Quiet Streets

For some reason, you kept thinking about "The Stand."

It happened so fast, after all. The news stations playing the same old, same old, totally ignoring the true disease spreading across the face of the world. Then people started dying.

Everyone, died. It was fast, incredibly fast. First they were fine, then a day of the sniffles, then a incredible burning fever that literally cooked them from the inside out after only three hours. A wiseass on channel 5 started calling it the "Black Tuesday virus". The name stuck, and so did the disease.

It ravaged cities, towns, any place there were people. They just died, with no cure, no chance to look for one. Society broke down. Looting, pilliaging, murder, death. All of them were characteristics of the final few days, when those that realized they had the disease just gave up and gave in to their base a****l instincts.

You were lucky. You didn't get the sniffles. You have no idea why, or how, but as everyone died around you, you walked alone, immune. You hid of course, how could you do anything else with the chaos around you. You took shelter in the cellar of a local mall, with a handgun liberated from the sporting goods store and a shopping cart full of food from the supermarket outside.

You've had to kill once already. A maniac decided that you would be a nice toy to torture for a few hours before he died himself. You shot him as he finished up with the victim before you. Then you ran. It's not pleasant to think about, and you still have trouble sl**ping at night.

It's been several days since you barricaded yourself in here. It's pretty quiet out there, and you were finally ready to take a look outside.

With your gun held ready, you undo the deadbolts on the heavy wooden door. With a final deep breath, you pull the door open, and a blast of air runs past you into the chill basement. There is a slight smell of burned meat in the air, as you look around at the surroundings.

All around you, nothing but wreckage. Not the kind of wreckage you see after a bomb hit, but the kind of wreckage you see after a riot, or a real good frat party. s**ttered across the floor are the tattered remains of clothing and other accessories, most with slight to severe burn marks on them. The only light comes from some windows at the very top of the walls, which let in a faint radiance, which is obviously filtered from the outside..

Bucking up your courage, you head toward the nearest elevator. Unsuprisingly, it is not working, like all of the power. Unperturbed, you head towards the lightless exit sign, and the doorway beneath it.

"Okay, Jack" you mumble to yourself, "Most of the maniacs will have been gone for days." You try to convince yourself of that, but since you survived, you figure others must have. As a result, your attempt at psyching yourself up fails rather miserably.

You boot the door open, and brandish your gun wildly, scanning for a target. Nothing is there. Merely a dark stairway leading up. Your nerves settling a little, you ascend the stairs, up to the first floor of the mall. As your hand settles on the handle, you suddenly hear a loud female scream from beyond. The sound jolts you, as you have gotten so used to the silence.

You draw the ejector-slide back on the handgun, cocking it in preparation for what you may find. As a c***d you used to go out hunting with your uncle who taught you all about gun safety. You have a feeling that he would be proud of you now, if he's still alive that is. The scream sounded like it came from the western end of the complex. You try to remember what shops were down there. You know there was a large department store along with a sporting goods store, shoes store and an electronics shop.

You make your way cautiously towards where you think the scream came from. The floor is almost completely covered with rubbish that has been strewn all about by the looters. You notice rather ironically that the electronics store has been stripped almost bare of Playstation 2s, X-boxes and almost all the games. Strangely enough there is a couple of Gamecubes still there. They never were as popular as Nintendo hoped. The sporting goods store has been stripped of anything that looks expensive. The shoe store has been left relatively uns**thed apart from the smashed cash register. You guess women wouldn't exactly go out with a mob of rioters, which in some way accounts for the untouched piles of shoes.

You hear the scream again and this time you are sure it's coming from the department store. You break into a run, desperate to find the cause of the noise. You enter the ransacked store and can now clearly make out the sounds of a struggle. The sound of things crashing onto the ground is coming from the home-wares department. You run through shelves full of Manchester and turn the corner into home-wares section. You are close to the source now so you slow to a walk holding the gun out before you, ready to fire in an instant. A movement to the side causes you to wipe around. A plate falls from the top of a tall shelf and crashes onto the floor.

You creep quietly towards the spot. You are blocked from view on this side by the display shelves but as you step around to face the source of all the noises you are shocked with what you see. A girl is pinned to the ground by a huge hulk of a man being brutally ****d. Lying motionless next to the pair is another girl who looks like she was the man previous victim. The girls clothes have been tore from her and the man's pants are around his ankles as he humps away. The girl's eyes go wide as she sees you. She manages to free her mouth from the mans hands and screams at you, "help me!"

The guy frantically looks your way and with a rush lets go of the girl and charges towards you. You reach instantly, squeezing the trigger. A huge bang goes off and large red hole is opened up in his chest. He staggers from the bullet for a moment then tries to take another step towards you. You again pull the trigger, hitting the man once again in the chest. He slumps to the ground this time, without moving again. The girl on the ground clamps her legs shut and crawls towards the body of the girl next to her. You rush to the side of them both. The girl who was just being ****d is crying desolately on top of other girl. You tell her everything is all right now, trying to calm her, as you look for a pulse in the girl.
"She's alive!" you exclaim at finding a heartbeat.
The girl stops her sobbing at the news. She looks at you and chokes out the words, "thank you for saving us."

You don't know what to say. You just killed for a second time. Best just concentrate on the situation at hand and worry about those thoughts later. Both girls have been badly beaten by the man and have had all there clothes destroyed in the process. You remember seeing blankets in with the Manchester so you tell the girl, "Stay here. I'll be back in a second."
She frantically grabs your arm and it is a couple of minutes before you can convince her to let you leave.

You sprint off and return quickly with the blankets. You unfold one and wrap the conscious girl in it, covering her naked form. You then check the u*********s one and her breathing is swallow and labored. "We have to get her somewhere safe. Do you know anywhere we can take her?" you ask the other girl.
"There's a group of us hiding in a building not to far from here. My s****r and I came to the shopping center looking for supplies," she says.

It could be pretty dangerous outside the mall, you think to yourself. Would it be safer to take them both back to the basement, you wonder?

"I've got a place, not too far from here." You comment, gently picking up the unconcious girl in a fireman's carry. She is very beautiful, you note, with long red hair and a nice chest. There are a few welts on her body, and she seems to be drifting in and out of conciousness.

"Is it safe?" The other girl asks, looking about nervously. Her eyes constantly stray to the man who lies dead nearby. She self-conciously adjusts her clothing, as her gaze washes over him. She hugs herself against your arm, and you realize the terror that is still present in her. She is a blonde, with the same physical traits as her s****r, but is very concious.

"What's your name?" You ask quietly, as you move her through the deserted store. The girl on your shoulder does not hamper you too much as you move, although her presence is a bit distracting.

"I'm Brittney," replies the blonde, her arms still wrapped in a deathgrip around one of yours. "My s****r, her name's Erin. Oh my god, is she going to be alright?"

