from party to the couch

Its late, but the evening is just beginning. Music streams out of the stereo in the kitchen, the pulsing beat of a popular song. d***ken voices slur over the music. Jack is sitting on the couch in the living room, the commotion of the party in the kitchen spilling into the living room. The drink in his hand sweats, the latest from a night of drinking now watered down from melting ice. A hand brushes across the back of his shoulders. Leaning his head back he sees Chelsea walking around the couch.
Seductively Chelsea bites her finger looking at Jack, pulling on her bottom lip as she slides her finger down her chin, her neck, her chest then plays with the button of her blouse. With glossy eyes Jack looks at her, he has been watching her all night. The black heels she is wearing makes her two inches taller than her sexy 5’2. Her curvy tanned legs are bare past her knee, her tight mini skirt doing little to hide the figure underneath. She stands just in front of him, her blouse barely holding in her C cup breasts. A new song comes over the stereo, a sultry beat flows into the room. Looking at Jack Chelsea sways, the alcohol of the night having an effect on her, her inhibitions gone. Closing her eyes she puts her hands on her hips moving to the music as she runs her hands up her sides and over her breasts slightly pinching her nipples. Her hands run up the side of her neck as she lets down her long brunette hair. Turning, hips move to the music as her mini skirt stretches against the curve of her ass. Bending over the mini skirt rises up the back of her legs showing her ass cheeks as she shakes her ass for Jack.
Taking a sip from his drink Jack can still hear the party in the other room, but his full attention is on the show in front of him. Chelsea straightens, her hands rubbing her body and she continues to dance. Her fingers start undoing the buttons of her blouse. Pulling her blouse off she swings it above her head as turning towards the couch. She throws the blouse in Jacks face as she steps towards the couch. Pulling the shirt off his head Chelsea straddles Jack and pushes him back against the couch. Her bare tits against his face, rubbing them up and down on his face pulling his head to her chest. Jack lifts her mini skirt and grabs her ass, pulling her down into his crotch. She can feel his cock getting harder in his pants, it rubs against her wet pussy through the fabric. Tossing her head back she moans as Jack takes one of her hard nipples in his mouth sucking on it. She grabs the back of his head, feeling his tongue slide over her nipple. Chelsea stands up, the bulge in Jacks pants showing a wet spot left from her grinding her wet pussy against his growing cock.
Her back to him, Chelsea undoes her skirt letting it fall to the floor around her ankles. A pair of black lacy panties and her heels is all she is wearing. Turning to Jack she squats spreading her legs, heels against her ass. She runs her hand down her stomach to her wet pussy. Jack sets his drink down as he watches he start playing with her pussy through the fabric of her panties. Her eyes close as she quietly moans, her fingers finding her clit rubbing against it. Jack starts rubbing the bulge in his pants d***k and horny watching her play with herself. Standing up Jack continues to watch as she slides her fingers in her panties and rubs against her pussy. Opening her eyes she looks at him pulling her hand from her panties and raises it to her mouth. Her fingers glisten in the low light, as she puts her them in her mouth sucking the juices from her wet pussy off her fingers.
Chelsea leans forward getting on her knees. She crawls across the floor seductively towards Jack. On her knees she straightens, her hands finding Jacks belt buckle. Undoing his belt her fingers undo the button and zipper pulling his pants down around his ankles. Not wearing anything under his pants Jack’s semi hard cock hangs in front of her face. Looking up at him she grabs his cock in her hand and takes it in her mouth. A small gasp escapes Jacks lips as she starts sucking on the head, her other hand reaching between her legs playing with her wet pussy. She slides her lips down his shaft taking all of his cock in her mouth while play with his balls, she can feel him getting harder against her tongue. Bobbing up and down on his cock Chelsea slides one then two fingers in her pussy making her moan around his cock in her mouth. Now completely hard she strokes her hand up and down the shaft of his nine inch cock as she flicks her tongue across the tip.
