Eyes Wide Slut

You have a slightly difficult relationship with Oscar's s****r Hollie. This is due to the fact that you desperately want to fuck her, and she knows it. She discovered your feelings a while ago when she caught you wanking into a pair of her panties. For some reason, this did not endear you to her. These days her attitude toward you is a mixture of pity and contempt, but that doesn't stop her prick-teasing you mercilessly when your friend isn't around.

You've tried to suppress your feelings for the sake of your friend, but you find yourself thinking about Hollie all the time. In fact, you've become obsessed with seeing her naked. She's got a spectacular pair of long legs that you'd love to run your hands up and down.

One day Hollie catches you trying to sneak a peek up her skirt. She rolls her eyes.

"Did you get a good look, Calvin?" she teases. She quickly checks that no one else can see, then spreads her legs wide, giving you an unimpeded view right up to her tight panty gusset. Then she slams her knees shut.

"That's the most you'll ever see, Calvin. It's pathetic how you're always perving on me. You're lucky I don't tell Oscar!"

Later you go to the bathroom and jerk off, the vision of Hollie's long legs and panty-clad pussy still fresh in your brain. You need her sooooo bad!

Weeks go by. You find yourself tormented by fantasies of fucking your friend's s****r. Then she gets invited to a masquerade party where everyone has to wear masks. You've heard that these parties can get pretty wild, and also that Hollie has developed a "reputation."

You come up with a simple plan. You'll crash the party, wearing a mask so no-one can recognize you, then keep an eye on Hollie until she goes off with some guy. Hopefully you can catch her in the act and get a peek at her ass or her tits. Genius!

You make sure you are at Oscar's house on the night of the party to get a preview of Hollie's costume. You almost have a heart attack when you discover she's decided to go dressed as a prostitute. She's wearing a skimpy red dress, with fishnet stockings and suspenders. She's obviously wearing no bra, her nipples sticking right through the fabric.

Hollie does a little pirouette in front of you. "What do you think Calvin, you horny loser? Take a good look, it'll give you something to jerk off over when I'm gone!" Then she bends down to pick up her handbag and your hungry eyes follow the stocking seam up the back of her calves and thighs. She's wearing a black g-string under the fishnets. You instantly tent your pants.

Hollie notices your erection. "Really Calvin, is that all you've got?" She leans closer to you and whispers hotly in your ear. "I'm planning on getting laid tonight. Does that excite you? Do you like thinking about me getting fucked?"

Then she puts on her mask - a small one that only covers her eyes - and leaves you in an extremely flustered state.

You run to get your costume. Well, okay, not directly, you go via the bathroom to jerk off, but that doesn't take long. Then you change into your costume, a Phantom of the Opera outfit with a cape and a mask that covers most of your face but leaves your chin and mouth exposed.

Amazingly, your plan works and they let you into the party. You guess they figure that anyone who goes to the trouble of getting a costume must have been invited. You stand in the middle of the crowded room watching all the masked strangers making out, feeling like you're in a budget version of Eyes Wide Shut. Tom Cruise, eat your heart out.

You notice Hollie chatting with two masked guys. One of them has his hand up her dress groping her backside, the other is nibbling her ear while she laughs. Then they disappear down a corridor and into a bedroom. You glance around the room. No-one is paying you any attention, most of them are getting it on with each other. You follow Hollie down the corridor.

The bedroom door is slightly ajar. Through the gap you can see that they haven't wasted any time. Hollie is on her hands and knees on the bed, her tits hanging out, unzipping one of the guy's pants. You stand there, savoring your first look at Hollie's naked boobs.

A hand grabs you and pulls you in. "Jesus, don't just stand there gawking, you want everyone in here?" the dude hisses before shutting the door behind you. Hollie looks up from the hard cock hovering in front of her face, sees you, and smiles. Then she engulfs the engorged knob with her lips and starts bobbing her head back and forth.

Your cock is fit to burst, watching Oscar's s****r giving a stranger a blow-job, her tits jiggling as he fucks her face. The room is filled with wet, sucking sounds. She brings one of her hands up to her hard nipples and starts tweaking and tugging at them.

The second guy unzips his fly and stands beside his buddy. Hollie alternates sucking each of their cocks, and even tries to get both of them in her mouth at the same time. She's clearly done this before. A lot. Your dick stiffens to its full length.

You decide to settle back and watch the show. Oscar's s****r Hollie continues blowing the two guys while making good use of her hands - clawing their asses, tickling their testicles and wanking them, while projecting an enthusiastic demeanor at all times.

The guy currently in Hollie's mouth eventually groans and she takes his cock as deep as she can as he pumps his seed into her. She sucks and swallows greedily. When he withdraws, a string of ropey cum stretches from his dick to her lips, then breaks and falls onto her chin. Hollie doesn't even wipe it off before she starts sucking the other guys cock.

"I'm getting a beer, want one?" the first guy asks you, zipping himself back up. You shake your head and he staggers out the door.