"I'm not...... I hope so." You check your initial response quickly. This girl needs support, not your honest opinion. You reach the emergency stairwell, and open the door carefully. The stairs are fairly easy to get down, despite your burden, and soon you find yourself once more in the basement. Quickly, you return to the side room where you had been located earlier, and lock the door behind you. The room is dimly lit, but comforting, since it has been your home for a while now.

You carry the unconcious girl, Erin, over to the makeshift bed that you have been using. Doing your utmost to avoid harming her further, you place her upon it, piling the few blankets to make her more comfortable. As you do this, her eyes flutter, then open.

"Is he still...." her voice tremors with fear, and she looks at her s****r, before staring at you and trembling.

"He's gone..." Brittney says, starting to cry softly, and crawls onto the bedding to hold her s****r.

"Then who's this?" Erin murmurs, relaxing slightly as her s****r caresses her.

"That's the man who saved you." She looks at you strangely. "Who are you anyway."

"Jack, Jack Sampson" you reply, "I'm not like him, I swear."

The two girls seem to take comfort at your words, and relax a little more. Standing carefully, you move to your meager food supply, and using one of the cups, pour water from one of you bottles. Brittney accepts it, and holds the cup to Erin's lips, who slowly, but with growing confidence, drinks.

You are pretty sure that Erin will be all right physically. She seems to be getting better every minute. Right now, you have to decide what to do. You don't have enough food down here to last more than a couple of days, but you know that Erin and Brittney both need time to recover.

You watch the two s****rs as they hold each other. Calmly, you move to the stove in the corner, and grab two cans of food stacked nearby.

"You hungry?" you ask, tossing the comment over your shoulder.

"Yes, Please!" Brittney says, her attention fully on the can you are holding. You are a bit puzzled by her response, since you're just holding a can of chili. Erin too looks up, and you see her lick her lips apprehensively.

You quickly rinse a pot with some bottled water, and light the stove. Using a can opener, you deftly remove the lid and pour the contents into the pot, placing it upon the hot stove. The food cooks slowly, filling the air with the scent.

"It's been a while, since we had anything to eat." forwards Erin, showing some signs of awareness.

"It's not much, but I hope it helps." you respond, stirring the chili. After a few minutes, slight bubbles rise in the semi-liquid, and you pour it into two fairly clean bowls. Cautiously, you approach the s****rs lying on your bed, and proffer the food.

They accept, and what seems like a smile crosses Erin's slightly bruised face. They eat slowly, but constantly, savoring every taste like they haven't eaten in days. Actually, from the way they are eating, they probably haven't.

You return to the stove, and quickly prepare yourself another can of food. It isn't the most appealing thing in the world, but you need to eat. Your gaze lingers on the two s****rs on your bed. They eat, watching you silently, with an expression that reminds you of admiration.

You look around for someplace to sit. Since you've been down here alone, you hadn't really planned for entertaining. Shrugging, you seat yourself on the floor next to the bed. Erin's eyes are now aware, and looking at you curiously.

"Did you kill him?" Erin asks, a cold steel in her voice.

"Yes." you answer with a twinge of concience. It doesn't make you happy to kill, even someone as twisted as that bastard of a r****t.

"Good." she replies. The simple statement brings tears, and she begins to cry softly. Her s****r holds her tenderly, allowing the sadness to pour out.

"How can I help?" You ask quietly, more to yourself than anything. To your suprise, Erin answers you.

"Hold me." One of her arms reaches towards you. You place the bowl in your hands on the floor, and stand. Carefully, as to not place any weight on the girls, you crawl on, moving behind her. Your arms come about to embrace her softly, and she shrinks from your touch initially, before moving back in a full acceptance of the embrace.

Brittney's arms come about her s****r as well, and the two of you hold her softly. She cries a little, but the experience of being with caring persons far outweight the pain she feels.

"He hurt me." She says calmly. "Not bad, I mean, I'll survive, but he hurt me."

"I know." you reply, with a gentle hug around her shoulders. "I know."

The three of you rest like that for a while, recovering from the trauma that has affected you all. In your arms, Erin finally falls asl**p, joined not too much later by Brittney.

Exhausted yourself, you finally drift in and out of conciousness, finally ending in a sl**p filled with dark and unpleasant dreams.

You are awakened from a fairly pleasant dream by the feeling of hands on your chest. You open your eyes, to find the two s****rs holding you. Their hands stroke along your chest and arms, the two of them holding you close. They seem more relaxed, but there is an expression you do not fully comprehend in your rather bleary state.

"We've been thinking." Brittney remarks, taking the initiative before you can speak. The pert blonde smiles at you before continuing. "We want you to stay with us."

"Yes." offers Erin, the redhead. "You've helped us, and we're very grateful."

You nod your head, not saying anything. You wonder what they are getting at. You helped them because you are a good person. At least that's what you believe.

"What do we have to do?" Asks Brittney. "Jack, there aren't a lot of good men out there, and we think we're lucky to have met you. So, what do you want from us?"

"You haven't taken," continues Erin, taking up where her s****r left off, "So we assume that if you want us, uhm, you know, that way, you want us willing."

"So we are." Finished Brittney with a stroke of her hand along your chest. "We don't have a heck of a lot else to offer you, but we want you to stay with us."

You are a bit shocked by the offer. One day after being ****d, and they are offering you their bodies in order to secure you as a protector. You realize that they are just being pragmatic. You wonder if you should take them up on their offer, or give them more time. You did talk a little last night, and enjoyed it. You admit to liking the girls, and don't want them resenting you, or trading you in for a stronger guy.

You know you shouldn't accept it. You know it would be taking advantage, but, for crying out loud, you're a man of flesh and bl**d! You just can't refuse an offer like this. First, you had none since about a week before the virus struck. Second, the girls are increadibly attractive: cute and rounded in all the right places. Finally, now that your survival is in question, your reproductive instincts became stronger.

"Are you guys sure," you try to protest, as the girls' soft hands caressing your arms and chest quickly drain you of reason. "I mean, you don't have to, I don't want to f***e you..." Your voice sounds less and less sure and finally dies down completely when Britney takes your hand and places it on her breast.

"Oh," you sigh, brushing your palm over the blonde's ample tit. You fondle it, feeling the softness and weight through Britney's thin top. "Oh, this is great!" you moan as Erin follows her s****r inviting your other hand to explore her chest.

You lean over to smiling Britney and kiss her lucious lips. She answers eagerly, sliding into your mouth, probing, tongue wrestling you. At the same time you hear Erin giggle and feel her move a little. Her tender hands snake into your pants and touch your overinflated member. You moan into Britney's mouth as her s****r releases your manhood and caresses it with gentle strokes.

