rigid manhood for a second, before her mouth engulfs the head.

"Augh!" You cry out, unable to stay quiet. "Oh God, that feels so good!"

"Mmmm." Is all you make out from the mumbling from around your member. She sucks on your cock head for a moment or two before driving her head down to take the whole length of you into her mouth. She doesn't stop until her lips touch your hips. You shake from the feeling and you can feel your orgasm starting to build at an almost unstoppable pace. She withdraws her mouth for a second before thrusting back down. Then again. And again.

You lift your ass off the seat of the chair to get your cock closer to her face, wanting to spend as much time in her wet, warm mouth as you can. She accommodates you as she bobs her heads up and down the full length of your shaft, leaving lipsticks stains from the movement. It feels too good to be true.

You want to open your eyes and look down to watch her suck your cock, but just feeling the sensation is wonderful too, and you're almost ready to cum. Besides she told you not to peek, although that was playful in nature. You gulp as you make a decision.

You can't help yourself; you've been waiting forever for this moment. You slowly pry your eyelids open and look down. Before you is most wonderful sight ever; Lucy is kneeling between your legs, slowly bobbing her head up and down on the entire length of your cock. She had tucked her ginger hair behind her ears, probably so it wouldn't get in her way. However, it also provided you a clear view of her face. Her sweet pink lips were wrapped tightly around your rigid shaft and her eyes were closed, as if she was savoring and enjoying the experience. That thought causes your cock to jump slightly.

Her eyes open and you quickly shut yours, but you peer them open again to see that she isn't looking up at you. Her eyes are staring pretty determinedly at the base of your dick. She takes her mouth off of it and gives the head a few quick licks before engulfing all of it in her mouth again. She hums happily as she takes more and more of it, slowly withdrawing her hand so she can go all the way to your pelvis, successfully deep-throating you. Against your better judgement, you let out a low moan.

Lucy hears the sounds and looks up a you. Your eyes connect and her face flushes a crimson hue. She chokes a bit on your cock and quickly withdraws it all from her mouth. The cool air makes you miss the wet warmth she had been providing and you wish you hadn't peeked and just let her finish. She coughs a few times, then glares at you.

"H-Hey!" She says, trying to mask her embarrassment with annoyance. "I thought I said to keep your eyes closed!"

"S-sorry!" You exclaim quickly, trying to do damage control. "I couldn't help myself."

"Oh really?" She crosses her arms.

"Yeah...I've been dreaming about this moment for so long." You say, hoping the truth and some flattery will work. From her expression, you guess it does. "I had to see it for myself. And you make it look so unbelievably sexy."

"Oh, trying some smooth talk, hmm?" She asks, even though her facade of annoyance had faded away completely. Her mouth was turned up in a grin.

"I don't know what you are insinuating." You smile back. "Also, you look beautiful right now."

"Oh, shut up." She says and thrusts her mouth down the entire length of your manhood. She keeps it there for a bit before taking her mouth off. "Okay, you can watch, but not smart-ass commentary, got it?"

"Got it!" You exclaim and with that she goes back to work, sucking you off with both intense skill and obvious passion. She really wants you to enjoy it, and hopefully enjoying it herself. She looks up and your eyes lock again. This time, she keeps the blowjob going, sliding your cock in and out of her mouth while fixing her lustful gaze on your own. She keeps going on like that for a bit as you try and hold back from cumming too soon. You want to draw out the experience.

Finally, she takes her mouth of your cock. "What the hell? I've never had a guy last this long. What gives?" Her face screws up in a painful look. "Are you not...enjoying this?"

"No!" You exclaim. "I am! Intensely!" She gives you a skeptical look. "Honest!"

"So what's the problem then?" She asks, then it dawns on her. "You're holding back on me, aren't you?"

"Um?" You reply sheepishly. She puts her hands on her hips.

"Okay, I'm flattered that you don't want this to end, Cam; I mean I'm liking this too. But are going to make my jaw sore. And then I won't be able to do this again for a while." She gives you a knowing look. The possibility of future blowjobs hadn't even crossed your mind and you realize the smart move.

"Right, right. Sorry! I'll stop holding back." You concede. However, Lucy isn't having it.

"I don't know...I better make sure of it. I think I may have to take things up a notch."

"What does that mean?" You ask somewhat nervously. She just grins at you.

Stop with the reluctant gentleman bit." She says. "If you want me, just take me." With that, she draws your earlobe into her mouth and sucks on it lightly.

"God..." You groan back softly. "F-fine. But don't try and stop me later."

"Baby, I won't stop you. Ever." She giggles into your ear. "Now fuck me."

She then jumps right on top of you, as you carry her in your arms to her bed

"I want you." You say with a a****listic grin. "So I'm taking you."

"I can't wait" she replies. "Fuck me." She whispers.

"I will." You reply and slide your hands past the skirt and place them on her firm ass. You lift her up and over your throbbing dick. You can feel the evidence of her arousal drip down onto your waiting member. You guide her down onto your prick and you slide into her wetness easily.

"FUCK!" She screams as your cock slides all the way into her, your hips meeting and her ass against your balls.

"Are you okay?"

"No. I've got so much of you inside me, I think I'm going to crazy." She moans. "You didn't seem this thick just from looking at you."

"I'm full of surprises." You laugh. She laughs back and immediately kisses you again. As your tongues entwine, she starts to grind against you, moving her hips like they have a mind of their own.

"Oh...oh...oh fuck, oh fuck..." She cries into your mouth. Her hands grip your shoulder tightly. "I...I can't take this...You are too much for me to handle."

"Then let me do the work." You reply and grab her hips from under the skirt. Then you lift her up and down on your cock.

"AAAAAA!" She cries out. "Cam! Oh my God! FUCK! FUCK!"

"That's what I'm doing." You smirk.

"Why do you feel even bigger when you're going in and out of me?" She gasps, moving her head to your shoulder and pressing her body against you. Her arms wrap around you tightly. "Y-you're too big for my pussy!"

You aren't going to try and stop me are you?"

"N-no! Don't stop! feels so good!" She cries out your name again and shuts her eyes tightly. You two keep up your vigerous movements for fifteen minutes before you start to feel a tingle in your balls.

"Lucy...I'm going to slow down now..."

"NO! Don't you dare! I'm soooo close!" She gasps and pants. "I'm going to cum...I'm going to cum...!"

"So am I if I don't stop!" You immediatly stop your movements.

"NO!" Lucy yells again. She quickly picks up where you left off, lifting her hips and impaling herself on you. "Oh, God...I can feel it building..."

"Lucy! I said I feel like I'm going to..."

"Then do it!" She wails in your ear. "I'm on the pill! Please! Give me your load! I want to feel you release in me!" Her body shakes wildly as her next few thrusts get weaker. "Oh...oh....OH! OOOOH!" She quakes and quivers and grips you tightly. her pussy tightens up drastically. "Cam! I'm cumming!"

"Shit! Me too!" You grunt and grab her hips again. You press her down against your hips roughly, pushing yourself into her as deep as you can.

"Cam!" Lucy screams as you fire off shot after shot of ejaculate into her warm, quivering pussy. You two thrust against each other weakly a few times as your respective orgasms finish up. Then, out of energy, Lucy collapses onto you, her eyes closed. You lean back against her bed, panting. Your still erect, but slowly softening cock remains inside of her as your breathing returns to normal.

"Cam, I need to tell you something, I... I love you"

"Lucy, you have no idea how much I've wanted to hear you say that. I love you, with all my heart"

You take her in your arms as you fall asl**p holding together

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