she: Hey sweetie :) thanks for adding me. You're really gorgeous :)
i: you too *kisses* time to chat dirty? ;>
she: Always ready for dirty chat babe :P
i: *hugging you* and kissing you....feeling your hard nipples poke into mine ^^
she: Mmmmmm nuce beginning babe I feel your hard nipples on mine while my hand slipped under your skirt :P
i: our tongues roll around each other while we rub our naked boobs against each. soft moans of pleasure escape our mouths
i: our pussies becoming moist with excitement. my hole body quiveres in anticipation and pure lust
she: Mmmmm yes babe kiss me I see your hard nipples....... Mmmmmm yes my pussy is dripping feel it with your fingers rub my clit babe
she: Mmmm yes I agree babe let's make the scissors I want to kiss your pussy with mine you're so wet babe girl
she: Yes babe oooohhh mmmmmm please babe let's cum together it's so good
(i dont't know why but the log is incomplete ...sorry, my answers are missing)
she: Oooh please babe the pleasure is so big please kiss me, let me grab your breast babe
she: OOOOHHH Yes babe I'm about to cum my hard clit is rubbing yours my god babe you're so wet
she: Me either babe it's growing inside me I feel it harder I can cumming anytime soon babe
she: OOOHH babe I'm cumming down your pussy and again it's so good I have spasms it was so good babe I'm all exhausted kiss me babe
she: Yes it was so intense my spasmes are big. Wow babe you're welcome, I kiss you intensly too babe.
she: Awww you know what babe I love panties actually I'm wearing my gf's panties and with our little show they're all wet :P Yeah I'm ready for round 2 and you babe
i: our slick pussy lips kiss and suck together
she: mmmm babe, our pussies love each other they kiss so passionately :P
i: indeed ;> our soft moaning fill the room. i drill my pussy deep into your welcoming cunt..our bodies writhe in pleasure
she: Mmmmm yes babe It grows again I feel my pleasure back babe mmmmm
i: we glare at each other through half-closed eyes. our eyes glaze and shining with intense pleasure. then...suddenly we scream aloud as our enflamed clits find each other again. we threw our heads back, frozen in pleasure.
she: Yes yes yes babe..... My clit is rubbing I'm about to cum again babe what about you???
i: i sob. our cunts quiver. i pull your head towards me and whisper to you "i love you baby" then we kiss feverishly
i: our engorged clits lick each other. up and down. left and right. our bodies shudder with pleasure. oh god....i'm close again
she: Please babe kiss me oooooohhh please make me cum my babe girl I'm so close too please continue a little more my love
i: pure ecstasy fills every atom of our bodies. our thick clits slide mercilessly over each other. we gasp with passion, almost sick with need and erotic electricity.
i: we crush our buring cunts hard together while our bodies writh and buck
she: MMmmmmmmmm OOOOUUUHHH please babe all my body is tensed please make me cum babe love
i: our swollen clits met again and again. the pleasure gets unendurable
she: I'm about to cum in any minute now on your lovely pussy my love
i: insane with lust we grind our ravenous pussies into each other. our engorged clits touch head to head. ecstasy like nothing i had ever felt flashed through my body
i: i cant go on any longer...grit my teeth..and jerk my contracting pussy as hard as i can into yours...i feel your orgasm...and our bodies tremble in orgasmic bliss
i: hot cum jet out of our pussies...droping onto the bed sheet
i: we keep our pussies sealed together and shot our boiling cum deep into our vaginal thats was great....quick bathroom ^^ *kisses*
i: our heads are cheek to cheek, gasping, occasionally kissing and sucking at each other’s tongue and licking at each other....hhmmm i'm not sure if i can handle a third round with you ^^ you are awesome and your pussy makes me crazy with lust ;> be continued ;> *kisses*

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Mmmmmmm really hot I don't remember it was so hot babe :P