"Wow, look how big he is!" Erin comments while sliding her palms up and down your pole. Britney breaks the kiss to have a look. She gasps and crawls over next to Erin. She leans, her blond hair falling down and hiding your dick. You can't see the action, but you feel wet lips sliding over the most sensitive part of you, moving the thin skin and baring the head. Britney then sucks, while pulling your dick out of her mouth with a loud POP, inciting a giggle from her s****r. Britney stands back, tossing her beautiful hair back in its rightful place.

Erin takes her turn with your cock, but she takes it much slower. She kisses the head, then moves down the shaft, planting soft kisses all the way down. The sexual tension is driving you nuts and boils over when Erin's little playful tongue begins tickling your balls. "Please," you beg, "I can't wait." Erin is merciful. She opens her mouth and plants it on your fiery pole. Her mouth feels great sliding against you as Erin bobs her head. You begin thrusting your hips a little, meeting Erin's bobs. This is when Britney comes behind her s****r and grabs a hold of Erin's head. Holding her firmly, Britney starts f***efully thrusting Erin's face on and off your dick. Since Erin shows no protest, you go along with it, especially since, no matter how embarrasing it is to admit, you are turned on incredibly by this "f***ed" face-fuck.

"I'm gonna come," you warn and ther girls stop to regroup. Britney joins Erin, who is about to drive you over the edge with her tender hands. Britney starts fondling your balls, putting in the final straw.

"Oh, yeaaah!" you moan as strings of sperm shoot out, landing on the girls hands and trickling down on your legs and stomach. "WOW!"

While Erin makes a show out of licking your juices off her hand, the reality of what just happened set in to your brain and now that it's no longer clouded by lust you see things quite differently. "Did I just use these girls," you wonder. "Did I f***e myself onto them? How badly do they hate me for it?"

Not thirty seconds later you speak to them. "Guys, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have done this. I don't know what came over me..."

"You didn't like us?" Britney asks disappointed.

"No, no, it's not that. I just feel like I'm no better than them," you nod your head towards the door and the world infested with selfish r****ts beyond it, "doing this to you. I mean taking advantage of you like this..."

"Aww!" Britney comes over and sits next to you, giving you a tight hug. Erin mimics her s****r on your other side. "Don't you just love our sweet fool," Britney says smiling, ruffling your hair playfully. She then gives you a peck on the cheek. "You think if we're doing something you like then we're doing it in spite of our wishes." Both girls are silent for a moment, mischievous grins on their pretty faces. Then Britney speaks again: "The truth is," Britney pauses and Erin finishes her sentence: "that we did it because we really like you." She rests her pretty head on your shoulder and her s****r continues: "We didn't ask you to stay because we couldn't survive without you. You know, I can pull a trigger just as good as you can. We wanted you to stay because you're good guy and what you did proves it, because we like you."

You feel so good in their embrace. Only your girlfriend's company felt this friendly and loving. Before she died that is. The girls act like they completely trust you: something you are convinced is next to impossible to fake. "And why the hell not," you think to yourself. "Why is it so hard to believe that these two girls who just lost all their friends and loved ones besides each other would feel genuine attraction to me, especially after what I did? As for sex, women are also human, aren't they? If my sexual instincts became hightened in this environment, is it so hard to believe that theirs have, too? Of course it's not. They genuinely like me and I like them, not just sexually, but also personally. I mustn't abuse their feelings and mine, but I mustn't feel ashamed of it either. Of course, having a relationship with two s****rs one day after meeting them would be unusual in the old world, but so would be scavanging for food, looting homes, fighting gangs of a****l-like lunatics. This is an unusual world. People do unusual things. Even good people. So, if we both want it - well make that if all three of us want it - what's so bad? Nothing."

These thoughts make you feel much better, both about what just happened and about your situation as a whole. Somehow, you're confident that the three of you will survive togeather, come hell or high water. You gently stroke Erin's soft amber hair resting on your shoulder. "I love you, girls," you whisper honestly. "We know. We love you too," is music to your ears.

After about a minute, the sweet silent embrace is ended by giggling Britney. She pushes you down on your back and leans over to briefly kiss your lips, running her fingers through your hair. "Now, you had better hide your over-sensitive conscience somewhere," she whispers sexily, "because I'm still hot." Erin energetically nods in agreement: "Me too!"

You are a bit surprised at the sudden shift from romance to sex, but then recall that while the girls gave you a most superb blowjob, you never did anything to satisfy their needs. You feel so foolish.

"Now, how about returning the favor," whispers Britney, dragging her cute white panties off her legs and tossing them away casually. Her privates now covered only by her skirt, Britney straddles your naked chest. Although you can't see it, you feel the wetness of her pussy and the fine soft fur surrounding it, as Britney grinds it against your chest. You both gasp when her pussy touches your nipple.

The sexual tension of the last thirty minutes must have been too much for Britney. She raises the hem of her skirt, affording you a quick glimpse at her beautiful pussy with glistening beads of moisture in her blonde pubic hair, before she shoves it in your face. You try your best to please Britney with your lips and tongue, kissing and licking her pussy and the sensitive skin around it. Soon she grasps your hair tightly and grinds her pussy against your face, moaning loudly.

"Oh! Oh, yes! That's it! That's it, Jack! Give it to me! Fuck me with your tongue!"

You are all too happy to oblige, thrusting your tongue as deep into Britney's pussy as you can. You wiggle your tongue around inside Britney, tasting her delicious sex, making her moan in extasy. You stop groping her butt for a moment and try to insert your index finger into her ass. Your finger merely presses against Britney's asshole when pleasure overwhelms her.

"I'm coming! I'm coming! Oh, fuck me, I'm coming!" she cries, humping your face. You continue working your tongue, until Britney's cries subside and she falls over you, gasping for breath. It takes her a few dozen seconds to recover enough to speak. "Oh, Jack, you were great! Thank you!" She kisses you deeply, tasting her own juices from your mouth.

You hear a moan from aside and look over. Erin has been watching you and Britney and playing with herself. She has also took off her jeans and panties and is now only dressed in a T-shirt. You walk over to the cute redhead in heat, slowly rubbing your revitalized erection. You smile when your eyes meet.

"I think I have something better than your hand," you proclaim standing between Erin's spread legs. She looks concerned.

"No, you shouldn't. Please don't," she moans, "I'm still hurting inside..."

You kneel between Erin's legs and run your hands along her slender thighs: the outside first, then the sensitive inner sides. Your hands stop just inches from Erin's love box and you smile, looking into her eyes.

"I'd never hurt you," you say, "but I can help you lick up your wounds." With that you kiss the top of her pussy gently, feeling her hairs tickle your nose. Erin moans, grabbing your head and guiding it further into her pussy. You take it as a sign of approval and start doing what you just did with Britney, only gentler, focusing more on kissing and licking than on sucking and thrusting. You don't want to accidently cause Erin any pain.

