The Star and the Prision Guard Part 1

You are a guard at a jail in the Hollywood area. It's not a bad job, all things considered. The vast majority of the prisoners are non-violent offenders, who are only in there for a few months. The serious criminals go to one of the bigger prisons elsewhere in the state. The occasional celebrity makes an appearance at the jail, although you've yet to have one in your area. From what you've heard though, they make the worst prisoners, from the standpoint of complaining, and constantly trying to demand special privileges. Apparently bribes are not all that uncommon either; you've heard of at least two other guards who were fired after being caught accepting money for smuggling in d**gs. "Idiots", you think to yourself.

When you hear that the TV star, Cobie Smulders, was in trouble with the law, you found yourself wondering whether, assuming it resulted in her going to jail, she would end up at yours. Sure, the odds were low that she would end up in your area, and you weren't really that big a fan of her work, but man she was hot. A guy could dream, you thought.

As time passed, it became more and more obvious that she was going to go to jail. The only question was how long, and where. You didn't really care for how long, really, but obviously you hoped she would at least be sent to your jail. So when her sentence was announced, you kind of glossed over that part, especially when you heard that she would, indeed, be staying at your jail.

Despite knowing that she was coming to your jail, you were still surprised when she was led into your section. No one had given you any advanced notice, which was unusual.

"What's up with this," you asked the guard leading in Cobie Smulders.

"Last minute change, Tom," he replied. "Apparently some contraband somehow appeared in the cell we planned for her. Faster to reassign her to a different area, while we figure out how it got in there, and who did it." He hands you a clipboard with some paperwork to sign.

"Fine with me," you say, as you sign the paperwork and hand it back. "It's been pretty quiet around here any way. This section has been pretty dead."

As the other guard double-checks your signature and prepares your copy of the paperwork, you take a moment to look at Cobie. She looks very subdued, with her head hanging down, staring at her handcuffed hands in front of her. Even without the makeup they forbid her in jail, and the tears still on her face, she is still very pretty. The standard jail jumpsuit is not the most flattering outfit, but she wears it far better than most of the other female prisoners you've watched over here.

The other guard finally hands you your copy of the paperwork, which you cram into your pocket. He gently nudges Cobie towards you, and she stumbles forward a step. You take her upper harm in your hand, but for some reason use even less of a grip than you usually do. As the other guard nods at you and leaves, you lead her to one of the several empty, spartan jail cells, unlocking the door and e****ting her in.

This is a fairly typical cell in the jail. There is a bed, toilet, sink, and desk, and not much beyond that. It is far better than what you'd see in a prison, but you know that you'd go stir crazy staying in a room like this, and someone like Cobie Smulders was obviously used to far better. It does have the advantage of being at the end of the row of cells, with several empty ones between this cell and the next occupied one.

Cobie suddenly turns towards you. "This is bullshit!" Cobie yells. "I shouldn't be in here! The judge hates me, and my old lawyer hates me. My new lawyer will have me out of here before tomorrow."

Great, you think. Although it doesn't sound like she's any different than most of the other celebs that get sent to jail here. There's no doubt in your mind that she deserves to be here, based on what you know of the entire situation. She may be right that her stay might be a short one, though. Hollywood justice isn't always all that just.

You're going to have to fill out some paperwork, to go with the paperwork you've already received from the other guard. First, you need to get Cobie settled in, which means that the handcuffs have to come off. Although you wonder if she was properly checked for contraband when she came in, or if she would have had a chance to be exposed to any of the contraband in the cell originally prepared for her. The other guard was kind of vague about that. A pat-down might be in order. Or it might just be unnecessary, and you could just uncuff her, lock her up, and get cracking at the paperwork.

Okay, hands against the wall and legs apart, Miss," you inform her. "I'll have to search you."

She looks at you incredulously. "They already searched me at the other place," she protests.

"That was at the other place. It's standard procedure to search you any time you get moved to a new location." Not completely true. Pat-downs weren't standard procedure after moves, but they could be done if the guard in charge felt there was reason to.

"Isn't a woman supposed to check me, like last time?"

"Generally, yes. You have the right to request one. But there aren't any on duty right now, and I'm not going to remove the cuffs until after you've been searched." Again, more half-truths in there, but she didn't know that.

Cobie frowned and looked down at her cuffs. They actually weren't terribly around her slim wrists from what you could see; the other guard seemed to be going easy on her. Still, they were obviously tighter than she would have liked. She stands there staring at them for a few seconds.

