One of my first stories.

It 's the first day of great heat, looks at my house with a long tank top, shorts, jeans and high-heeled sandals that give a glimpse of her beautiful legs in black enamel. It 's the first thing I notice
We are both very open to any argument about the sex, no special taboo. Some practices "extreme" that we do not practice, are sometimes subject to very beautiful and intimate conversations, without judgment nor prejudice.
We dealt with great complicity anal sex, coming to it gladly play with my little hole.
So I decided to talk to her a couple of days ago that my passion for some practice with his feet.
After making love, I told some friends, talking, have told me that they often play with their feet girls ... I've never done and I'd like to try.
She did not know anything about it, and I, not to make the figure of the pervert (I apologize if the term may offend someone, but I have a feeling that when we talk about these things with those who do not know this is the figure that there is a risk to do) so I talked to her as if I too were documented very recently on the subject.
So I turn on the internet, and laxity of the post-sex, I notice that she is very quiet, curious, and - as always when it comes to these things - not at all shocked (thing that happened in the past, however, nda).
Let me show you the wikipedia page about it, and videos of footjob, surrounded by a few moments of worship.
I do not have time to finish the third video that stands up and says "if you like to try, I do not know what it is but I'll tell you."
Let's go back there in the room and I lie down on the bed on his stomach. I take a little 'massage oil, and smear the beginning of a very sensual massage and intense.
Step in a short time in the legs, and go down, down, down.
I'll take a foot and bring it to me ... the massage with care, every inch, she tells me that she likes very much. The smell from time to time, the scent is very natural, it feels very light even a smell of leather sandals.
As long as you do not stop massaging her take the pinky in mouth, suck it, she laughs, she says, "still, I like it."
Start to go into a trance ... lick your fingers one by one, then together, then the whole arch of the foot, from the heel to the tip of your fingers. I gasp.
She gets up, I lie down on your back, you put in the bottom of the bed, between my legs, looks at me and starts to stroke his feet. Part thighs, revolves around the penis that is now exploding, it rests on his testicles pressing a little one. ' With the other goes up and down just brushing, almost do not feel it but I see it is there.
After a while 'takes it in the midst of his plants and starts dancing.
We did not put oil, the contact is just skin to skin, but is very careful and does not hurt.
We have to change your position often to find one where you do not get tired too. After a few minutes began to have pain in the legs but still this fabulous footjob.
See those fingers glazed in black holding in the middle of my excitement makes me almost headache.
The breath starts to rise, meanwhile she is touched and soon come full f***e.
On his feet is only a small drop, cleans it with his hand and takes it to his mouth.
I'm still shaking, and she says, "I never did. Beginning made me laugh and I never thought of doing such a thing, but I like it because I can see you all while enjoying and it's beautiful. We it again to find a position that is most comfortable so that lasts more "

I hope it translated well.
Thanks for your attention :D
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