Sucking the head of his cock one more time Chelsea lays down on her back spreading her legs. Her fingers slip under her panties, sliding two fingers inside her she closes her eyes pinching her nipple with her other hand. Looking up she sees Jack stroking his hard cock watching her finger her pussy.
“I want you to fuck me Daddy, I want you to fuck me hard and make me cum on your hard cock, I want to feel you deep inside me.”
Kicking off her heels her legs come together as she lifts them in the air. Reaching down she slides off her panties. Jack takes off his shirt and sits back down on the couch. Standing up she walks towards him naked. The music changes, loud d***k voices can be heard from the kitchen. Chelsea straddles him on the couch; he slaps her ass as he starts sucking on her nipple again. Her eyes closed she doesn’t see the man walk from the kitchen stumbling past not noticing the scene on the couch. His cock in his hand Jack brushes the tip against her pussy lips. He can feel how wet she is against the tip of his cock. She lowers her ass sliding the tip of his cock in her waiting pussy. With one thrust Jack slides his hard cock deep in her pussy making her moan loudly grabbing the couch with both hands.
Chelsea’s hips rock up and down as she starts fucking herself on his cock. Jack grabs her ass with both hands forcing her down further, his cock going in deeper. Grabbing his head in her hands she pulls his head against her tits as she starts moaning louder.
“Fuck me Daddy,” she breathes in his ear as he starts thrusting his cock up hard into her pussy. Jack grabs a fist full of her hair and pulls her head back, her nails dig into his shoulders as she starts cumming hard his cock deep inside her. Sliding all the way down his cock she leans against his chest, resting. Jack stands up quickly making her squeal a little his cock still inside her. Turning around he drops her on the couch.
“Turn around and on your knees,” he tells her.
Chelsea gets on her knees, ass in the air legs slightly spread she half hangs over the back of the couch. Jack gets behind her grabbing her hips he thrust his cock in hard making her moan. He starts fucking her hard and fast, her ass cheeks jiggling as he slams his cock deep inside her again and again. She hangs her head down eyes closed, Jack slaps her ass fucking her hard as the d***k man walks back into the living room. He stands there watching Chelsea bent over the couch getting fucked hard and fast by Jack. Jack reaches forward and grabs her hair again pulling hard.
“Yes just like that Daddy. You know how I like it,” she moans. “Fuck me harder, make me cum on your cock again.”
Chelsea reaches back and grabs her ass with both hands spreading her cheeks. Jacks cock slides in deeper as the man watches. Faster and faster he fucks her as she starts moaning louder. Sweet beads on Jacks forehead, Chelsea’s tight wet pussy getting him close to cumming.
“Girl, your going to make cum,” he breaths.
“Daddy cum on my tits.”
Pulling out Jack takes a step back and starts stroking his cock wet from her pussy. Chelsea gets on her knees in front of him. Grabbing his hard cock in her hand she slides it in her mouth tasting herself on his shaft. She moves her lips up and down his shaft and she starts rubbing her clit. She moans on his cock close to cumming again. Jack starts breathing hard as he grabs the back of her head sliding his cock all the way in her mouth. She gasps as he pulls his cock out, her hand stroking him quickly, her body starts shaking and she moans making herself cum playing with her clit. Jacks cock jumps in her hand as he moans cumming hard. Hot cum shoots out of his cock all over her tits as she keeps jerking his cock making him squirt five times all over her.
Chelsea looks up at Jack on her knees, sticking cum covers her tits and drips from her nipples. The man watching, turns and walks back in to the kitchen. She takes his cock in her mouth and sucks the last of the cum from his cock, making Jack shudder. Using her hand she runs her fingers through the cum on her tits then licks them clean. The music changes again, as they both grab their cloths getting dressed, walking towards the kitchen Jack grabs his drink then slaps Chelsea’s ass winking at her. They both walk back into the party.

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