"Fine," she finally sighs. "Knock yourself out." She reluctantly turns around and places the palms of her hands flat against the wall.

"Legs apart," you remind her.

She sighs again, and moves her feet farther apart. You move up behind her, and start by patting the side of her torso. It's inevitable that there is a little brushing against the side of her breasts in that; longer than she would like, but shorter than what you would like. Next you pat down her waist and hips. Her waist is slim, contrasting with her hips, which are nicely rounded, even if the jumpsuit hides that. Finally, you pat up and down both of her legs, which, despite your quick pats, you can tell are very nicely shaped.

While patting her down, one of your fingers catches something high on the inside of her thigh. It's location makes you think it might have been in her panties, and slipped out a little. You grab it through her jumper and pull it the rest of the way out of her panties, letting it side down the inside of her jumper, falling into sight on the floor by her foot. It's a small plastic bag, filled with some white powder.

"That's not mine..." She protests weakly as you pick it up.

"Oh, I believe you completely," you say neutrally. "We'll see if the judge does." You turn to leave to report the matter, according to procedure. She can chill in her hand cuffs. She'll moved again pretty soon, based on the contraband.

"Wait!" She turns away from the way, her hands still cuffed in front of her. "What's going to happen to me?" She looks like a deer caught in the headlights.

You stop at the doorway to the cell, and turn slightly. "I report this. You get moved to a more secure cell, pending your court date for smuggling whatever this is into a state institution. Then you probably get sent to a regular jail." You turn to leave and start to shut the door.

Cobie runs to the door, grabbing onto the edge as you pull it shut. "No! I can't go to a regular prison! You can't tell anyone about this!" She tries to keep you from closing the door.

"Ma'am, I'm sorry." You could pull the door shut, but not without catching her fingers in it. You start to pry her fingers off of it, as gently as you can.

She changes tact, still holding onto the door though. "What's you name?" She asks desperately.

"Last name's on the uniform," you say. "And I prefer not to be on a first name basis with prisoners. Especially ones going away so soon."

"But we could be friends," she pleads. "Good friends!" She pauses, then speaks more demurely. "Friends that do things for each other."

Something in her voice reaches something deep inside of you. You stop prying her fingers off the door for a moment. "Things?"

"Things." She nods. "Like, you keep your mouth shut about certain things, and I keep my mouth open for a certain thing..." She licks her lips, slowly.

From what you've seen of How I Met Your Mother, it's the performance of her life. It's certainly getting a reaction from you, whether you like it or not. Is she actually offering to blow you in exchange for your silence? You can't take her up on this. You'd lose your job if you get caught. But... this is a semi-famous Hollywood actress, and very hot to boot.

You let the cell door open.

"Tom." You say. She looks at you confused for a second. "My name is "Tom."

Cobie smiles brightly at you, the smile making your heart melt. "Hi, Tom." She backs away from the door a little bit, and you move into the room. She holds up her cuffed hands in front of her. "Since we're friends...?"

You take your keyring and remove the handcuffs. She rubs her wrists carefully, still smiling at you. She glances at the hard floor, and goes over to the small bed, taking the pillow from it. Cobie sets it down on the floor by the bed, kneeling on it.

"Come over here, Tom," she says coquettishly. You hesitate, and you can tell she is sensing that you may be changing your mind. She reaches up and unzips her jumper, down past the jail-issue bra, revealing cleavage that isn't the most impressive you've ever seen, but that hints at what are undoubtedly some very nice breasts.

"Please, Tom," she says, a tone of pleading, with a hint of need mixed in. "Let me do this for you."

You can't resist her siren call anymore. You know it's probably just a combination of her acting skills, and your own weakness for a pretty girl, but you're falling for it. You walk over to her slowly, standing directly in front of her.

Cobie reaches out with a hand, pressing it against the front of your pants, where your erection presses back at her. She looks up at you, smiling, and then...

she slowly unzips your pants. Reaching in with her slim fingers, she expertly guides your cock out of your boxers, grasping the shaft with her small hand. Her cool flesh contrasts with your burning flesh, and you're afraid for a moment that you're going to cum right then and there. Apparently you're made of tougher stuff than you thought, though, as you keep your control, even as she leans in a little to run her tongue over the swollen head of your cock.

"Mmmm..." Cobie says, smiling up at you again. "I'm going to like this." You almost believe her. Hell, you'd just about believe anything she told you at the moment.