Meanwhile, Britney has recovered from the orgasm you gave her and decides to show attention to your needs, or rather need: a thick one sticking out from between your legs. She kneels behind you and hugs your chest, caressing it gently. Her right hand then slides down to your stomach and further, grabbing a hold of your cock. While you suck and lick Erin's pussy, Britney's hands pump your shaft, while her large breasts rest against your back. She whispers sexy obscenities into your ear when she's not sucking on your earlobe.

"That's right Jack, suck off my s*s. Eat her pussy, she likes that," Britney whispers, while jerking you off. "You have a big cock, Jack," she continues, "are you going to cum for me? Shoot it, shoot it right on my hand, I'm going to lick it up, just like Erin did. Come on, Jack, let it go."

This is quite enough. You loudly moan and groan into Erin's pussy, pumping out your load of sperm over Britney's hands. The extra vibrations and stimulations from your orgasm set off Erin's own. She comes in synch with you, grinding your face against her sloppy pussy. The three of you collapse into a tangled pile of semi-naked bodies, love juices making a big mess.

You and Erin still bathe in the afterglow of your orgasms when Britney stands up and gets dressed again. You watch the beautiful blonde while she finds and puts on her panties, adjusts her clothes and fixes her hair. Britney turns to the two of you, your head still resting between Erin's legs and smiles at the picture.

"Don't mean to ruin the fun, guys," she says, "but we should probably get back to the business of survival."

"Yeah, you're right," you moan in a slow relaxed tone. You turn your head and give the sensitive insides of Erin's thighs a kiss before standing up.

You get dressed, and so does Erin, while Britney makes a fire and empties two cans of chili into the bowl for heating. The three of you sit next to the fire and start discussing the plan of action for the day. You are surprised to find how much easier it is to be in the company of these girls now and how much faster solutions to countless problems facing you now come. You realize that yesterday a lot of your brain power was dedicated to figuring out how to get into their pants - consciously or subconsciously. Now, you are no longer as distracted by Erin's lucious red lips, or the way Britney's breasts push out her tight T-shirt, showing the outlines of her bra. The three of you are now a unit.

"I think we best stick togeather at all times," you suggest and the girls nod in agreement. "It's too easy for one person to be caught off guard. Now, for the long-term strategy. We can't stay in this basement forever. It's too easy to sneak up on, difficult to defend, heat and there's no smoke exhaust."

"Listen," jumps in Erin enthusiasticly. "Why don't we get out of the city? We don't know what fraction of people survived, but there's bound to be more survivers in the city than in the country. We'll run a smaller chance of meeting some gang there."

"Yeah," adds Britney. "Remeber when we spent the summer at Uncle Rober's farm?"

"Oh my God," exclaims Erin. "That was like the dullest summer ever!"

"No," cries Britney. "That's not the point! We saw how the farm works, we know how to take care of a****ls and stuff. We can hide on some farm in the middle of nowhere, make our own food and stuff. Nobody is ever going to find us untill this whole thing is over!"

"That's excellent," you say. "The virus didn't seem to effect the a****ls too much, at least judging by the number of stray dogs and rats we've seen. We can probably find a secluded farm with a good herd of a****ls, its own well and maybe even an orchard if we drive a few hundred miles west. It's bound to have all the tools and everything else we need to last the winter and even much longer. Let's make it our long-term goal."

"Agreed," say the girls.

"But we'll need a lot of things to get there," you continue. "So, let's keep this place as a temporary base for the next few days while we find everything we need to get out of the city." The girls nod again.

"We'll need a car," says Britney.
"Weapons and ammo," you add.
"Gas, plenty of clothes, especially winter ones. I doubt we can find or make many good ones in the country," says Erin.
"Food, of course. We can never have too much of it."
"Plenty of matches and lighters."
"Sugar. It's necessary, but almost impossible to make ourselves."
"Yes, Ski," says Erin. "Do you have any idea how hard it is to walk through a couple feet of snow when it hasn't been plowed?"
"Good point."

You spend the next couple of hours compiling a full list, which you write down with your only pencil on the back side of the paper labels ripped off a used chili can. The discussion is long and heated, but rational, as you try to balance the risks of staying in the city for too long with the risks of leaving without some important items. Eventually the list is finalized and the three of you get ready to move out. You check your gun, the only firearm among the three of you, and realize that you only have a few bullets left.

"Weapons are going to have to be our first priority," you say.
"Yeah, can't argue," says Britney examining a piece of debris that could function as a club. "We're gonna be not winning many fights with that!"

Her s****r armed herself with an old cracked bottle. She smiles apologetically at you: "it's better than nothing." You give her your most reassuring smile, pat her on the shoulder and open the door. The stairs are quiet and you cautiously lead the girls up.

Trying to keep close to each other and watching each other's backs attentively, the three of you make your way to the local gun shop. It has, of course, already been looted heavily, but just like in most riots the intruders mostly smashed things and threw merchandise around in a bid to get to the best articles first instead of dilligently carrying everything out. As a result, the floors are littered with debris, among which you spot a lot of weapons, ammo and hunting supplies.

First and foremost, you find three good sidearms, trying to make sure they are made for the same type of cartridge. Luckily, you come across an overturned case of Glocks. They are an older 17 model without the full auto capability, but still very good firearms: accurate, light and pretty reliable. You pick out the best three and find some matching 9mm ammo, which you distribute to Erin and Britney along with two guns.

"I'm going to skip the detailed safety instructions for now, girls," you say. "Just use your heads. Don't aim at what you don't want to shoot and treat your gun as if it's loaded at all times." You proceed to give the girls a quick lecture on the use of guns, as it turns out neither of them ever held one before. You know you're gonna have to test-fire the new weapons sometime, despite the fact that it will draw attention of anyone nearby. "Might as well do it right away, so the chicks aren't scared of firing," you think.

You spend another thirty minutes or so searching through the dangerous litter and find a shotgun, a good rifle with optics and ammo for both. You take everything you found to a nearby boutique, not wanting to fire the weapons inside the gun shop so as not to set off any of the dangerous litter there. In the boutique, you and the two girls practice your aim on the manequens. Britney squeals in joy every time she hits her mark, while Erin practices with a serious expression on her face. You then sit tight for a couple of minutes to make sure your noisy activities didn't attract any unwanted attention. They didn't.

You ship the weapons, except Glocks, and all the ammo you can carry back to your hideout and return for more. It gets harder and harder to find useful things among the debris in the gun shop, but by the time the sun begins to set you have hauled back two more rifles, three more handguns and enough ammo to start a small war. Besides this you got plenty of supplies from the hunting department including knives, waterproof matches and camouflaged clothes for all of you. Albeit the girls' are rather ill-fitting. You also get a very good quality bow and a pile of arrows for it. "The bow will be more useful than any rifle in the long run," you think. "It's virtually silent and the ammo can be reused."

