The lighter

wo days passed since I'd last seen her that night at the club, I rember her well: I could not forget those two little feet with glazed black toenails that caught my attention that night.
But now she was sitting in front of me and sipping liqueur. I had a great desire to go to her and talk to her, but I could not, or maybe I just didn't want to. I don't know about my reaction yet. I just know that, as I was pondering to go and speak or not, I realized she was in front of me, with those green eyes like those of a cat.
She sat down at my table. By that time it was 3 o'clock, the restaurant was about to close and no one was in the room except you and me. Ah of course, the owner of the restaurant was there, but he was in the other room, not minding to us at all.
She looked into my eyes, then began to speak:
- "Look who's back from the dead!" - she smiled
- "It a-a-absolutely true - I stuttered.
I was sweating a lot and I could't pronounce the words properly. Even my breath, with her sitting there, seemed to become low and weak, almost putting me at loss of air.
She stared intensely into my eyes, until I was f***ed to look away.
I swear, I've never experienced anything like this with a girl.
"Cat got your tongue?" -she said-
While I was thinking about what I could say I felt that under the table something strange was happening ...
She lit a cigarette and as she put away the lighter in her purse it fell under the table.
- "Can you pick it pick up?" - She said with a strange smile-
I nodded my head and leaned under the table, putting myself on all fours to look better for the lost lighter. When stuck my head under the tablecloth a vision of paradise was opened in front of me.
Two beautiful feet with toenails glazed in black, now free from shoes, were right before me.
I felt a subtle laughter coming from "upstairs".
- "Kiss them!" - she ordered.
She wasn't screaming at all, but her voice was harsh and strong.
I started from the big toe, then slowly continued with the other toes and the other foot.
Those were twent heavenly minutes.
But it didn't end there.
I was about to stand up when her foot began to "search" my crotch.
-"I'll a secret, you're the slave best I've ever had ... so you deserve a little gift" -
I wasn't able to fully understand what she meant, I was still intoxicated by the smell of her legs, but all became clear when she said:
- "Take it out" -
I unbuttoned my pants and took out my "big" friend that, given the situation, became even more "big"!
Her two feet were both on my member, stimulating me very gently, then quicker and quicker, until ... She stopped. She changed from a quick movement to starting to massage my swelled glans with the toes of her right foot. I was f***ed to kiss the left one and to suck the toes.
After about five minutes of this treatment my glans began to hurt really bad. It was burning and she enjoyed squeezing it between her toes.
I wasn't able to hold it much llonger and after a some more minutes I let out five shots of cum all over the floor, with her laughter as a consequence of the act.
- "It's too easy with you! Ahahah!" - she said, laughing.
She wiped her foot on my mouth, put on his shoes and disappeared.
After she left the owner caught me sitting cross-legged under the table. The floor was stained with my seed. He became furious and called the police, but thanks to a friend of mine, I spent only a night in jail.
I never seen her since then. I often think about her, however, I think also about how many men she gave pleasure like she did with me, maybe in different ways or places. Who knows, maybe she also have a f****y ... While I think about it I play in my hands with the lighter that was a source of such great pleasure for me

Thanks for your attention.
A special thanks goes to bountydog for the translation of the story from Italian to English.
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