She takes you entirely in her mouth and begins bobbing her head up and down on your cock. Even as she brings you closer to orgasm, you wonder how many cocks have shared that mouth in the past, and how many of them are famous actors that you've seen on screen. You're probably in pretty elite company right now.

As good as she is, you can tell that it isn't going to take you long to finish. She senses your imminent climax, and starts to take you out of her mouth.

"No," you groan. "If any gets on your jumpsuit, we're both in trouble."

Cobie hesitates, then takes you back into her mouth reluctantly, her mouth working on you again. It's only an instant later that you release into her mouth. Even knowing it was coming, she still has trouble with it. You suspect she's not used to someone coming in her mouth. Still, she manages to swallow it all.

When you're finally finished, she takes you out of her mouth, a wan smile on her face. "See? I can be very friendly." She gently places your penis back into your boxers , then zips your pants back up, then gets up off her knees, sitting on the edge of her bed.

Wow. That was definitely the blowjob of your life, and the fact that it came from Cobie Smulders no doubt had no small part to play in the experience. There's only one thing left to do now.

You walk over to the toilet in her cell, and take the packet of white powder you had confis**ted out of your pocket. You open it up and are about to dump it into the toilet when Cobie Smulders sees what you are doing and jumps up from her bed.

"Don't do that!" She says frantically. "I need that! I can't handle being in here without some help." She tries to grab the packet from you.

You find yourself playing keep away from her. Maybe you'll have to find someplace else to dispose of this. "You can't keep this. I'm not going to turn you in now, but I need to dump this somewhere."

She was desperate before, when she thought she was in big trouble for smuggling the d**g into the jail. Now a different kind of desperation takes a hold of her. "Please, Tom..." She stops grabbing for the packet, and instead puts her hand gently on your chest. "I know that bringing it in here was bad, but I really need that stuff. I can kick the habit when I'm out, but I can't stay in here right now without it to help me."

She can tell you aren't being swayed by her pleadings. "Look, I know you can get in trouble for this. Big trouble. But I can make it worth your while, Tom." She takes the hand you aren't using to hold the packet, and you don't resist as she brings it up to where her jumpsuit is unzippered, and slides it inside to cup one of her breasts. "That stuff isn't the only thing I'm going to need to get me through my days here. I'm going to need some special attention, that only a man like you can provide."

Even though you came just a few minutes ago, the feel of her breast in your hand, even through her bra, is enough to start your cock stirring again. That isn't normal for you, but this isn't a normal situation, and Cobie Smulders isn't a normal girl. You feel yourself wavering.

She senses your weakness. "Please, Tom," she pleads, her eyes wider than you've seen before, her head slightly downturned, so that she is looking up to you. "Make love to me."

She leans in to kiss you, and as her lips lock with yours, you don't even really notice, or care, when she gently takes the packet out of your hand, and gently tosses it onto the nearby desk. As you put your arms around you and pull her closer, she begins nimbly undoing the buttons on your shirt, from top to bottom, pulling the shirt off of you when she is done. In turn, you unzip her jumpsuit even further, to the waist, and she shrugs her arms out of it, then reaches behind herself to undo her bra. Cobie Smulders pauses as you watch hungrily, suddenly coy. Holding the bra against her breasts with one arm, she slips the straps off of her shoulders with the other. Instead of removing the bra entirely, she keeps it pressed over her breasts, and instead wriggles the jumpsuit over her hips, letting it fall to the floor, revealing prison underwear that would be unflattering on anyone other than her. Cobie Smulders has the unrealistic and probably unhealthy bodily ideal that only exists in the movies, but that is now in front of you, only a foot or so away.

"Your pants," Cobie says simply, as she steps gracefully out of the jumpsuit. That is all the prompting you need. After kicking off your boots, you undo your belt and then unzip your pants, letting them fall to the floor, the belt making a loud noise as the various items attached to it clatter against the floor. Far more clumsily that she did, you get out of the pants, as she giggles prettily. Finally, you stand in front of her, in just your boxers. She looks you up and down, biting her lip softly. You know you're nowhere near the league of man that she is used to, and that this is more about the white powder on the desk than you physically, but she is putting on a good act, and you are all too happy to fall for it.

She looks down at her chest, still biting her lip, then looks back up at you. She pulls her arm away from her chest, letting the bra come with it, exposing her perfect breasts. Truth be told, you and countless others had seen them before, but precious few had seen them this close, and in the proverbial flesh. If they weren't real, they were a very good approximation thereof, and in any event more real than what was going on between the two of you. You were content with pretending that both were genuine, at least for the moment.