The three of you are incredibly tired by the time you finally return for the night. You quickly gobble up a couple of cans of chili without even heating it and a few bottles of water without talking much and fall asl**p almost immediately after wishing each other a good night.

You sl**p like a baby.

You are awakened by the close presence of a warm dark mass, the details of which you cannot make out in the darkness of the basement. It's non-threatening, friendly, even loving, you sence. As you wake up fully you realize that the figure before you is definitely feminine and it is giving you a blowjob.

"What are you doing," you ask just to say something. Of course you already know the answer pretty well.

Britney raises her head from your morning erection. She keeps stroking it slowly, smiling at you. "I thought you might like it," she says.

"I do, but..."
"Well then shut up and enjoy," she chuckles. "Erin is still sl**ping."

Britney plants her mouth back on your cock and slowly begins moving it up and down, caressing your head with her lips and tongue. You need to do something with your hands, so you reach out to caress Britney's soft hair. You close your eyes in pleasure, and become passive, letting Britney take comeplete charge of giving you pleasure. And does she ever!

Long before she even starts using her throat, you almost lose conscience at her skillful sucking and rubbing, especially when she takes it against her cheek. First to the right then to the left, stretching her mouth to the limit with your rigid wang. Whe she finally starts deepthroating, it doesn't take very long to bring you over the edge.

"Britney, I'm gonna come," you whisper, but she doesn't stop, or even change pace, only starts playing with your balls.

"Oh, fuck, yeah!" you gasp, unloading your first load of the day into the pretty blonde's hungry mouth. She tries her best to swallow it all, but there's too much. Some white goo drops out of her mouth and lands on your stomach. Britney moves to lick it up slowly, while looking into your eyes. Whe she's done, she smiles happily at you: "how was it?" You don't have the words to accurately describe the pleasure she has given you. Instead, you groan like an a****l and pull her closer to you. You give Britney a long, wet kiss on the mouth. This gets the message across better than any words could. Eventually, your lips part hers and you see a happy, loving smile on her face.

"So, what's the plan for today, Jack," Britney asks.

That's a good question. You haven't had time to think about it yet.

You grin back at Britney: "Wouldn't you like me to do something pleasant for you too?" There are signs of internal struggle on Britney's cute face. Finally, she seems to make a decision and leans closer to you.

"Babe, if we did everything I want to do with you, we would not be done until midnight," she whispers with a grin. "But we've got things to do today, don't we?" She pecks your cheek and ruffles your hair, smiling. "You can return the favor later," she winks and stands up to go wake up her s****r.

You spend half an hour eating and getting ready to go, then step outside once again. You are exceptionally lucky today. Within the first hour you find a car in perfect working order. It's a small SUV - ideal for your needs. On one hand it's quite spacious and has some decent off-road capability, but on the other it hardly consumes any more gas than a passenger car. There is even an extra gas canister in the trunk, along with the spare and all the other usual accessories.

Everyone knows how much easier it is to shop with a car than on foot. Surprisingly, it's also a heck of a lot easier to scavenge with. Now that you don't have to use your muscle power to haul everything you find to the basement, your efforts progress much faster. You get some fishing gear, clothes and blankets, non-perishable food and other cooking supplies.

You are exploring a small mallstrip when you suddenly notice that the girls are nowhere near to be found. Of course, you immediately drop what you were doing, draw your gun and carefully start searching, your nerves sharp like the razor's edge.

"Erin! Britney!" Your heart is pounding and your reactions lighting-like, ready to spot any threat as soon as it pops up and fill it up with lead.

"We're OK!" Erin's voice answeres from somewhere.

You run towards the voice and see Erin come out from one of the boutiques and head towards you.

"Relax, realx, we're fine. There's noone here," she says, blocking your way further.

"Where's Britney?! Damn it, didn't we say stick close together?"

"She's coming, Jack, relax. We just needed some privacy," Erin says.

"Privacy! Fuck, Erin," you say sternly, not forgeting to keep looking out, "we're in the middle of the jungle here. Privacy can get one of us killed, I thought you'd have figured it out by now!"

Britney shows up hiding two small plain bags behind her. She hugs you tightly and whispers that she's sorry. You are very relieved to see her alive and well.

"We're going back," you announce. Although there are still a couple of light hours left in the day, you just can't continue on like this. Besides, you've already found pretty much everything on your list. The ride home is silent. Britney attempts to speak, but you tell her to wait till you get home and keep on the lookout instead. You hide the car near your hideout in such a way as to not attract attention of any passer-by. Only after all three of you are in the small basement and the thick door is closed and secured behind you, do you feel somewhat relaxed again.

You take a deep breath and say: "so what was that all about?"

"Jack, we're so sorry," Erin says hugging your forearm. "We shouldn't have gone off like this, even if we wanted to make you a surprise, we should've told you and asked you to wait outside for us."

"Please don't be mad at us," Britney says. "We'll never do something this stupid again." Her eyes suddenly light up and a mischievous smile touches her lips. "How about we make up?"

Have fun but don't go too crazy.

You start kissing Britney while Erin gently bites and sucks on your earlobe. Your heart melts, and whose wouldn't? Everything is instantly forgotten and forgiven, as your tongues struggle and your hands explore each other's firm buttocks. One of your hands travels up, cupping Britney's ample breast. You rub it gently, inciting moans of pleasure from her.

Britney pulls away from your lips, running her palms along your chest. A grin is on her pretty face.

"I think someone still owes me something," she states. You grin back at her, and she puts her hands on your head and pushes you down. You kneel in front of Britney, and snake your hands under her skirt to pull down her panties. You can't find any. You run your fingers across her soft bush, causing giggles. Britney's thighs spread slightly, allowing you better access and you dive under the hem of her skirt to plant your lips onto hers.

While you practice your art of muffdiving, much to Britney's pleasure, Erin joins in. She lays down on her back face up and pulls herself through between your legs, so that your boxer-covered genitals hang right over her face. You don't see it, of course, but only feel your cock being pulled through the fly in your underware by a soft hand and warm wet lips engulfing its head.

Soon, Britney's pussy is oozing with juices. You move your mouth a tad higher, sucking on the sensitive little fold of skin at the top of her pussy. At the same time you slide a finger into Britney's watering hole, causing a loud excited yelp, and then another - finger and yelp. Slowly at first, you begin moving your hand back and forth, but Britney begs you to go faster. You are all too happy to oblige, finger-fucking her pussy, while sucking on her clit and pinching her butt with your other hand.

It only takes a couple of minutes for Britney to come with loud cries of joy. When she does, her knees give way and she collapses. So do you, because you were leaning on her hips. While you fall, your pelvis pins Erin's head down, forcing your dick deep into her throat. She gags and coughs around your cock, sending mindblowing vibrations through it. It feels incredible, but you're concerned about Erin. You scramble off her and pull your cock out of her mouth.

