Fun under the Stars

Were at a party together getting d***k. its a warm stary summer night. I walk up to u grab ur ass giving u a kiss. I wisper in ur ear telling u how beautiful u are and that I want u right now. U grab my dick through my jeans saying let's do it. I take ur hand in mine leading u through the house taking u out side. I grab a blanket as we walk out into the yard where we can't be seen. I lay u down on top of the blanket climbing on top of u I start kissing ur neck u spread ur legs as u grab my ass pulling me closer to u. U can feel my cock getting hard in my pants. Ugrab the bottom of my shirt pulling it over my head. I roll over as u climb on top stradlling me. I take ur shirt and ur bra off. U lean down kissing me as I undo ur pants taking ur panties off wit them. U run ur tounge down my chest to my stomack u take off my pants. U grab my hard cock in ur hand puting ur lips on the the tip u take me all in up and down making my shaft wet. U pull my cock out of ur mouth with a lick to the tip making me moan. I flip u over on ur back I spread ur legs asking u what u want me to do. U tell me u want me inside u and to fuck u hard. U grab my cock guiding it to ur pussy lips , I thrust forward slowly letting it slide all the way in slowly. I pull out then thrust hard, again and again I keep thrusting our lips lock in a deep kiss. U wrap ur legs around me telling me not to stop ur going to cum. I'm sliding my cock in and out of u faster bring u to orgasm. U moan as ur body shakes I keep fucking, never slowing down, couple min later u cum again screaming u love me and to fuck u harder. I flip u over on ur knees sliding in from behind. Ur ass in the air ur face in the blacket I grab ur hips and go in as deep as I can. I'm fucking u hard and fast making u cum again. Ur rocking ur hips back into me as I wrap wrap my hand around ur waist starting to play wit ur clit. U cum two more times before u roll me over. U climb on top reverse cowgirl u grab my calf as u start riding me. I can see ur as going up and down I can see my cock sliding in and out of u turning me on even more. U roll off of me telling me u want me to cum. U spread ur legs as I slide inside u. I start thrusing hard and fast it feels so good I'm getting so close. U moan in orgasm again and again. God it feels good I'm going to cum. I pull out u take my cock in ur mouth working it in and out of ur mouth. I moan as u take the whole thing in, its to much I tell u not to stop as I cum in ur mouth. Finished we lie down holding each other looking at the stars.
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4 years ago
very good & hot