She stands there quietly as you step closer to her, and slowly raise your hands to touch her breasts gently, making her gasp slightly. Her skin is as soft and perfect as her breasts, and it feels almost like a violation for your rough hands to be caressing them. She does not seem to mind, however, grabbing your hands by the wrists, and guiding them against her. She presses against you, her mouth seeking yours again, and you feel her hands pulling your boxers down. You feel Cobie's tongue in your mouth, and her hands on your cock, almost simultaneously.

You are content to experience the three sensations of her breasts, her tongue, and her hands for some time, but there is still one thing standing between you and her. Reluctantly breaking off all three points of contact with her, leaving her seemingly as disappointed as you, you kneel down and slowly pull down her drab underwear, revealing what you knew inevitably would be a perfectly shaved pussy. You lean in to kiss it, and she moans and puts on leg gently over your shoulder, her bare foot moving up and down your back, just as your tongue is moving over her. Holding her steady, your hands on her hips, you continue licking at her, determined that if you can't be in the same league as her other men physically, you can at least give them a run for their money with technique. Your efforts seem to pay off, as Cobie's breath comes quicker and quicker, which she could perhaps fake, but not the growing wetness from within.

You were intent on making her cum with your tongue alone, but she grabs your head before you can, pulling you back up to your feet gently.

"I can't wait any more," Cobie says, kissing you gently on your lips, still wet with her taste. "How do you want me, Tom?"

Kissing her passionately, you guide her over to the small bed. It's nothing terribly fancy or even comfortable; more a foam mattress on top of a ledge, but next to Cobie, it's the softest thing in the room.

The two of you sit down on the edge of the bed, still kissing. She puts her hand on your chest, right in the center, running it up and down. Your own hand is on her inner thigh, softly squeezing it. You slowly move it up further, to trace over her opening, wet with the mixture of your saliva and her own juices. She moans into your mouth as you slide your finger inside of her, and her body quivers a little. You keep moving your finger in and out of her, causing her to squirm against you, and moan louder.

"I need more than your finger, Tom," She murmurs, lying back onto the bed, one arm curled lazily up onto the pillow around her head, framing her hair as it spills across the pillow. It's as if she was posing for a photoshoot, and she certainly didn't need any airbrushing.

You carefully move yourself on top of her, the small size of the bed making positioning difficult. Cobie puts one arm around your neck, and reaches down with her other hand to grasp your penis, guiding it to her slit as you settle over her. With one smooth motion, you find yourself deep inside of her. Cobie Smulders is tight, hot, wet, and everything you could have dreamed her to be. In fact, you are fairly sure you dreamed about this moment at least once in the past, and you find yourself questioning if perhaps you may be dreaming now.

Well, if it's a dream, best to hurry before you wake up. You start thrusting into Cobie Smulders, and she eagerly meets your thrusts, her arms and legs now seeking to envelop you, just as her body is swallowing your cock. Despite cumming just a few minutes ago, you find yourself having to fight cumming too early this second time through. Just as before, Cobie's sexual talents, and just the excitement of who she is, and how hot she is, is putting you in state of sexual excitement you've never even been close to before. But despite knowing that the only reason you are fucking Cobie Smulders right now is the packet sitting on the desk next to you, and that she may only be faking her way through this, you are determined to make this last as long as you can, and do your best to see that enjoys it, whether she intends to or not.

If she is not actually enjoying it though, she is certainly putting on another excellent performance. Her moans and movements seem genuine, as does the sweat on her body, and expressions on her face. Cobie seems to be building to orgasm, so you finally give up fighting anymore, and let yourself release deep inside of her. She calls out "Tom!", and then her slim body arches against you, her body spasming around your cock, as you continue to fill her with your cum.

When it is finally over, you are not sure what to expect from her, and there is an awkward silence for a moment before she kisses you warmly, her arms still around you.

"That was fabulous, Tom" Cobie says breathlessly. You reluctantly move out of off of her, giving her room to move to a seated position.

"I... I need to get back to my duties..." you stammer awkwardly. "I mean, I'd really like to stay, but I still have to do the paperwork on your transfer." You honestly aren't generally the love 'em and leave 'em type, but you actually do have work related things that must get done soon. You aren't sure how she is going to react though.