"Erin, are you OK?"

She coughs for a second and then nods her head.


"Did it hurt?"

"Not really, it was just sudden," she smiles. "I'm alright."

You pause for a moment, biting your lip. It felt so good!

"Um, Erin," you say pleadingly. "Can we please do it again?"

She looks at you a bit surprised: "you really liked it?"

You try to look as sheepish as you can, nodding your head: "I did, but I don't want to do it if you don't like it."

It takes a very short time for Erin to make up her mind.

"Jack," she says grinning, "if it makes you happy then I'd like it very much."

Your cock gets even harder as you watch Erin kneel before you and open her lovely mouth as wide as she can, gazing into your eyes. With the tip of your hard cock only inches away from her face, Erin tries to lean towards you and take it in her mouth, but you stop her, holding her head away with your hand. An annoyed, disappointed yelp escapes Erin's lips, but she quickly opens it wide again. But you save the most pleasant for the last and beat around the bush a little. You gently slap Erin's cheeks with your cock and rub it all over her face, leaving wet traces behind. She seems as turned on by this as you are.

Finally you decide to go for it. Ordering Erin to "open wide" you put your love-tool in her mouth. Her tongue starts to play with your meat immediately.

"Yeph," Erin says around your cock.

Satisfied, you firmly grab the girl's head with both hands and thrust in as far as you can. Erin gags on your meat violently and you pull out, giving her time to finish caughing.

"You alright?"

"Yeah, just go a little easier," Erin says before assuming her position again and opening wide.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean," you say, "I'll try to be gentle."

You grab her head again and put your cock on her tongue. Slowly and carefully, you push into her tight throat. It's hard to push in right away, so you work your hips back and forth, plunging deeper and deeper with each thrust. You pause, savoring the feeling of your meat half-swallowed deep in the girl's throat, while Erin's lips reach the base of your cock. Youf feel her excited breath on your bush.

You start pulling out a little and then jam your meat back down her throat. Then again and again. You get the hand of it and pick up pace, genuinely fucking a girl's throat for the first time in your life. It feels incredible, especially because Erin is very willing and her excited moans and groans send extra sensations through your cock.

The pleasure is so intense that, much to your shame, you don't last long. There was also nothing in the world that could make you pull out of this pleasure mine. You keep pumping while experiencing the biggest orgasm in weeks.

"Oh, yeah!" you yell. "Fuck, it's incredible!" You unload what feels like gallons of cum into Erin's throat before pulling out and collapsing next to her - completely exhausted, but incredibly happy. You barely notice Britney come and sit next to you, caressing your body.

"My, did he ever love it!" Britney says, turning to her s****r. "Erin, you're gonna have to teach me how to do this sometime," she grins.

All three of you hug, caress and kiss, lazily until you fall asl**p.

You open your eyes and are greeted with a playful ray of sunlight jumping into the dark basement through the small ventilation window up by the ceiling. You yawn quietly and look around at the two beautiful girls sl**ping peacefully next to you. The sight does not help your morning erection at all, but you overpower your desires. "This isn't a honeymoon vacation," you say to yourself. "We had fun yesterday; we'll probably have more today, but first I need to get some work done. Besides, it'd be very selfish to wake them up now. They look so peaceful." You smile.

You get up quietly, carefully freeing yourself from Britney's hands. She sences your absence and unhappy expression crosses her sl**ping face. You lean over and kiss her on the head, then quietly walk away.

You get some crackers and water - opening a can would be too loud. While chewing down your modest breakfast, you try to think of a plan for the day.

"We pretty much got all the supplies we need," you think. "So, I don't see what else we could be scavenging for the whole day." You run your mind through the list again, then try to think what's not on it that could be needed. You fail to come up with anything significant, so you conclude that you're pretty well set.

"On the other hand," you think, "if we're going to leave, we have to do it in the morning, so we get to the rural area and find a place to stay by nightfall. The prospect of spending the night in the middle of a lawless city in a car is far from appealing. Hell, I wouldn't do it in some districts even back when there were cops and cellphones."

"Anyhow, if I want to leave early, I gotta pack early," you conclude finishing your food and standing up. A lot of the supplies are already pretty well packed into the car, since you couldn't bother to take them out yesterday; probably for the better.

After checking your gun, you grab a bunch of bags and head to the door, when a pair of interesting bags catches your eye. It's hidden shily in the darkest corner, which is now the brightest thanks to the morning sunray falling straight on it. The bags are plain, almost like all the other ones, but you recognize these two as the ones Britney brought out of the store when you briefly lost them from sight. You recall the girls saying something about a surprise earlier. "Could this be it?" you think. You conscience jumps in, pointing out that it'd be rude to go through this stuff, not to mention you'd be robbing yourself of a surprise. A selfish voice in you says that there's no harm in peeking a little and that it could be a deadly kind of surprise. Conscience counters, saying that if the girls wanted you hurt, you'd be hurt already, that you have to trust them like they trust you and that peeking would ruin the surprise. Realizing that your head is quickly turning into a Congress you hush at both voices, chasing them back to the remote corners of your mind. But one way or another you have to make a decision.

You decide that if you are going to expect the girls to trust you, you have to trust them as well. So you keep on walking. By the time the car is loaded up, the girls are both up and making breakfast.

"Good morning, Jack," they say in unison as you walk back in.

You eat more than usual, knowing that you will likely spend the day on the road. In the meantime you tell Britney and Erin about your plan.

"We pretty much have everything we need now," you say, "so there's little point staying here much longer. If we start out in the morning, we'll be able to make it deep into the rural areas by the night, even with the roads littered with abandoned vehicles."

"Maybe we should stay here," Britney says. "It's nice and safe. We've been here for days and we hardly even saw anyone. Maybe if we stay, we can get through this."

You shake your head. "No. Like Erin said there are definitely more survivers in the city. Sooner or later they will organize into bands and gangs and start combing the area, hunting for loot and smaller groups like us."

"OK," Britney says quietly. You hug her fragile frame.

"Don't worry. I know it's hard to leave a relatively safe place like this, but I promise you, we'll watch out for each other and get to the farmlands before dusk. There wouldn't be another human for tens of miles around and nobody will ever find us. We can forget this nightmare ever happened and live simple happy lives, like people did centuries ago." Erin joins you and her s****r in an embrace and the three of you hug tightly, reassuringly.

You get into the SUV and head out. You have made a slight modification to the car, unscrewing the restriction bolt that kept the front passenger seat from reclining back fully. Now, said seat is fully reclined back, allowing you to stand up on it, towering over the car in this makeshift gunner's nest, as well as easily move to and from the back seat. Erin drives, Britney is told to watch the back, while you take up position in the nest with a rifle.

