we are in a seedy motel room. the lights are dim and the room smells like old cigaret smoke. your wearing a tight blouse showing lots of cleavage with no bra. a skimpy mini skirt rides high above your knees showing off your ass. in your stilettos your walk over to me, running your hand down my chest you grab my cock through my pants. i wrap my hands in your hair and pull your head back as you press you body against mine. i pull you skirt up, and run a finger over your clit. " your not wearing any panties" i say, " get on your knees". using both hands you undo my belt and pull my pants and bowers down around my ankels, my cock is right in front of your face. grabbing my still flaccid dick by the shaft you lick the tip and look up at me. " put it in your mouth you dirty girl". you feel my cock getting harder in your mouth as you slide your lips up and down the shaft. i have my hand on the back of your head as you take me all the way in, my balls on your chin. you flick the tip with your tongue as you rub your hand up and down my shaft playing with my balls. i pull you to your feet spin you around and bend you over the bed. i pull both of your arms behind your back as i lift your skirt with my other hand. i feel how wet you are as i slide one the two fingers in your pussy. you moan as i start to finger you faster. " you like that dont you" i say. "yes, i want more, you make me feel so dirty," you breath. faster and faster i finger you, you ass in the air pushing backwards making my fingers go deeper.i throw you down on you back and rip your shirt open, and start sucking on your nipples.i stand up take off the rest of my cloths, you see my hard cock standing erect. your naked now on you back playing with you pussy legs spread, " i want you deep inside me," you say. climbing on top of you i spit on my dick making it moist and put the tip against your pussy lips. with one thrust im all the way inside you as you gasp. with you legs spread in the air i start fucking you faster and faster. you grab my ass with both hands as you cum moaning loudly. harder and hard i thrust my cock into you as scream " yes, yes, harder" i push my cock in as far as it will go as you cum again. i roll you over on your knees and push my cock in from behind. grabbing your hips i fuck you hard as you play with your clit. thrusting harder and harder into your wet pussy, i slide my thumb in your ass making you cum even harder and longer then before. you scream " oh my god fuck me just like that" you pushing your ass into me fucking my cock. i pull out and you get on the floor on your knees. my cock is hard and wet from your pussy as you take me into your mouth. up and down my shaft, you work my cock. beating my off with you hands im getting close. i grab your hair and put my cock in your mouth as i shoot my hard load all over the inside of you mouth.
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