Cobie glares at you for the briefest of moments, then a smile breaks out and she giggles again. "Oh, you are soooo cute when you're nervous," she coos. "Don't worry about, it, Tom. I have some settling in to do here, too." She starts gathering up her clothing, as do you. Dressing quickly, you give her a quick kiss before you head out the door, feeling guilty as you lock it behind you. You do catch a glimpse of her smiling at you through the clear door as you walk away, giving a little wave, although you're pretty sure that you see her moving for the packet on the desk out of the corner of your eye as you move out of direct eyesight.

You head back down to your station, and attempt to fill out the paperwork. Not surprisingly, your mind is elsewhere, so it isn't easy going. Part of you wants to rush back to Cobie Smulders's cell, although you aren't sure for what. You also aren't sure that you'd like what you found when you got there. So you f***e yourself through the paperwork and the rest of your duties, although this isn't exactly your best work recently.

When you do check on your charges, Cobie is asl**p, or at least putting on a good show of it. You can tell that there is no sign of anything in her cell that she shouldn't have, so apparently she did attend to that before taking a nap. You want to talk to her, but can't really justify waking her, and there isn't much time left in your shift anyway. You wonder how Cobie will react to the other guards working the other shifts, although you aren't particularly worried about them developing the same relationship with her. The guy on the next shift puts on a good show of it, but is actually happily gay, and even introduced you to his partner once. The guard on the other shift is a matronly, but no-nonsense, older woman, who probably doesn't have any idea who she is, let alone to be swayed by her beauty.

So the shift heads to a close, and the next guard shows up. You fill him in on the situation with the new prisoner. Well, at least all of the stuff safe to tell him. He's interested when he finds out who it is, but his interest is merely at the novelty of having someone famous in his area, although his first thought is being able to share the news with his partner at the end of his shift.

You go home, and go through the paces of the rest of your day. The tv is on, and there is some food in there somewhere, but neither is particularly memorable. You're running on autopilot; your body is at home, but your mind is still at work, in that cell with Cobie. When you finally go to bed, you awaken to your alarm with the vague recollection that she was in your dreams.

You take extra time in the shower, and in grooming yourself for work. You f***e yourself to eat some breakfast, out of simple acknowledgement that you have to eat, even if you aren't really interested in food. Driving to work, you arrive early, then sit out in the car until your normal time, because that's when you always arrive. Looking too anxious to show up to work might not be smart.

You finally go inside, check yourself in, and make your way to your station. The overnight guard, "Grandma", as the other guards and some of the prisoners have come to call her, is sitting at the station, idly drinking some coffee when you arrive.

"Little bitch," she mutters as you approach her.

"The new prisoner?" You ask, not sure whether to be relieved or concerned. You don't want other guards getting too friendly with Cobie but you don't want to see her getting into any trouble, either. Especially if it means being transferred to another part of the jail.

"Yeah. She's a spoiled little princess. Bitched about lights out, and just about anything else she could think of." Grandma kills her coffee. "I hope she's better on your shift."

"We'll see," you muse, listening as she updates you on the rest of the prisoners, although there is really nothing new to report there. She seems anxious to leave though, perhaps to escape her newest prisoner, and you aren't inclined to delay her departure.

To your credit, you wait half an hour before you check on Cobie , making yourself attend to the start of shift paperwork and rounds of the other prisoners, saving her for last. When you do finally go to her cell, she is sitting on the edge of her bed, and a smile breaks out across your face as you stop in front of her door. She gets up and stands on the other side of the door.

"I was worried you had the day off," Cobie says, and you can actually feel the concern in her voice. "The other guards here aren't nearly as nice as you are." She smiles shyly at you. "Not that they really matter at all, since I have you."

You feel your heart melt again, and you want to open the door, rush into the cell, and just hold on to her with all your might. But the cameras are on you here, and it will be breakfast time soon anyway, when you lead all of the prisoners to the lunchroom, and there are any number of other things you have to take care of before then.

"I missed you," you admit. "I'm hoping we can talk later, but I don't want to get either of us in trouble by making people suspicious. We've got breakfast soon, and then it looks like you have visitor coming in to talk to you, so someone will come and get you for that. But maybe after lunch or something?" As always, you aren't sure how she is going to react.

"After lunch will be fine," she says, still smiling. "We can... talk." She winks at you.

There's breakfast, and lunch, and the guard coming to e****t Cobie to the visitor's room. When Cobie is with you around other guards or prisoners, she's smart enough to be cool to you, taking her cue from the other prisoners and how they act. You do your best to be cool around her publicly as well, and although you aren't as skilled at acting as she is, no one seems to notice anything.