Hollie's remaining paramour grabs her by the ears and starts pounding balls-deep down her throat. Then he clamps her head to his groin with both hands and fills her mouth with a load so copious she snorts some of it out her nose.

When he's done he releases her and she collapses gasping on the bed. Stumbling backward he trips over the cat and falls out the window.

"Fucking fratboys, it's all blowjobs and beer with them!" complains Hollie, spitting out residual semen and wiping her nose and mouth with tissues. She looks you up and down. "I need a real man. Are you up for it?"

You close the door and window, and pull the curtains shut. Now she's all yours!

You swagger over to Hollie, removing the belt from your pants. You push her back on the bed and climb on top of her, straddling her waist.

"What are you doing?" she gasps, trembling with excitement.

You say nothing. This makes you seem more menacing and mysterious, but it's really because you can't let her hear your voice, and you're no good at accents. Well, that's not entirely true, you can do a really good Fozzie Bear. Come to think of it, that's an impersonation rather than an accent.

You use the belt to tie Hollie's hands together above her head and secure them to the bedhead. She's wriggling underneath you while you do it, more for show than genuine resistance. This causes her exposed tits to rub against the front of your pants, making your underwear uncomfortably tight.

Now that Hollie is securely bound you survey your handiwork. Your friend's s****r stares back at you, clueless about your true identity, her chest heaving.

The sight of her tits in easy reach causes a surge of horniness in your loins. You grab her breasts in both hands and start mauling them with her stiff nipples poking between your fingers. You squish them together, jiggle them around, slap them and generally act like you've never had your hands on a pair of tits before. Hollie starts with an amused expression on her face, but after a while you detect a look of impatience.

You dive down and suck a nipple deep into your mouth. Mashing her breasts together you nibble, suck and slobber back and forth from one nipple to the other. Soon Hollie's tits are shiny with saliva and her nipples are engorged fit to burst.

You climb off Hollie for long enough to remove your pants and underwear. Your cock is as hard as it's ever been (even counting the time you jacked off into her panties.) She stares at it and licks her lips.

"Nice dick, stud. Do you know how to use it?" she taunts.

You jump back on to the bed and wrestle Hollie's skirt up around her waist, exposing her black G-string. The skimpy strip of material hugs the folds of her pussy, a damp patch clearly visible. You bury your face between her lovely long legs and gnaw at her crotch through her underwear, your nostrils full of her aroused scent. She moans and raises her hips to you.

She has put on her G-string underneath her stockings and suspenders, so you can't take it off easily. You decide to tear it off instead with one f***eful tug.

"Ouch!" she cries. Your f***eful tug failed to destroy her underwear, instead the gusset is embedded deep between her pussy lips, which are now bulging out on either side.

"Sorry" you mumble. You try again, this time trying to tear it apart using two hands. You're not strong enough. This is getting embarrassing. You end up just pulling it to the side to reveal Hollie's wet, shaven pussy.

You climb into position, dick in hand.

"Do it!" she moans, her breath hot on your face. You decide you want to see her properly, so you pull off her mask.

"Hey, not fair!" objects Hollie. Then she smiles. "Let me see you too."

Revealing yourself to Hollie sounds like an astonishingly bad idea, so you simply shake your head.

"Whatever," she says, clearly not caring that much about the identity of the guy about to fuck her.

You grab her luscious legs behind her knees and push them up to her chest. Her snatch is exposed and defenseless against the impending onslaught. You suddenly remember Oscar and feel a brief pang of guilt. You suppress it easily.

Trusting that your cock will find its own way, you slam your hips against Hollie's groin. Unfortunately you miss and the impact feels like you've almost broken your rod in two. Hollie tugs against the belt restraining her arms, unable to assist. But now you are in the correct position with her knees over your shoulders, allowing you to free up a hand to guide your torpedo into the tube. The second time's the charm. You both groan blissfully as you sink deep into Hollie's pussy.

The bed creaks loudly as you bounce on top of Hollie, your chest pressing her thighs against her tits.

"Give it to me! Harder! Faster!" she moans, biting your shoulder. You do your best to comply but it isn't enough for her. She works her knees free of your shoulders and wraps her legs around your waist, slamming her heels into your ass to amplify your thrusting.

Now clamped tightly by her long legs, you're just as trapped as she is. She bites your shoulder again, then your neck. It hurts!

"Ow!" you exclaim and involuntarily slap her face. She likes it, so you slap her again. Her body goes rigid and she cums, ripples of orgasm coursing through her pussy, milking your cock inside her. You feel like you're about to cum too, then she bites you again.

"Yeowch!!!" This time it feels like it's definitely going to leave a mark. You struggle free, then subject your cock to ten seconds of the angriest wanking it has ever experienced. You shoot your load over Hollie from head to toe, coating Oscar's s****r with ball-busting sprays of sticky white sperm. Her rumpled dress doesn't escape - she's going to look considerably worse for wear when she finally leaves the party.

You make yourself presentable and then open the door, to find a line of guys waiting outside. At this point you realize that you've neglected to untie her.

Hollie is going to be very popular tonight.

The End

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