Time goes on. You make your way through the city, having encountered only a few skirmishes and blocked roads, and into the suburbs, which look completely deserted. For the last hour or so you haven't seen a single human. It is also here that you begin to comprehend the magnitude of destruction. It is one thing to see everything ruined within sight, but it's another to see that the destruction spreads for many kilometers - probably over 20,000 of them each way, rounding the equator.

Your legs are beginning to hurt and seeing the fruitlessness of standing where you are in this deserted suburban landscape you think about going back into the car, when you feel someone pull down your pants and play with your rapidly hardening dick. "Since Erin is driving, it's got to be Britney," you think.
You climb back into the car and over to the back seat, shedding your pants in the process. You tickle Britney, chasing her dodging and giggling figure into the corner behind the driver's seat.

"So, you want to play," you laugh, pinning down with your weight and giving her sensitive sides and underarms a long tickle.

"I give up, I give up," Britney says, struggling to controll her laughing and wiggling under you.

"Aha, surrender," you proclaim, emulating an 'evil British accent'. "Now I shall take my prize!" You hand slides under Britney's shirt and finds her large firm breasts in a thin bra, caressing one and then the other, while your lips lock with hers in a light, gentle kiss.

"Let me help you take it off," you say, pulling on Britney's shirt. Under your combined efforts the shirt goes off and you are treated - for the first time - to the sight of Britney's full breasts. Though still partially covered by a bra, they are amazingly big and beautiful, of the kind you thought only existed in porn movies. You sit up stunned, admiring the breathtaking view, while Britney pulls down the bra, revealing her tits in all their glory to your gaze. She plays with them a little, causing your rock hard dick to almost punch through your boxers.

"They're all real," Britney says, lookint at you, which you hardly notice because 110% of your attention is devoted to admiring the amazing sight. "Feel them," she adds. You catch that part alright! You put your hands on her beautiful tits, feeling them up, mauling like a hungry a****l. Then you lean down to kiss and suck them. You take a good long time, exploring every inch of the wonderful breasts before you. Britney lets you, apparently enjoying it herself. She moans from time to time, gives you directions, and runs her fingers through your hair.

You could do that forever, but your cock is insisting to be let out of its prison. You do, and while it's out, you straddle Britney's chest and put your it between the beautiful breasts. Britney smiles and wraps her tits, already wet from your sucking and licking, around your dick. You put your hands on her tits as well, to feel up the flesh you are fucking, and start pumping. Britney's breasts feel soft and silky against your sensitive cock skin.

"Mmmm, that's right, fuck my titties, Jack!" Britney moans.

"Sounds like fun back there," Erin states, but nobody bothers to answer, as you and Britney are completely engrossed in your pleasant sticky business.

You go on for a while, twisting her nipples with every thrust, while she tries to catch the head of you cock in her lips every time it pops out from between her breasts.

"I'm gonna come," you say sitting up. Britney grins and opens her mouth wide, as well as sticking out her tongue to catch as much of your cum as possible. Towering over her, you finish yourself off, aiming the first cumshot for her mouth. You have little control over the other ones, as intense pleasure overpowers you. Your first orgasm of the day is a big one. There was enough to go around between Britney's big breasts, and her face. Some even landed in her hair.

You take a minute to recover and pull down Britney's pants, determined to give her an orgasm just as intense. You plant your lips between her legs, finding familiar territory, and immediately start assaulting Britney's most sensitive areas with your fingers, lips and tongue. You try to make loud wet noises in the process, knowing that it seems to turn her on. It does. Not five minutes after you start, Britney comes in your face with loud moans and groans. The two of you lay on the back seat for a while, well-fucked, then slowly come back to reality and put your clothes back on.

"How's it going there, Erin?"

"Well," she answers, "we're definitely out of the city now," you can see that, as the rural road you're driving on is surrounded with various vegetation, "but not too far yet."

"There is still plenty of time left," you say. "Let's get as far as we can, while still leaving about 100km worth of time and fuel and then start looking for a good place."

"OK," Erin says pulling over and turning to you two, "but first, Britney, let's switch places. The back seat looks like too much fun for me to miss."

"Alright," Britney laughs.

Erin shuts the door behind herself and turns to you, grinning as the car accelerates again. She nonchalantly takes off her T-shirt, seeming oblivious to the effects her beautiful bra-clad breasts (strikingly similar to her s****r's) have on you. You reach inside her bracup to feel the silky flesh, but Erin slaps your hand playfully. She comes at you with an aggressive kiss, exploring your mouth with her agile tongue. This f***es you down on your back with Erin on top.

She breaks the kiss and sits up on you. Grinning, she reaches behind for her braclasp and unlocks it. She lowers her hands, while leaning down, making the bra slide down and cover your eyes. You swiftly remove it, eager to see what it was covering. By the time you do, Erin has put her arms behind her head and thrust her voluptuous chest forward. From below, this is a sight that could not be described. You stop breathing for a while and your heart miss a few beats, as you admire the gorgeous mounds of flesh standing up proudly over you. They are big, but as perky and firm as any. They are very similar to Britney's, but Erin's nipples and aureola are darker.

"Can I touch," you f***e out, mezmerized by the view.

"Jack," Erin smiles at you, "you can touch them anytime you want."

You grin, reaching up and grabbing a good feel with both hands. You start to fondle them. You play with them for good five minutes, encouraged by Erin's coos. You touch, rub, feel, kiss, lick, bite them. You roll the nipples between your fingers gently, push the plentiful breasts up and release them, watching them bounce until they settle into place. You never realized how much fun can be had with a pair of big firm tits like these. Britney's could've been just as fun, but you were too horny and too busy humping to admire their beauty from all angles. With Erin's you take your sweet, sweet time.

"I never realized you liked tits so much," Erin coos. "If I knew, I would've done it earlier!" You simply moan in response. You are too busy to pry yourself away from her mammaries to answer.

"Do you want to fuck them now, like Britney's?" Erin asks. You shake your head.

"I'm not done playing yet," you say, diving back into her breasts.

"That's OK," Erin coos, stroking your hair. "We have a lot of time."


It feels like there wasn't all that much time after all. By the time you are through, spraying a big load all over Erin's tits, the sun is about to set and you are low on gas. By now you are very far from the city core, in the deeply rural areas. You turn onto an even smaller road, and look through a couple of abandoned farms, until you finally find one that looks good. Britney parks the SUV and the three of you get out, guns drawn, to explore what you hope will be your new home.

Rather hastily, you secure the buildings on the farm. There is a modest old stone house that looks very sturdy, a huge garage housing numerous pieces of agricultural machinery as well as a pickup truck, a number of barns housing herds of desperately crying cattle, sheep and horses, as well as toolsheds, etc. There are no people, but you find two very fresh graves with makeshift wooden crosses over them. You briefly pause to honor the perished.