At about an hour after lunch. you've gotten all your paperwork done for the day, and all of your other duties taken care of, or at least the ones that can be done at this time. You check on the prisoners again, still leaving Cobie for last. You aren't sure what, if anything, Cobie may have in mind for this afternoon, but you figure it's best to have your schedule open.

Once again, she is perched on the edge of her bed as you come to her door, carefully posed. Despite her drab surroundings and clothing, and being close to having spent a full twenty-four hours behind bars, she still looks fresh and beautiful.

Please," she says. "Come in, Tom." That is all the invitation you need, as you unlock her door and walk into her cell, out of range of the cameras. As you approach her, she springs to her feet and is suddenly in your arms, her mouth over yours, and it's suddenly as if you never left her cell yesterday, and anything that happened outside of it was just a dream.

"I really, really missed you, Cobie" you manage to stammer out when the kiss is finally over, wishing you could find something better to say. "You're all I could think about."

Cobie smiles back at you sweetly. "I missed you, too, Tom," she murmurs gently. She puts a hand on your chest, then slides it down your stomach and further, until it finally rests over the bulge in your pants. "I missed this too," she says, her voice getting deeper and softer, as she kisses you again.

You don't need much more encouragement than this. You undress each other, the only thing slowing down either of your efforts is the knowledge that any ripped clothing will give things away, and the need to touch each other's bodies as more and more is revealed.

When you are both finally naked, Cobie wraps her slim hand around your cock, pumping it gently. You've been hard since you entered her cell, but this only makes you harder. Pulling you gently by her grasp on your member, she guides you to the bed, where she sits down on the edge, pulling you close to her. She continued guiding you in, leading your cock to her mouth, where she teases the end of it with her tongue. Cobie plays with you like that for a minute, making you more and more excited, before finally taking the head of your cock into her mouth, her hand still wrapped around the shaft. You notice her other hand reaching down between her own legs as she sits on the edge of the bed, and her fingers begin rubbing over her clitoris as she continues to suck you, taking more of you into her mouth.

You would be content to just explode into her mouth again, like you did yesterday, but Cobie apparently has something different in mind. She takes you out of her mouth, then stands up and turns you around, pushing you down until you are seated on the edge of the bed, like she just was. She carefully climbs onto the edge of the bed on top of you, her knees on either side of your hips. Lowering herself carefully, Cobie lets the tip of your cock poke up at her opening as she keeps it tantalizingly brushing against the head, and you can feel her juices drip down on you as she does. You want to just grab her and pull her down on top of you, but she's in charge at the moment. Fortunately, you don't have to wait long, as she finally impales herself upon your cock, sliding down the length until she is sitting in your lap, facing you, her arms and yours locked around each other, your mouths again seeking each other.

Cobie begins raising herself up a little, and settling herself back down, moving up and down your cock a little. Her pussy grips you like a vise, warm and wet and wonderful, and she is well versed with how to use it to drive a man into the throes of ecstasy. She moves faster now, moving faster and further up and down on your cock, riding the full length of it. You had thought that yesterday had been the pinnacle of sexual pleasure, but you feel yourself building to something that will easily surpass anything you felt yesterday.

"Cum with me, Tom," Cobie moans into your ear. "Fill me up again... I want your cum inside of me."

Her words are enough to finish you off. You feel yourself erupting inside of her, as she slams herself down on you one last time. Even after cumming twice yesterday, you have no trouble with fulfilling her request, pouring your essence deep inside of her orgasming body.

Although the moment seems like an eternity, it finally comes to an end. Her weight collapses against you, but she makes no move to get off of you, and you are content to stay inside of her.

"That was wonderful, Tom," she finally says, kissing you softly. "But now I need to ask you for a teensy-weensy little favor..."

You don't like the sound of that, but you don't know what to say. "What do you need," you ask simply.

Cobie averts her gaze from you slightly. "You know I need some help to get through here. It sounds like I'll only be here a few weeks, but that's an awful lot of time for me. And the stuff I brought in with me will only last so long." She pauses, gauging your reaction so far. You suspect you know where she's heading, but you try not to let anything show at the moment.

She caresses your face gently, then continues. "I have a friend that can get me what I need, but I need someone to bring it inside-"

You interrupt her. "I can't do that. If I get caught doing that, I'll go to prison."

Cobie puts her finger over your lips. "I can make it worth your while... if you do this for me, I'll let you do whatever you want to me." She looks you deeply in the eyes. "Anything."
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