Dressing Room Show

Scarlett Johansson walks into the dressing room with several dresses. She chooses the last dressing booth and closes the door behind her after checking to make sure the sales people haven't followed her. She smiles when she gets into the booth, knowing she's going to have fun. She looks at herself in the mirror, turning side-on with her hands on her ass, admiring her profile. Her big breasts fill out her tight T-shirt nicely, her firm round ass is proudly displayed in cut-off jean shorts.

You sit in front of the monitor watching the actress in the dressing room and smile to yourself. Unknown to Scarlett there's a camera behind the mirror in the final booth. Only the female security officers are allowed to view the female dressing rooms but today the control room is deserted. You are alone. You settle in for the show.

Scarlett pulls her T shirt up and off and then tosses it onto the chair. Her breasts are barely contained in a tight white bra. She smiles at her reflection in the mirror and slides her hands over her belly and up to her breasts and squeezes them tightly. She clearly loves her tits. She reaches around and unfastens her bra, letting it fall to the ground. Her liberated breasts have tiny red lines from the bra's edges. She rubs them and the red lines begin to fade.

The rubbing also makes Scarlett's nipples stiffen and pucker. She begins to play with the right nipple, slowly teasing it with her nail and then taking it between her fingers and pinching it gently. She pulls on it and stifles a moan at the pleasure. It is fully hard and standing out now, so she turns her attention to her other nipple. She takes her breast in her hand and lifts the nipple to her lips and begins to suck on it until it is hard as well.

You unzip your pants and pull your cock out. Grabbing a handful of Kleenex and holding them in one hand, you begin to stroke your cock as you watch her. To you she is beautiful, with a body made for sex. Full breasts, a soft round bottom, and lips that look like they were made to suck cock. You sit back in the chair and stroke faster as she sucks her nipple in front of the mirror. This is going to be more interesting than you first thought.

Scarlett Johansson unbuttons her shorts and pulls them down over her ass cheeks. She leaves them halfway down her legs, then pulls her skimpy panties down too. She pulls both together down the rest of the way and stands there wearing only her sneakers and socks. She turns her back to the mirror and inspects her ass. You can tell she likes the way it looks. Scarlett leans forward and looks over her shoulder to see her pussy lips peek out between her legs. She giggles and stands up again.

You let out a low moan as you watch her bend over. At the sight of her pussy you start stroking even faster, imagining your cock burying itself up to the balls inside her.

Scarlett picks up the first dress and holds it up to her nude body. The feel of the silk against her skin is very sensuous and she begins to slowly rub it all over her. She closes her eyes and puts the dress down and starts using her finger tips to tickle her belly and thighs, then works her way back up to her breasts. You can tell she is very turned on - the feel of being naked in the middle of a store must be very arousing.

Her hands rub over her breasts and then one slides down her belly. She moans at the feeling and spreads her legs a little. She dips her fingers between her legs and moans again as they brush over her clit. She is wet all right. Very wet. Her clit is swollen and very sensitive to the touch. She presses her fingers between her lips and feels an instant flood of moisture from her pussy. She rubs her palm against her clit as two of her fingers slide inside her. She uses the other two to part her lips as she starts to fuck herself in the dressing room.

The first drops of pre cum bubble out of your cock head and you use them to make your cock a little slippery as you stroke. You watch the actress finger fucking herself in front of the mirror and yearn to bury your face in her pussy so bad, just to taste her. You kick your pants down and use your other hand to play with your balls as you jack yourself harder.

Scarlett Johansson is fingering her wet pussy with three fingers now. Her other hand tugs on her nipples, first one, then the other. She knows she's moaning too loud, but it feels so good, so dirty, so nasty. She spreads her legs more and squats down a little, fucking herself hard with her fingers. Her hands are wet to the wrist from her dripping pussy. Oh, she wants to cum so bad. She begins bouncing up and down a little, thrusting down onto her own hand, her palm rubbing hard against her clit and sending shivers of pleasure through her.

You moan and grab the Kleenex. You are going to shoot your load soon, you can feel the cum boiling in your balls. You stroke as fast as you can and then grunt as you explode. You try to catch it all but semen splashes across the console in front of you and some drips onto your legs. You keep stroking and milking your cock until your balls are empty.

Scarlett feels her legs start to go wobbly on her and then she starts cumming. She watches herself in the mirror as she cums and the sight excites her even more. Her juices drip down her hand as she shudders in orgasm. She can't move, pressing her hand tight against her clit as she begins to shake. Then she grunts and thrusts down twice more and her cum literally squirts out of her and down her thighs. She bites her lip to keep from screaming out as the orgasm tears through her.

After a second or two her shaking subsides and she straightens up. She licks her fingers, tastes her own pussy and laughs. Then she grabs her bra and shirt and puts them on. Last she pulls her panties and shorts on and looks at herself again. Her face is flushed, her hair slightly damp from sweat, but she looks fairly normal. She leans over, kisses the mirror and mouths the words, "I love you."

You feel a stab of shock in the pit of your stomach, before realizing that her words are directed at her own reflection, not the voyeur in the control room.

"I love you too baby," you reply.

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