Horny at a part

I'm sitting here on the couch thers a party in the kitchen a a big group of people getting d***k. U walk in wearing heels and a skirt. I see by looking at u that ur as d***k as I am and so horny. Standing infont of me u start striping dancing for me to the music. Now ur only wearing ur panties and heels. U get down on ur knees and crawl seductivly to me. Ur undoing my belt u look at me and say u want me inside u and u don't care if anyone see cause u want me as bad as I want u. U rip may pants off seing that I'm not wearing underwear. U lean forward licking my cock ur run the tip down ur chest and put it between ur tits. U take the tip and and rub it against ur hard nipple. U take my cock in ur mouth sliding ur lips up and down my saft playing wit my balls. We can still hear the party but me don't care ur so wet and I'm turned on and hard. U lie on ur back legs in the air u take ur panties off. U spread ur legs infron of me running a hand down ur stomack to ur pussy ur other hand grabing ur tit pinching and pulling on ur nipple. I hear u gasp as two of ur fingers slide in ur pussy. In and out ur fingers play wit ur pussy u hear somone walk by and u don't care cause u know I'm turned on. U look at me and see me stoking my cock masterbating watcing u masterbate. U pull ur fingers out and put them in ur mouth licking ur juices off. Ur other hand on ur clit still sucking on ur fingers I tell u to move closer. U take my cock in ur mouth as u put ur fingers in ur pussy. I feel I moan on My cock. I tell u to stand up. I'm still sittin on the couch I tell u to sit on my face. U stradle me standing on the couch. My touge finds ur clit u gasp u arch ur back it feels so good. I grab ur ass checks in my hand and spread them I push my tounge harder into ur clit. Ur bent over my shoulder ur head hanging over the back of the couch as I slid a finger in ur pussy the two. U start orgasming as someone else walks by I finger fuck u harder and faster as I'm sucking on ur clit making u cum twice. U slid down my chest saying u want me to fuck u now u want my hard cock inside u. U sit on my cock feeling it slide all the way inside u we both moan. U start riding me hard and fast were kissing I grap ur ass and spank u. I slide it all the way in and u rock ur hips feeling the tip of it moving deep inside u. U scream ur making me cum baby ohh don't stop. I thrust up going deeper and deeper I spread ur ass and stick a finger in ur ass as u cum again. I stand up and trow u on the floor. U get up on ur knees I walk to u my cock sitting out fully errect glistening with ur juices. U run ur hands up my lega grab mu ass as u take my cock in ur mouth and take it all in till ur chin thouches my balls. I moan saying baby I love u. Fuck it feels good. U lick the tip and lie on ur back. U spread ur pussy lips and say u want me to fuck u and u want to make me cum. I get on top of u and thrust in twice hard and deep. I grap ur hips I lift u up and spin u around on ur knees pushing ur shoulders down I thrust in deep. U scream ohh baby fuck me harder. Ur hands grab ur ass and spread it as I thrust my hard cock deep in side u again and again. I grab ur hip and go faster bringing u to orgasm. I wrap a arm around ur chest and pull u to me. I lean back so ur riding me backwards. U come again. I flip u on ur back I grab ur legs puting ur ankels on on my shoulder and slide inside u. In and out my cock slides my balls slaping ur ass as I slide all the way in again and again faster and faster. I tell u I'm going to cum I pull my cock out u spread ur legs and start playing wit ur clit telling me ur close to. Ur finger are in ur pussy sliding in and out playing wit ur l clit. Ur other hand on my cock feeling how hard it is. U start moaning as u cum ur hand sliding up and dowm my saft. U feel my cock jump as I start to cum all over ur chest while ur cumming. U take my cock in ur mouth licking it clean.
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4 years ago
good but short do not use so much texting shorthand