Courtney and Michael

I wrote this last Christmas Eve and sent out to friends who've provided me their email. I tried to include the photo that was the inspiration but couldn't get it to show ... it was stellar! So enjoy ...

"Oh Michael, you're company's holiday party is always so boring! Do we really have to go?"

"You know Courtney that I am expected to be there. I AM the Senior Vice President, after all."

Michael wore his typical grey business suit with a festive tie to the event. Courtney, a tall, shoulder-length blonde, wore a black mesh dress with black stockings and boots. The party was held at a downtown hotel with a view of the large city park all decorated for the holidays. The company of 150 employees took over the top two floors of the twelve story hotel. Actually, the two floors were designed to host medium-sized events such as this. The eleventh floor had a number of rooms with a large dance floor in the middle. The top floor had fire pits and three bars and a covered area, but it was open to the elements in true Southern California fashion.

Michael is late fifties and very handsome. He is 6'3" and 200 pounds with greying temples amongst his curly black hair. His blue eyes can be mesmerizing. He is one of the founders of this technology company and money is now only for keeping score. He has an ex-wife of 12 years and two grown c***dren, a son and a daughter. In fact, his son is a Director within the company. Courtney has been his live-in companion for the past nine years. They met in New York a couple years after his divorce when he was only looking at 'mid-life' and not really sure where life would be taking him. Courtney is a year shy of 40 but looks at least five years younger than her true age - an age she doesn't often acknowledge. She is 5'11" and athletically thin. She has 36B's and a very firm ass.

The party started at 7, but Courtney and Michael showed a little past 8. They made the rounds of the two floors, saying hello to the people they needed to see. Courtney had a vodka tonic in her hand shortly after arriving and seemed to have a half-full glass throughout the evening. Most of the employees and dates were in attendance so even with two floors, the party was quite crowded. "Mr. Burman, would you say a few words to the company about 10:30?" It was a lady from the party organizing committee. She smiled politely at Courtney, but only because she was with Michael.

Michael checked his watch and saw it was 9:45. He downed the last of his Crown and whispered into Courtney's ear. She smiled and discreetly led him from the main room on the eleventh floor and down a hallway. She slipped a key into the lock and closed the door behind them. It was a small room with a window covered by d****s, table, chair and couch. Michael pulled Courtney close to him and pressed his lips hard to her red-lipstick covered lips. His tongue pushed past her lips. She closed her mouth around it and sucked on his tongue as she pulled him deeper inside her mouth. Michael reached down under her black mesh dress and pressed his hand to her black thong. His hand flattened as his palm covered her seven-inch, smooth cock. Courtney moaned as she sucked his tongue in her warm mouth. She knew their time was limited. Michael soon had her nearly erect but she knew this was not her time.

Courtney had already been Courtney for three years when she met Michael in New York. She was singing in a nightclub when he walked in by accident. He listened to her sing and had been oblivious to the fact that it was a drag club. He offered to buy her a drink as she worked the room after her set. She thought him attractive from the moment her eyes laid on him and he was wearing a more expensive suit than was usual for the crowd. She quickly realized he had no idea she was a transexual. By the time she had finished her second set and shared drinks, Michael began to realize the kind of club he had stumbled into and began to wonder about Courtney. By the time she left his suite the next morning, there was no doubt in Michael's mind that his life had just taken an unexpected turn. A year later, Courtney was moving to LA and no one knew their secret.

Courtney dropped to the couch in front of Michael. Her hand unzipped the fly on his slacks and she reached inside to pull out his eight-inch cock. She quickly slipped it into her mouth as her right hand reached under her dress. Her left hand held the base of his cock as her red-lipsticked lips slipped over the head of his cock. Her hand caressed her own cock as she began to suck Michael. Her tongue teased his slit as her lips moved around the crown. Michael just stood with his hand in his pocket and enjoyed Courtney's very talented mouth. He really loved this woman and enjoyed the pleasures of her body and the pleasure she brought him. Her mouth was now sliding further down his cock. She kept her left hand near the base of his cock and flush against his slacks. It wouldn't look good for the Senior Vice President to stand in front of the company with red lipstick on his slacks. Her lips were now touching her index finger and thumb as she had taken his entire cock in her talented mouth. Her breathing was through her nose as her tongue licked the underside of his cock. Her right hand was casually stroking her cock - more for a bit of selfish pleasure than any other reason.

Michael looked at his watch and noticed it was 10:20. "I hate to rush you my love, but I have a room full of people waiting for me to spread holiday cheer!" Courtney smiled up at him with her eyes and began to pump her mouth up and down on his cock. Michael began to subtly thrust his hips to meet her mouth. Courtney fucked him with long, deep strokes and she soon felt him tense his body. His cock shot a thick, warm stream of his cum into her mouth. She took his cock fully into her mouth and sucked on him. His cock dribbled a smaller bit of cum into her mouth. She released his cock from her mouth and tucked it back into his shorts. She zipped up his fly and released her own cock.

Courtney reached into her purse for her mirror and lipstick. She retouched her lips and checked her look in the small mirror. By the time she felt comfortable with her appearance, she reached down and re-tucked her cock and put her thong in place. Smoothing her dress as she stood, she gave Michael a light kiss on his lips. She turned out the light and then opened the door a crack. Seeing no one in the hallway, she led him back into the main room just as his name was announced. Courtney wandered to the bar for another vodka tonic as Michael addressed the room. She smiled as she thought about his fucking her later that night once they had returned from the party. She knew he would because he did every night. Merry Christmas ... Seasons Greetings ... Happy Hoidays!
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1 year ago
A dream life for Michael/me!
2 years ago
Great story! Now that photo in my collection has a whole new meaning...thanks...
2 years ago
Very hot, I had some great visuals. Keep writing
2 years ago
very hot story, thanks for sharing it with us.
3 years ago
great chrismas story thanks
3 years ago
Nice story Dana..... Look forward to reading more.....
3 years ago
Wow that wasone hot and very hard story thanks