The last hour or so of daylight is spent feeding and watering the a****ls, who have been neglected since the outbreak. Very soon, however, it becomes pitch dark and you go to the house, to bed, a real, genuine, comfortable bed with a mattress, not a skimpy sl**ping bag over cement floor you spent the last couple of nights on. You fall asl**p as soon as your head touches the comfortable pillow.

You get up in the morning and find the girls already gone and your still warm food on the table. After finishing the food, you go to the barn where you left off yesterday. "If you like eating, you'd better not mind taking care of your food," you think. Actually, you don't much mind it. In fact, yesterday it felt kind of good to help out the a****ls who would've surely perished without you.

In the barn you find Erin and Britney hard at work. They are both dressed in plain sacks, in which three holes have been made for hands and head a simple thin rope hugs their hips, forcing the rough fabric to outline their beautiful curves. "Don't want to ruin their regular clothes," you think. "Smart."

"Good morning girls," you say.

"Hey, the sl**py head is up," Britney chuckles. "Good morning, Jack."

"Hey, Jack, you tit lover," Erin chuckles, "why don't you go milk the cows? They have to be milked regularly, you know, even if we don't need the milk."

You want to get offended by the joke, but you just can't. Erin is simply adorable. You just laugh and put your hands up defensively.

"Alright, I'm off to grope the cows," you laugh. "You, pervert!" the s****rs laugh.

Most of the day is spent taking care of the household. With a couple of hours left in the day, Erin and Britney show up, telling you to wrap it up.

"Go have a swim, Jack," Erin says. "There's a lake nearby and the water is great. We already tried it out."

You do just that. It's incredibly pleasant to finally wash away the dirt of the last couple of hectic days. Lacking a towel, you walk around the beach naked until most of the water dries and you can put on the clothes, then return to the house.

Inside you and the girls have dinner, during which Erin and Britney act in a pleasantly suspicious manner. They whisper something among themselves, giggle, stealing glances at you. "Before or after," you overhear. Apparently they decided on 'before' because Erin has disappeared and emerged back with a bottle of wine and three nice glasses.

"Wow, you ladies are resourceful," you say, opening the bottle and pouring them drinks before filling your own glass.

"To Jack who saved us all," Britney stands up.

You join her standing, but shake your head. "No, to all three of us, who proved loyal to each other and helped each other out through the hardest times of our lives, to come out victorious, high and proud," you say.

"To us."

"To us."

The dinner is great, but eventually comes to an end. When the bottle is almost empty, Erin speaks up.

"Jack, do you love us?"

"Of course I love you," you say. The only right answer to a question like that, as any man undoubtedly knows.

"Then, will you marry us?"

You are a bit stunned.

"Well, I would, but I don't see any churches around. And isn't it kind of against the law to marry more than one woman, anyway?" you say.

"You didn't have any problem sl**ping with more than one of us," Britney whines.

"Of course, we're not talking about a marriage license. We're talking about commitment," Erin says. "Can we promise to take care of each other, to only ever be with each other and maybe have k**s together," the girls blush cutely, "for the rest of our lives? Would you marry us like that?"


"Yes," you say, looking into each of the s****rs' eyes. You raise your hand: "I swear." The girls copy your pledge and move over, hugging you from both sides happily. "You're so sweet, Jack!"

"May I now kiss the brides," you grin. Not waiting for an answer, you plant a deep passionate kiss on Britney's lucious lips, then turn and do the same to Erin.

"There is going to be a wedding night, right," you say in an excited voice, as Britney strokes your hair gently.

"You betcha," they giggle. "Stay right here and wait until we call you," Erin says.

"And no peeking! We mean it," Britney adds as the two girls disappear into the master bedroom.

You sit, trembling with anticipation. The few minutes seem like years to your overcharged mind. Finally, you her their call and almost run to the bedroom. Opening the door, you are greeted to the most wonderful sight you have ever seen. Your beautiful wives and standing before you wearing matching sets of incredibly sexy white lingerie. The thin white stockings hug their beautiful legs, supported by a gartner belt. Extremely skimpy panties do more to accent the gorgeous pussies than to conceal them, as do ultra-thin see-through bras with their beautiful breasts. You gasp, stunned by their beauty. Needless to say, your cock is as hard as it ever was. They spin around in front of you, showing off their cute butts.

"What do you think, Jack?"

Think? You don't think. Your brain is off-line and the one in command is your throbbing dick. You grab the nearest of the two hotties and throw her on the bed, to the sound of your growls and her giggles. The skimpy panties standing before you and Britney's wet pussy are swiftly ripped off, while Erin helps strip down your pants and boxers.

"Ohhh," Britney gasps as you enter her with f***e. She moans in pleasure, wrapping her arms and legs around you, as you proceed to fuck her with all your strength. Her tight, but extremely wet pussy feels absolutely incredible around your cock, while her breasts bounce with each of your thrusts. You kiss her passionately, and feel her reach the peak. Her already incredible pussy goes wild around you, giving your cock the treatment it can't resist. You groan, pumping one big load deep into Britney.

You are recovering, with the help of Erin's skillful lips working hard to bring your cock to its hardest again.

"Jack, it was incredible," Britney says, after kissing you, running her gentle palm along your cheek. You just smile in response and lean closer for another kiss.

Soon, you are ready to go again. Erin stops sucking, deeming your cock hard enough to fuck, and straddles you. She plunges, buying your entire cock in her wet pussy in a single stroke, then starts thrashing around. You do your best to meet her thrusts. She cries and moans aloud, riding you hungrily, while you watch her beautiful tits bounce, barely restrained by the thin bra. You try hard to free the beautiful mounds of joy from their prison of lace, but the braclasp is one tough nut. Finally, you succeed, and Erin's gorgeous tits bounce free. She leans forward slightly, so that her big breasts smack against your face with her every thrust. You're the happiest man in the world. With a cry of joy you unload your cum into Erin's aggressive pussy, setting off her own orgasm. You bite her breast in excitement, not hard enough to hurt her, but enough to leave a mark for the next few days. Erin's pulsing body collapses on top of you, her large breasts resting on your face.

"Wow, that was great!"

You lay there, basking in the afterglows of excitement, your head resting on Britney's soft chest. The sun is setting beyond the window, its last rays lighting the landscape in most beautiful colors. Some shapes seem more frightening and dangerous in this red light, others become friendlier, gentler than they normally were.

And so it has been. The virus was a disaster to you and the rest of the human race. It turned your world upside down, sinking the things you took for granted in a gory anarchy. But out of the ruins and ashes, you have managed to rise, to survive, to build a new, relatively ordered and safe world for yourself and those you love. This new world may not have TVs, pills, carbonated drinks, stereos, computers, or other fancy civilization goods, but somehow you feel happier than you ever did in your old life.

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2 years ago
Erotic 28 days later. I like it!
2 years ago
Please continue this one! Its great!